Dormammu vs Thanos

Thanos, the villain in Avengers: Infinity War, and Dormammu, the villain in Doctor Strange, have both been portrayed as evil and powerful beings in their respective universes, but which one would actually win in a fight? To answer this question, we need to determine what both Dormammu vs Thanos can do that would allow them to defeat their opponent in combat. This isn’t just limited to powers and abilities though; there are also factors such as durability and speed which need to be taken into account when determining the winner of such an important battle.


​Let’s start with an assumption that most people can agree on: if either of these two characters appeared in your bedroom at night, there’s a solid chance you’d be dead. After all, both men are nearly invincible and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

However, there is one fact about our cosmic twins that might separate them in your mind: Thanos is seeking universal destruction while Dormammu is seeking ultimate power over life itself. While many heroes may see themselves as saving lives by beating down The Mad Titan, they should take care before blindly engaging him in battle.

Dormammu Biography


Born in a distant world, Dormammu is said to be one of many Dark Ones, whose origins predate that of our universe. While he has been depicted in comics since Strange Tales #126, his name was never mentioned until Strange Tales #130. He shares power with his sister Umar. Apparently having ascended to godhood like several other Marvel Comics characters (Thor, Odin), Dormammu has demonstrated quasi-omnipotent powers (he is sometimes referred to as the Dread One) and control over various dimensions.

Most often visualized as an imposing giant above Earth’s atmosphere, he sometimes appears incognito in human form. His main targets seem to be former servant Baron Mordo and Dr. Strange, the latter an especial thorn in his side due to his repeated attempts at thwarting Dormammu’s plans for world domination. The character possesses significant skills which have allowed him to easily defeat both Thor and Iron Fist in physical combat when they were mystically endowed with similar abilities, but has also displayed considerable hand-to-hand fighting skills unaugmented by magic.

Thanos Biography


The Mad Titan is a cosmic supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Iron Man #55 (February 1973) and was created by writer/artist Jim Starlin. Thanos is a sentient creature who possesses superhuman levels of physical might, vast psionic and energy manipulation abilities, and a genius intellect.

He is from an alternate future known as Titan that was destroyed when he sought control of his home world’s resources. In an attempt to prevent further destruction, he travels into present-day Earth as a time traveler and later becomes a founding member of his former planet’s offshoot race of immortals known as Eternals.

Dormammu: Powers & Abilities

With his abilities, he can reshape reality to an unknown degree. He has created pocket dimensions including Dark Dimension bubbles. He is immune to temperature extremes and can survive indefinitely without food or water; he once removed his own heart (healing powers) and re-inserted it into his chest (resurrection). His mind can also not be read by telepaths like Professor X, Emma Frost or Jean Grey because of his immense power in comparison to them.

He uses powerful dark magic in which he combines in order to put himself above other beings in terms of power. As seen when he absorbed one of Doctor Strange’s spells that were projected toward him. While fighting Doctor Strange, Strange tried fighting back with powerful magical attacks but none worked on him as they were all consumed by Dormammu due to him using his mystical energy absorption ability at maximum capacity.

Thanos: Powers & Abilities

So what kind of powers does Thanos possess? He is capable of doing things like using energy blasts, manipulating matter, time travel, telekinesis, teleportation and creation. Basically, anything that you can do with magic, Thanos can do it.

His willpower is also powerful enough to influence physical reality which allows him to warp it into new shapes and fight his enemies on a mental level as well as physically.

Dormammu Weakness

Cosmic Energy is his weakness. If he takes in too much of it, he could kill himself. He would most likely lose against someone with cosmic energy (Thanos, Silver Surfer). On top of that, using all that energy might make him look like a villain when in reality he is one of Marvel’s most powerful villains.

Thanos Weakness

The Infinity Gauntlet is a very powerful tool, but it has a single weakness: if Thanos loses possession of all six Infinity Gems at once, he will revert to a normal human being. However, even without his glove and power, Thanos is still incredibly dangerous. He’s a physical giant with superhuman strength and durability who has been trained in hand-to-hand combat since childhood.


Ultimately, both characters possess immense power and skill, making it difficult to determine a winner. While only time will tell which one of these villains will win out, both villains are incredibly powerful but unique in their abilities and intent on destruction for separate reasons, a fight between them would surely lead to much collateral damage as well as many civilian casualties. If you ask me who I’d rather have ruling over Earth, my answer is clear: neither!

Still, the numbers above don’t lie. According to Marvel themselves, Dormammu is the stronger being of the 2. He gets one more point on Energy & Durability and that makes quite the difference. I really like that both villains got a 4 in Fighting Skills. They are good fighters but they really don’t like to get their hands dirty and rather use their minions or magic to win. So the winner is clear, it will be Dormammu.


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