Dr Strange vs Thanos: Can Magic Save The Sorcerer Supreme From The Mad Titan

I was never really a big fan of the comics of Doctor Stephen Strange. I can’t really put my finger on why but I was just more interested in X-Men and Iron Man. Nevertheless, I am a big fan of Dr Strange on the big screen. Benedict Cumberbatch is just brilliant in this role. In terms of casting, Marvel definitely knows what they are doing.

But now let us get to it and what you are here for? Is the Sorcerer Supreme strong enough to take on Thanos? Or will this fight be over in 5 minutes? Let’s find out with real data come from Marvel.com.

Dr. Strange: Biography

Dr Strange

Doctor Stephen Strange first appeared in Marvel Comics: Strange Tales #110 in July 1963, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He is the Sorcerer Supreme and protects the earth from magical threats as well as mystical ones. He does this together with the other sorcerers in the three Sanctums located in New York, London, and Hong Kong. The sorcerers are trained in Kamar Taj, Kathmandu. Dr Strange was born in Philadelphia, PA. He is a hundred and eighty pounds in weight and six foot two in height, with grey eyes. He has black hair with grey parts at the temples.

Dr Strange was a brilliant surgeon with a normal life and a love interest: fellow doctor Christine Palmer. Strange gets into a car accident one night and loses the use of his hands due to nerve damage. He then goes in search of a different cure once modern medicine proves that he cannot regain the full ability of the use of his hands and be an excellent surgeon once more. Devastated, he ends up at Kamar Taj and meets The Ancient One. He learns of the mystic arts and eventually embraces his role as Sorcerer Supreme. He performs his role with the Sanctum Sanitorium’s caretaker, Wong.

Dr. Strange: Powers & Abilities

  • Magic: He can cast spells and hurl mystical bolts when attacked by mystical creatures by calling upon the power of magical spells and incantations.
  • Cloak of Levitation: He wears the Cloak of Levitation that allows him to levitate and gives him the power of flight. He did not choose the Cloak, it chose him.
  • Eye of Agamotto: He also wears around his neck the Eye of Agamotto, a magical amulet with the Time Stone inside. It can manipulate time and change events, albeit at a great cost. Strange is the “mightiest magician in the cosmos”.

Thanos: Biography


Thanos made his first appearance in February 1973 in Iron Man #55 and was created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich. He is part of a race called the Eternals who lived on the planet Titan. According to the Marvel Encyclopedia, he is 6ft 7in and weighs 985 lbs. 

In the Marvel Encyclopedia, he is described as “one the strongest beings in existence”. So as an adversary, there won’t be many who could beat him. Thanos was born with the Deviant gene which gave him purple skin, a furrowed chin and a massive body with an incredible amount of strength and intellect.  

Thanos: Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Powers: It has shown that Thanos has the strength of a god and let us also not forget that he has superhuman agility, reflexes and stamina. 
  • Matter & Energy Manipulation: To the list of powers, we can also add the ability to manipulate matter and energy. He can shoot energy out of his eyes and control matter on an atomic level.
  • Magic: Thanos also possesses the power of magic. He is skilled in Black Arts and also has several other mystic capabilities like cursing other heroes or beings. 
  • Immortality: Because of his immortality, he doesn’t age nor does he die even after getting injured. Thanos is even banned by Death with whom he is obsessed. 

Dr Strange vs Thanos: Let’s Compare Some Numbers

Marvel has given almost all their heroes a score which they call a power grid (you can find these on Marvel.com). So these numbers don’t come from us but from Marvel themselves.

Already on the first criteria which is Durability, we can see that this will be a difficult fight for Doctor Stephen Strange. Thanos is considered immortal so killing him would not be sufficient. Strange could try to trap him by using his magic but we know that Thanos has also some tricks up his sleeve to counter this.

6 out of 7 for Energy for Dr Strange was a little bit of a surprise for us. But we think it makes sense. Thanks to his magic, he can launch powerful attacks without even having going to close. They are evenly matched on this one.

When it comes to Fighting Skills, we know that Stephen is no Deadpool or Wolverine. He can mainly rely on his magic to hurt his opponent. Also, Thanos only got a 4 which is quite low in our opinion. This should have been at least a 5.

Intelligence, this is where we disagree with Marvel. Stephen Strange only got a 4 while we know he is quite smart even at a genius-level intellect if you ask us. So this score should have been higher like a 5 but we would give him a 6. The same score as Thanos would have been fair.

Another surprise of us was the 7 out 7 for Speed. Ok, we know that he can create portals via magic and can even fly at rapid speed thanks to his Cloak of Levitation but the maximum? This means that nobody could be faster than the Doctor. Also, Thanos has a perfect score which is too much in our opinion.

In terms of Strength, we completely align with Marvel. The Sorcerer Supreme has just average human strength while Thanos has been able to withstand the Hulk in a close combat fight. So Thanos is considered as one of the strongest beings in the universe.


We still haven’t found a hero that is able to defeat Thanos on his or her own, besides Odin of course. Even the magic abilities of the Sorcerer Supreme are not sufficient to make this fight even close. The Mad Titan is so powerful that only a team of heroes can stop him.


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