Dormammu vs Galactus

Magic vs science, which would win? That’s the question we’re going to answer when we consider a battle between the Dread One Dormammu and the Great Devourer Galactus. Both characters are giants, one a god-like hyperdimensional being, the other the first and most powerful mortal in the universe wielding technology beyond anyone’s comprehension. This clash of the titans could possibly destroy the entire universe or even the entire multiverse. Let’s take a look at their powers, abilities, skills, and see who would come out on top, and whether or not existence itself would survive their battle.

Dormammu Biography


An untold time ago in the Faltine dimension lived a species of sentient creatures made of pure energy. Dormammu and his sister Umar were two of these beings. However, instead of being content with their simple existence, they drew matter to themselves and increased their power, becoming the most powerful sorcerers in their dimension. This was considered blasphemy by the other Faltines, and after the siblings killed their parents, they were banished from the realm.

Travelling the realms together, the two Faltines ended up in the Dark Dimension. Though it was a shattered realm, it had been peaceful and prosperous for the past 28,000 years. However, the current king, Olnar, wanted to become a warmonger and merge other realms with his own. Dormammu and Umar would strike a bargain with him, teaching him how to do just that in exchange for amnesty. Olnar would go on to conquer many realms until Dormammu, either by accident or on purpose, led him to the realm of the Mindless Ones. These violent creatures would kill Olnar, allowing Dormammu to seize control of the Dark Dimension and continue the deceased king’s warmongering ways. It was at this time that Dormammu would also merge with the Dark Dimension completely, becoming an immortal hyperdimensional being of untold god-like power.

During his path of conquest, Dormammu would come across the Earth and seek to add it to his expanding empire. However, each invasion attempt would be thwarted by Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. Subsequent invasions would become more difficult as mystical wards would be placed that would make it harder for Dormammu to manifest in the Earth realm. Typically human sacrifice was needed for Dormammu to manifest, but even this became impossible after he swore an oath to Doctor Strange that he would never invade the Earth realm again. Despite this oath, Dormammu would find loopholes such as possessing people to gain entry to the Earth realm or simply granting vast power to his minions that were already in the Earth realm, such as Baron Mordo.

To this day Dormammu continues to strive for the conquest of the Earth realm, but oftentimes gets sidetracked with other adventures, such as the time he attempted to court and marry Satana, the heiress to the realm of Hell. In this instance, he lost a wager to another suitor, Asmodeus, who was subsequently struck down by Dead Pool wielding magical swords. Satana warned Dead Pool that he was lucky it had not been Dormammu who had won the wager, otherwise things would have turned out much differently.

Galactus Biography

Galactus comic book cover

Galactus was once a man named Galen from the sixth incarnation of the multiverse. However, as the multiverse underwent a “Big Crunch,” as a part of a natural cycle that would lead to the birth of the seventh multiverse, Galan assembled a crew and flew a spaceship directly into the collapsing cosmic egg. He ended up being the only survivor and was granted incredible power by the Sentience of the Multiverse. Emerging into the early days of the seventh multiverse, Galan would incubate aboard his spaceship, observing the evolution of life as he underwent an eons-long metamorphosis that would transform him into the Galactus.

Emerging from his incubation, his metamorphosis complete, Galactus found that with his unfathomable power also came an unfathomable hunger. He immediately consumed the lifeforce of the nearest planet, Archeopia, and created a massive solar system sized spaceship, Taa II. He would then roam the cosmos, devouring planets while using the power of science to develop devices and machinery that were incomprehensible to lesser mortals. It was during this time that Galactus would create several heralds, including the Silver Surfer, in order to have them find suitable planets to devour.

While originally only consuming worlds that lacked sentient life, the hunger of Galactus became so great that this was eventually no longer an option. In time Galactus came to Earth where he encountered the Fantastic Four. The Silver Surfer defected, managing to help them hold off Galactus long enough for the Human Torch to invade his spaceship and retrieve Galactus’ ultimate weapon, the Ultimate Nullifier. Fearing his own weapon, the Great Devourer was forced to leave though he did take the device with him.

Galactus would return and attempt to devour Earth several more times, but would always be driven away in the end, though never truly defeated. In one instance he was so starved and close to death that he was actually defeated in battle. As he lay dying Reed Richards used Thor’s mystical hammer Mjolnir to revive him. Galactus swore his friendship to Reed Richards and vowed never to attack the Earth again, a promise that he has mostly stuck to over the years.

Dormammu: Powers & Abilities

Dormammu is a being of vast magical power, though this power does decrease when not in the Dark Dimension. Here’s a list of his powers and abilities:

  • God-level sorcery
  • Can banish anyone in the Dark Dimension
  • Superhuman strength
  • Astral projection
  • Matter transmutation
  • Interdimensional teleportation
  • High-speed flight
  • Transformation/shape shifting
  • Virtual invulnerability
  • Immortality
  • Perfect regeneration
  • Energy projection/absorption
  • Resurrection (himself and others)
  • Super Genius Intelligence
  • Skilled Martial Artist
  • Master planner and strategist

Dormammu’s most notable powers are his vast sorcerous abilities. Able to wield magic almost without peer, he can cast a variety of spells for offence, defence, and utility. He also possesses superhuman strength and is a surprisingly skilled martial artist as seen in his appearances in the Marvel Vs Capcom videogame series.

Another reason Dormammu is such a threat is the fact that since he is merged with the Dark Dimension, he’s both virtually immortal, and invincible. Even if he ever is defeated, he just respawns in his own realm. To fully destroy Dormammu one would have to completely destroy the Dark Dimension.

Dormammu’s greatest asset, however, is his vast intellect. He’s capable of coming up with infinitely complex schemes and plans that allow him to achieve his goals of interdimensional conquest. He has even outwitted Doctor Strange as he has found ways around his vow never to invade the Earth realm again. Despite his incredible cunning and strategic genius, Dormammu isn’t above making miscalculations. More on that later.

Galactus: Powers & Abilities

The oldest and most powerful mortal in the universe, Galactus wields the Power Comsic and technologies that surpass anything anyone else can comprehend. Here is a list of his powers and abilities:

  • Power Cosmic
  • Immortality
  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman speed
  • Superhuman stamina
  • Virtual immortality
  • Virtual invulnerability
  • Energy projection/absorption
  • High-speed flight
  • Adaptable appearance
  • Matter restructuring/transmutation
  • Teleportation
  • Force-fields
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Cosmic awarness
  • Resurrection (others)
  • Creation
  • Soul manipulation
  • Instant Healing (himself and others)
  • Power/ability bestowal
  • Heralds that serve/fight for him
  • Ultra-advanced weaponry
  • Elemental converter to feed on planets

The main ability of Galactus is his wielding of the Power Cosmic. This limitless universal energy is the source of his powers and gives him the ability to do practically anything he wants. In some cases he has bestowed a fragment of this energy onto his heralds such as the Silver Surfer, giving them immense power.

On top of this, Galactus possesses a vast arsenal of weaponry so advanced that it’s incomprehensible to other mortals. This includes his Ultimate Nullifier which is capable of destroying literally anything the wielder can envision, including entire universes, multiverses, and timelines. He also has an army of killer robots called “Punishers” as well.

It should be noted that though Galactus possesses enhanced physical attributes such as strength, speed, and endurance to the point that they can’t even be measured, he’s not a proficient fighter and has virtually no hand-to-hand combat skills. Instead, he relies on either the Power Cosmic or his heralds to deal with combat situations. And considering just how powerful his command over the Power Cosmic is, he rarely needs to fight at all.

Dormammu: Weakness

While the Dread One may seem completely unbeatable, he does have a few key weaknesses. The first is that when he manifests directly in another dimension he is weaker than he is in his Dark Dimension. While he’s still powerful enough to take down multiple teams of superheroes with ease, like the time he defeated the Avengers and Defenders at the same time, he’s not completely invincible like he is in the Dark Dimension.

Dormammu is also vulnerable to being banished back to the Dark Dimension, which is how the heroes typically defeat him since beating him in a straight-up fight is nearly impossible. This is usually done using a powerful relic, artefact, or spell of some kind, such as the Eye of Agomotto. Dormammu also greatly fears a relic known as the Staff of One.

Another interesting weakness of Dormammu is the fact that the destructive Mindless Ones are always trying to invade and destroy his Dark Dimension. If they break their seal while Dormammu is off trying to conquer another dimension, which is pretty much always, then he has no choice but to return to his Dark Dimension to seal them away again. This actually cost him a battle against Doctor Strange on one occasion, and he even had to resort to asking Strange for help in sealing away the beasts. This is when Strange forced Dormammu to vow never to invade the Earth again.

Speaking of which, another interesting quirk of Dormammu is the fact that he seems to have a sense of honour, at least to some degree. He’s mostly abided by his vow to Strange, though he has found loopholes to get around it. He also respected Satana’s autonomy, and the lost wager against Asmodeus, despite being powerful enough to just claim Satana by force if he really wanted to. During this misadventure, Dead Pool even lopped off the head of Dormammu’s mortal disguise and the Dread One let it slide, simply reattaching his head instead of obliterating the merc with a mouth on the spot. It almost seems as if Dormammu abides by these vows and rules in order to make things more interesting for himself. Interdimensional conquest is basically a game to him since it’s not like he has anything better to do.

Galactus: Weakness

While the Devourer of Worlds is incredibly powerful, he isn’t without weaknesses of his own. His most obvious weakness is his hunger. The longer Galactus goes without feeding, the weaker he becomes. In fact, if he goes even a month without devouring a suitable planet, his power will be vastly decreased. Even worse is the fact that the amount of time it takes for this weakness to kick in is getting progressively shorter. This has led to Galactus becoming so weak that mortal superhero teams have been able to defeat him.

Another big weakness that Galactus has is magic. As a being of sophisticated technological brilliance, he is vulnerable to magical attacks and spells that completely defy the laws of physics. Dormammu actually attempted to exploit this in one instance, luring Galactus into the Dark Dimension and infecting with his magic in an attempt to turn the Devourer into his own herald. Oh, the irony. Unfortunately for the Dread One, this plan failed spectacularly. More on that in a bit.

The last weakness of Galactus is that, like Dormammu, he seems to have a sense of honour. However, unlike Dormammu’s honour which seems to be more a means to amuse himself, Galactus is genuinely not a bad person, at least on a cosmic scale. He feels true empathy for the planets and races he devours but sees it as a part of the universe’s natural cycle similar to how predators eat prey in the wild. Even so, Galactus can be reasoned with, such as when the Silver Surfer convinced him to spare his homeworld of Zen-La in exchange for him becoming a herald. There is also the previously mentioned instance in which Galactus swore a vow of friendship to Reed Richards after the leader of the Fantastic 4 saved his life.

Who Would Win in a Fight: Dormammu or Galactus?

If Dormammu and Galactus threw down, who would win? Since this is basically a god vs a mortal, you might think the answer is pretty cut and dry, but that’s not the case. First, let’s go ahead and get a few scenarios out of the way. If these two titans engaged in a straight-up fistfight, Dormammu would come out on top due to his martial arts skill. Also, if Dormammu attacked Galactus while he was in a weakened state from hunger, Galactus is done for. And lastly, if Dormammu fought Galactus in his home realm, the Dark Dimension, Galactus would be utterly defeated… or would he?

You see, Dormammu actually lured Galactus to the Dark Dimension and got him to eat a planet containing corrupting magical energies. The intent was to turn the Great Devourer into his very own herald as previously stated. This backfired in the worst way possible for Dormammu since instead of being corrupted, Galactus learned how to absorb the Dark Dimension’s magical energies. Dormammu confronted Galactus but was almost immediately consumed since Dormammu is one with the Dark Dimension. While Dormammu likely isn’t dead forever since the Dark Dimension still exists, it’s still a humiliating defeat.

What’s even worse for Dormammu is the fact that Galactus now knows how to absorb his magic. This means that even if Dormammu attacked Galactus in the Earth realm, it’s unlikely that any of his spells and magical attacks would have any effect. The only hope Dormammu would have is to straight-up pummel Galactus in hand-to-hand combat. But whether or not Dormammu could even get close enough to do that is pretty iffy.

Another factor we have to take into consideration is the Ultimate Nullifier. As previously stated, this weapon can destroy anything the wilder can envision. And since Galactus has been to the Dark Dimension, he now has the ability to destroy it, and in doing so, finish off Dormammu forever.

In the end, Galactus wins this fight because Dormammu played himself. If the Dread One’s scheme hadn’t gone so horribly wrong he may have been able to defeat Galactus in a fight, but as it stands now he has almost no chance unless he ambushes the Devourer while he’s in a severely weakened state. Even worse is that since Dormammu allowed Galactus into his Dark Dimension, the Great Devourer now has the ability to permanently destroy the Dread One anytime he wants using the Ultimate Nullifier.

So, why does Galactus spare Dormammu anyway? Maybe the Great Devourer just likes the idea of an immortal god-like being knowing that every day it exists going forward is a day that a mortal allows it to exist. Guess Dormammu isn’t the only one with a sense of irony.

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