• Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Gamers value an immersive experience – it’s not all about the video, the audio is perhaps just as important. This gaming soundbar delivers good looks, deep bass and midrange speakers that hit the highs, as well as the lows. The futuristic design provides RGB Lights that sync in tune with your gaming experience. Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 & wired Multi Connections mean that your audio experience is tailored to the hardware that you have available – and the 12/24H clock with dual alarms, FM radio and thermometer add to that functionality. If you are gaming on your desk, this is the ideal solution for providing crisp, clear sound.

  • 40-Pack of Retro Game Stands

    40-Pack of Retro Game Stands

    Displaying old games is easy to do when you have a retro game stand. Remember playing Pokemon Snap on Nintendo 64? While that version of the game could not possibly be any more outdated, it’s certainly valuable as nostalgic video game players want to play the classics. Because of the high value of these classical games, it’s important to have the right game stand that shows off that you have them. Showing off that you have the early 00’s version of Dr. Mario is just as important as playing it when you had to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

  • Finger Chopsticks

    Finger Chopsticks

    If you’re a gamer or work in front of a computer you’ll be familiar with the oils that can be transferred from your favorite snack food onto your mouse or controller – or even your keyboard. It makes the entire experience messy and unpleasant. But no more! With the amazing, easy-to-use finger chopsticks you can snack to your heart’s content – while at the same time enjoying your gaming experience or increasing productivity. Simply insert your index and middle fingers into the handy slots and you are ready to go. Available in sets of two (each with a handy carrying case) and made from high-grade ABS plastic this tool is a must-have for those using tech of any kind.

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