From the Mushroom Kingdom: Best Yoshi Gifts

Yoshi is undoubtedly one of the most loved characters in the Super Mario franchise. Though he’s often a sidekick, he’s one of the cutest dinosaurs that is always helping Mario save the day. You can’t play any Super Mario game without appreciating Yoshi.

If you have a Yoshi lover in your life, you can’t go wrong with Yoshi gifts. Check out these gifts that will please any gamer you need to shop for.

Yoshi Egg Lamp

The Yoshi Egg Lamp is one of the more unique gift options. It is perfect because it can actually be used instead of just played with and can add decoration to any room.

It can be a nightlight or a gaming light, or a lamp for living rooms, bedrooms, man caves, or even a toddler’s room. It is made from eco-friendly materials, keeping you and the earth safe and happy.

Yoshi Shirts

Whether it’s a retro Yoshi shirt or a cute modern one, there’s a Yoshi shirt out there for everyone. Shirts are an ideal gift because they can be worn in any season, and they let you show off your personality. If you are buying for a Yoshi lover, they will want to show the world their new Yoshi shirt!

Lego Yoshi

Lego Yoshi is one of the best Yoshi toys for all ages. It has 230 pieces, featuring vibrant green, white, and red building bricks. They are made from sturdy plastic and are kid friendly.

It is a great puzzle for adults and children alike and helps develop fine motor skills. Instructions are always included so you will be sure to create your Yoshi!

Yoshi Backpack

Who wouldn’t want a Yoshi plush toy backpack? It’s made specifically for kids to hold their toys and treasures they collect on their adventures.

It has an additional small zipper pocket across the shell for extra storage. Because it is plush it can be a stuffed animal toy or a bag depending on whatever game they choose to play.

Yoshi Action Figure

A cute Yoshi action figure is ideal for any gamer. You can add to the collection, making it an excellent gift for others to collaborate on. It’s a great addition to any book or game shelf, or even for imaginative play. Young kids, teenagers, and even adults will appreciate it.

Popup Yoshi

This is an exciting Yoshi toy made for younger kids. Its design has five buttons surrounding a big Yoshi in the middle. You must press all five buttons, and one will randomly make the big Yoshi pop up unexpectedly.

Kids will delight in finding the right button over and over again, and it can be used for imaginative play when that game is over.

Yoshi Headpiece

A Yoshi headpiece doesn’t only need to be for Halloween, but it does make a great Halloween costume! It features a big green Yoshi head, with the orange scales going down the back of your neck, and a white Velcro strap secured under your chin.

Pair it with a Yoshi bodysuit, and you will have the coolest look out there! It’s designed for children and has a snug fit.

All the Yoshi Gifts

All of these Yoshi gifts will please any gamer in your life. If they love videogames, chances are they love Yoshi! You can easily find a Yoshi gift for anyone, despite their age or gender, which makes them ideal for any occasion.

Check out these gifts, and then browse through the rest of our collections for all your gift-giving needs!