Galactus vs Darkseid: Who Would Win?

Galactus is a cosmos-devouring monster; Darkseid is a powerful and all-powerful tyrant. Neither is exactly benevolent, and both are increasingly ruthless thanks to their hunger and arrogance respectively. But which of these two mad gods of the DC/Marvel universe would walk away victorious in a fight?

Whichever of the two you’d like to side with, Darkseid vs Galactus is a battle of epic proportions worthy of their legendary status. At least that’s a given. It’s hard to believe that these two mythological beings have never faced off in a comic book before, but it makes you wonder how long it will be until this happens officially. We would love to see this crossover!

Galactus Biography

Galactus comic book cover

In the sixth iteration of the universe, a man called Galen was previously known as Galactus. It was during this “Big Crunch,” however, when Galan gathered his crew and sailed a spacecraft right into the collapsing cosmic egg, part of an inevitable cycle that would lead to the formation of the seventh multiverse. The Sentience of the Multiverse bestowed upon him an immense amount of power, making him the only survivor. While incubating onboard Galan’s spacecraft in the seventh universe, Galan would see the development of life and watch as it was transformed into the Galactus.

Upon completing his transformation and emerging from his incubation, Galactus was astonished to discover that along with his incredible strength came an equally incredible desire. Taa II, a starship the size of a solar system, was built from the lifeforce of Archeopia, the closest planet. As he travelled across space, he would consume planets and use the power of science to create machines that were beyond the comprehension of mankind. Galactus created the Silver Surfer and other heralds at this period to aid in his search for suitable worlds to consume.

In the beginning, Galactus merely ate planets devoid of intelligent life, but as his appetite grew, he was unable to restrain himself. Galactus eventually made his way to Earth, where he met face to face with Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four. As a result of the Silver Surfer defecting, the Human Torch was able to take Galactus’ Ultimate Nullifier from Galactus’ vessel. The Great Devourer was compelled to flee because he was afraid of his own weapon, although he did take it with him.

Darkseid Biography


A conflict broke out between the Old Gods in a parallel reality. Because of this Darkseid grabbed abilities from fallen gods and declared himself a New God. He took advantage of this and declared himself the new god. As Apokolips’ king for the following several millennia, Highfather periodically clashed with his younger sibling.

Even after his defeat of Superman and many other heroes, Darkseid eventually resolved to take over Earth for himself. However, with to Batman’s fast thinking, the tyrant was sent back to his own planet with the help of Superman and Cyborg. Defeating Darkseid by raw force would soon become the norm since he is much too strong for that. Instead, the heroes use strategy, guile, and exploitation of his own overconfidence to bring him down.

The most obvious traits of Darkseid are his hunger for power and his goal to subjugate all of existence to his will. As a sociopath, he has no regard for anybody or anything other than himself. When it comes to getting his way, Darkseid has no issue sacrificing his massive armies or even killing whole worlds in order to have his way with someone, as he did when he exterminated his own planet’s entire population in order to get his brother’s attention. While the dictator has several offspring, the most notable of them is Grail, who was reared only for the goal of murdering him.

Galactus Powers & Abilities

Galactic lord Galactus possesses the Power Cosmic and technology that are beyond the comprehension of any other mortal.

Galactus’ primary power is the Cosmic Power he wields. His abilities are derived from this boundless global energy, which enables him to perform nearly whatever he desires. His heralds, like the Silver Surfer, have received a sliver of this energy, which has given them incredible strength.

To make matters worse, Galactus is armed to the teeth with a slew of technological marvels that are beyond the comprehension of mere people. For example, his Ultimate Nullifier may wipe out whole worlds, multiverses, and timelines in the mind of the user. The “Punishers” are his deadly robotic armies.

In spite of Galactus’ incredible physical prowess (in terms of strength, speed, and endurance), he is a terrible fighter with no hand-to-hand fighting experience to speak of. For battle scenarios, he depends on either the Power Cosmic or his heralds. And because of his mastery of the Power Cosmic, he is seldom required to engage in combat.

Darkseid Powers & Abilities

Darkseid, who calls himself the “New God,” has godlike powers and skills that even superheroes like Superman can’t match.

His demeanour is that of a deity. Here, it is important to note that the “Godhead,” Darkseid’s real form, is an evil multi-universal entity, and the Darkseid we see on film or in the pages of the comics is merely a part of it. Since “Darkseidreal “‘s form resides in another universe, killing “Darkseid” doesn’t signify anything.

With his immense superhuman speed, strength, and endurance, Darkseid is a monster on the surface. A highly advanced cosmic creature, he has an intellect that can comprehend the workings of the cosmos at a level that is unfathomable to normal humans.

As if that weren’t enough, Darkseid also possesses the ability to control things like gravity, darkness, and even time. In addition, he possesses telepathy, which enables him to assault his victims’ thoughts from other worlds. It’s not an issue for Darkseid since he can open portals to any spot in the multiverse at any time and go there.

Darkseid’s Omega Beams are perhaps his most famed superpower. The Omega Effect is used to shoot these beams from his eyes, which latch on to their target with precise accuracy. They’re strong enough to injure the likes of Superman and speedy enough to capture the likes of the Flash. The most intriguing aspect of the Omega Beams is that Darkseid can resurrect everything killed by them, even whole planets, with the mere intention of doing so.


In a few words, Darkseid could not win a fight against Galactus. First of all, Galactus can drain the energy of an entire planet. In the end, it almost seems like it’s too close to call. Galactus has immense strength, durability, and size—all of which would make him very difficult to injure and likely to defeat the uninjured Darkseid in battle. However, Darkseid can overcome these very same obstacles with preparation and stealth, allowing him to take on an enemy who may seem unbeatable. But as Galactus can devour whole galaxies, this is something that Darkseid simply can’t match.

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