Elden Ring

  • Elden Ring Official Strategy

    Elden Ring Official Strategy

    Elden Ring became an enormous success in the last months when it was released. The game is unique in its very own way but to quote Malenia: “You Will Witness True Horror”. If you are planning to finish every inch of this game or just want to spend some time offline with Elden Ring. Go for this Elden Ring Official Strategy book. For the first time, the Elden Ring Books of Knowledge series from Future Press has compiled a comprehensive account of The Lands Between. Every nook and cranny of the overworld, dungeons, and underworld has been meticulously documented and its treasures finally exposed. Each of the game’s locations and characters are described in length, and there are over 100 maps of each place included.

  • Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

    Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

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