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Final Fantasy is one of the most thrilling role-playing games you will ever play in your life. Developed in 1987 by Square, this series stands as the most popular RPG game. It has two main components: the battle section and the field section. The field section allows you to move your characters. You can make your characters perform various tasks in and around the town. It also consists of dungeons and a huge world map that puts the entire game together.

While moving around in the town, your characters can shop to buy weapons, collect treasure, and talk to people. You may also come across invisible enemies and enter into random encounters with them. These enemies can take you to a different battle screen altogether. To defeat these enemies, you can order your characters to “use items,” “magic,” or “attack.” You should strategically attack, defend, and heal to ensure that you beat your opponent successfully. If the enemy loses all its collective health points, you win the game.

The main catch about Final Fantasy is resource management. More than skills to defeat your enemies, you need to manage your resources in every game. For example, if you spend special powers and heath points in one game, you wouldn’t be able to fight the boss in the next round. You need to think whether using a potion now is beneficial or should you save it for the boss. Is it time to start restocking your health points? If yes, you should leave the dungeon and start exploring the town again.

Most of the strategies and mechanics in Final Fantasy games are the same. But the main concept lies in resource management. You should focus on saving your characters’ super-powers in the initial games to ensure they have enough firepower left to defeat the bosses.

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Where To Buy Final Fantasy Merchandise?

When it comes to buying Final Fantasy merch, you have a couple of options. From browsing around, we can say that the Square Enix Store, is the official Final Fantasy Store. Still, I found that the amount of gifts are quite limited there. In my opinion, Amazon is the best place to find cool FF stuff. But as I love those cool statues that you can display in your house, I found that Final Fantasy merchandise is lacking that. I did not stumble across any statue which took my breath away.

Nevertheless, don’t worry there are still some very cool Final Fantasy action figures which can fill that gap and some other merch which I would love to own. If you are looking for more personalized or handmade materials, be sure to check out Etsy.

Our Top 3 Final Fantasy Gifts

Final Fantasy Blade Set

Although there are many iconic characters in Final Fantasy, what completes them is their weapons. Cloud, with his Buster Sword, Squall’s Gunblade, and Tidus’ Brotherhood, are some of the weapons that Final Fantasy maniacs wish they had in real life. And their dream is about to come true. The Final Fantasy Blade Set consists of the 8 famous blades put together in miniature metal design. If you want to surprise a Final Fantasy fan with a one truly amazing gift, go for this blade set. He would literally go crazy when he gets his hand on these blades.

Final Fantasy Action Figures

Square Enix is very well known for their awesome assortment of action figures so for Final Fantasy, I was already looking forward on what I could find. But first of all, these Square Enix Action Figures aren’t cheap. They are always between $100 and $200. So they are not suitable for kids because you don’t want them to drop to the floor. They can take a hit or 2 but not massive abuse if you catch my drift. I really loved the following Final Fantasy Action Figures:


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

I absolutely loved this Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It is more than 2 hours of Final Fantasy greatness. As I don’t want to spoil too much for you, what I can share is that this Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children continues the storyline based on the hit Playstation game Final Fantasy VII. The rest is for you to discover.


Other Final Fantasy Gifts That Caught Our Eye:

When it comes to RPGs, Final Fantasy is in a league of its own. With a fan-base spread all around the world, the doors are wide open for players to pick from a range of gifts and merchandise collection. Here are some of the best items you can gift to any Final Fantasy fan.

Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive

Any new fan of Final Fantasy would like to know the events that led to this one-of-a-kind RPG game. The Ultimania Archive will take them back to the older games, such as Final Fantasy VI or even Final Fantasy III. The first volume in this archive contains concept art and other details of the first six games of this series. It will not only fill the generation gap but would also make the player enthusiastic about the whereabouts of this game.

Final Fantasy X Starter Deck

Isn’t it incredible when you find a card game for the series you love? The Final Fantasy X Starter Deck is the ultimate gift to any fan of this game who doesn’t want to limit his gaming experience to a console. Even the card game has a storyline that’s similar to the actual game. The minimalistic graphics, together with the quality of the cards, make for one of the best Final Fantasy gifts. A must-have for anyone who’s crazy about Final Fantasy.

Cactuar Coin Bank

Similar to the Moogle Room Lamp, the Cactuar Coin Bank is another piece of merchandise that Final Fantasy would love to have in their collection. Cactuars are familiar monsters known for their high-pitched laughter. They throw thousands of needles to bring down enemies. Moreover, it’s challenging to kill them as they are always on the move. This Cactuar though, wouldn’t throw any needles. It would sit comfortably on your table and you can use it to save coins every day.

Cloud Strife Model

Cloud Strife is one of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy. In fact, he was the leading character in Final Fantasy VII. Since then, he has appeared in multiple Final Fantasy films and spin-offs. This model looks more like Cloud’s character that had appeared on Kingdom Hearts. You will see some minor changes in the costume and overall appearance. But this piece of merchandise comes with interchangeable hands and a stand. You can keep it on your table or refrigerator as a showpiece.

Tonberry Room Lamp

While many Final Fantasy characters evolved over time, the monsters have remained the same. And when it comes to memorable monsters, Tonberry leads the way by a fair distance. He is the bearer of knives and wielding lamps. And so, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the makers made a room lamp out of Tonberry’s character. It not only serves as a miniature statue but also lights up the room at night.

Moogle Room Lamp

There’s hardly a character that’s cuter than Moogle on Final Fantasy. You will feel like cuddling Moogle the moment it comes on the screen. This bear-like creature not only offers help in dire situations but also allows you to save your progress in the game. Going by its character, the Moogle Room Lamp is a unique gift for any Final Fantasy lover. It helps you see things in your room when it’s pitch dark. You will find the cute Moogle sitting on a stand with a bulb on its head. It also works as a Final Fantasy showpiece when you don’t use its lamp.

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