Doctor Strange (Marvel)

Hello Agent, here is the briefing about Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange that you have requested.

  • Name: Stephen Vincent Strange
  • Alias: Doctor Strange / Sorcerer Supreme
  • Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | November 1930
  • Human
  • Height: 6′2″ or 188 cm
  • Weight: 180 lbs or 81 kg
  • Gender: Male
  • Earth-616
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Creators: Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
  • First Encounter: Strange Tales #110 | April 1963
  • Currently deceased according to our records
Doctor Strange Blueprint

Doctor Strange Powers & Abilities

Sorcery & Magic

  • Doctor Strange is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the marvel universe and draws his power from a wide variety of mystical objects, most notably the eye of Agamotto. This mastery over magic grants him the ability to:
    • Affect people’s memories
    • Teleport
    • See into the future.
    • Telepathy: Read people’s mind and attack
    • Telekinesis: Can manipulate the world around him
    • Has the ability to fly
    • Illusion: Can play tricks on people’s mind and drive them to madness


  • Genius: In addition to all of his magical power, he also possesses a genius level intellect as a result of many years studying to be a surgeon. He is proficient in many forms of martial arts, most notably judo, and knows how to wield many different weapons such as swords & axes.
  • Surgeon: He is a gifted physician and surgeon and was able to use his magical abilities to repair his hands after suffering extensive nerve damage during a car crash.

Doctor Strange Objects

Eye of Agamotto

  • Along with his powers, strange has a wide variety of magical artifacts at his disposal. He can often be seen using the eye of Agamotto which grants him enhanced wisdom & allows him to see multiple timelines as well as past events. He can also use it to see into the minds of others and travel to other dimensions. It can only be wielded by one who has a clean soul and a pure heart.

Cloak of Levitation

  • One of his other most used objects is the cloak of levitation which gives him the ability to fly and levitate. It can hit 25 mph for an unknown amount of time. Not much else is known about the cloak beyond that but it appears to have some sort of sentience.

Book of the Vishanti

  • Rounding out the trilogy of his most-used artifacts is the book of the vishanti. Oddly enough, no one knows who wrote it but it has since become one of the most powerful sources of white magical knowledge on the planet. The book itself is known to be indestructible and seems to contain spells that are more about defense than offense.
  • Despite being benevolent, the book has been known to contain some spells that can be quite dangerous if not used correctly. It currently resides in strange’s townhouse library in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City.


  • He is weaker against science based adversaries although it is not really clear why this is. He is also only able to cast spells when he speaks so if someone were to gag him, he would essentially be rendered powerless. In spite of all his power, he is still human and is subject to all of the weaknesses that come with mortality. He’s only able to remain on the astral plane for 24 hours or else he can not return to the physical plane.
  • Using magic actually takes a physical toll if he uses it too often. This can lead to vomiting among other things and it got to the point where he was no longer able to consume human food.

Background Check

  • Cursed by sorcerer Karl Mordo at the age of eight out of jealousy as he was already destined to become the next Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Haunted by demons for years till the Ancient One intervened
  • Medical degree acquired and became surgeon at New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Was perceived cold and distant by his colleagues in the hospital (due to the loss of his parents)
  • Involved in car accident in 1963
  • Current surgeon was able to save his life but he would not be able to use hands as he did before
  • Could not practice surgery anymore due to nerve damage to his hands
  • Refused a desk position at the hospital
  • Lost all his wealth due to being unemployed and started drinking

Cure Rampage

  • Tried everything to find a solution for his nerve condition
  • As a last resort, sold all his belongings and moved to Tibet in search for the Ancient One
  • Ancient One refused to make him better
  • After witnessing the power of magic by the Ancient One, Strange decided to stay and study the powers of magic and mystic arts for the rest of his life
  • The Ancient One has always known that Doctor Strange would become the Sorcerer Supreme



Eugene Strange & Beverly Strange

  • Lived in Nebraska
  • Human
  • Were a happy family during Strange’s childhood
  • Had 2 sons and 1 daughter
  • Beverly passed away before Eugene
  • Eugene died 2 year later, Stephen did not attend the last moments of his life because the grief was too much to handle
  • Stephen became cold and distant towards everybody as he didn’t want to be confronted with this pain anymore


Victor Strange | Youngest Brother

  • Alias: Khiron
  • Born: Nebraska 1938
  • Human / Vampire
  • Victor became resentful towards Stephen and confronted him
  • As he left Stephen’s apartment, he ran in to a car and passed away
  • Was resurrected as a vampire
  • Gained all the common vampire powers and weaknesses like increased strength, stamina, flight but also blood thirst and vulnerable to silver.
  • Committed suicide as the blood thirst became to overpowering

Donna Strange | Sister

  • Born: Nebraska 1932
  • Passed away at the age of 17 during swimming
  • Doctor Strange witnessed her drowning but couldn’t saved her and blames himself for the accident

Love Interests

Clea Strange | Wife

  • Alias: Clea
  • Born: The Dark Dimension
  • Parents: Prince Orini and Umar
  • Imprisoned by Dormammu as she betrayed him to aid Doctor Strange
  • Strange demanded her release after helping Dormammu fighting off a common enemy which he granted 
  • After her release, Clea and Doctor Strange remained together and got married later on
  • Records indicate that she is also a powerful sorceress and is the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension
  • Possesses the same powers as Doctor Strange (see below)


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