Galactus vs Thanos: Who Would Win In A Fight?

The Marvel Universe is filled with powerful villains, but there are few as powerful as Thanos. He has been a threat to Earth since the very beginning and he’s only grown more dangerous over time. But what about Galactus? Who would win in a fight: Galactus or Thanos? The answer may surprise you!

Some people are team Galactus, some people are team Thanos. Some don’t care because they’re not really that interested in the Marvel world and its characters. Whether you’re pro-Galactus or pro-Thanos, it doesn’t matter. We all want to know who would win in a fight! In this blog post, we’ll explore and compare both of these powerful beings so that we can finally decide which one is stronger!

Comparing Physical Characteristics

When we compare both beings pure on their physical characteristics, we can already see incredible differences.

Thanos is 6’7″ or 2 meters and weighs 985 lbs. He was born on the planet Titan and has purple skin. Thanos has an incredible intellect that makes him one of the smartest beings alive. He also has superhuman strength which means it would be hard to fight against him even if an opponent were wearing armor or some kind of super suit.

Galactus on the other hand, his height and weight actually vary according to Marvel. But at the moment, he is stated as 28’9″ tall or 8.7 metres and weighs 18.2 tons.

For those who are not familiar with Galactus, he is a cosmic entity that sustains himself by feeding on planets. He has been depicted as having the physical characteristics of a gigantic human male and is capable of flying through space at incredible speeds or teleport. His power was so great that it took nearly all the heroes in Marvel Universe to take him down when they first encountered him!

Infinity Gauntlet

In the Marvel Universe, the Infinity Gauntlet is widely regarded as being one of the most powerful objects that exist. This gauntlet is capable of holding up to 6 soul gems which are also referred to as Infinity gems. When these gems are combined with the strength of the wielder, this person can do just about anything they desire.

This gauntlet was acquired by Thanos who then sought out each of the 6 soul stones from the Elders of the Universe. Thanos’s goal was to eliminate half of all living organisms in the entire universe and he was successful in this quest.

Power Cosmic

Galactus is a cosmic entity that holds Power Cosmic which is a powerful cosmic energy. This energy enabled him to create any effect he wanted such as altering the size of things. Other powers that he was granted through this energy include the ability to teleport anything, including whole galaxies, matter transmutation, the ability to make force fields, to communicate with other beings through telepathy, create portals across different dimensions, develop a higher level of cosmic awareness etc. He also achieved the ability to bring the dead back to life, re-create worlds that were destroyed, manipulate the souls of humans and other mortals, bring back the entire populations of worlds from the dead etc.

Power Levels

All the numbers you see below come directly from Marvel. They decided a while back to give every character a score based on 6 criteria so we did not make this up. We are just comparing the two:


I think it is quite clear who the winner is here. Marvel has given Galactus the perfect score. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Thanos.

On 2 criteria, both beings are getting a 7/7 that is for speed en strength. Thanos and Galactus are both at the top of their game when it comes to speed and strength. It isn’t a surprise though that they could be so strong. So they are evenly matched on these.

I was quite astonished that Thanos only got a 4 out of 7 for his fighting skills. I have seen him in fights in comics and in the movies. He has shown that he is a skilled fighter but it is true that he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. I would definitely have given him here a 6 out of 7.

When it comes to Durability, Energy and Intelligence, Thanos get a 6 out of 7 across all these 3 criteria. I completely agree on that. He is able to withstand most attacks that his opponents throw at him and he has shown that he is also a master-tactician.

What can we say more about Galactus, according to Marvel he is the perfect being and one of the strongest they have ever created. So I think the perfect score makes sense for him.


Galactus is a mythical being who has the power to destroy worlds. His mightiness and ability to devastate planets should be enough of an indication that Thanos doesn’t stand a chance against him. The numbers don’t lie! He’s going down in this fight, but it won’t necessarily be easy for Galactus either because there are some things we know about Thanos… But I’m betting on Galactus by far because as you can see from the stats above, there really isn’t much competition here at all.

So Thanos, the only thing you can do here is to bow before the Almighty Galactus!


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