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  • Zombie Survival Box
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    Zombie Survival Box

    If you believe in zombies or not, this Zombie Survival Box is just a great gift for any survival enthousiast! It comes with a flashlight, first aid kit, duct tape and some very tasty SPAM. You can never have enough spam. To make sure you are prepared for what’s to come, they added the Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. But this is not it, to top it all off, you also get a great looking Elk Ridge Machete with a 12.9″ 3mm stainless steel blade. More

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    Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light

    The Harry Potter Golden Snitch Light is the perfect gift for Harry Potter Fans. Simply plug in the USB and tap on the top of the case to switch it on or off. Brag to your friends that you have caught the Golden Snitch! More

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    Super Anthony Fighting Robot

    Welcome to the new amazing sport: Robot Fighting. The robot you see here is Super Anthony. Anthony is not your average robot. It is a medal-winning fighting robot with 15 steel-geared servomotors. Super Anthony packs quite the punch, 45 kg to be exact! More

  • Arc Reactor Wireless Charger
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    Arc Reactor Wireless Charger

    This Arc Reactor Wireless Charger looks like it is made by Tony Stark himself. You will have the possibility to charge your phone wirelessly which will look amazing in your office. More

  • Interactive Squash
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    Interactive Squash

    Squash is fun but Interactive Squash is amazing! During your game, the court tracks players’ every move and shot. This give you the advantage that you will get real-time feedback and coaching. It comes with several games that will be fun for young and old. More

  • Darth Vader Clapper
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    Darth Vader Clapper

    Use the Force by clapping your hands with the Darth Vader Clapper. Every time you clap your hands your appliances will turn on or off. As an extra Vader alternates saying “The Force is strong with this one” and “You underestimate the power of the Dark Side.” More

  • Three Player Chess

    Three Player Chess

    So regular chess is not a challenge for you anymore? Good! It is time to step up your game to three player chess. Wipe everybody of the board or form alliances and stab your partner in the back in the end. More

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