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  • Interactive Squash
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    Interactive Squash

    Squash is fun but Interactive Squash is amazing! During your game, the court tracks players’ every move and shot. This give you the advantage that you will get real-time feedback and coaching. It comes with several games that will be fun for young and old. More

  • The Inflatable Jousting Bopper Game

    The Inflatable Jousting Bopper Game

    Do you have some frustrations with a particular person? Settle it with The Inflatable Jousting Bopper Game. The goal is to knock off your opponent from his or her platform with your baton. This game will require balance, strength, and speed. It’s time to decide who’s the best and win eternal respect! More

  • Desktop Bowling Game

    Desktop Bowling Game

    Can?t get enough of bowling? With this Desktop Bowling game, you can practice your skills everywhere. More

  • Golf Pool Game

    Golf Pool Game

    So it Pool Golf or Golf Pool? While you’re thinking about that. Let us introduce the perfect cross-over between Pool & Golf: Golf Pool! Or is it Pool Golf? This will keep me up for the rest of the night. More

  • Harvil Foosball Table

    Harvil Foosball Table

    We love foosball, we can play it for hours on end. But often, it does not really have the looks to place it in the office or home. That’s why Harvil Foosball Table is a game changer. The beautiful wooden finish combined with the great quality of solid steel rods makes this a cool piece of equipment and guarantees hours of fun! More

  • Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table
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    Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

    The Signature Foosball Coffee-Table is suitable for both a game room or living room. The rich solid hardwoods blend into the environment, and the elegant frame is fit for any setting. This is more than just a foosball table, it is an impressive conversation piece and center piece. More

  • Recoil


    Recoil is a videogame come to life! Combine laser weapons and smart phone technology to turn any neighborhood into a virtual battlefield. More