Gamora (Marvel)

Gamora is a Marvel character that made her debut in Strange Tales #180 in June 1975. Her full name is actually Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan. She was created by Jim Starlin who you might have encountered before in other Marvel comics but also in DC Comics like Batman.

You can recognize Gamora by her green skin and green hair. She is a female and stands 6″ or 183 cm tall. She weighs 170 lbs or 77 kg and has green eyes. She belongs to a race called the Zen-Whoberis and they lived on the planet Zen-Whoberi. There has been record of 3 billion Zen-Whoberis in the galaxy. They are considered a peaceful society.


Gamora also known as “the deadliest woman in the whole galaxy” is the only surviving member of her race, the Zen-Whoberis, who were wiped out by the Universal Church of Truth as they refused to convert to their religion. Thanos discovered her when she was still a kid and determined to use her as a weapon.

In order to murder the Magus, the villainous, future version of Adam Warlock, Thanos raised and mentored Gamora to be a killer. Gamora grew up with little compassion from Thanos, yet she remained steadfastly devoted to the man who had promised her the chance to revenge the deaths of her parents and brother.

Upon reaching adulthood, Gamora was sent to kill members of the Universal Church of Truth, and she was soon feared by the church’s operatives, the Black Knights, for her ruthlessness. She avenged her people’s extermination by assassinating every member of the church who was complicit in the crime.

The Magus was ultimately brought down and it was because of the defeat of the Magus that the timeline changed and her people were still murdered but by the Badoon this time. You can recognize the Badoon as a mixture between humans and lizards. They have webbed fingers and toes and come from the plan Moord. The Badoon are considered allies to Thanos.

But Thanos emerged as a much bigger danger. The Avengers relied on Gamora to help them defeat Thanos. In order to stop him from wiping off half of all life on Earth, Gamora and Pip teamed together. Gamora tried to kill Thanos, but he fatally injured her and completely shattered Pip’s mind in the process. In the end, Adam Warlock tracked them down, Gamora alerted him to Thanos’ intentions.

Powers & Abilities

At a certain point in her life, Gamora got heavily injured. Thanos gave her treathment and even enhanced her body with superlevel powers.

  • Expert in Martial Arts and Weapons: Gamora has been trained for decades to become the ultimate fighting machine. She also knows her way around almost any weapon and can kill any enemy from up close or far away. In battle, she is always aware of her surroundings which makes her a master strategist and tactician.
  • Superhuman Powers: Gamora possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, and durability.


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