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Looking for Gift Ideas For A Firefighter? Firefighters risk their lives every day to save us. Therefore we thought it was time to pay tribute to our heroes: the firemen!

What can you expect? We have personalized firefighter gifts but also firefighter graduation gifts. In case a friend or family has answered the call.

But you will also be able to find some great firefighter memorabilia and Christmas gifts.

The list would not be complete without some funny firemen gifts as friendship is incredibly important among these men and women as they have to trust each other completely.

Here are some Gift Ideas For A Firefighter:

  • Firefighter Functional Fitness

    Firefighter Functional Fitness

    Paperback is a perfect and essential guide to finest firefighter performance. It does provide all firefighters with all the knowledge, tools, and mindset to maximize fire ground performance, physical fitness, recovery and rest, dehydration, nutrition, and lifestyle. It can be a perfect gift for any firefighter, especially a newbie. More

  • Firefighter Exam Preparation Book

    As a Firefighter Exam Preparation Book, the book is a 2nd Revised and Updated Edition, which is an excellent prep for a firefighter exam. It’s very concise and explains things very well. It’s also quite easy to read and understand. The informative and informational style used here breaks everything down and does give pointers and guides. More

  • Firefighter Preplan

    Firefighter Preplan comes as an Ultimate 1st Edition Guidebook for Thriving as a Firefighter. With this book, you get to discover the excellent firefighter’s secrets that have never been read in a book before. Gift it to any of your Firefighter friend or a firefighter enthusiast, and they can learn the strategies and tactics of excellent and respectable firefighters. More

  • Fully Involved: A Guide For Being In A Relationship With A Firefighter

    Fully Involved: A Guide For Being In A Relationship With A Firefighter

    Fully Involved Paperback, which is a guide for being in a relationship with a firefighter, is here to give you an insight into what a spouse needs to expect to be in a firefighter relationship. The reality is, the firefighter profession at a time can be the hardest to get used to mostly for the spouses. More

  • Ladder 49

    Ladder 49

    Ladder 49 is a Full-Screen Edition movie set that ignites the intense action found in the heroic tale of ordinary men with supreme courage. It’s a set that will keep you entertained and also teach you some skills in firefighting. It’s also a perfect gift for any firefighter as it does remind you of family, duty, and job courage. More

  • Chicago Fire Season 1

    Chicago Fire Season 1

    Chicago Fire Season 1 is a part of all the eight seasons in this series. If you have never watched the show, you can get it here for you to view without ads and in the comfort of your home. Twenty-one clear HD episodes are what you get from this bundle. It’s the right way for a new firefighter to familiarize himself with the job he’s getting himself to. More

  • Chicago Fire Seasons 1-6

    Chicago Fire Seasons 1-6

    If you’ve watched the Thrilling show, Chicago fire, then you can agree it’s an epic entertaining and inspiring show for both the civilians and the firefighters. Now you have the chance to watch or re-watch this compelling hit series, all the episodes from the six seasons, back to back and without interruptions. More

  • Thin Red Line Skull Shirt

    Thin Red Line Skull Shirt

    The Red Line Skull Shirt is a durably designed shirt featuring a skull printed with a USA flag on it. It’s intended to inspire courage into any firefighter who wears it. The sweater is cozy, light, and super comfortable to wear. Its trendy design allows you to wear in parties and other casual events. It’s a perfect gift you can give to any new or experienced firefighter. More

  • Funny Firefighter Shirt

    Funny Firefighter Shirt

    Firefighter Definition T-shirt, a Fireman Noun Drinking Beer shirt is something you might want your best firefighter friend to wear while you have some good time. It does come with bright, non-fading prints that define a firefighter as the ‘first person you see after saying hold my beer.’ It’s a perfect gift for yourself or a firefighter to show proudness of them being a firefighter. More

  • Firefighter Hoodie

    Firefighter Hoodie

    Erazor Bits wants you to enjoy a warm evening as you show your pride in your Firefighter job or your country while you wear this Firefighter Hooded Sweat Shirt. The hoodie is also an inspiration to be more difficult and courageous at what you do as a firefighter. If you consider the inspirational prints, the trendy design, and the comfy construction, this sweatshirt is a perfect gift idea for anyone. More

  • Firefighter Tactical Backpack

    Firefighter Tactical Backpack

    Be it outdoor hunting or outing, reporting to a job, or carrying any of your essentials, this J.CARP Military Tactical Backpack is ideal for ensuring you have the best time and keeps your essentials secure. It comes as a Large 3 Day Assault Pack Army Molle Backpack designed with high-density, water-repellant fabric. It’s the perfect backpack a firefighter needs. More

  • Funny FireFighter Socks

    Funny FireFighter Socks

    The Fire Fighter Man Socks are durably made from 75% Cotton, 15% Spandex, and 10% Nylon. They are fashionable socks available in size of between 10 and 13 and fits most men with shoe size 7-12. And you know what, they have funny inspiration prints ideal for firefighter encouragement. Get this to any firefighter close to you and cheer the good work he does. More

  • Antique Fire Hose Nozzle Bottle Opener

    Antique Fire Hose Nozzle Bottle Opener

    This New Historic Antique Fire Hose Nozzle is a unique Bottle Opener ideal for a behind-the bar or a man cave. It’s inspired by Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company nozzle of 1917. It’s designed to help you open any bottle and put off the fiery thirst. As a vintage antique fire hose nozzle bottle opener, it’s a perfect gift or collection for any firefighter. More

  • Fireman Coffee Mug

    Fireman Coffee Mug

    Be it a promotion, graduation, or a welcoming party, this Fireman Coffee Mug is an excellent gift for any firefighting celebration event. It comes as a 15oz porcelain made a mug with a burgundy stein shape and a unique ‘Fire Department’ crest. It’s well made, looks great and it is heavy-duty, all that makes it a perfect gift you can gift your firefighter hero. More

  • Cooking with the Firehouse Chef

    Cooking with the Firehouse Chef

    Cooking with the Firehouse Chef Paperback comes as a well-detailed book containing award-winning chef, Keith Young favorite’s recipes. The recipes require easy-to-find ingredients in a vast spectrum of dishes. It’s a perfect cookbook you will need as you prepare food for your heroes, family, and even during a firefighter party or celebration. More

  • Real Heroes Firefighter

    Real Heroes Firefighter

    Maximum Games brings you Real Heroes Firefighter PlayStation to have fun and also share what you do while saving lives. It’s also a perfect gift for your brave and courageous firefighter who risks life to save a life. It’s a realistic game where you play to put off fire using the real daily firefighting tools. More

  • Firefighters The Simulation

    Firefighters The Simulation

    Firefighters the Simulation PS4 is here to help you test your skills and limit as you enjoy and have fun. With this PS4 simulation, you also get to train if you’re enlisted as a novice member of the firefighter department and not yet engaged in taking part in highly specialized missions. It’s a perfect gift you can offer a novice firefighter as a welcome-to-job gift. More

  • Flash Point Fire Rescue

    Flash Point Fire Rescue

    After a long hard life-saving shift, you have some free time, and Indie Boards and Cards are here to give you some fun. The Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition game is a perfect after-shift game that requires 2 to 6 players and 30 minutes of playtime. With this game as a gift, you can make any firefighter out there feel appreciated for the work he does. More

  • Ladder 29 Game

    Ladder 29 Game

    Ladder 29 Game Firefighter Card Game is an exciting, fun hot game of ladder-climbing where experts in this time-honored business of firefighting are the players. They try to extinguish their hands of cards while they face challenges that hinder their choices and abilities. It requires 2-5 players and 30-45 minutes of playing time. More

  • 3D Fire Station Puzzle

    3D Fire Station Puzzle

    Wrebbit 3D Urbania Fire Station Puzzle comes with 285 tight-fitting and foam-backed pieces and in a sturdy free-standing design. As a collectible-quality puzzle, it’s exciting to build and also looks beautiful on display. The Fire Station Puzzle is crafted from high-quality workmanship that creates a positive, challenging, and rewarding experience for the firefighters, family, and friends. More

  • Monopoly: Firefighters Edition

    Monopoly: Firefighters Edition

    Monopoly: Firefighters Edition special firefighter edition that honors the men and women working for fire and rescue service globally. In this game, you buy, sell, and trade your favorite properties as you summon your fire and rescue skills to command the firehouses and headquarter on the game board. More

  • Gutter Medicine

    Gutter Medicine

    Gutter Medicine Paperback is that perfect book ideal for anyone thinking of getting into a paramedic or EMT career. The book accurately portrays the real and lasting sections of this job. It gives you an accurate description of the work, great calls, the calling, psychological components of the station life, and job’s effect on the family. More

  • Fireman Gnome

    Fireman Gnome

    Fireman Gnome is a uniquely designed heroic Gnome that comes with a unique outdoor accent. It’s a multi-colored polystone-made Gnome with an adorable design and looks. The detailing is correctly done to make it a housewarming gift for any Firefighter out there as a piece of encouragement for a good work done. More

  • Tac-Force Assisted Knife

    Tac-Force Assisted Knife

    This Opening RED FIRE Fighter comes as a bottle opener, a glass breaker, and a knife, all in one. The knife is durably made from high-carbon stainless steel. And the best part is, it has an assisted opening with a partially serrated drop point blade. It also has a thumb slot and extended tang and with a lashing hole. More

  • Firehose Lamp

    Firehose Lamp

    This table lamp is a uniquely designed piece featuring a rustic farmhouse design. The fact that it’s a traditional elegant polyresin hydrant lamp with a wooden base. It also comes with a neutral lampshade and soft ambient lighting effect. It’s a perfect lamp shade for an office or a living room. It’s an ideal gift you can give a firefighter. More

  • History of The American Firefighter Print

    History of The American Firefighter Print

    The Firefighter Print is here to give you the history of the American Firefighter. It requires a standard frame that is available at most major retailers. It has fifteen iconic images from the American firefighting history and nine firefighter figure timeline. It’s a perfect gift to give a firefighter to hang in their house. More

  • Fire Truck Chassis Tin Sign

    Fire Truck Chassis Tin Sign

    The Tin Sign features a Fire Truck Chassis printed on a lightweight metal tin. It does come with a classic firefighting design, which makes it a perfect gift of appreciation to a firefighter. As a fun and attractive decoration sign, it’s ideal for home, bar, office, restaurant, and dorm, garage, or man cave. For safe handling, the sign does come with rolled and hemmed edges. More

  • Praying Firefighter Statue

    Praying Firefighter Statue

    Joyful in Hope Praying Firefighter is a 5 inch Stone Table Top Figurine that’s made from high-quality resin polymer stone to give it a sturdy structure. It comes with sentiment already engraved in the figurine pedestal. It’s an inspirational and thoughtful home accent piece that any firefighter would appreciate to have. More

  • Fireman Standing Cross Statue

    Fireman Standing Cross Statue

    Here is a unique US Fire Fighter Fireman Standing Cross Statue here to display your service and faith. It’s durably made from long-lasting polystone with a sturdy hose-like base. It comes in a ladder and brickwork design featuring a crest in its center. It’s an ideal displayable collectible any firefighter would love to have in their office or home. More

  • Firefighter Helmet

    Firefighter Helmet

    Firefighter Helmet Bands are high-quality Rubber Helmet Band designed to fits for traditional and modern style fire helmets and come in a pack of 3. They are convenient rubber bands that hold standard accessories on the helmet. It offers a great snug fit tight enough to keep your accessories in place. More

  • Babe Firefighter Costume

    Babe Firefighter Costume

    The Backdraft Babe Firefighter Costume is a playful, seductive, and completely irresistible designed to get you creative. It comes as a women’s costume made from 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex to keep it comfortable and long-lasting. It’s so cute and sexy, and its quality is amazingly good. It’s a Halloween or theme party costume. More

  • Fire Hat Bottle Opener

    Fire Hat Bottle Opener

    Fire Hat FD Helmet comes as a Heavyweight Beer/Soda/Pop Bottle Opener made of LLC Cast Iron with Brass embellishments. It does feature sturdy crafting that allows it to handle any bottle opening. It’s an ideal Firefighter gift for every firefighter out there, retiring or new, old or young. You can also use it as an authentic décor for your man cave, bar, or pub. More

  • Funny Fireman Coffee Mug

    Funny Fireman Coffee Mug

    The mug is a high-quality humorous ceramic mug printed with the highest quality inks. The cup is printed on both sides with the encouraging statement, WORLDS OKEYEST FIREFIGHTER. The best part is, it’s vast enough to hold satisfying drinks any time you want, hot or cold. It makes a perfect gift for any firefighter. More

  • The Engine 2 Diet

    The Engine 2 Diet

    The Engine 2 Diet Paperbook is a funny, well-composed, and medically approved guide with a 28-Day save-your-life plan showing you how you can lower cholesterol and burns away pounds. With this book, you get to be guided on losing weight, lowering cholesterol, becoming physically fit, and reducing disease risk. It’s a perfect gift that allows you to share valuable lifesaving information with a firefighter. More

  • Firefighter Uniform Christmas Ornament

    Firefighter Uniform Christmas Ornament

    Firefighter Uniform Christmas Ornament is here to celebrate a firefighter in your life. It’s made of Resin material, which keeps it sturdy and durable. It’s both a collectible and a displayable tabletop decoration ornament with a full firefighter outfit. With this ornament, you can gift any firefighter to show some gratitude for the excellent work he has done. More

  • St. Florian Patron Saint of Firefighters Coin

    St. Florian Patron Saint of Firefighters Coin

    St. Florian Patron Coin comes as an excellent high-quality United States Navy Challenge Coin with a durable finish and a long-lasting enamel colors. It has a clear plastic and protective pouch, which is included to protect your investment as it protects your hometown firefighter hero. The detailing and look excellent on this challenge coin board. More

  • Firefighter Rescue Gear Bag

    Firefighter Rescue Gear Bag

    A cozy large Firefighter Rescue Gear Bag is what you get when you acquire this Gear Bag. It’s made of 1000D polyester to keep all the turnout gear, the helmet, and other firefighting gear. It’s durable, and also optimally comfortable with padded shoulder strap. It’s a perfect give to welcome a new firefighter to the job role in life-saving. More

  • Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

    Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

    This Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set includes high-quality realistic kids dress-up costume. The accessories are all made from high-quality materials to make sure durable and safety. The outfit is designed to offer to pretend Chief fire play and comes with a frustration-free packaging. It’s an excellent gift for both boys and girls. More

  • Fireman Playing Cards with Dice

    Fireman Playing Cards with Dice

    Fireman Playing Cards with Dice is here to give you the chance to show off your Fire Mans pride on game night. It comes in a beautifully stained wooden box featuring a 3D metal firefighter emblem with courage and honor. It’s a professional firefighter gift set for men and women as an appreciation for the fire department. More

  • My First Fire

    My First Fire

    Add the gift of love and laughter to your party with this quirky prank Pack, First Fire. The boxes contain bizarre products from ridiculous companies. All you need is put a present inside the joke box. It’s a perfect gift for any firefighting enthusiast, a real firefighter, or a family member. It does add an extra fun and enjoyment layer, which will give you all the fun. More

  • Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

    Mini Fire Extinguisher Lighter

    The Smoke Mart mini fire extinguisher lighter is portable, easy-to-use refillable butane lighter that features an adjustable flame. It lights up with a simple click to provide a candle flame light. It also comes with a bright LED light to use while in the dark. More

  • Firefighter T-Shirt

    Firefighter T-Shirt

    The thin red line design of this T-shirt represents the bravery and selflessness that firefighters show every day. The design is on the back of the shirt. It still keeps its shape and color, even when it has been washed a few times. More

  • Fireman Zombie Hunter Mug

    Fireman Zombie Hunter Mug

    This novelty mug is ideal for a friend or family member who is a firefighter. It is a sturdy mug and it can be washed in the dishwasher with no issues. It would make a great birthday gift. More

  • Firefighter Flag

    Firefighter Flag

    The red line on the flag is a symbol that shows your support for firefighters. It is ideal for being flown in low breeze areas due to the light weighting. The dye is fade resistant which means the colors will stay sharp. More

  • HCSB Firefighter’s Bible

    HCSB Firefighter’s Bible

    This bible has been designed with firefighters in mind and there are additional verses and prayers included. The small size of the Bible means that it can be carried in the field which brings a lot of comfort to some. More

  • Ugly Christmas Firefighter Sweater

    Ugly Christmas Firefighter Sweater

    Ugly Christmas Sweaters are hot these days and this one makes it the perfect firefighter Christmas gift. It is made out cotton & polyester and comes in six colors. More

  • Personalized Firefighter Cooking Apron

    Personalized Firefighter Cooking Apron

    This apron is tan and has yellow reflective lettering. It can be personalized using up to twenty letters. The letters will be thermally bonded onto the apron for durability and the one size will fit most people. More

  • Personalized Engraved Firefighter Hatchet

    Personalized Engraved Firefighter Hatchet

    One of the most unique firefighter gifts that you can give is a Personalized Engraved Firefighter Hatchet. An axe is a fireman’s best friend so make sure you choose the best quality! More

  • Firefighters Cufflinks

    Firefighters Cufflinks

    As a firefighter, you are proud of your job and you should be. These cufflinks are the perfect firefighter accessory to dress up for big events. It adds a great touch of class. More

  • Fire Escape Shelf

    Fire Escape Shelf

    There couldn’t be any more original gift for firemen like this Fire Escape Shelf. It looks great in any room and is made from epoxy coated steel. So it will last forever. More

  • Personalized Aluminum Firefighter Sign

    Personalized Aluminum Firefighter Sign

    This Personalized Aluminum Firefighter Sign is just absolutely stunning. It is completely handmade approx 22.5″ tall by 18.75″ wide. So you will need some space to put it up. More

  • Leather Can Cooler With Fire Hose

    Leather Can Cooler With Fire Hose

    A very funny firemen gift but also at the same time very practical. Make sure that your favorite firefighter’s beer never goes warm. The leather is also resistant against oil, stain, and water so it won’t get stains. More

  • Firemans Keychain Gift

    Firemans Keychain Gift

    This is the best romantic firefighter gift for couples. This keychain consists out of 2 parts. The actual keychain and necklace. The text on the keychain and dog tag can be personalized to make it an even better sentimental gift. More

  • Firefighter Medallion Box

    Firefighter Medallion Box

    As a firefighter, you are rescuing lives every day and therefore a token of appreciation is always welcome, especially when it is a medal for bravery. You want to cherish this recognition and you can do this perfectly with this Firefighter Medallion Box. It has a felt padded bottom for extra protection and to prevent scratches + you can lock it as well. More

  • Firefighter Personalized Duffel Bag

    Firefighter Personalized Duffel Bag

    This Personalized Duffel Bag is completely handmade and contains besides the duffel bag also a wallet, pillowcase, bath towel, and hand towel. This is one of the most practical gifts for firefighters. More

  • Funny Firefighter Shirt

    Funny Firefighter Shirt

    This Funny Firefighter Shirt is the perfect gift for a girlfriend of a firefighter. It comes in 9 sizes from small to 6X-large. More

  • Smith & Wesson Firefighter Watch

    Smith & Wesson Firefighter Watch

    The Smith & Wesson is the ultimate Firefighter Watch. It even says it on the display “firefighter”. As it is for firefighters, it is water-resistant up to 90-feet and scratch-resistant hardened. You will also get a full year of warranty with it. More

  • Fire Alarm Flask

    Fire Alarm Flask

    This flask is in the shape of a fire alarm and contains the wording “In case of emergency open for a drink”. It comes in a gift box which makes it easy to wrap if it is being given as a present. More

  • Engraved Liquor Decanter Set for Firefighters

    Engraved Liquor Decanter Set for Firefighters

    This Engraved Liquor Decanter Set for Firefighters is the perfect gift for when your favorite firefighter has got a promotion. You can add a personal touch to it by engraving the firefighter’s name on it. It comes with a traditional Argos liquor decanter, four premium rocks glasses, and a handcrafted maple wood gift box. More

  • Firefighter Parking Only Sign

    Firefighter Parking Only Sign

    Whether you are a firefighter or not, you can now have your own reserved parking with this sign. It is made of metal and is also reflective so no one will have any excuse for not seeing it. More

  • Firehose Clock

    Firehose Clock

    This red novelty clock is in the shape of a fire hydrant and will be perfect to use in a fire station as part of the decor. It would also be a great gift for anyone who collects firefighting memorabilia. More