Formula 1 Gifts

Looking for Formula 1 Gifts?

I have made a great list. My favorites are the How to Build a Car Book and the F1 Wheel for Gaming.

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Here are the Best Formula 1 Gifts

  • F1 Backpack

    F1 Backpack

    Are you a Formula One fan, Red Bull Racing fan, or an Aston Martin Red Bull F1 driving? Would you love to keep your everyday kit and equipment stay and in style? Well, this F1 Backpack is for you. It’ll ensure you take care of your gear, sportswear, and clothing from hoodies, T-shirts, caps, jackets, tank tops, and key chains. The Backpack is made using high-quality 300D polyester material with durable PU backing to make sure it stays in shape for a long time. It’s for sure a conversation starter and attention catcher; it does make a perfect Birthday Gift and Christmas Gift for both men and women. More

  • Formula One Racing for Dummies

    The Formula One Racing for Dummies hardcover, the 1st Edition by Jonathan Noble and Mark Hughes is here to give you everything you need to know about Formula One racing. It does go through the technology, strategy, and spirit you need as a dummy to win a Formula One race. It covers every race weekend angle detail, from the podium to scrutineering to pitstops. You also get to read about the rivalries and politics turning the sport into a worldwide televised drama. Another thing has clear black and white photographic illustrations. It’s a perfect book for a Formula one amateur, die-hard spectator, or an armchair fan. More

  • Future Race Car Driver Creeper

    Future Race Car Driver Creeper

    If you’re a racing family or you do know a racing family, this Future Race Car Driver Racing Infant Creeper is a great piece to inspire. It comes as a beautifully-made creeper for boys printed with non-fading paint and some inspiration text, ‘Future Race Car Driver.’ It’s available in multiple sizes and colors. The solid colors are made using high-quality, durable 100% cotton while other colors feature cotton and polyester blending or cotton, polyester, and viscose blend. The creeper super soft, cozy, and skin-friendly. It does make a perfect clothing gift for baby showers, expectant moms, newborns, babies as well as infants. More

  • Formula 1 Polo

    Formula 1 Polo

    How would you feel if you had a Polo Shirt that you can wear as a casual party attire, sportswear, and best of all, all-time favorite? Well, the Motorsport 2019 F1 Team Polo from Mercedes-AMG Petronas will give you a perfect look next time you drive your Mercedes Benz Formula 1 car, go sporting, workout, or your team get-togethers. It’s a high-quality Team Polo shirt engineered with attention to detail and available in black and white. It does also have striped taping details down the sides. It’s made using 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane that makes it soft, cozy, and also lightweight. As a fully licensed product, it does make a great Christmas, Birthday, and Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or any day gift. More

  • Formula 1 Model Car

    Formula 1 Model Car

    If you enjoyed the 2010 Formula One Season where Sebastian Vettel became the youngest Formula One Champion with Red Bull Renault RB6. The season wasn’t smooth sailing, but the car demonstrated exceptional performance. Now you can have a 1/20 scale Tamiya model in your collection. It faithfully captures the Adrian Newey’s sleek design and builds in every detail. The car comes with a comprehensive F-Duct system inside the fin engine cover while the master cylinder on its bulkhead faithfully reproduces. Besides this, the nose sections are removable, and the cockpit has brake balance adjustments. In short, it’s a perfect scaled replica of the real thing making it a perfect gift for a formula one driver or any aspiring driver. More

  • Rush


    If you would like to know more about the history of F1, then you will love Rush (2013) movies that bring you a well-documented merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One driver rivals, that is, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. With it set against the sexy and capturing the glamorous golden age of Formula 1 racing, this film is based on a true story. It’s a great capture of the sporting rivalry between the handsome English playboy James Hunt and his brilliant opponent methodical Austrian driver Niki Lauda. The whole story gives you a look at the various distinct personal styles on and off the track. It does also give you a glimpse of their astonishing 1976 season, where both drivers were willing to risk all for the sake of becoming Formula One world champion with no margin for error. One mistake, you die. More

  • Formula D

    Formula D

    Formula D is a fascinating video game that takes you into a turbulent world of Formula 1. As a high-stakes car racing game, you get a quick turnaround and multiple games back-to-back. You also get to race simulated cars while you compete to cross the finish line. Another thing, this Formula D game does also adds an alternate play version that includes suspense of illegal racing on the big cities streets. It’s a thrilling game with everything you need to win a race, from customized cars, cruel tricks, nitro fuel injection, and skidding in roundabouts. The game principles stay the same always, but the different rules, circuits, and cars come into play. It’s a perfect game gift for any gamer lover associated with Formula 1. More

  • Lego Technic Grand Prix Racer

    Lego Technic Grand Prix Racer

    LEGO Exclusive Technic Grand Prix Racer is here to give you some endless fun. As a 2-in-1 model, it’s crammed with realistic functions and details, including the opening engine cover, V8 engine with moving pistons, an independent all-wheel suspension, steering capabilities, and an adjustable rear spoiler. It does also rebuilds into a classic Race Truck that has an independent front and rear wheel suspension, adjustable rear wing, engine with moving pistons, and an opening hood. It builds a model similar to the real thing. You can also motorize it with a LEGO Power Functions Motor Set, which you will have to buy separately. More

  • F1 Wheel for Gaming

    F1 Wheel for Gaming

    Car gamers need a perfect, well-made piece of the wheel for the ideal gaming experience. That is what you get from this Collector’s item, the Detachable Ferrari F1 Add-on. It’s a perfect wheel for the PS3, PS4, PC as well as Xbox One. With this F1 wheel, you get precise, realistic, and robust racing Ferrari Wheel and a replica of the real thing. The construction of this F1 wheel is top-class to ensure you get the best experience and for years. It features reinforced, brushed metal face, hardened, and more robust compared to the plastics. It provides you get optimal stability and inertia. There is the use of a rubber-textures wheel offering a comfortable, realistic grip. It’s a perfect gift for the collectors, a Formula 1 driver, a gamer, or a lover. More

  • How to Build a Car

    How to Build a Car

    How to Build a Car Hardcover is an exclusive autobiography of Adrian Newey, the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer with beautiful illustrations and never-before-seen drawings. As one of arguably Britain’s most excellent engineers, this is a fascinating and compelling memoir for you. The book explores his unrivaled 35-year career in the Formula One industry through a prism of the cars he designed. It does also give you a glimpse of drivers he worked with, and races he’s has been involved. Besides that, as a pure engineering genius, this book is a piece of motivation and inspiring to future engineers, particularly in the Formula One industry. In short, it’s a perfect book for Formula One engineer, driver, or enthusiast. More