Gifts For Geeks

  • Polyjuice Mug

    Polyjuice Mug

    If you need something that will put a smile on your face every morning, you should go for this Polyjuice Mug. It is a perfect gift idea for the Harry Potter fan in your life. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Polyjuice Potion, it is a potion that allows you to transform into somebody else.

  • Kratos Headphone Stand

    Kratos Headphone Stand

    Are you a lover of God Of War? It’s one of the best games on PlayStation. It’s an iconic series that every serious PlayStation gamer has played and enjoyed. Finding a place to place your headphones can be a struggle. You want something that can hold your headphones but not stretch them out. What better way to showcase your love for God Of War and solve a problem than by getting a Kratos headphone stand. This stand makes it incredibly easy to pick up and use your headphones and it looks fantastic on your desk simultaneously. This holder is 3D printed and only weighs a total of 15 ounces. Spruce up your gaming setup with this incredible headphone stand.

  • Iron Samurai Helmet

    Iron Samurai Helmet

    Are you looking for a cool wearable helmet based on Tony Stark’s work? If so, this 3D-printed helmet is for you. This helmet is intricately designed to be the most authentic prop kit. It doesn’t matter if you want to display it on your shelf or desk or use it in cosplay, it’s the best iron samurai helmet you will find anywhere. The helmet comes in (4) pieces including the main part of the helmet, the back piece, and the ears. With minimal assembly, you get a beautiful samurai helmet that can be displayed or worn to complete the ultimate cosplay.

  • R2D2 Popcorn Maker

    R2D2 Popcorn Maker

    The Star Wars R2D2 Popcorn Maker from Uncanny brands is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans and those looking for an out-of-this-world snacking experience. This unique popcorn maker is shaped like everyone’s favorite droid in the galaxy – R2D2. This amazing product uses heated air to pop the kernels, giving you a healthy, delicious snack. It is fitted with a measuring cup to prevent overfilling, making your popcorn preparation stress free. What’s more, it is easy to use and clean. The appliance can be plugged into any standard house. It comes with a detachable lid (R2D2’s head) that can also be used a serving bowl.

  • Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers)

    Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers)

    Anyone that is an Avengers fan knows how cool Ironman figures are. This Iron Man (Tech-On Avengers) figure is no different. This figure is a collectible and it has a solid build quality and plenty of unique iron-man-specific features. With this figure, you get (2) forearm cannons, (2) hand repulsor effects, an option face, (2) foot repulsor effects, and even (2) different shoulders. It makes for one of the best and most authentic figures you will find anywhere. Whether you want a figure to play with or display, this one has everything you could want in a collectible Iron Man action figure.

  • Pepper Potts Rescue Armor

    Pepper Potts Rescue Armor

    If you’re a fan of Pepper Pott in Iron Man, then you’re going to love this 12.20 inch Pepper Potts rescue armor collectible figurine. This figurine is finely detailed and accurate to Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance as Pepper in the Iron Man movies. When you purchase this figurine, you’ll get two head sculpts that are interchangeable along with a removable mask. The helmet even comes with LED lights so you can light up the armor whenever you want. The light shines through the armor and drones. This collectible even comes with lots of interchangeable hands so you can change the pose and create different gestures.

  • Ranger Javelin

    Ranger Javelin

    Ranger Javelin is a sixth scale figure. It is a 14.2” tall articulated figure. It comes with a completely original body with more than 27 points of articulation, metallic weathering, textures, a highly detailed sculpt, and multi-layered paint application. The figure includes an Assault Rifle accessory and interchangeable hands. It also comes with LED lighting components in the eyes and jetpack. The body of the Ranger Javelin sixth scale figure is completely original. And there are more than 27 points of articulation on the body. The sculpt is highly detailed. The sculpt replicates realistic textures. You will also get an assault rifle, which is an accessory.

  • Cyberpunk Mask

    Cyberpunk Mask

    Are you a cyberpunk fan? If so, you’re going to love this Cyberpunk mask. It features a lot of the elements you would expect. It’s a luminous mask with LED lighting. That way, you can wear it and feel like you are in the middle of a Cyberpunk universe. There is a lot to like about this mask. Not only is it high quality, but it features a unique design and it would look good not only while wearing it but also while on your wall as a decoration. It’s a good gift for someone that is into everything Cyberpunk.

  • Scorpion XM Statue

    Scorpion XM Statue

    A Marvel collectible is one of those things you have to own. You can do this by getting the Scorpion premium collectibles. This is the perfect addition to your collection because it is a limited edition. Scorpion is a super-powered criminal menace in the marvel universe. This statue comes with the option of an alternate display because of the Armored interchangeable head. It also has armor plates for both the chest and tights. The statue is made from cold-cast porcelain which looks and feels great to touch. This is a great product to get for yourself or even someone as a gift. You are going to love this purchase.

  • Flouron Fibre Optic Headset

    Flouron Fibre Optic Headset

    The Flouron Fibre Optic Headset is an exceptional solution that can be used in a wide array of settings. Whether it is a film set, fashion shoot, or performance art, this headset is going to be a beautiful addition that plays the part perfectly. It’s elegant, offers impressive coloring, and delivers an emphatic solution that is easy to put on instantly. When it comes to going with something that is easy on the eyes and is going to remain comfortable for long periods, this is the headset for your needs. It is the perfect option for those who want something gorgeous.

  • Deadpool X-Men Suit

    Deadpool X-Men Suit

    This is a figure of Deadpool dressed in a typical X-Men suit that makes him look like he belongs with the team. As you probably know, Deadpool is all about being a fun read, so having a figure out there of him dressed up like this is likely due to an interesting situation. It comes with 4 accessories so you’ll be able to play with him and display him in a variety of ways. It is 10.5 inches tall so it’s a great addition to a shelf you have set up for figures already. This is a premium toy that is sure to be a great fit with anyone that loves comics or Marvel movies.

  • Cyberpunk Mohawk

    Cyberpunk Mohawk

    Looking to make a fashion statement in your upcoming photoshoot or party? Look no further but this cyberpunk Mohawk wig is the real deal. The wig is made of computer components, both real and printed. Has rainbow colors on the circuits and bits hence suitable for parties, film productions or even Halloween. The cyberpunk mohawk wig is handmade, superior quality material and feels light on wear. Do not worry about getting the right size as it has adjustable straps which can be resized to fit your head. Get this piece for yourself or a gift for your loved ones as it sure is a cool addition to your outfit.

  • Morpheus Sunglasses

    Morpheus Sunglasses

    Are you a fan of the Matrix movies? Have you always wanted to own the sunglasses worn by various characters in the Matrix movies? Those cool Morpheus sunglasses have always been a favorite of the fans. Now you can own them too and look as cool as Morpheus. These rimless sunglasses not only look cool but they also come equipped with anti-UV coating for protecting your eyes from those harmful rays. The silver colored sunglasses are made of alloy and weigh just 79 grams. You won’t even know you are wearing glasses. Stand out from the crowd and be prepared to handle the extra attention with these affordable and durable sunglasses.

  • Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Futuristic Gaming Soundbar

    Gamers value an immersive experience – it’s not all about the video, the audio is perhaps just as important. This gaming soundbar delivers good looks, deep bass and midrange speakers that hit the highs, as well as the lows. The futuristic design provides RGB Lights that sync in tune with your gaming experience. Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 & wired Multi Connections mean that your audio experience is tailored to the hardware that you have available – and the 12/24H clock with dual alarms, FM radio and thermometer add to that functionality. If you are gaming on your desk, this is the ideal solution for providing crisp, clear sound.

  • Lightsaber Popsicle Sticks

    Lightsaber Popsicle Sticks

    If you are a Star Wars fan, there is no better way to enjoy an ice-cold and refreshing dessert during the hot summer months. This Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker is one of the best things you can get. This ice pop maker allows you to wield your very own lightsaber and enjoy a nice and refreshing popsicle at the same time. You can use any liquid you want to make the popsicle and the handles look just like they do in the movies. It comes with (2) Luke sabers and (2) Vader sabers. Also, it comes with a Star Wars-branded mold tray.

  • Neon Tech War Machine

    Neon Tech War Machine

    The Neon Tech War Machine is created by the Hot Toys Team as a unique masterpiece to truly amaze their fans. This figure is a fluorescent painting with delicate craftsmanship. The Neon Tech War Machine figure is specially crafted in diecast material and stands 12.59 inches tall. The figure comes with a helmet head with an LED light-up function, sophisticated streamlined armor design, movie-accurate proportion, and multi-layered waist armor. It’s armed with heavy weapons including a gatling gun, sub-machine guns on both arms, missile launchers, and a figure stand with a specially designed graphic card. Make sure to buy the product right now.

  • Ultron Mark I Figure

    Ultron Mark I Figure

    Are you a big fan of the Avengers? Who isn’t? Are you a big fan of Ultron? Ultron is one of the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What better way to celebrate your fandom than having a specially-designed figure stand that you can set up in your media room. This particular Ultron Mark 1 figure is around 32.5 cm tall. It’s made out of majority plastic with some rubber for flex and it looks like the real deal. The figure isn’t a complete statue with 24 different points of articulation. It’s an action figure stand that is certain to get noticed if you display it prominently.

  • Deviljho Skull

    Deviljho Skull

    If you have ever encountered the Deviljho in Monster Hunter, you probably hate the Big Green Pickle as much as we do. He always barges in at the worst time! But these days are now behind us as we killed him and asked the Admiral if we could mount his skull. We just love the questions we get from people who ask which animal this. The goal is to say Deviljho with a straight face and tell them to google it. Oh the look on their face!

  • Flux Capacitor

    Flux Capacitor

    You should have seen our editor when she found this. She is probably the biggest Back To The Future fan in the world and she went absolutely bananas about this one. We can only say that she was right. How cool is this Flux Capacitor 1:1 replica? It even comes with adjustable lights and sound. Our editor’s birthday is coming up. I had to write this while she is standing behind me right now. Please help me!

  • Pacific Rim: Extinction

    Pacific Rim: Extinction

    Pacific Rim: Extinction is a two- to four-player board game in which players fight to save humanity from the destructive kaiju, monstrous creatures controlled by an ancient race. This starter kit contains everything you need to get started. In this scenario, players control the Gipsy Avenger, one of the world’s most advanced Jaegers, as they take on the evil Shrikethorn. Choose to save humanity or destroy it as you equip your Jaegers with new weapons such as high-tech mods and experienced pilots or mutate your kaiju with strange and dangerous abilities.

  • Piccolo Tamashi Nations

    Piccolo Tamashi Nations

    If you are on the hunt for a Piccolo Action Figure, this should be it. You won’t find any more qualitative action figure that is so detailed and well-designed. When we are posting this, it is only $38 so that is a steal. It comes with a main Body, two optional heads, two left and three right optional hands so you can change his appearance so you will never get tired of him.

  • Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle

    Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle

    A great gift for any Borderlands fan is this Claptrap 3D Wood Puzzle. Maybe this can help, get them away of the screen but still have fun with Borderlands. This set includes everything you need to assemble a wooden, paintable, and customizable 3-D model of Claptrap, the character from the Borderlands video game series!

  • Marvel Crisis Protocol

    Marvel Crisis Protocol

    If you can’t get enough of the Marvel Universe but you realized that you spend way too much behind a screen, we have got you covered. You should give Marvel Crisis Protocol a try. With this starter pack, you get 10 miniatures that you can paint yourself and afterwards you start saving the world or lead it to destruction.

  • Pacific Rim Uprising 3D Wood Puzzle

    Pacific Rim Uprising 3D Wood Puzzle

    Although we were blown away by the first Pacific Rim movie, we are still not sure about the Pacific Rim Uprising movie. We felt that it missed something but unfortunately we can’t really explain what that is then. Nevertheless, we do like this Pacific Rim Uprising 3D Wood Puzzle that features the Gipsy Avenger. It will keep you occupied for a couple of days for sure.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game

    Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Art of the Game

    We played the Marvel Spider-Man video game on Playstation for hours. They made us wait for a while to have a great Spider-Man game again but they really nailed it with this one. This book is filled with over 100 colourful pictures of Spider-Man, his suit and equipment, his allies MJ Watson and Aunt May, and his deadly foes.

  • The Riddler (The Batman) Action Figure

    The Riddler (The Batman) Action Figure

    The Riddler from The Batman movie is in our opinion the most scariest version of the Riddler that we have seen so far. If you are intrigued by him as much as we are, you can now own him as action figure. As an extra, it also comes with a collectible art card with a photo and bio on the back.

  • Captain America (Tech-On Avengers)

    Captain America (Tech-On Avengers)

    If you have not read Tech-On Avengers yet, we envy you as you still don’t know what’s coming. But we absolutely loved it! Eiichi Shimizu’s re-imagining of Captain America from “Tech-On Avengers” has arrived in S.H.Figuarts form! You can recreate the DH-10 Mode from the Tech-On Avengers by attaching diecast metal parts to the frame of this Captain America figure.

  • Liquid Kryptonite

    Liquid Kryptonite

    This liquid Kryptonite vial is a super cool thing to own. You will always see people walk by the vial and scan what it is. After their brain realized it says Kryptonite, you will see people coming back and start a conversation about. Just put it on your desk and wait for people to ask what you are going to do with it. Your answer should always be: “I’m going to kill Superman but first I need to finish this email.” You might want to practice your evil laugh while you are at it.

  • Claptrap 7″ Vinyl Statue

    Claptrap 7″ Vinyl Statue

    Claptrap was designed by Hyperion as a “general purpose robot”. But if you have played Borderlands you know that Claptrap is not your average robot but a robot with an attitude that can express feelings in one way or another. Just one piece of advice, never turn your back on Claptrap. We don’t trust him at all.

  • Into the Spider-Verse -The Art of the Movie

    Into the Spider-Verse -The Art of the Movie

    Have you been wondering how the groundbreaking Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie was made? With an abundance of concept art, sketches, storyboards, and an introduction by Brian Michael Bendis, you will gain an understanding of the process in this wonderful collection of art. This anthology will take you into the Spider-Verse like you have never experienced before.

  • The Art of The Batman

    The Art of The Batman

    Take a peek behind the scenes of the film The Batman by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson. The book is 224 pages long. So you can expect high quality concept art and also detailed breakdowns of gadgets and characters. Interesting is that it has that same very dark look and feel like the movie had. So they kept that consistent

  • Leonardo TMNT Resin Statue

    Leonardo TMNT Resin Statue

    We don’t know what to think about this 3d Printed TMNT Leonardo statue. We are not talking about the quality here which is exceptional so don’t worry about that but about the emotion it shows. Is Leonardo sad here as he failed or is he just meditating? We think he failed his brothers here but as this is completely personal. You can be the judge of this on your own.

  • Beetlejuice: The Complete Series

    Beetlejuice: The Complete Series

    If you have grown up with saturday morning cartoons, you must have seen Beetlejuice the animated series. You can now take trip down memory lane with Beetlejuice: The Complete Series. Honestly, we would just have bought this even if the box was empty as we just love the packaging on this one.

  • The Batman Logo Lamp

    The Batman Logo Lamp

    Take your man cave or should we say bat cave (see what I did there) to the next level with this The Batman Logo Lamp. The great thing is that it has a lot of options. You can put it on your bar or even mount it if you want. There is also the possibility to add batteries or to charge it by USB. The choice is completely up to you.

  • Blade Runner 2049 – Interlinked – The Art

    Blade Runner 2049 – Interlinked – The Art

    If you are looking for a gift for a diehard Blade Runner fan, you should look no further. The Blade Runner 2049 – Interlinked – The Art, written by Tanya Lapointe, is the official art book for Blade Runner 2049. Have a look behind the scenes into the creative process how Blade Runner 2049 came to be.

  • Blade Runner 2049 Spinner

    Blade Runner 2049 Spinner

    The Blade Runner 2049 Spinner is a great collectible for any Blade Runner enthousiast. It measures around 6 inches long and the wheels do spin so you can play with it if you like. It comes at a very reasonable price at the moment around $30 so it will not break the bank if you want to expand your Blade Runner 2049 collection.

  • Deckard’s Blaster

    Deckard’s Blaster

    We love this Deckard’s blaster from Blade Runner 2049. The amount of detail is absolutely amazing. The gun is around 10 inches tall or 24,5 cm and has some moving parts to make it even more cool. Keep in mind that is 3D printed so it is very light when you hold. But we just keep it on its stand which is included as well.

  • Spawn Bloody Classic 7″ Action Figure

    Spawn Bloody Classic 7″ Action Figure

    Most detailed action figures these days have quite a high price. Luckily the brand McFarlane Toys comes to the rescue. They have created numerous of super cool action figures for a fair price for around $20, like this Spawn Bloody Classic 7″ Action Figure. If you are starting a Mortal Kombat Action Figure collection, you should definitely start here.

  • Titanfall Square Enix Action Figure

    Titanfall Square Enix Action Figure

    This Titanfall Action Figure from Square Enix is an absolute masterpiece. It is 10 inches tall and has many articulation points. What we love about this one, is that the cockpit has a hatch that can open and be closed. It also comes with a pilot and quite some weapon accessories and if you are lucky maybe it might come with nuclear ejection. Use it wisely!

  • Beetlejuice Rug

    Beetlejuice Rug

    Let your guests know they’ve gone from the world of the living to another when you put them on your floor. Bring a little bit of spookiness into your home with this movie-inspired area rug. The Beetlejuice Area Rug is an oversized tribute to the eccentric characters and plot points in the cult classic film, Beetlejuice.

  • Ninja Turtles Movie Leonardo Sketch

    Ninja Turtles Movie Leonardo Sketch

    From the 1990 movie, this is Leonardo as he appears in the film. It’s a great new take on the character and one of the most iconic images from the movie. April’s drawing of Leonardo is available as an 8×10 art print. The drawing has been wrinkled and folded to appear as if it had just been pulled out of Danny’s pocket, which can be seen in the photo. It is a simple yet attractive piece for any Ninja Turtles enthusiast.

  • TMNT Vintage Logo LED Sign

    TMNT Vintage Logo LED Sign

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a staple of 80s pop culture. Even if you weren’t a fan of the green masked heroes, it’s hard to deny their appeal. These anthropomorphic turtles that love pizza and ninja fighting have managed to withstand the test of time. They have been in comic books, cartoons, movies and even video games since their inception.
    The retro craze is still going strong with people looking for vintage items from the 70s, 80s and 90s. So why not decorate your home or office with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LED sign?

  • Victorian / Steampunk Iron Man Helmet

    Victorian / Steampunk Iron Man Helmet

    This Victorian Iron Man Helmet is my new favorite Iron Man helmet. The amount of detail makes this is a masterpiece. It is available in 2 sizes and comes in more than 20 colors. It is an absolute best seller on Etsy at the moment.

  • Iron Man Hall of Armor

    Iron Man Hall of Armor

    Marvel’s Iron Man Hall of Armor Miniature Collectible Set by Hot Toys recreates the state-of-the-art hall of armor from the movie in miniature size. This set includes Iron Man’s remarkable suits from Iron Man Mark I to Iron Man Mark VII with screen accurate details and LED light up functions. Each suit is designed with a different color scheme, and are showcased in a diorama that replicates Tony Stark’s lab.

  • Spider-Man Armory

    Spider-Man Armory

    This Spider-Man Armory is a must-have for every Spidey Fan. It features 6 suits and every Spider-Man miniatures measure approximately 8.5 cm in height. Each armory is around 12 cm in height. I can’t choose my favorite suit, they all look amazing.

  • Nintendo Vehicle Kit

    Nintendo Vehicle Kit

    This Nintendo vehicle kit is made to show children and anyone playing Nintendo a few things about how vehicles work. This works with the Labo system and is made to challenge and teach anyone who enjoys working with the kit. You will be able to put together a car, submarine, and plane. Whether your child likes vehicles just a little or they like putting together things, this is a great kit for them to learn with. Even for older kids, this can be enjoyable because the kit includes all you need to put together a fun setup that will be enjoyable to play with and to build.

  • Batarang Phone Mount

    Batarang Phone Mount

    Batarang to the rescue. This adorable phone mount is perfect for any geek who has the discipline to set it up and not text while they’re driving. It can easily stand on any vent, dashboard, or windshield to give you superior vision of your phone. It can be extra useful if you don’t have another person in the car to help you with directions. Beyond being a great place to store your phone while on or off the road, it can also just be used as a decoration to show off your love of batman in style. It fits almost any phone, regardless of the make and model.

  • The Child with Frog

    The Child with Frog

    A true Star Wars fan would dress their pets as some of the characters in the movie. If you have a small dog, though, you may not want to dress it as Chewbacca but with something more suitable for its size. Dress your dog to impress everyone around with this dewback jumpsuit with hat and 3D Stormtrooper rider attachment. The outfit is hilarious, so you can rest assured your trick and treat adventure would be successful. It looks best on most dog breeds, from Pomeranian to English Sheepdog pups. Made from polyester, the Stormtrooper Rider pet costume is easy to hand wash.

  • Somehow I Manage

    Somehow I Manage

    This “somehow I manage” book allows you to fill all your doodles and brilliant ideas out on lined paper of what looks like a book on business. It’s a joke that’ll have the whole office thinking you’re studying when you’re actually drawing an elephant playing basketball. Whatever creative idea pops in your head, be sure to jot it down on lined paper. It makes an excellent office gift for Christmas parties or those special birthdays. It’s time to bring paying attention during meetings to the next level by having this open when your boss says it’s okay. Remember to hear his advice and jot it down in this awesome book we have for you.

  • Spider-Man on Taxi

    Spider-Man on Taxi

    Peter Parker only makes his debut as Spiderman when the world is in trouble. Here he is, perched on a subway car and ready for action. He has his hand reached out and ready to strike as he’s about to spit out a net onto the next moving car. Of course, the maker of this beautiful figurine leaves some of that to your imagination. It’s brightly colored and fine when it comes to detail. It stands at 9 inches tall so you can fit it comfortably along a shelf with the rest of your impressive collectibles. He’s looking at you and could not be more ready to get off this cab and catch the bad guy.

  • Darksaber Lamp

    Darksaber Lamp

    The Darksaber Desk Light from Star Wars is a great gift for anyone who loves the Star Wars series. This 24-inch table lamp is ideal when plugged into your computer or laptop and displayed on the table. The cool LED light will definitely add some geeky flair to your home decor. The product is powered by a USB cable (cable is provided with the package) without using any batteries. It features an in-line on and off switch for switching the lamp on and off. You should hold the on or off button to dim the brightness of the LED light to the desired level.

  • Superman Shower Curtain

    Superman Shower Curtain

    Superman, the Man of Steel has always been associated with his alter ego, the squeaky clean Clark Kent – and his habit of changing into his immediately recognizable superhero outfit in phone booths. Now you can become his alter ego with this DC licensed nylon shower curtain which shows the Man of Steel mid-change into his well-known outfit. The image has that iconic public phone booth with a transparent space at head height where the famous DC heroes face should be – and looking out you can live your dream as one of the most famous superheroes of all time. This is the perfect bathroom accessory or gift for the comic book fan.

  • Lord Voldemort Action Figure

    Lord Voldemort Action Figure

    If you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise and a collectible enthusiast yourself, then the Lord Voldemort Action Figure by McFarlane Toys should be among your collectibles. This action figure showcases Lord Voldemort in his costume in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2. It is 7 inches tall and comes with background artwork, a base, the Elder wand, fabric robes as well as managing the snake (2-inches tall and 2-inches wide, but adjustable to be taller). The figure comes with 22 moving parts and the character-specific background artwork can be removed from the package and attached to the base for a more dynamic look.

  • Stormtrooper Rider Pet Costume

    Stormtrooper Rider Pet Costume

    A true Star Wars fan would dress their pets as some of the characters in the movie. If you have a small dog, though, you may not want to dress it as Chewbacca but with something more suitable for its size. Dress your dog to impress everyone around with this dewback jumpsuit with hat and 3D Stormtrooper rider attachment. The outfit is hilarious, so you can rest assured your trick and treat adventure would be successful. It looks best on most dog breeds, from Pomeranian to English Sheepdog pups. Made from polyester, the Stormtrooper Rider pet costume is easy to hand wash.

  • Gameboy Case for iPhone

    Gameboy Case for iPhone

    Protecting your iPhone is a must. With how fragile phones have become with all-screen displays, it’s more important than ever to protect them from bumps, scratches, and falls. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it in style. This awesome Gameboy case for iPhones will turn your boring iPhone into an old-school Gameboy. It features a retro design that is certain to grab the attention of any old-school Nintendo gamer. It’s not only protective with a TPU shell but it’s got precise cutouts for easy button presses. It makes for one of the best cases you’ll find available for nearly every iPhone model. Best of all? It’s playable! That’s right, you can play around 36 different classic games from the back of your iPhone to recapture your childhood memories.

  • Piranha Plants Slippers

    Piranha Plants Slippers

    If you love all things Mario, you’re sure to love these very unique slippers. Why should you purchase a shoe box when they come with a decorative pipe pot to hold them in. Keep them by the front door. It’s easy to place them on your feet right at the entrance so you can keep your lovely home free of the dirt and pollen that’s attracted to your Mario tennis shoes. They’re plush enough to keep your feet warm during winter time, add your favorite Mario socks for extra comfort. They’re also not too overbearing when it comes to fluff.

  • Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros

    Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros

    The Game & Watch historic ‘Super Mario Bros’ entertainment system has achieved iconic status in the 80s and the latest retro edition mimics those beloved palm-sized mini-systems of yesteryear. This edition allows players to enjoy the entire Super Mario Bros game, with the added attraction of playing some great added content along with the two plucky Italian plumbers. There’s also a fun juggling game to test out reflexes and simply pass the time. As was the case with the original version of the Game and Watch system time changes also bring with them surprise graphics (35 different graphics are available). The latest retro version of the Game and Watch micro ‘Super Mario Bros’ is a blast from the past – and simply a whole lot of fun.

  • Dark Souls: The Board Game

    Dark Souls: The Board Game

    For those who love the video game, Dark Souls: The Board Game brings just as much challenge and terrifying grip to your gaming experience. It’s a role playing game you can play with friends. Being one of the most challenging video games on the market, the board game brings just as much depth. Learn to survive in a dark world as you cleverly manage and use your stamina to your advantage. You could be the knight in shining armor or the warrior who’s always up and running to win. It’s all about defeating the enemy until you finally get the chance to vanquish the final boss.

  • Royal Selangor Spider-Man

    Royal Selangor Spider-Man

    When it comes to Silver Screen success it’s hard to argue with the Spider-Man series of movies. but long before Spidey hit the big screen he was a comic book fan favorite. Those fans (of the movies and comics) can today own a collectible from one of the best design houses in the world, Royal Selangor. They have released an 8.5-inch pewter statuette featuring the web-slinger in a classic pose, leaping forward, web in hand and carrying a terrified mobster under one arm. The backdrop of the piece is Jack Kirby’s 1962 cover art of Amazing Fantasy #15. The attention to detail is incredible. This limited edition of 800 numbered pieces is an absolute must for any Spider-Man or Marvel fan.

  • Dark Souls: The Complete Collection

    Dark Souls: The Complete Collection

    Are you a fan of the Dark Souls lore? If so, this Dark Souls: The Complete Collection is right up your alley. It’s a must-have for anyone that is into the Dark Souls video game series. One of the best aspects of Dark Souls is the lore behind the gameplay experience. This collection comes in paperback form and it features rich artwork that any fan of the game will love. You will get to immerse yourself into the collection of the graphic novel series and experience Dark Souls in an entirely new way. It even has brand new content with the Age of the Fire comic being a prequel to the game.

  • Royal Selangor Iron Man Statue

    Royal Selangor Iron Man Statue

    The Marvel Universe is filled with heroes that have leaped into the popular imagination due to a number of blockbuster movies – and very few are as popular as Iron Man. Now Marvel fans can own a high-quality pewter statuette of the Bronze Age Invincible Iron Man in his classic MK IV suit. This collectible stands 8.5 inches tall and comes with a built-in stand and a backdrop of 1977 (The Invincible Iron Man #96) cover art by internationally recognized artists Al Milgrom, Jack Abel and Danny Crespi. The limited-edition run of 800 individually numbered pieces has been designed by internationally renowned design house, Royal Selangor. This unique collectible should take pride of place in the collection of any Marvel fan.

  • Hulkbuster Cosplay Costume

    Hulkbuster Cosplay Costume

    The Marvel Universe has, over the years provided cinemagoers with some of the most memorable characters ever to grace the Silver Screen. One of the most iconic costumes in the Marvel Universe was the so-called ‘Hulkbuster’ outfit worn by Tony Stark when he battled the Hulk in the ‘Battle of Johannesburg which took place in the Movie ‘Avengers – Age of Ultron’. Now you can own a handmade cosplay version of the Hulkbuster suit. Made from lightweight EVA foam this suit stands a full 2.20m tall – and can be adjusted to fit all body sizes (adult) prior to delivery. This is about as close as any Marvel fan will come to the ideal cosplay outfit.

  • Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet

    Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet

    The original Star Wars saga is one of the most beloved movie franchises in history and has legions of fans. Lego is one of the most iconic building block systems ever invented. Now you can combine these two icons with the premium-quality, 675-piece Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet set. This highly detailed set will, when assembled, provide the perfect display piece. The integrated nameplate also provides information on the item when displayed. This impressive replica is over 7.5 in. (19 cm) high, 4.5 in. (12 cm) wide, and 5 in. (13 cm) deep. This is the perfect gift for the Lego or Star Wars fan and is suitable for kids and adults.

  • Kotobukiya Darth Vader Statue

    Kotobukiya Darth Vader Statue

    Everyone’s favorite galactic villain is available now in steampunk style. From a galaxy far, far away the Sith Lord Vader is captured in one of his most iconic poses – but this time he is sporting a steampunk look. The Kotobukiya Japanese import shows Darth Vader in his well-known armor but embellished with metal plating, rivets and a variety of pressure gauges. The finely crafted, multicolor 6 x 5 x 12.4-inch statue is the ideal gift for any Star Wars fan – and is perfect for display purposes. The Polyvinyl Chloride material used in the crafting enables a level of detail that makes the piece a true collectible. The statuette is supplied with an “Industrial Empire” print which is ideal for framing.

  • Golden Scarab

    Golden Scarab

    The new TV series Moon Knight has swiftly built a legion of fans for one of the lesser-known of Marvel’s heroes. Central to the story is the Golden Scarab which can point the way to the tomb of the crocodile goddess, Ammit. In ancient Egypt, the scarab was also a popular symbol of the sun god Ra – and was often worn as an amulet. This 3D printed resin scarab is fabulously painted and features wings that open and close just like the model that is used in the Moon Knight TV show. This is the perfect gift for the avid fan or for personal display purposes.

  • Moon Knight Omnibus

    Moon Knight Omnibus

    Reading this comic book will allow you to discover the many faces hidden behind Moon knight’s disguise. He’s that millionaire playboy always found in the club. He’s the cab driver that’s always friendly to talk to. He’s the werewolf hunter that always protects the damsel in distress. This mercenary is finding his place in the marvel universe by stopping crime one villain at a time. It’s certainly a good and complex read for a comic book. Young and old alike are delighted by his never ending venture to keep the city and its people safe from harm. Volume 1 will certainly be followed by more issues.

  • Hulkbuster Bust

    Hulkbuster Bust

    Having an Iron Man figurine is something needed to complete your collection. While there are a lot out there, none truly compare to the Hulkbuster Bust. This is a highly detailed Iron Man that shows him arising out of a giant machine-like uniform. His robotic uniform/machine makes it less of a wonder to onlookers as to why he’s good at fighting crime. You can choose to have it painted or bare. Some like to paint themselves so choosing the non-painted version is perfect for them. It comes in a miniature form that’s a fraction of the price. For true fans, they want a full painted, full sized version that looks impressive in their collection.

  • Moon Knight Cosplay Deluxe

    Moon Knight Cosplay Deluxe

    Marc Specter is on the move and ready to save us from any villain he crosses in his path. His recurring villain Bushman wants his head but he can use his super strength, mystical visions, and expert detective ability to crush him in his path. He’s that ex-CIA operative that’s always on the job and crushing enemies. Would you like to dress up like him for Halloween or Cosplay? While it’s on the pricier side, it’s the most highly detailed outfit out there. You can get his grey attire that allows him to stealth through darkness and catch the enemy in his claws.

  • Batarang set with Wayne Tech Display Stand

    Batarang set with Wayne Tech Display Stand

    For fans of DC comics and their most famous hero, The Dark Knight aka The Batman this collectible is the perfect addition to any collection of DC memorabilia. The Batarang itself is solid black and is mounted on a silver display stand. The Batarang and ‘Wayne Tech’ stand is perfect for display. The striking height of 6 inches, a width of 7 inches, and a depth of 5 inches allow this piece to stand out on the shelf or desk. It is sure to be a conversation piece and has also received extremely positive reviews for the sheer quality of the manufacture. Whatever version of the Dark Knight you prefer, this “The Dark Knight Rises” style Batarang and stand deserve a place in your collection – or the collection of your favorite DC fan.

  • Nintendo + TV Building Kit Lego

    Nintendo + TV Building Kit Lego

    Are you struck by a bit of nostalgia? Did you like to play with Super Mario and LEGOs when you were a kid? If your answer is yes, then this LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System model kit is perfect for you. The amazing details of this kit accurately capture all of the features of the iconic system, like a slot that opens for your game and a controller with a cable and plug. The TV has knobs you can turn. Once built, you can manually scroll the TV and simulate a moving scene with Super Mario in action. The kit has 2,646 LEGO pieces and is a must-have for any gamer fan of Super Mario Bros. and LEGOs.

  • Batman Building Kit Lego

    Batman Building Kit Lego

    Lego and DC comic fans can rejoice with this new building kit that allows you to build your favorite hero or villain. While building this fantastically detailed Lego kit, fans can listen to an immersive soundtrack on their smartphones. This kit isn’t just ideal for gift giving, but provides optimum relaxation while allowing the finished product to display standing up or hanging on the wall. It is also possible to combine multiple kits in order to create one larger work of art. Completely designed for adult collectors, this set contains 4,167 individual pieces, 2 hangers, and 9 different canvas decor plates to choose from.

  • Real Wood Veneer Kit Super Nintendo

    Real Wood Veneer Kit Super Nintendo

    Give your Super Nintendo a new lease of life with this timeless real wood veneer kit. Easy to install, this kit fits snugly over the case of the SNES, making it look as if it’s made from wood. Whether you’re covering an old, discolored or damaged case or simply want your console to look even more retro than it already is, this lovingly made kit is a great choice. The kit is carefully measured to ensure all ports and connectors remain easily accessible, and there are three colors to choose from for the main veneer and the buttons, so you can find a kit to match any room.

  • Batman Life-Size Bust

    Batman Life-Size Bust

    Show off your love of the caped crusader with this life-size Batman bust. Sculpted by Zhao Menglong and designed by ZJ Shen, this striking bust from Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys is made using the highest quality silicone with real cloth and leather for a realistic, lifelike appearance. The bust comes with a piece of paper bearing a message from the Riddler: “No more lies. What does a liar do when he’s dead? Collectors can remove the piece of paper to read and inspect it. Be sure to take good care of it, though. This bust is one of only 500 to be made!

  • Electronic Plush Mandrake

    Electronic Plush Mandrake

    The Mandrake – a herbal plant that has the ability to heal lots of maladies – that’s according to Harry Potter’s Professor Sprout. According to legend, the roots of the Mandrake plant – so called ‘babies’ cry when you take them out of the ground … To all Potterheads who believe, one thing is for sure, with the Mandrake, you have a chance to chase away all illnesses that many others may have thought “incurable”. Anywho, Do You Believe in Magic? Whether you do or not, the Electronic Plush Mandrake is definitely something to check out … Who knows? You might just start believing!!!

  • Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Tin Lunch Box

    Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Tin Lunch Box

    When you’re out catching ghosts, you can get hungry. This Ghost Trap lunch box is just perfect for the task. It is your version of the Ghost Trap that the Ghostbusters used. It has picture knobs for “Vapor Max,” “Particle Dispersion,” “Vapor Containment Strength,” and a lot more. You can tell that it works hard in trapping ghosts because it has ectoplasmic splatters. The Ghost Trap Lunch Box is 7 3/4 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 5 3/4 inches tall, giving you plenty of room for a hearty lunch before you go ghost-trapping. A metal handle makes it easy for you to carry your lunch or ghost conveniently. A secure latch keeps your lunch or the ghost securely inside.

  • Ghostbusters: Proton Pack and Wand

    Ghostbusters: Proton Pack and Wand

    If you are a fan of Ghostbusters, you may want to obtain the officially licensed Wand & Proton Pack. This is a miniature replica of the one used in the 2016 Ghostbusters film. It is a total of 4 inches in height, complete with a pair of straps. It also comes with a total of 13 decal stickers and features both sound & light effects. The lights will flash red using bright LEDs that will easily illuminate the wand. By pressing one button on the handle, you will also be able to emit sound. Included with this package is a miniature book that has unique stickers. It is a great gift for anyone that has enjoyed any of the Ghostbusters films. Overall, this collectible is perfect for collectors and those looking for a gift that a Ghostbusters fan will love.

  • Ghostbusters: P.K.E. Meter

    Ghostbusters: P.K.E. Meter

    The Ghostbusters P.K.E. Meter Kit features a mini replica of the famous Psychokinetic Energy Meter from the film Ghostbusters of 1984. The four inch mini meter consists of sensor wings that open up at a push of a button. It includes two light modes with multi colored LEDs – with the light illuminating along the wings of the meter. The meter also features an authentic detecting sound. It is a unique gift for fans and enthusiasts of the film – Ghostbusters. The kit also includes a mini book that contains eight full color stickers. Make sure to purchase this product while the stocks last.

  • Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap

    Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap

    Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? Who are you going to call? With this officially-licensed kit, you get a mini replica of the exact ghost trap used in the classic film. It comes with fully operational doors that open and close with a simple button press. The box has sound and lights that make it look like the real thing. There is a full book included that contains 12 stickers and decal stickers that can be used with the box. It’s a must-have for any Ghostbuster fan and there is a lot to like about the box. The outer casing makes it look like the real thing.

  • The Office: Talking Button

    The Office: Talking Button

    Old and new fans alike can show their love of The Office by proudly displaying this gelatin-encased stapler button. This perfect iconic representation of a much beloved show plays direct quotes when pressed by Dunder Mifflin. Included in this small gift kit is a 32-page mini booklet filled with colored photos, favorite quotes, and trivia questions all from The Office! Both authentic and licensed, this merchandise is a must-have for collectors and casual fans of the show alike. The small nature of this button makes it portable and adds a great conversation piece to any office desk or working environment.

  • Thanos On Skulls

    Thanos On Skulls

    This guy used to be a game top exclusive, now he’s available on Amazon and will be ready to have it on your shelf in a matter of days. He’s the big Thanos character and looks ready for anything as he proudly stands on top of a pile of skulls. He stands only 9 inches tall so he’s the perfect collectible, not too big or small. He’s ready to crush his enemies just as he did in your favorite video game or comic. He comes in a blue box with a clear plastic showcase. If you’re going to try and stop him, you better be ready for his wrath.

  • Marvel Comic Cover Wall Sticker

    Marvel Comic Cover Wall Sticker

    Marvel comic book covers are works of art in their own right – and feature many of Marvel’s most iconic characters. Now you can enhance your living space with a 6 feet x 10.5 feet sticker mural of some of the most iconic comic book covers in Marvel history. The stickers are available in sections and stick securely to any flat and smooth surface – the mural is easy to apply, but can also be easily removed for repositioning. The vinyl material is easy to clean and water-resistant. The bold graphics and quality print make this the perfect gift for the comic lover – and it is an affordable, easy way to transform any room.

  • Captain America Shield Rug

    Captain America Shield Rug

    Captain America’s shield is one of the most instantly recognizable comic book images. Now you can celebrate that fame with the 25 inch diameter tufted Captain America rug. The latex backing prevents the rug from slipping and the 100% polyester fabric is soft to the touch and comfortable to both walk and sit on. It’s extremely durable and perfect for the bathroom or kid’s room – or for any comic book fan. It’s also machine washable for easy care. This bright and attractive officially licensed Marvel product will make both play and bath time even more fun. A great birthday gift for that special little Avengers fan.

  • Three Jokers 7″ Action Figure

    Three Jokers 7″ Action Figure

    Batman’s arch nemesis loves to laugh and isn’t afraid to terrorize the city of Gotham regardless of his counterparts presence. While you may know him from the famous batman trilogy featuring Keith Ledger to play him, he’s been a comic book staple since 1940. This replica shows him just as insane as ever, with him holding a crowbar ready for batman to approach. Luckily, batman is just as strong as ever with a uniform that will surely protect him from whatever the Joker can think of. It’s an action figure on the cheaper side and there are a lot in stock.

  • Tamashii Nations Ultra Instinct Goku

    Tamashii Nations Ultra Instinct Goku

    If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Super, you’re going to want this figure. This figure is made by Tamashii Nations and it has the official Bluefin logo on it. It comes with three different optional hands that you can use to position it uniquely. It even has three unique expressions that you can alternate between. It has seven light beam effects for even more versatility. The number of things you can do with this figure makes it extremely appealing to any fan of the Dragon Ball Super series. It fits in the palm of your hand and it comes fully pre-assembled.

  • Fallen Baby Plush

    Fallen Baby Plush

    This is a must-have for any fan of Destiny Beyond Light. This adorable Fallen Baby plush will melt even the coldest of hearts. You can squeeze it to your heart’s delight. Pinch it, hug it – it’s perfect to snuggle with. This cute creature with four eyes is constructed from premium-quality materials. The eyes are blue, and they glow in the dark! This plush is 10″ tall, so it’s the perfect size for displaying among your other collectibles. Not a knock-off; this is officially licensed merchandise from Bungie designed by Numskull. Keep it with you as your mascot when you play your game.

  • Mini Retro Tetris Arcade Game

    Mini Retro Tetris Arcade Game

    Tetris has come a long way since it was first invented. It’s now even available in 3D on the Oculus. While there are many ways to play the game, some like how they played it a long time ago and long to purchase the mini retro Tetris arcade game. It has a beautiful Russian palace design that’s sure to delight young and old. It’s so small that it can fit in your hands as you play it lounging on the couch or on the subway. Unlike your phone, it won’t lose connection in the tunnel because it’s run by triple A batteries.

  • Reptile Action Figure

    Reptile Action Figure

    Are you a fan of showing off your collectibles? The ones no one can get have the highest impact on your jealous friend who didn’t think of buying it while it was still on the shelves. The asking price of Reptile will only increase as he becomes harder and harder to obtain from stores. If you’re looking to express your love of your favorite video game (and one of the most popular fighting games of all time) getting Reptile might be the perfect asset to your collection. He stands at eight inches tall, making him the perfect fit for any shelf.

  • Tamashii Nations Ken

    Tamashii Nations Ken

    Looking for an action figure from your favorite video game series? Street fighter allows you to fantasize that you know all the moves inside and out when it comes to defending yourself against a rival. You may love playing as Tamashii. If so, this action figure can help you show off your love of the game while also acting as a valuable investment for years to come. He can be put into numerous fighting stances. This gives you the ultimate ability to show-off every move your action figure can do. This highly detailed action figure stands at only 6 inches tall, making it perfect for your shelf.

  • Destiny Lord Shaxx Helmet

    Destiny Lord Shaxx Helmet

    If you are into the Destiny series, look no further than the Numskull Destiny Lord Shaxx Helmet Collectible. This helmet is extremely well made and features an iconic and accurate design of the Titan Guardian. This replica helmet makes a perfect gift for any hardcore Destiny fan or gamer. It’s official Bungie merchandise and the craftsmanship is out of this world. It makes for not only a good display piece, but it could be a good addition to any gaming environment. The helmet is 7-inches making it a solid piece to add to your collection of Destiny-related merchandise and lore.

  • Risk Legacy

    Risk Legacy

    Risk is a board game that has found its way onto the game shelves in households across the world – but sometimes even beloved strategy classics need to be reinvigorated. Risk Legacy takes the in-depth play of the Hasbro classic and adds twists such as new rules and faction-specific powers. It also includes sealed packets that can be opened during the first 15 games when certain conditions are met. The rule book has rules which change as the game progresses and even blank spaces where new rules dictated by gameplay can be entered. Win one of those first 15 games and become immortalized as you name a city or a continent. This is Risk for the 21st century – and it’s more fun than ever before.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn Funko

    Horizon Zero Dawn Funko

    This Horizon Zero Dawn Funko action figure is something that fans of the game will recognize and enjoy displaying. This is made out of high quality vinyl and isn’t in the same shape as a lot of other Funko figures. It is a great example of what the game would look like if it were to come to life. In its box or displayed outside of it on a shelf, this is a great collector’s piece for anyone that has an interest in recent video games. This is from a stellar game that was known for being high in quality every step of the way through its story.

  • God Of War Book Series

    God Of War Book Series

    Explore the God of War universe in more depth with this nine-book series based in the video game universe. Kratos has returned and hopes to put his former rage behind him and start a new life in the remote Norse wilds. Follow Kratos’ adventures and learn more about the world that fueled the popular game series. See the world through the eyes of Kratos’ son, Atreus, and explore the fabled Nine Realms. This series of stories is ideal for fans of Norse Mythology, God of War players and fantasy novel lovers alike. Available as a Kindle download for instant access.

  • Game of Throne Dragon Lego

    Game of Throne Dragon Lego

    Game of Thrones was one of the most successful television series ever. One of the most impressive characters in the TV series was not even human, it was Daenerys’ Dragon – Drogon. Now Lego builders can show their love for the TV series, its characters, and their love for Lego with the ‘Fire and Ice Dragon Lego Set’. This truly impressive set allows one to build a replica of Drogon which is a full 20-inches long and boasts a wingspan of 3-feet. The Black and Red dragon is fully poseable with extendable fabric wings – it is one of the most impressive Lego sets you can get your hands on.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board-Game

    Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board-Game

    If you’re a fan of the video game Horizon Zero Dawn, then the board game is going to be a great way for you to enjoy the series even more. This is a somewhat co-operative type of action board game that 1 to 4 people are going to be able to play together. The board game is able to combine building decks and some of the game mechanics to create an experience that is unique but familiar. It’s a good game to play with others because if a hunter gets killed, the game is over so it’s wise to help others out.

  • Halo 3 Recon helmet

    Halo 3 Recon helmet

    The Halo series of video games has been a gamer favorite for around two decades – and the new Halo TV series has only brought more fans on board. Now you can own a Halo helmet that is ideal for either cosplay or display. The Halo 3 Recon helmet is based on the helmets seen in the Halo 3 ODST game, one of the most successful in the series. This helmet is made from high-quality durable polyurethane casting resin. It is finished with stenciling and ONI logo – and that trademark gold visor. This is a piece that any Halo fan will be proud to own.

  • Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Collector’s Edition

    Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Collector’s Edition

    Sekiro Shadows Die Twice is a game where you play as a character called the “one-armed wolf”. This character is a once big warrior that got rescued from the brink of their death to help protect a young lord. This collector’s edition comes with the full game, a steelbook, a 7 inch statue, a map, game coin replicas, a digital soundtrack, and an artbook. This is the perfect game for those that love other FromSoft games but that want a new experience. This game was made with care and has garnered a lot of positive press due to how stellar it is to play through.

  • Robocop Blueprint

    Robocop Blueprint

    For Robocop fans out there, having a poster of the character may not be enough. This distressed and aged looking blueprint looks like it belongs in the actual show. It has that authentic look to it that would make any fan salivate at the mouth. The blueprint shows robocop’s uniform and has a gun, and you’ll feel as if you’re in the design lab coming up with him. It’s perfect for any office or bedroom. This blueprint is the perfect gift for any nerd out there and comes in four different sizes of cloth. His head and helmet will be plastered on your wall.

  • Bumblebee Cosplay Costume

    Bumblebee Cosplay Costume

    The Transformers series of toys captured the imaginations of children across the globe – and the movies made fans of young and old alike. Now you can enjoy the incredible detail of a Bumblebee cosplay costume made from durable ABS plastic, meaning that it will provide years of fun. The costume, which weighs in at 55 lb is height adjustable up to nine feet tall and features an aluminum exoskeleton for added realism. The costume consists of nine separate parts and has built-in LEDs to provide even more visual excitement. This is the ideal cosplay outfit for fans of either the toy range or the movies and is sure to impress any group of cosplayers.

  • Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

    Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

    When you make a stake, you want people to know you made it. It’s your hard work, and it’s often the one place you have to showcase your cooking talent as your wife makes most of the other food items in the house. Whether you’d like to print your name on the stake or the name of your restaurant, you can use this very interesting tool to brand your steak before consumption. It has changing letters so sending any message you want on the food is easy to do. It’s capable of letting you send three worded phrases or sentences. Would you like a message with your stake?

  • Master Chief Wearable Helmet

    Master Chief Wearable Helmet

    The Halo series of games and its star, Master Chief have been enthralling gamers for well over a decade – and the new Halo TV series, brought to viewers by the streaming service Paramount has meant a whole new generation of fans has become fascinated by the Halo universe. Now you can own an iconic full-size wearable Master Chief helmet. The helmet is made from lightweight plastic/ 3D Printed material and is therefore incredibly comfortable to wear. It also features that iconic gold reflective visor and is foam-lined for extra comfort. Even if you are not going to be taking part in a cosplay gathering this helmet is the perfect collectible and would look great on the shelf of an avid gaming fan.

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