• Funko Garfield

    Funko Garfield

    Add Some Fun To Your Home Or Office With The Funko Pop! Garfield Garfield remains probably the most famous cartoon cat. His Garfield and Friends comic strip and movies are part of popular culture – just as the now famous Funko Pop! collectibles have become. This is the perfect gift for those who share this iconic cartoon cats dislike for Monday’s or love for lasagne – or add to your Funko Pop! collection with this almost 4 inch tall Garfield vinyl figurine. It’ll take pride of place in any collection – and if kept in its original packaging can be a great investment. Have Garfield act as a car Bobblehead, keep him in the office – or have him take pride of place on your mantlepiece – he’s at home anywhere.

  • Garfield Salt and Pepper

    Garfield Salt and Pepper

    Celebrate Good Taste With The Garfield And Arlene Magnetic Salt And Pepper Shaker Set Enjoy a great addition to your tableware – or simply a fabulous collectible set with the Garfield and Arelene (his feline other half) salt and pepper shakers. The built in magnet allows the couple to stick close together and the ceramic material will stand the test of time. This is the perfect gift for those who love this iconic cat couple. Figurines are 4 inches high and are certain to be a talking point whenever people gather around the dinner table. Present them for Christmas, a birthday or literally any special occasion – the simple cuteness overload is something that anyone can admire.

  • Garfield Whatever Shirt

    Garfield Whatever Shirt

    Garfield Whatever Shirt Nothing quite says you don’t care like Garfield – from his stubborn refusal to get out of bed to his favorite food, Garfield exudes an air of calm unflappability that we can only hope to emulate. This officially licensed shirt features Garfield’s signature orange coloring with one of his most well known facial expressions – a complete and total lack of care. The adult sized shirt is finished out with the addition of “whatever” letting everyone know you don’t really care and are just here because you were asked to be. This comfortable cotton shirt is perfect for workouts you don’t want to do, helping people move, or just lounging around the house on a lazy day.

  • Garfield Mug

    Garfield Mug

    The Cat Lovers Mug – The Perfect 11 Ounce Ceramic Garfield Ceramic Mug This is the perfect way to start of the day for any cat lover who needs that cup of coffee. It’s also great for that latte or chilly evening hot chocolate. The high quality printing surrounding the mug displays vivid colors that won’t fade with time and the marble ceramic material a delight to enjoy. The 11 ounces is just perfect for that liquid pic me up – and it comes packed in material that that willensure that the mug arrives in perfect condition. It’s the perfect gift for cat lovers – and lovers of this iconic cat’s loveable antics. A great addition to any coffee mug collection. Tne comprehensive warranty also provides peace of mind.

  • Garfield 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar

    Garfield 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar

    Garfield 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar Page a day or Day to Day calendars are a great way to keep track of time for those of us who are absentminded or children who are just learning to keep track of time. This calendar includes more than 365 individual Garfield comics and photos so you look forward to changing the page every day rather than worrying about the passing time. The back of each page has a puzzle or a brain teaser for you to work through, giving you extra motivation to keep up with your calendar. The pages and backing are all recyclable, making it a great gift for an eco-conscious friend as well.

  • Garfield Happy Face Shirt

    Garfield Happy Face Shirt

    Own A Classic With The Garfield Happy Face Shirt Some modern creations are destined to remain classics – and Garfield the Cat is one of these. Garfield is known for many things – primarily his love for lasagne, disdain for Mondays and perhaps his iconic status as the original Grumpy Cat. Share your sympathy with his worldview with this red, 100% cotton adult T-Shirt with seated Garfield graphic and wording ‘This is my Happy Face’. It’s officially licensed so quality is assured and it is simply perfect for those days when being grumpy seems to be the only option. For fans of classic comic strips everywhere it’s the perfect T-Shirt for those casual Monday’s.

  • Cute Garfield Plush

    Cute Garfield Plush

    Garfield The Cat Plush Dolls – Cuddly And Cute Pillow Dolls For Boys And Girls Garfield the Cat has been loved by generations for his sassy attitude – but there can also be no argument that he’s cute. These plush pillow dolls are available in a number of sizes and can make nap and play time into an exercise in cuddles and imagination. Handmade, safe and non-toxic (real cotton, not artificial material) these are the perfect gift for boys and girls (and adults will love them as well). These Garfields will be at home everywhere from a sofa to the bed. Great for kids and classic comic lovers (and lovers of plush toys) alike, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

  • Garfield: 2-Movie Collection

    Garfield: 2-Movie Collection

    Make Movie Night Even More Special With The Garfield: 2-Movie Collection Garfield is the world’smost beloved cartoon cat – and his popularity got a huge boost when the first of his movies came out – ‘Garfield the Cat’. This was followed by ‘Garfield – Tale of Two Kitties’. Now you can own this iconic double feature highlighting the antics of Garfield and Friends. Kids will be entranced and adults will will love revisiting the magic of Garfield. Settle in for two DVD’s that will take the family friendly movie night to nostalgic new heights. this is fun for the entire family. Break out the popcorn and settle in for some fun screen times. Children’s laughter will be the perfect antidote to stress.

  • Garfield Statue

    Garfield Statue

    Garfield Statue Everyone knows the name of the cat in the comic strip created by Jim Davis. Garfield is a sassy cat that thinks a lot more of himself than he probably should. Therefore, a Garfield cat statue that is looking into a mirror with evident admiration is a must for any Garfield fan. This is a highly detailed, handcrafted poly resin collectible statue that has an amazing likeness. The Garfield statue comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, a numbered plaque, and a booklet. The statue is 19″ x 17″ x 15″ and weighs just over 14 pounds. It is signed by the creator of Garfield, Jim Davis.

  • Garfield Socks

    Garfield Socks

    Keep The World’s Most Famous Cartoon Cat Close With The Garfield 5 Pack No Show Fashion Novelty Socks He might be best known for hating Monday’s and his love for lasagne, but there can be no mistaking the fact that Garfield remains one of the best loved cartoon felines in the world. Now you can share in the fun with the ‘Garfield 5 pack No Show’ fashion novelty sock. The pack consists of socks in a variety of fun designs and vibrant colors. The ankle length design and comfortable breathable fabric makes this collection ideal for wear in Spring and Summer and adds a little bit of classic cartoon charm to your wardrobe. The ideal gift for someone who loves Garfoeld and friends – or as an addition to your own sock collection.

  • Monopoly: Garfield 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

    Monopoly: Garfield 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

    Garfield Monopoly The Garfield Monopoly 25th anniversary collector’s edition is the perfect gift for Garfield lovers who also enjoy playing the game of Monopoly. Monopoly is an awesome board game that has been around for many decades. Hasbro, the company responsible for creating Monopoly, has introduced this lovable cartoon character into an attractive Collector’s Edition board game. The Monopoly game comes complete with a collection of collectible pewter tokens. Some of the tokens include Garfield holding his favorite buddies Odie, Pooky, and Jon. The creator of Garfield, Jim Davis, has drawn up some creative comic strip illustrations for this special collector’s edition.

  • Garfield Fat Cat Volume 1

    Garfield Fat Cat Volume 1

    Garfield Fat Cat Volume 1 Garfield is one of the most beloved fans of the world. Now, this collection makes it possible for Garfield-lovers to enjoy some of the cat’s comic strips. This collection will let you see what Garfield was like when he just a kitten, when he was adopted by Jon, and how he grew into the lasagna-loving feline that he is today. The collection includes three Garfield books and spans 288 pages in total. It’s suitable for readers of all ages, including children that aren’t familiar with the character. If you haven’t had the chance to see Garfield’s early days, or if you want to introduce Garfield to someone you love, this collection is a must-buy.

  • Garfield & Friends

    Garfield & Friends

    Garfield & Friends The Garfield & Friends DVD is a fun throwback for anyone who remembers watching this cartoon in the past. At a little over 5 hours of runtime, there are a huge number of the episodes on the DVD, making it an instant hit and an easy go to when you just need something funny to run in the background. The show was never chronological, but instead went by themes, and this DVD is no exception. Enjoy all the love and friendship and running gags from the series in a format that delivers hour after hour of hard hitting comedy with your family this holiday.

  • Garfield Kart Furious Racing

    Garfield Kart Furious Racing

    The Garfield Kart Furious Racing Game Strap in for perhaps the most fun race on PS4. The Garfield Kart Furious Racing game is filled with enough speed and thrills to keep the whole family entertained. For example, you get to choose between 16 awesome circuits, as well as 3 different racing modes. Do you have a favorite Garfield character? Because you are sure to find them thanks to a range of 8 racers. Everyone can join the fun by playing the split-screen mode, which hosts up to 4 players. And if you play online, all 8 racers are in it for the win. Lazy racing with the notorious Garfield does not get better than this.

  • Garfield’s Sunday Finest

    Garfield’s Sunday Finest

    Garfield’s Sunday Finest Reflect on 35 years of some of the best humor in the world with this wonderful collection of Garfield comics. Straight from international syndication runs in papers across the world, the selected strips contained in the 256 pages are sure to take you back to a simpler time. Picked out and annotated by the artist, Jim Davis, himself, this collection is sure to provide more insight into the character for anyone who has loved Garfield since childhood. This sleek paperback book also comes with a leather bound option or as a digital download to really match your love of Garfield with your lifestyle.

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