Latest Cool Things

  • BumbleBee Mug

    BumbleBee Mug

    This BumbleBee Mug is absolutely huge! It is a ceramic mug that can hold up to 20oz / 590ml. If you think, it is too big. You can still use it to hold all your pens, usb cables or even plants! Check it out

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  • Transformers: The Complete Series

    Transformers: The Complete Series

    The original series of Transformers tells the story of how it all began. There are 15 DVDs in the box set, which includes all 98 original episodes that have been remastered, as well as retrospective featurettes. Check it out

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  • Original Transformers #1 Comic

    Original Transformers #1 Comic

    This is for the die-hard Transformers fans. There is still an original Transformers #1 Comic for sale! It came out in September 1984 and this was the first time that the world got to know the Autobots and Decepticons. If you really want to know how everything started, this is it. Check it out

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  • Megatron Bluetooth Speaker

    Megatron Bluetooth Speaker

    If you’re not a fan of the Autobots and are always rooting for the Decepticons, you will love this Megatron Bluetooth Speaker. It is easily controllable via the app and it lights up thanks to the built-in LED lamp. Check it out

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  • Bumblebee Bluetooth Speaker

    Bumblebee Bluetooth Speaker

    This Bumblebee Bluetooth Speaker combines the best of 2 worlds, a collectible that you can actually use. It lights up thanks to the LED and the power of the speaker is 5W. You have complete control over it via the app. Check it out

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  • Optimus Prime Ashtray Helmet

    Optimus Prime Ashtray Helmet

    Smoking is bad but this Optimus Prime Ashtray is badass. I would go nuts if somebody would use it as an ashtray. It is a beautiful collectible to have and nobody will never know that is in fact an ashtray. Check it out

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  • Bumblebee Beetle Costume

    I’m in love with this Bumblebee costume. This is the Volkswagen Beetle Bumblebee edition which is, in my opinion, the coolest one.

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  • Transformer USB Flash Drive

    Transformer USB Flash Drive

    We have seen from the Transformers movie that Decepticons can change sides and that is exactly what this Decepticon did. It now offers you its service as a USB Flash Drive.! It looks a lot like Ravage if you look closely.

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  • Optimus Prime  Transformers Movie Anniversary Edition

    Optimus Prime Transformers Movie Anniversary Edition

    Holding this Optimus Prime just makes me feel like I’m 10 years old again. But be warned that this is not your basic Transformers Toy. The transformation from robot to truck or the other way around can take some time, we have seen people taking up to 30 minutes to do so. So for this price, you don’t only get a Transformer, you also get a puzzle!

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  • Ion Blaster Commander

    The ION BLASTER COMMANDER is a replica of the personal weapon of one of the Galaxy’s most legendary robots. It is the most iconic gun in the universe inhabited by robots that can change their appearance. It is the weapon of a leader. If you are a fan of Optimus Prime or Transformers, this is for you

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  • Optimus Prime Bluetooth Speaker

    Optimus Prime Bluetooth Speaker

    This Optimus Prime bluetooth speaker looks amazing. It comes with Transformers sound effect will activate when speaker powered on, Bluetooth connected and disconnected. Furthermore you can change the LED light to any color you want

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  • Optimus Prime Metal Robot

    Have a 2m tall Optimus Prime guard your house at any time. It’s made from recycled metal, useless auto parts & machines which makes it even more exceptional!

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  • Megatron Transformers Mask

    Megatron Transformers Mask

    The all-time enemy of the Autobots is back. This is a custom Megatron voice changer mask that was repainted as a display piece. The entire thing is mounted on a 3D printed base with the decepticons logo.

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  • Bumblebee Transformers Mask

    Bumblebee Transformers Mask

    This is a custom bumblebee voice changer mask that was repainted as a display piece, looks amazing! You will have the feeling that Bumblebee is looking right at you.

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