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Consider your wish granted. We have collected a catalog of different Dragon Ball Z merchandise for you to browse through.

Below you’ll find an overview of different types of Dragon Ball Z merch that you can shop for. You can find your next favorite Dragon Ball Z lamp, statue, costume, or even board game here. Power up and channel your favourite Z fighter through our collection of some of the latest dragon ball z merchandise below.

Collecting items that date from early Dragon Ball to the latest Dragon Ball Super, this page of gift items will satisfy any fan of Akira Toriyama’s most successful series up to date! Goku, Vegeta, and the defenders of Universe 7 need you! No, you don’t need to lend them your spare energy, but you can search for your Dragon Ball Z gifts here and support their fight against universal threats to their peace!

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Dragon Ball Z Power Up Board Game

This Dragon Ball Z 3D board game is quite advanced. It contains a lot of extra cards like Power Ups & Capsule Tokens and in the end, you have to defeat the dragon. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Adult Goku Costume

This is the best Goku costume we found so far. You will probably need to work out if you want the body with it. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Trivial Pursuit

It’s time to put your Dragon Ball Z knowledge to the test. This Trivial Pursuit Edition contains 100 cards, so in total 600 questions. Hours of fun guaranteed. This is one of our favorite Dragon Ball Z Gifts. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Balls

This is the dream of every Dragon Ball fan. Having your own set of Dragon Balls. At any moment, you can summon Shenron and make your wish. Be sure to choose wisely. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Uno

Every Dragon Ball fan will love this Uno. Because who doesn’t love Uno? This is an imported game from Japan so it is a very special gift which isn’t that expensive. Find It Here

Daddy’s My Goku Baby Onesie

The perfect gift to any person who’s becoming a parent. This Daddy’s My Goku Baby Onesie is just too cute. Find It Here

Dragon Ball: A Visual History

A beautiful hardcover book containing all the best artwork from the master himself Akira Toriyama. It even has some rarely seen sketches and also some exclusive commentary from Toriyama. It contains 240 pages so it is quite the guide and good value for money. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Monopoly

In this version of Monopoly of Dragon Ball is super fun, you have to recruit legendary fighters in order to win the game. Don’t forget to upgrade your team via the hyperbolic time chambers. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Cookie Jar

Whether you’re a die-hard Dragonball Z fan or just a lover of cookies, this ceramic lidded cookie jar is a great addition to any kitchen! Featuring a four-star dragon ball as the jar and lid, this is a unique cookie jar for any fan’s home. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Stand Alone Manga Volume

If you are looking for a low-cost gift for a Dragon Ball Z fan, you can always go for an one-off manga volume. This is something that every fan wants to have and the cost is below $20 even if you want to have the paper version. The Kindle version is even below $10. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Lamp

Did you know that there are even Dragon Ball Z Lamps? There’s actually quite the collection. Want to see them all? Have a look here and choose between Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo and many others. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Starry Night

This one is actually one of our favorite gifts. It combines old art with new and this crossover is just amazing! It features the epic battle between Goku and Frieza! Find It Here

Dragon Ball Complete Box Set

This is one of my favourite Dragon Ball gifts. You can own the complete Dragon Ball Manga series for less than $100. That is a steal! So if you have some budget, this is what you should buy. This box also comes with a poster and booklet with Dragon Ball trivia. There are 16 volumes in this box. Find It Here

The Evolution Of Goku 5 Piece Canvas

This 5 piece Dragon Ball canvas displays the evolution of Goku and all his transformation. It is a perfect tribute for our hero who has saved earth countless of times! The canvas come in 3 sizes and you can choose to buy it framed or unframed. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z All-Stars Shoes

The All-Stars are iconic. Almost every person had a pair of these in their closet. Now, you can even buy All-Stars with Goku powering up on it. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Complete Box Set

From all the Manga Box set collections, this is my absolute favourite. It is only the Dragon Ball Z series but the box is absolute magnificent. It even comes with exclusive double-sided poster and booklet with cool Dragon Ball Z trivia. There are 26 volumes in this box set. Find It Here

5 Panels Dragon Ball Z Goku

Goku is probably the most popular character in Manga history. Kakarot is just what planet Earth needed at the right time. This 5 panel will completely light up your room and looks awesome in any room. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Hoodie

There are a lot of ugly DBZ shirts and sweaters out there. More than we could list. But this hoodie actually looks great. It’s made to look like Goku’s suit. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – Uncut Version

There are several Dragon Ball Z movies but this one is my favourite for sure. Beerus is coming for us, luckily Goku comes to the rescue! The movie lasts around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Will Goku be able to become a Super Saiyan God? Find out now! Find It Here

Shenron Statue with 7 Dragon Balls

If you want to show off your Dragon Balls in a more spectacular way, this Shenron statue is perfect for that. You can nicely display your dragon balls and it looks like you already summoned Shenron. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Cap

If you’re looking for a cool hat, this Dragon Ball Cap is amazing. Only the true Dragon Ball Fan will recognize the logo. Find It Here

Dragon Ball The Complete Series

Own the complete Dragon Ball saga including Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z, Dragon Ball Z Super & Dragon Ball GT. This is the ultimate gift for every Dragon Ball fan. It is quite expensive so keep an open mind for that. But you own every thing from the Dragon Ball universe when it comes the anime series. Find It Here

Super Saiyan Gokou

If you are looking for a great Super Saiyan Goku statue, you should take look at this one. It is an official licensed product and the price is only around $40 which is very cheap for a statue. This will look great in your collection. Enjoy! Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Slip On Shoe

If you’re looking for an easy shoe for inside the house, this could be a good fit. The Dragon Ball Z logo is a nice extra and will make visitors smile. Find It Here

Training to Beat Goku Shirt

I couldn’t stop laughing when I found this shirt: “Training to beat Goku is hard or at least Krillin.” That’s hilarious! It is 100% but it is best that you don’t iron so you won’t lose quality. This is the coolest shirt to wear in the gym. Find It Here

Goku & Vegeta & Trunks Statue

Why buy one statue with one figure if you can buy a statue with 3 figures. This statue even contains our most favourite heroes: Goku, Vegeta and Goku all in Super Saiyan transformation and fighting mode. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Swim Shorts

A great Dragon Ball Z gift is this swim short. It is made out of polyester & spandex and comes in 6 different sizes. You don’t like this particular one? No worries, there are 12 shorts to choose from, all different with colours and creative. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Kame Hoodie

Wearing the Kame Hoodie comes with a price. As soon as you wear this hoodie, your life will never be the same. Wearing this hoodie is like taking an oath. You swear to protect the universe from all its foes. Are you worthy? Find It Here

Golden Frieza

This Golden Frieza action figure is absolutely stunning. It’s 6.5″ tall and has a set of additional hands. It comes in premium collector’s packaging so up to you if you want to open it or not. Find It Here

Super Saiyan Vegeta Action Figure

I just love this Super Saiyan Vegeta action figure and it seems that I’m not the only one. It has more than 70 5-star reviews so the quality is exeptional. It is a static figure and comes with a display stand. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Backpack

This Dragon Ball Z Backpack is a great budget-friendly Dragon Ball Z gift. It is made out of high-quality canvas + PU Leather. It has a lot of space so you can easily store a laptop in it. It is also the perfect bag to take to school. Find It Here

Super Saiyan Goku Action Figure

The fight between Goku and Frieza is still the longest fight in anima history. This Super Saiyan Goku is based on that fight. His clothes are shredded to pieces and it’s possible to change Goku’s facial expression. It even comes with an energy effect aura. Find It Here

Trunks Statue

This Trunks statue is just to cool. It shows Trunks right in the middle of what I think, his attack on Frieza. I have added a Frieza statue in front of him to make it come even more to life. It is officially licensed by Bandai so the quality is good if that was one of your worries. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z LED Keychain

This is a great gift when you are low on budget or want to make a Dragon Ball Z gift bag. The keychain comes with a LED light which has 7 colours. It is also already packed in a great looking gift box which you want to hold on to as well. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Scouter

If you don’t have the ability to read power levels on your own, you can do it now with this scouter. Check your opponent first before you attack. Find It Here

Saiyan Space Pod Magic Mug

This Saiyan Space Pod Mug is magic because it reveals Vegeta in his Space Pod when it is hot. It is officially licensed Dragon Ball Z merchandise so you are good on quality. Don’t put it into the dishwasher as it is handwash only. Find It Here

Dragon Ball Color Changing Coffee Mug

This is the perfect gift for every coffee & Dragon Ball lover. Pour in hot coffee and see how Goku and Vegeta are powering up. This will give you that bit of extra in the morning! Find It Here

Trunks’ Sword

One of our favourite Dragon Ball Z gifts on this list is Trunks’ Sword. Trunks is one of the only ones that carry a sword as a Saiyan. If you want to be safe from Frieza in this universe buy this sword and cut him in half like Trunks did. Find It Here

Goku Ultra Instinct Statue

Oh man, the moment Goku went into the Ultra Instinct state. I went nuts. This Goku Ultra Instinct Statue was then also a must-have for me. It looks absolutely great as I have Goku in all different transformations. It just looks amazing. Find It Here

Jump Force

As a Manga addict, we’re looking forward to February 15th (2019) that’s the day that Jump Force will be released. A new fighting game that will feature all the best Manga series: Naruto, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball,… Find It Here

Saiyan Space Pod Building Kit

If you have some time to spare, why not spend it on building something from your favorite manga or TV show. This Saiyan Space Pod comes as a building kit. The kit even includes Vegeta and a display stand so you can give it a nice and safe place. Find It Here

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Collectorz Edition

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest Dragon Ball gaming title on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC. Experience a deep gameplay where you can train and master more than One Fighter/style. This Collector’s Edition contains a lot of nice extras: A Goku Statue, steelbook, 3 art boards,… Find It Here

Dragon Ball Z Bathrobe

These Dragon Ball Z Bathrobes are only for the strongest warriors in the universe. It is the perfect combination. It’s made out of strong cotton which is very soft at the same time. Find It Here

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