Fairy Gifts

There are thousands of fairy gifts available online. From books, to movies to fairy dolls, there are enough variations of fairy gifts to keep you busy for hours. There are enough to keep you busy for days. In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be a veritable expert at picking out the best fairy gifts in town.

Wondering what are the best fairy gifts that you can buy right now? I’ve narrowed it down to the top fairy gift ideas. It’s by no means comprehensive though and I haven’t included every single one of these in any order. But I do believe they are worth a look if you’re in the market for something special for that fairy lover in your life.

Here are our favorite fairy gifts:

Fairy Solar Lantern

These Fairy Solar Lanterns really are a work of art. They will light up the garden with a soft light that looks like real candlelight. Their glass jar shaped exterior is a lantern with fairy shadows onto the surface of the glass. These Fairy Garden Lanterns look stunning at night, in a garden or anywhere where you need some decorative lighting.

Brighten your yard or patio with solar powered Fairy Solar Lanterns. These sturdy lanterns have a classic, vintage look, and are an ideal decorative piece that can be placed indoors or outdoors.

DIY Fairy Potions Kit

Open your imagination and encourage your (inner) child to discover the power of fairies with our DIY Fairy Potions craft kit. This colorful set helps kids create magical elixirs.

Get ready to mix up some magic with our DIY Fairy Potions craft kit! This quixotic set comes complete with all the tools you need to create magical potions inspired by the fairies in a whimsical woodland setting. Mix and match colors to find your perfect elixir, then pour it into a decorative vial and watch as glitter magically appears!

Fairy Necklace

The delicate Fairy necklace is engraved with a cute fairy not only beautiful but also very meaningful. A must-have item for everyone! If you want to tell your friends that you are always by their side, then the best way is sending wishes from a distance with this fairy necklace. Now don’t miss the chance to grab this necklace for yourself and your friends.

Be a fairy with this gorgeous necklace! The pendant is made from Lead-free alloy and plated with high quality Rhodium.  It is made from the most superb and strong material to make sure it is durable and secure.

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies is an absolute classic and a must-have for any fairy collector.

Still as fresh and beautiful today as when they were first published in 1923, here is the complete collection of the Flower Fairies. Cicely Mary Barker’s charming art and lyrical text are a joy for adults and children alike. This collector’s edition features all the classic Flower Fairy titles in one volume so you can keep them close to heart whenever you like, or give as a present to the young at heart.

Fairy Earrings

These fairy earrings are beautiful and elegant at the same time. It is perfect as gift but also great for yourself as you will get a lot of compliments about them.

These earrings come in 11 colors and are surprisingly very light to wear so they don’t hurt your ears. You will be able to wear it during any occasion like a typical day in the office or even at weddings as the colors really stand out and turn you in to a mythical creature.

The Fairy Game

A magical journey for children who know the fun and joy of fairies, this matching and gathering adventure teaches these valuable skills while building fine motor skills. Players match fairies with their correct habitats using strategy and knowledge of turn-taking.

This enchanting game comes with a game board, 4 jewel tokens, 13 snowflake tokens, 44 snowstorm cards and 57 fairy garden cards

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage

There’s a new fairy in town! This lovely cottage features a real-life garden on top and a stream on the bottom. The spacious cottage can be decorated with your own fairy accessories and furniture-or the included flowers, plants, trees, and mushrooms! It provides a cozy place for fairies to hang out after all their exciting adventures.

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage is a great step-up for kids to grow their own flowers and take responsibility for it.

Fairy Solar Powered LED Garden Light

The Fairy Garden Light is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Illuminate your garden pathways and create a magical ambiance. With the ability to connect multiple lights together, this light will bring whimsy and delight to any garden! The fairies are certain to sparkle on a warm summer evening. The light features an easy-to-install solar panel with an adjustable angle for optimal sunlight exposure.

Drink Happy Thoughts Glass

This gorgeous wine glass is engraved with the quote: “Drink Happy Thoughts.” The stemless wine glasses are a fantastic addition to your home bar.

This Drink Happy Thoughts Glass is one of my favorite Fairy gifts on this list. It is a super simple and low price gift but the message is so powerful. This glass really reminds you to stay positive. It almost makes you feel like you are drinking a happiness elixir.

My Fairy Garden Light Treehouse

Own a bit of magical fairy garden with the My Fairy Garden Light Treehouse where you can watch plants grow and a secret pathway open up before your eyes.

Brighten a room and grow a garden with your child thanks to My Fairy Garden Light Treehouse Playset. This playset includes everything kids need to plant, grow, and play. The tree house Amaya and Hootie figures, which are included to encourage creative play. Rewarding hard work with pretty flowers and plants encourages preschoolers to create their own environments.

The treehouse even lights up and has a color-change switch. So this actually makes a great bedroom light as you can see on the picture.

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