Death Note Merch

If you haven’t seen Death Note, I envy you. It is so good, you have to check it out. This is my favorite Death Note Merch.

Death Note is not your regular Japanese manga like the most because this one isn’t about fighting. Death Note is a psychological cat and mouse game between Kira who uses the Death Note to become a god and L who is out to find Kira and bring him to justice. If you haven’t seen it, you should because it is amazing.

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The Finest Death Note Merchandise & Gifts

Death Note Silhouette T-Shirt

This Death Note Ryuk Silhouette T-Shirt comes as an adult made from 100% Cotton. As a Ripple Junction Exclusive T-shirt, it’s durably constructed with a soft touch and a high-quality print. It does fit well, and its general design is quite lovely. It’s a perfect t-shirt to wear on a casual day or a themed or Christmas party.

Death Note Moon Shirt

Manga Shinigami Shirt is a uniquely, and durably designed comic Death Note Anime top featuring an oversized round neck. It’s also a high-quality shirt featuring durable fabric and top-quality screen print. Another thing, it has a classic, comfortable cut, making it a perfect casual top for the ladies, especially the Death Note fans.

Light Yagami (Kira) Statue

Yagami Light Anime Statue comes as a durable-made model featuring high quality and environmentally friendly materials. It also comes with a decorative, smooth surface with exquisite detailing, craving, and craftsmanship. Apart from that, this collectible Yagami Light stands in a super sporty and official pose. It’s quite realistic, which makes it an excellent gift recommendation for any Death Note fan.

Funko Ryuk

This Death Note Ryuk Action Figure is a perfect stylized collectible that stands 3.75-inches tall. It does come in ideal shape and detailing for any Death Note fan to collect and display. Everything ton this statue, from the detailing, styling, and coloring, makes it a perfect gift for any anime fan.

Funko Death Note L Action Figure

This Death Note L Action Figure is quite distinctive and well-crafted and best of all, well detailed. It brings L as seen on the screen. It’s an ideal collectible and displayable Death Note statue any fan of the hit series would love to have. As a stylized collectible with a well-done hair figure, this piece is a perfect gift for a manga/anime fan.

Death Note Socks

These Death Note socks come as a funny, funky novelty patterned crew socks ideal for men and women. They are made from 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex to make them soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear. They do also come with digital printing technology that stays bright, with design patterns. They are ideal designs and fashion gifts for a Death Note fan.

Yagami Light Figutto Action Figure

Yagami Light Figutto Action Figure is an articulated statue featuring Yagami Light from manga Death Note. It comes in a well-crafted model featuring 16-points of articulation and many hands and faces. It does also include Yagami Light unique ‘bag,’ which a Death Note fan will immediately recognize.

Death Note Heat-Change Mug

The Heat-Change Death Note Mug comes as an officially licensed Death Note Mug. It does feature L and light, which changes when the mug is heated and reveal L’s signature system and Ryuk in the background. It does come in 16oz capacity enough to hold your coffee or tea to keep you going all day.

Death Note Calendar 2021-2022

The Death note Calendar 2021-2022 helps you keep track of your schedule with this cute book calendar. As a Death Note Ryuk Paperback, this calendar serves as a perfect surprise gift for an Anime Death Note fan. It’s also an ideal calendar solution for universities, offices, and schools.

Jump Force

Jump force; a Standard Edition PlayStation 4 is a unique setting that merges the Jump World and the Real World. As an alliance of the most powerful manga heroes, the PlayStation is here to give you a Death Note fun, plenty of entertainment. It does come with realistic graphics that bring manga characters to life.

Ryuuku Ryuk Action Figure

Ryukyu Ryuk Action Figure is a unique well-detailed, and crafted Death Note figure you would love to have in your collection. The figure is made of high-quality, sturdy PVC giving it a durable structure. It has a perfect Ryuk look making it more realistic and impressive, making it an ideal gift for a Death Note fan.

Death Note: Kira Game

The Death Note: Kira Game is a fun game that’s based on the original Japanese (anime) series. It’s a strategy game where a player takes on Kira’s or L’s role. Here, a player attempts to deduce who their enemy is, investigate, and also vote. It’s a setting that any Death Note would love to have in their game collection.

Death Note Notebook & Feather Pen

Death Note anime notebook is a unique cosplay notebook that comes with a feather pen. It’s also a perfect cosplay, daily use, or costume. It’s a beautiful notebook ideal for use as an excellent gift. Its attractive design and has all the rules inside. It does look cool and comes filled with names from anime/manga.

Death Note: Confrontation

This Confrontation Strategy Board Game is a 2-player game where one player takes the L’s role to try and locate and capture Kira while the other player plays as Kira hiding from L. It’s a fun game where each player uses a specified notebook. The whole setup is based on the hit series Death Note, making it a perfect gift for a Death Note fan.

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Misa Amane PVC Statue

Misa Amane PVC Figure is a well-detailed statue from the hit manga series, Death Note Last Scene. As a highly detailed piece with a fantastic coloring job, this PVC collectible and decorative figure can be the missing part in your anime collection. The Lolita dress and railing gives it an extraordinary look. It’s a piece any Death Note fan would love to have.

Death Note Box Set (Vol. 1-13)

This Death Note Box Set is a collection of Volume 1-13 with the entire Death Note Manga story. It comes as a custom set, and it is here to give you all the info you all you need to know about Death Note. It does also come with a recessed handle and a Velcro closure for secure storage and carrying. It’s a perfect gift for anyone that hasn’t been exposed to the Death Note exotic intrigue.

Death Note Poster

Kevin Porter Store has something special for you, Death Note fan, a beautiful multi-colored fabric wall scroll poster. It features high-quality graphics allowing it to brighten your space. What’s more, for easy hanging, the hanging system/rods are included. It does come ready to be put on any wall. It does serve great as a gift for a Death Note fan.

L Logo Bracelet

A classic, well-designed rivet cosplay bracelet is what you get when you acquire this L Logo rivet cosplay Bracelet with a ring. It’s made from high-quality Leatheroid for durability and elegance. Another thing, it does come with some metal detailing making it look even more cooler. The L Logo is made from shiny steel, which keeps it from rust and allows it to maintain the radiant look.

Death Note Black Edition Vol. 1

Death Note Black Edition comes as a Volume 1 Paperback on a killer 2-for-1 value on the hit thriller series – Death Note. It’s quite an exciting book that illustrates the beginning of the Death Note tales and how everyone that’s written on the Notebook dies. It’s a piece that any Death Note Series fan would love to have in their collection.

Death Note – User Rules Poster

As a death Note poster with User Rules, this well-made, good-looking wall poster can be a great decoration to any of your spaces. It does feature amazing details printed using vibrant, long-lasting inks. It comes packaged, rolled, and wrapped in plastic for protection against tears and creases. It can be a perfect gift for you or your Death Note fan friend.

Death Note Black & White Shirt

If you’re joining your Death Note crew for a cosplay event, you might want to check out this GOERT PO Death Note black and white adult shirt. It’s a well-made 100% preshrunk cotton shirt with a light, comfy design. It does come with non-fading high-quality prints. It’s can also be a perfect gift for any Death Note anime fan.

Death Note (All-in-One Edition)

The All-in-One Edition Death Note Paperback is a vast book that contains all the twelve volumes of Death Note is a single monstrously edition. It combines them all to form this 2400-page paperback. With this book, you have everything about Death Note and its fascinating stories. It does also come with an epilogue chapter that has never been seen before in English.

Ryuuku Statue 7″

Deathnote Ryuk Ryuuku posing on a stand is what you get when you acquire this nices detailed statue. It’s a sturdy plastic toy figure that features Death Note Ryuk with removable wings. The icon is an excellent collectible for any Death Note fan. And you know what, it does stand 7-inches tall, making it great for display too.

Death Note Anime Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas is here, and getting this Ugly Christmas Sweater to an anime fan can be super caring and inspirational. As a Light Yagami Raito sweater based on the hit anime series, Death Note, you might also want to rock in it to showcase your love for the series as well as a cosplay attire.

Death Note: Light Up the New World

After reading the Death Note illustration books, you have the chance to watch it too from the Death Note: Light up the New World movie. It’s an exciting movie available in Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital format. It does present a true sequel to a series that doesn’t have a sequel in the manga/anime. It’s an excellent recommendation to any Death Note fan.

Light Yagami Moon & L Gem Statue

The Light Yagami Moon & L Gem Series from Death Note, horrific anime and manga hit is here to mark the 10th anniversary of the GEM series. It’s a PVC Statue faithfully produced from the cover illustration. The pairs are linked with handcuffs, which are of two styles, metal, and PCV. As a detailed Death Note figure, it’s a perfect gift for any anime/manga fan.

Death Note Tights Socks

What’s more special than wearing unique clothes? This 2-pair of Death Note tight, and long socks are here to give you an alternative way to dress different from the others. With these socks, you get to showcase your personality, individuality, and also love for the series, Death Note. You can also decide to gift them you any of your Death Note crew members.

Death Note (Original Japanese Version)

After reading the anime, here is a movie to watch for fun and entertainment. The Death Note movie comes in its Original Japanese Version with 2-hours and 6-minutes of fun. It’s available in DVD and Blue-ray format, and you can also rent it. Another thing, it does include English subtitles for those who do not understand Japanese. It’s an excellent gift for an anime, mystery, and detective fan.

Death Note: Ryuk Shinigami 20″ Statue

Ryuk Shinigami Statue comes as a unique piece of art with beautiful detailing from the hit manga and anime, Death Note. The best part is, apart from having to be a well-detailed figure, it has an excellent and well-executed design. It stands 20-inches tall with a broad base allowing it to be an ideal displayable collectable.

Keyring Death Note

It’s always great not to keep your keys too naked, and with this Death Note Keyring, you get to have a unique way of putting your keys together. The keyring features a keyring on one end and a Death Note leather piece on the other. The concept is based on the hit series, and as an officially licensed product, it makes a perfect gift for a Death Note Anime fan.

Death Note: Omega Edition

As an ORIGINAL Death Note: Omega Edition, this movie is quite a fantastic show with excellent pictures and exceptional sound. It’s a detective story about the series Death Note available in multi formats. It also comes in various languages and subtitles except for the Japanese. Its scenery and the storyline makes it a must-have for any Death Note fan.

Death Note Headscarf

This Death Note headscarf is a scary smile mask ideal for use as a bandana and also a headband. It’s also an ideal cosplay scarf for the mask festivals. It does feature a highly permeable microfiber that allows you to breathe easily while wearing it. It’s unisex and also ideal for all ages.

Death Note Shotglass

Enjoy some good time with your crew as you share drinks from this Death Note shotlass with Death Note Character prints. Apart from being nicely packaged, they are also durably made to ensure they don’t break easily. With these glasses coasters, you can decide to hold a game night for fun or choose to gift a bartender or a Death Note fan.

Death Note Complete Series

This fantastic DVD set brings you the chance to enjoy a great anime with lots of iterations. It’s a perfect way to watch the original Death Note series. Its sound and picture quality are fantastic for both the DVD and the multi-format. It’s a riveting story full of twists and turns which leave you wanting to watch all 37 episodes in a single weekend.

Death Note Pocket Watch Necklace

Death Note Pocket Watch Necklace is here to give you that fresh look on your fashionable attire. Customized handmade design gives it a perfect casual look. It’s an ideal gift for any anime fan aged 4-years and above.

Death Note Mug

Death Note Coffee Cup from JUST FUNKY is a coffee/milk cup with Death Note Anime prints. It comes as a ceramic 16oz mug ideal for taking cold or hot beverages. The mug is not only a drinking vessel but also an excellent decoration and collectible. The hand painting job gives the cup a perfect classy look. It can make an ideal creative, realistic gift for any anime fan.

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