The Abomination (Marvel)

How it all began

In his latest attempt to sabotage the Air Force base in New Mexico, communist Croatian Yugoslavian spy Emil Blonsky attempted three times to disable or destroy missiles that were vital for America’s defense. Each time he was thwarted and came close but failed at what should have been a simple task.

Banner had been experimenting with gamma radiation, and Blonsky was eager to see the results for himself. He snuck into Banner’s lab undetected, hiding in a corner as security came dragging him out of his laboratory on account of some trivial laws that he’d broken.

Not understanding what the machine was, Blonsky activated the machine. It’s unclear how Blonsky was able to survive so much gamma radiation, but some unknown gene in his body saved him from the lethal dosage. In return for this miracle, he became a green-skinned creature with superhuman strength and rage.

The Abomination becomes stronger than the Hulk and still has human intelligence while the Hulk does not. In a fight with the Hulk, the Abomination almost kills him and kidnaps Betty Ross.

General Ross was so worried about his daughter that he ordered the Hulk to be brought back in order to hunt down the Abomination. Ross helped Banner make this device with powerful gamma radiation and It zapped the Abomination, which made it weaker.

The Abomination Kills Betty Banner

Blonsky always saw Banner as an equal who was also cursed with gamma radiation. But then when Blonsky found out that Banner got married to his wife Betty, he was even worse off than before.

When Betty was taken to the hospital, Blonsky saw an opportunity in getting back at Banner by injecting Betty with his blood which killed her. At first, everybody thought that Bruce was responsible for this but General Ross learned the truth when he found Blonsky instead of Bruce.

The Hulk walked away from a fight with Blonksy because he knew that his enemy would not be able to handle being forgiven. Blonsky thought that the Hulk was the monster, but really it was him all along. He wasn’t human anymore.


Gamma Radiation: The gamma radiation that changed the Abomination’s body, made his body stronger and bigger. There is no other way for him to change- he can’t change back into a human.

Superhuman Strength: The Abomination has a strength that doesn’t change. It stays the same, and it is stronger than the Hulk’s when he is calm. But when the Hulk gets angry, his strength goes to be stronger than what the Abomination has. The Abomination also has strong legs that let him jump really far.

Superhuman Stamina: The Abomination is different from normal people. His muscles do not produce as many tiredness toxins when he does physical activity. He can go for days before his muscles get tired.

Superhuman Durability: The Abomination is strong and tough. He can resist hot things without his skin burning. He can also resist freezing cold things and powerful impacts without getting hurt.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite being strong, he can be hurt. But he heals quickly like the Hulk. He heals faster than other people do. Abomination is not as good at healing as the Hulk. The Hulk’s strength and healing power both get stronger when he gets angrier.

Gamma Radiation/Energy Manipulation and Emission: A cloned Abomination had the ability to make Gamma Radiation that is toxic. It is so strong that it can hurt the Hulk, Captain Marvel, and Sunspot. These are all heroes who have the power of absorbing energy.

Underwater Breathing: The Abomination can breathe underwater for longer than the Hulk.

Suspended Animation: The Abomination, in an attempt to escape horrific pain, can go in a coma-like state of suspended animation.

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