Gifts For Geeks

  • Robocop Retired Metal Sign

    Robocop Retired Metal Sign

    Robocop is, without doubt, one of the most iconic characters ever to appear in a movie presenting a vision of a dystopian future. However, even icons must at some point hang up their firearms. This high-quality aluminum sign features incredibly vibrant artwork representing what happened to the iconic lawman after he left the mean streets of Detroit. The artwork is officially licensed by the artist and is a tremendously attractive addition to a study, dorm room, or household recreational area. It is available in four different sizes, A4, A3, A2, and A1. The detail and quality of the artwork make this the ideal gift for those who appreciate classic sci-fi movies.

  • Royal Selangor Hulk Statue

    Royal Selangor Hulk Statue

    The Marvel Universe boasts some of the most iconic characters ever to grace the Silver Screen – and among the most popular must be the Hulk. Now fans can own a limited edition pewter statuette that celebrates the Hulk in all his glory. Manufactured by one of the most respected names in the business, Royal Selangor the collectible figurine is set in a backdrop of one of the most iconic comics ever to feature the Hulk – Marvel Treasury Edition #5. The backdrop features John Romita’s famous original 1975 cover art which embodies the ‘Hulk smash!’ battle cry. Standing 22cm including the base this highly detailed depiction of the Hulk is a must-have collectible for any Marvel fan – and is ideal for display purposes.

  • Kotobukiya X-Men

    Kotobukiya X-Men

    The X-Men franchise is widely recognized to have been a bit of a hit-and-miss movie franchise – but when Marvel did get it right the plot and characters kept audiences glued to their seats. One of the most powerful of the X-men foes – and an audience favorite is Magneto. Now fans of this iconic character can get their hands on an incredibly detailed, high-quality resin statue of Magneto in one of his most iconic poses. The free-standing statue stands an imposing 18.9 inches high and is the product of well-recognized design house Kotobukiya and is presented as part of their ‘fine arts’ statue line. The detail and paintwork are simply incredible and any Marvel or X-Men fan would be delighted to own it as part of his or her collection.

  • Zivko The Robot

    Zivko The Robot

    Zivko the Robot is a great way to introduce your child to artificial intelligence. The robot can perform two functions. In the “Follow” mode, the robot is like a pet that obeys and follows you wherever you go. In the “Explore” mode, Zivko goes on his own exploring the area without bumping into anything. Zivko lights up, makes sounds, makes its own gestures and displays emotions. Challenge the robot by creating an obstacle course for it and watch him navigate around it. The robot reinforces STEM skills in the child as he builds the robot from scratch and sees how the parts fit together to make it move.

  • Kotobukiya Cable Statue

    Kotobukiya Cable Statue

    Deadpool 2 was just as much of a smash hit as the original movie that introduced ‘The Merc with the Mouth’, but it also introduced non-comic readers to the character of Cable, a time-traveling mutant with a formidable array of weaponry and bionic implants. Now Marvel fans can own a 14-inch tall representation of Cable poised over the body of Nimrod, an advanced mutant-hunting sentinel. This high-quality limited edition resin collectible is produced by the well-respected design house of Kotobukiya as part of their FINE ART STATUE SIGNATURE SERIES. The production run is a once-off – so this statuette is bound to become a classic. The vibrant paintwork and attention to detail of this free-standing masterpiece must be seen to be believed. This is a must-have for any Marvel fan.

  • Taco vs Burrito

    Taco vs Burrito

    When you pitch a card game to Kickstarter and you achieve 2,400% of your funding goal, then chances are that you’re onto something. Taco vs Burrito did exactly that and went on to become a bestseller. This card game is easy to learn, but the Action Cards take it to a new strategic level. This card game was invented by a 7-year-old – but it’s suitable for everyone. Each game only takes between 10-15 minutes and it’s suitable for two, three, or four players. This card game has won multiple awards and makes the perfect gift for birthdays or any special occasion – or maybe just as a welcome addition to the games shelf.

  • Bittle Robotic Dog

    Bittle Robotic Dog

    The possibilities in STEM are endless. Information and technology is one of the fastest growing career fields for a reason. People will always need computers and robots are the future when it comes to getting work done. Teaching a child to code is difficult because the idea of it seems boring to them. It isn’t when they have their own robot to work on. This robot comes with a puzzle assembly so it’s just as fun to put together as it is to program. The wireless app control allows them to have full control of the dog once all the programming is put together.

  • Link 20 Inch Statue

    Link 20 Inch Statue

    While we can’t play link as much as we did when we were a kid, we can still advertise our love for the character by purchasing a statue of him. This link statue comes in at a pretty penny with a $275.00 base price. With that, it’s one of the most realistic ones you’ll find of him. You can get extra attributes like a gold base with moss. It’s a massive statue that’s perfect for your outdoor garden. The sword can either face upwards or downwards. It delights young and old as they pass it. Remembering your favorite video game is easy to do when you’re willing to spare a chunk of change for the statue.

  • Wooden Xbox Controller Faceplate

    Wooden Xbox Controller Faceplate

    Who says that tech can’t provide that classic retro look? The wood grain patterned shell for the Xbox One S & Xbox One X controller brings a touch of the classics to a 21st-century entertainment device. This attractive shell package comes complete with everything you’ll need to make your controller stand out from the crowd (1 Faceplate shell; 1 T8H screwdriver and 7 screws). Quality material and construction means that the faceplate sits flush with the controller body, with no gaps or unsightly finishes. The material and finish mean hours of stress-free gaming – a smooth grip, and an anti-slip design that shrugs off sweat adds to the functionality – and it simply looks great.

  • Dark Hylian Sword & Shield

    Dark Hylian Sword & Shield

    This replica of the Dark Hylian shield and sword is a unique set that you may want to own. Dedicated players will be enthused by the 50-inch scabbard, made from carbon steel with an edge width of just over 2 inches. The handle is made from a combination of faux leather and wood, making it very easy to grip despite its size. It has an edge length of 30 inches, and a handle length of just over 13 inches, which makes this blade a remarkable replica to own. In addition to this, the triforce enumerating found on the sword makes it an outstanding collectible. This Dark Hylian shield and sword is the ideal gift for people that enjoy embracing the gaming scene.

  • 40-Pack of Retro Game Stands

    40-Pack of Retro Game Stands

    Displaying old games is easy to do when you have a retro game stand. Remember playing Pokemon Snap on Nintendo 64? While that version of the game could not possibly be any more outdated, it’s certainly valuable as nostalgic video game players want to play the classics. Because of the high value of these classical games, it’s important to have the right game stand that shows off that you have them. Showing off that you have the early 00’s version of Dr. Mario is just as important as playing it when you had to pay hundreds of dollars for it.

  • Finger Chopsticks

    Finger Chopsticks

    If you’re a gamer or work in front of a computer you’ll be familiar with the oils that can be transferred from your favorite snack food onto your mouse or controller – or even your keyboard. It makes the entire experience messy and unpleasant. But no more! With the amazing, easy-to-use finger chopsticks you can snack to your heart’s content – while at the same time enjoying your gaming experience or increasing productivity. Simply insert your index and middle fingers into the handy slots and you are ready to go. Available in sets of two (each with a handy carrying case) and made from high-grade ABS plastic this tool is a must-have for those using tech of any kind.

  • UFO Cow Abduction

    UFO Cow Abduction

    The UFO Cow Abduction is a three-inch diameter spaceship representing the alien abduction of a black and white cow. When you press the head of the alien sitting in the cockpit dome, the toy starts to play eerie music and flashes the six blue lights surrounding the spacecraft. The abduction occurs as you hover the ship over the cow. The music changes to mark the abduction with a pulsating sound interrupted by cow moos. The package also includes a full-color, illustrated book, The Cow Abduction chronicles, which explains why aliens are interested in abducting cows. The animated LED lights, the sound effects and the cow are hilarious.

  • Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle

    Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle

    Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle Isn’t it irritating that you are trying to paint your favorite figurine when a couple of drops of paint fall on your computer table? Now, you can prevent that by painting the figurine on the Warhammer 40K Citadel Painting Handle. You can turn your figurine in any angle you want to access the hard-to-reach spots. The handle comes with a spring-loaded clamp mechanism that locks tightly on 40mm, 32mm, and 25mm round bases. You also get 60 x 35mm oval bases that help to keep the figurine straight while you paint it. Holding the plastic handle to turn the figurine instead of the miniature means you make fewer mistakes while painting.

  • Generation Friends

    Generation Friends

    Generation Friends hardcover is here to give you an Inside Look at the Friends TV Show, which defined a television era. It does give you a fascinating behind-the-scenes look as it celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the show’s premiere. If you did love this comedy show, then you might want to acquire this book and learn some interesting facts about it.

  • Friends Top Trumps Quiz Game

    Friends Top Trumps Quiz Game

    Top Trumps Friends Quiz Game is here as an entertaining card game and will bring your six favorite Friends to life. It comes with 500 captivating questions that test your knowledge, sense, and memory of ‘unagi.’ It’s a way to discover some brand new information and use it to outsmart your opponents as you become a top trump.

  • By Order of the Peaky Blinders

    By Order of the Peaky Blinders

    The Hardcover is the first official tie-in book on the blockbuster series, Peaky Blinders. It’s all about the epic gangster drama set in those post World War 1 Birmingham streets. It captures every bit in a dramatic, atmospheric and stylish as shown in the show. The book is a perfect gift for any Peaky Blinders show.

  • Batman v Superman Action Figure

    Batman v Superman Action Figure

    The Batman v Superman Action Figure is a Dawn of Justice: Superman MAF EX Action Figure featuring an accurate screen suite. As a Medicom import, it is generously articulated and features interchangeable heads and hands for flexible positioning. The figure stand is also included for better placement. Gift your buddy with this action figure, and he will forever remember you.

  • Captain America Deluxe Suit

    Captain America Deluxe Suit

    The Joyfunny Superhero Captain Soldier Costume is a deluxe Halloween cosplay full set PU suit. It comes as a complete set of top, pants, cape, shoulder strap, belt, vest, gloves, and boots cover. It’s made from denim, spandex mesh knitted and composite, PU & soft leather for a durable and robust life.

  • Loki Sakaarian Funko

    Loki Sakaarian Funko

    Fans of the hit movie Thor Ragnarok will fall in love with this adorable Funko Pop! This collectible toy is dressed in the same costume that Loki wears in the film. It has plenty of great details, such as the twin daggers that Loki holds in both his hands. The figure stands at 3 and 3/4 inches tall, which means it can easily fit on your shelves. You can choose to display the figure in its packaging or on its own. It will look especially great if you display it alongside the other Thor Ragnarock-inspired figures in the Funko Pop! line.

  • 13″ Mewtwo Figure

    13″ Mewtwo Figure

    The Pokemon Deluxe Collectible 13″ Mewtwo Figure features amazing Psychic blast light effects, great detail, and a 1/10th scale. The Mewtwo has never looked so awesome as this collectible figure. It’s for die-hard Pokemon fans around the globe. You only need to press the Poke Ball button located at the base of the figure for lighting features. The lights flick rapidly before they start to fade in and out. It’s a great gift for anyone who is a fan of Pokemon. Many buyers are rating the product highly for its quality and look. Make sure you invest in the Pokemon Deluxe Collectible 13″ Mewtwo Figure right now.

  • Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Action Figure

    Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Action Figure

    Naruto Uzumaki, from the anime series Naruto Shippuden, has been brought to life with the Naruto Uzumaki Action Figure! This 6.5-inch scale figure features over 16 points of articulation for hyper-detailed poses that recreate Naruto’s heroic actions from the show itself.

  • Naruto Chess Piece Collection

    Naruto Chess Piece Collection

    Make your chess game even funnier when you use this Naruto Hurricane Chronicles chess piece collection. The box includes the Naruto main character and characters who make Sakura, six of them. They all pose in style, emphasizing their personalities and arranged in the role of pawn to the king, conforming to the rules of real chess.

  • Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth

    Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth

    Want to look like Klingon on Halloween? A costume party maybe? This Bat’leth is made of high-grade aircraft aluminum and a genuine split leather grip making it as authentic as they come. When looking for Star Trek collectibles that are display pieces, it’s perfect. It has a weight of 4 pounds, quarter an inch thick and 43 inches in length. This means its only suitable for adults, and comes with a certificate of authenticity! If that hasn’t gotten you sold, the Klingon Bat’leth it comes with a cold cast resin Klingon display stand. What a wonderful piece to flaunt to all your fellow Star Trek fans!

  • Funko Garfield

    Funko Garfield

    Add Some Fun To Your Home Or Office With The Funko Pop! Garfield Garfield remains probably the most famous cartoon cat. His Garfield and Friends comic strip and movies are part of popular culture – just as the now famous Funko Pop! collectibles have become. This is the perfect gift for those who share this iconic cartoon cats dislike for Monday’s or love for lasagne – or add to your Funko Pop! collection with this almost 4 inch tall Garfield vinyl figurine. It’ll take pride of place in any collection – and if kept in its original packaging can be a great investment. Have Garfield act as a car Bobblehead, keep him in the office – or have him take pride of place on your mantlepiece – he’s at home anywhere.

  • Lord Of The Rings Tapestry

    Lord Of The Rings Tapestry

    This tapestry is a great gift for Lord Of The Rings fans. You can use it to hang it on your wall or as a blanket. The size is 48 inches by 60 inches.

  • Thor Vol. 1: The Goddess of Thunder

    Thor Vol. 1: The Goddess of Thunder

    If you did love the Thor: Goddess of Thunder (2014), then you might want to have this Thor Vol. 1 Kindle & ComiXology in your comic collection. It’s was written by Jason Aaron while Russell Dauterman was the illustrator, artist, and cover art, and Jorge Molina was also an artist. It’s a piece about how something dark befalls the God of Thunder, and a mysterious woman gets transform to come and save the earth from the Frost Giants.

  • Mortal Kombat Bookends

    Mortal Kombat Bookends

    I absolutely adore this Scorpion and Sub-Zero bookends. They just look so realistic and that is not surprising as they are hand sculpted. These bookends are quite rare hence the price. Expect the bookends to be around 8.8 inches tall and around 3.9 pounds.

  • Exclusive Goro Action Figure

    Exclusive Goro Action Figure

    The Exclusive Goro Action Figure is an exclusive bloody edition action feature of Mortal Kombat Goro. It’s made from high-quality materials and comes as an officially licensed merchandise. It comes with nine interchangeable hands, dual interchangeable masks, double soul ball effects, a Tele-Hang effect piece, and two ripped off arm effects.

  • Star Trek Board Game

    Star Trek Board Game

    How would you like a board game to enjoy at least as much as your favorite Star Trek movie? The Star Trek Catan and the Star Trek Five Year Mission are only two of the board games in this series you can play with the other members of your family. These cooperative games are among the most effective tools to teach your children strategy and team work. The playing time of around 30 minutes will keep everyone hooked and motivated to win. The USS Enterprise is waiting for you to destroy all enemies, so pick your Star Trek Board game and invite your friends to join you on board.

  • Superman Ring

    Superman Ring

    The DC Comics Superman Ring is a men’s stainless steel featuring justice league superhero Logo. It came as an officially licensed DC comic’s jewelry and delivered inside an authentic gift box. Its stainless steel crafting and the gold strong-looking emblem makes it outstand when you wear it on your finger. It’s an ideal gift for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s day and other holidays.

  • Guardians of The Galaxy Card Game

    Guardians of The Galaxy Card Game

    The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 playing card game is a fantastic card game providing all-new game-play with all your favorite characters from the famous movie franchise. In this game, you get to play as one of your favorite intergalactic heroes doing whatever you can to not end up with the lowest-quality gear. The Gear up and Rock Out game also features event cards that add new twists to each round, with “all bets off” as soon as “ego comes into play”. This is the ideal game to enjoy with any Guardians of the Galaxy fans. The game is all about stealing, bluffing, and trading.

  • Rick and Morty Book One

    Rick and Morty Book One

    Are you going crazy waiting for the next season of Rick and Morty? If you want to see more hijinks from your favorite characters, you’re going to want to purchase this collected version of the hit comic book series. When you purchase this hardcover book, you’ll be able to follow Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty on a variety of brand-new adventures. Of course, plenty of other characters appear in this comic as well, including Beth, Summer, Jerry, and some fan favorites. When you have this comic in hand, you can settle in, get schwifty, and enjoy everything that you love about this Adult Swim show.

  • 1920’s Fringed Dress With Accessories

    1920’s Fringed Dress With Accessories

    This Flapper 1920’s Dress is a high-quality Gatsby Costume V-neck Fringed Dress that comes with 20 pieces of accessories. The dress is made from top-quality Polyester. The general design and styling employed here give the dress some classy fashion that you would love to see on your wife, girlfriend, or a Peaky Blinder fan.

  • Magic Wand Remote Control

    Magic Wand Remote Control

    Oh, this is one is so much fun! You can now almost control anything thanks to this Magic Wand Remote Control. Twirl the wand clockwise to change channels or program the wand to pause/play. It has 13 easy to learn gestures.

  • Batman Watch For Kids

    Batman Watch For Kids

    DC Comics always have your kids’ fun and joy in mind. This has clearly been shown in their design of the Batman watch. This watch is a unique kind. It is not only touch-screen but also features a voice recorder, selfie-cam, alarm, stopwatch, pedometer, calculator, and 3x games. All these in one great watch. It allows your kids to easily and securely download awesome videos and photos for the purpose of sharing with friends and family. The battery is long-lasting for unlimited fun throughout the day. Complete with a comfortable silicone strap, your kids can wear it all day long. The package comes beautifully wrapped, making it an ideal gift choice.

  • Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

    Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

    This Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield come as a Double Pack Nintendo Switch done by Nintendo. It’s a pre-purchase and comes with a downloadable code for the particular inside-the-game Gold Studded Leather case. It also contains A Pokemon sword and shield games. It’s a set of fun that a Pokemon fan can enjoy.

  • Plasma Pistol

    Plasma Pistol

    This Plasma Pistol is a replica of the Fallout Plasma pistol in a 1:1 scale. It does feature great detailing, making it look like the real thing. It comes with LED lights on each side and a moveable trigger, which acts as the on/off switch. As an officially licensed Fallout collectible, it does make an excellent gift for any fan of the Fallout game series.

  • Lego Minecraft The Village

    Lego Minecraft The Village

    Lego Minecraft The Village provides a way to enjoy endless adventures at the busy Minecraft village. As a hive of activities, it features a blacksmith, a butcher, a library, and also a marketplace. In this village, you join forces with Alex and combine all your Minecraft skills to mine, create, craft, tend to the livestock as well as grow vital crops.

  • Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters

    Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters

    “Tricks of the Classic NES Tetris Masters” is a quick but highly informative read from author Brian K Smith. If you’re like many gamers out there, you might have an interest in Tetris that unfortunately conflicts with your inability to successfully play it. With this guide at your disposal, you can develop a much deeper understanding of the core gameplay and its mechanics. Most modern iterations of the game still rely upon these basic principles, making them worthwhile even if you aren’t playing the original NES version. After a little bit of studying and plenty of practice, this book will have you well on your way to Tetris mastery.

  • Friends Things I Learned Mug

    Friends Things I Learned Mug

    When you take your day-starter coffee, an evening warming tea or your gaming beverage from the Friends Things I Learned Mug, it’s a way to motivate yourself. The mug is all covered with a Central Perk Menu, which gives you a list of tips to make you a better friend. It’s an ideal ceramic mug gift to your friend or a Friends fan.

  • The Mandalorian Action Figure: The Black Series

    The Mandalorian Action Figure: The Black Series

    The Mandalorian Action Figure is a 6-inch-scale action figure that resembles The Mandalorian action character. The toy includes multiple articulation points and premium details. Inspired by stylized images from the live-action Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian is a tight-lipped, battle-worn bounty hunter. Collectors and fans can easily think back to and enjoy the scenes they watched from Stars Wars Galaxy, featured on Disney Plus with this high-quality The Mandalorian toy. Star Wars collectors and fans, will enjoy displaying this fully-articulated and highly poseable figure. The vehicle and action figure collection also feature premium deco, making this toy the perfect addition to any Star Wars collection.

  • The Joker Lounge Pants

    The Joker Lounge Pants

    These Joker-themed lounge pants are perfect for wearing in bed or around the house on those lazy days. The drawstring closure ensures they don’t dig into that expanding waistline. They are constructed from 100% breathable cotton, making them hypoallergenic, easy to launder, and suitable to wear when exercising on cold days. The left leg features a graphic of The Joker’s face and neon green capital lettering spelling “THE JOKER”. The lounge pants are officially licensed merch from DC Comics and would make a funky gift for fans of all the Batman movies. They are available in men’s sizes small, medium, and large.

  • Hulkbuster Mk2 Deluxe Figure

    Hulkbuster Mk2 Deluxe Figure

    The Hulkbuster Mk2 Deluxe Figure is a masterpiece offering a beautiful sculpture demonstrating the nuances of Avengers at its peak. With the glowing armor and the finer details, this is a charming addition to any collection and offers a beautiful peek into the beautiful Marvel universe through its most unique sculpture. It is made out of high-grade plastic offering the detailed finish a person requires when it comes to delivering a captivating design. Designed by Joe Allard, this is a one-of-a-kind sculpture that is perfectly sized and offers the comprehensive charm necessary to enjoy the fun-filled nature of the Avengers.

  • The Walking Dead: Season 5 Limited Edition

    The Walking Dead: Season 5 Limited Edition

    Season 5 Limited Edition is a continuation of the previous ‘The Walking Dead’ season where rick and the group were outnumbered, outgunned, and trapped in a train as they wait for a grim fate. If you missed the show and want to know what followed or you wish to have a repeat of the seasons five, this limited edition short box will give you that and more.

  • The One Where I drink the Wine Glass

    The One Where I drink the Wine Glass

    The One Where I drink Wine Glass is a stemless Friends Wine Glass ideal for different occasions where wine is being served. It’s also a great gift to show appreciation of the many hours, days, months, or years you have friends. It also makes a great conversation starter when you serve your family of guests some wine with it.

  • Superman Coffee Maker with Mug

    Superman Coffee Maker with Mug

    The DC Superman 1-Cup Coffee Maker is a unique gift item that comes with a Superman Mug. It’s uniquely designed to offer you the best way to prepare your coffee and make yourself feel like Superman. It’s quite easy to use and features a flip-top lid, and an illuminated on/off switch.

  • Green Lantern: Extended Cut

    Green Lantern: Extended Cut

    Green Lantern: Extended Cut Let’s face facts: the 2011 live action Green Lantern film did not perform as expected. It was met with lukewarm reception at best, and it didn’t exactly light the box office on fire. It had such a bad reputation that any plans of building a cinematic universe with the then-current character had to be reworked, and it took a lot of convincing for Ryan Reynolds to headline another comic book movie later on with Deadpool. Even so, the movie has gone on to find a fanbase with a strong cult following. Available now with all of the missing bits restored, you can check out the Green Lantern: Extended Cut and make your own mind up!

  • The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye

    The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye

    The paperback is a piece done by Robert Kirkman, while Tony Moore was the illustrator. It’s was published on February 19, 2013. In this book, the world we knew is gone and replaced with the world of survival and responsibility. As a fan of The Walking Dead TV show, you would love the facts and stories shared in this book on how to survive the apocalyptic proportions.

  • Daredevil Epic Collection

    Daredevil Epic Collection

    If you are interested in Daredevil, this is the place to start. The book collects the first twenty-one stories ever told in a sturdy paperback book. Daredevil has his very first battles with Gladiator ( Melvin Potter), Owl, and Electro. These are quite entertaining stories from the past of Daredevil. This is his start in the Marvel Universe. Kids of any age would enjoy these very gripping and fun to read stories. It is so refreshing to read the early works of Daredevil. The Epic comes with a wealth of bonus materials including original art pages from Romita & Everrett as well as Wally Wood’s reference sheets.

  • Disney Bullseye Plush

    Disney Bullseye Plush

    If you want your preschooler to have fun, then get him the Toy Story Disney Bullseye Plush. It comes to a detailed plush sculpturing with embroidered features. It also has a felt tail and mane bring out the fan part of plush. Its golden fabric stirrups show the originality and authenticity of this Disney Store Bullseye plush.

  • Invicta Wonder Woman Watch

    Invicta Wonder Woman Watch

    Keep time and make yourself look classy at the same time with this fabulous looking Invicta Wonder Woman Watch. It’s a full watch featuring a combination of blue, red, and gold colors. It’s also a master-class art that comes with a Wonder Woman Gold Logo in the inside. It’s a perfect Woman gift for any occasion.

  • Nuka Cola Quantum Soda

    Nuka Cola Quantum Soda

    This Nuka Cola Quantum from Fallout Jones Soda is a 1 Bottle packed with a rare drinkable item. It has a nuclear radioactive berry flavor, which makes it even more lovable. It’s also an officially licensed Fallout product that comes as a single bottle of delicious, drinkable soda straight from the wastelands by Jones Soda Co.

  • Kotobukiya Black & Gold Iron Man Statue

    Kotobukiya Black & Gold Iron Man Statue

    Are you a big Marvel fan or know someone who is? The Kotobukiya black and gold Iron Man statue is an item that any Marvel Comics and movies will love. It is about eight inches tall, which makes it a great piece for decorating a desk. The statue is made of PVC, but the bottom of Iron Man’s feet have magnets. The pose is also one that makes the statue interesting. It is a good addition to have if you have a collection of The Avengers but also stands tall on its own. The piece goes for about $53 on Amazon without shipping fees.

  • Princess Peach Costume

    Princess Peach Costume

    This Princess Peach costume is a must-have for those who love to dress up, especially dress up as popular video game characters. This costume is made with high quality materials, mainly polyester. This means the Princess Peach costume will not rip and tear easily. One of the best features of the costume is its color, as it features various shades of pink. It even comes with the crown headband, which is without a doubt what Princess Peach is most known for. The costume is perfect for those who want a Halloween costume or have themed birthday party coming up or to just wear for the fun of it.

  • The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book

    The World of Warcraft Pop-Up Book

    The Pop-Up Book Hardcover, published on October 15, 2019, was crafted by the best-selling paper engineer, Matthew Reinhardt. It’s a book that brings you the most loved locations in Warcraft. Each page here unfolds an eye-popping treat and depicts iconic locations with new art in an interactive way to form an Azeroth Map.

  • Little Golden Book: Toy Story

    Little Golden Book: Toy Story

    Woody, Buzz, and the whole Toy Story gang are together again in this Little Golden Book. Children ages 3 to 7 will love hearing this story again and again, while parents will love the book’s sturdy board pages, padded cover, and die-cut handle for take-along fun!

  • Mr Potato Head Mug with Lid

    Mr Potato Head Mug with Lid

    A great funny Toy Story gift is this Mr Potato Head Mug. His hat works as a lid so you won’t be able to spill your drink.

  • Raphael Disguise

    Raphael Disguise

    The NECA TMNT Raphael Disguise figure is a sturdy 1/4 Scale Action Figure of Raphael, as seen in the TMNT 1990 Movie. It shows the disguise trench coat and sculpted hat Raphael uses to maneuver through the city unnoticed. The figure stands 16.5 inches tall and has a 30-point articulation. Its fully-articulated detailing makes it an ideal gift for your kids; above three years old.

  • Minecraft Lounge Pants

    Minecraft Lounge Pants

    The 100% Cotton-made Minecraft Mens’ Minecraft Lounge Pants is a unique Pajama bottom that you will love to wear. As a striking pajama, it’s inspired by the popular Minecraft video game, making it an ideal gift for the game. Its elastic waistband allows the wearer to relax in comfort. It’s machine washable and quite easy to care for.

  • Garfield Salt and Pepper

    Garfield Salt and Pepper

    Celebrate Good Taste With The Garfield And Arlene Magnetic Salt And Pepper Shaker Set Enjoy a great addition to your tableware – or simply a fabulous collectible set with the Garfield and Arelene (his feline other half) salt and pepper shakers. The built in magnet allows the couple to stick close together and the ceramic material will stand the test of time. This is the perfect gift for those who love this iconic cat couple. Figurines are 4 inches high and are certain to be a talking point whenever people gather around the dinner table. Present them for Christmas, a birthday or literally any special occasion – the simple cuteness overload is something that anyone can admire.

  • Swarovski Crystal Batman Necklace

    Swarovski Crystal Batman Necklace

    If you are looking from something a little more posh, this Swarovski Crystal Batman Necklace is for you. It is a good-looking sterling silver Batman necklace with pink, yellow, orange, green, and blue crystals. It comes in a nice box and it includes a 18-inch chain.

  • Wonder Woman Bookend

    Wonder Woman Bookend

    Artori Design wants you to have the best book arrangements with the iconic superhero metal bookend of a Wonder Woman statue. The heroine is seen to be on her particular pose, supporting your books. It’s a unique and inspirational bookend that will add interest to your bookshelf and turn it into art.

  • Funny Spider-Man T-Shirt

    Funny Spider-Man T-Shirt

    This Spider-Man Just Do It Later T-Shirt is just hilarious. It is made out of 100% cotton and the printing is done by Ultra HD direct-to-garment. It is available for males and females and you choose from 6 different sizes. Now you always have an excuse to “Just Do It Later”.

  • Spider-Man Memory Game

    Spider-Man Memory Game

    One of the first games that kids learn is Memory. It trains their memory to get better in remembering things. This Spider-Man edition will really capture their interest. It is advised for ages 3 and up.

  • Deadpool Riding a Unicorn Plush

    Deadpool Riding a Unicorn Plush

    The Kidrobot Marvel Deadpool Riding a Unicorn Plush is a part of the Kidrobot’s Phunny plush line which features Deadpool with a magical sidekick riding a rainbow unicorn pal right to the owner’s heart. It’s an import, 8-inch long with a Deadpool design. An excellent gift for Deadpool kids lovers.

  • Iron Spider with Nano Gauntlet Funko

    Iron Spider with Nano Gauntlet Funko

    Collect your favorite Avengers characters and display them proudly in your own Funko collection! From Avengers: Endgame comes Iron Spider with Nano Gauntlet as a 3 3/4-inch tall POP vinyl. This Funko figure is just one of the many figures from the Avengers: Endgame collection. Collect them all to build your team of super heroes.

  • The 100 Greatest Retro Videogames

    The 100 Greatest Retro Videogames

    The hardcover brings the inside stories behind the 100 best games ever made, excellent work done by Retro Gamer and Iain Lee. If you do love video games, this countdown of the greatest retro games of all time with high for you. The best part is, it does come with developer interviews, amazing facts, behind-the-scenes stories, and trivia. The book is brilliantly illustrated, and Retro Gamer Magazine experts choose all the games. The book takes a look at everything from the old 8-bit hits such as Manic Miner and Pac-Man to the more recent classics such as Halo: Resident Evil. It’s a must-read for all Video Game fans.

  • Rick “Peace Among Worlds” Figure

    Rick “Peace Among Worlds” Figure

    If you’re a fan of the hit Adult Swim show Rick and Morty, and Rick happens to be your favorite character, you’ll want to pick up this decorative statue! This perfectly-designed statue shows Rick in an iconic pose that fans will instantly recognize. When you have this figure on display, Rick will shoot a double middle finger to anyone that walks past. This figure has a sturdy base, which means you won’t need to worry about it being knocked over or damaged. While the figure can’t be posed, it can be removed from the base and placed elsewhere. The figure stands at 6.7 inches tall and comes in a decorative box.

  • Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

    Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

    Game of Thrones: A Pop-Up Guide to Westeros is a must-have for every Game Of Thrones fan. Although the book has only 5 pages. These 5 pages are huge and contain a lot of content to read. The book also has mini-pops like direwolves, White Walkers, giants, and dragons.

  • Game of Thrones Video Game

    Game of Thrones Video Game

    The A Telltale Games Series PlayStation 4 by U&I Entertainment is a fascinating gameplay that allows you to interact with your favorite GOT characters. It’s voiced by the original main characters to make it feel more real. With your choices, you get to change the story around you. It’s gameplay you will love as a GOT fan. More

  • Batman Projector Pen

    Batman Projector Pen

    This is a 1.0mm ballpoint pen that boasts a stylish design and doubles as a light projector that casts a neat Batman logo. The projector works with four LR44 batteries, already included in the pack. Projecting the Batman logo image is as easy as pressing and holding the button on the pen. The light is bright enough to be used as a flashlight. Even though some users have complained that the clip broke too easily, this Batman projector pen still provides great value for its price. Handled with care, it can offer a Batman fan many moments of pleasure and entertainment.

  • Deadpool Desk Figures

    Deadpool Desk Figures

    Have some fun on your desk with this great Deadpool Desk Figures. You can literally place them anywhere. My favourite is the “Suck it” one, perfect to sometimes place your boss his/her’s desk. It’s never too late to have some fun.

  • Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Set

    Bleak Falls Barrow Delve Set

    The game allows you to traverse the Elder Scrolls’s world. The Dragonborn uses her iconic weapons and armor to delve into the ancient Nord caves and barrows, and the Dhovakin is facing the keepers, who are undead, of forgotten ruins and tombs. The creaking skeleton archers and the immortal Draugr Warriors using greatswords oppose the Dragonborn. The Draugr Overlord, who is one of the most formidable enemies of the Dragonborn, leads both the skeleton archers and the immortal Draugr Warriors, and he protects the secrets of his resting place jealously. However, the figures of the game are not painted, but they look pretty cool.

  • The Joker Mug

    The Joker Mug

    Is your favorite mug suppose top terrify you in the morning? This Joker smile may but a smile on your face, but an unerving one at that. Thos extra large mug features the Joker’s iconic grin up close and personal. It is an extra large mug with a 17.5 ounce capacity, big enough for an extra large coffee or cup of soup. The mug has been expertly mo;led and hand painted to show off the brilliant color scheme. Created of ceramic, the mug will keep all of your hot beverages super hot. Place this cup on your desk at work to show off your love of the Joker and keep some of those coworkers at bay!

  • Arthur Fleck Plush

    Arthur Fleck Plush

    One might never consider Arthur Fleck’s Joker to be cute and cuddly. In fact, he was quite creepy and rather disturbing! However, there is no denying that this Arthur Fleck plush is absolutely adorable! He is perfect for any comic book or Joquin Phoenix fan! Standing 7.8 inches and dressed in that now-famous suit, Arthur Fleck is ready to make his debut to the world and your home! The plush doll is made of high-quality fabric and is super soft with PP cotton filler. The colors of the suit and makeup are bright and vivid. You may not have been looking for a best friend, but you found one with the Arthur Fleck plush doll!

  • Kotobukiya Wonder Woman

    Kotobukiya Wonder Woman

    Any Wonder Woman fan would appreciate this Kotobukiya Wonder Woman Artfx Statue as it comes as an authoritative and highly detailed 1/6 scale ArtFX figure. The best part is, the heroine can be changed to here futuristic version. It comes in a rendered museum-style while her posing retaining the Amazon princess’s strength and elegance.

  • Warcraft Movie

    Warcraft Movie

    The Warcraft Movie is something you will love if you love fantasy-action movies. It’s a unique spectacular chronicle of power and sacrifice. In this movie, an unlikely set of heroes sets a collision course to protect the fate of civilization. It’s an entertaining and inspiring movie with more than fun in it. It’s a perfect gift for the Warcraft movie or game fan.

  • Betrayal At House On The Hill

    Betrayal At House On The Hill

    Betrayal At House On The Hill is the perfect game for anyone aged 12 and up. It allows for 3 to 6 players to play together to survive a nightmare. However, throughout the course, one player becomes the traitor. Each game lasts approximately an hour and it offers extremely high levels of replayability with over 50 scenarios available. This allows players the ability to create a new story each and every time they play ensuring that everyone is able to get a lot of fun out of the game. During the course of the game, you essentially build your own haunted mansion and have to work together to escape it alive.

  • Cyrax Figure

    Cyrax Figure

    The Cyrax Figure is a unique detailed action figure of a skilled Motswana Warrior, Cyrax. It portrays his natural fighting ability and readiness to serve. The detailing, painting, and also the costume captures the graphical Cyrax, as seen in Mortal Kombat. It’s a fabulous action figure for you as a fan of MK.

  • Doctor Strange Hoodie

    Doctor Strange Hoodie

    If you want a hoodie to make heads turn wherever you go, choose this one and amaze everyone around you with your own version of Doctor Strange. The hoodie features zipper closure and it comes in a wide array of sizes. While it can make a great everyday hoodie, this garment will serve you well on special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas or Cosplay parties. The beautiful design, the good quality of the fabric, and the sturdy zipper make this jacket a great choice for adults and teens, boys and girls alike. You can wear it at indoor parties without problems, as it is rather thin.

  • Thor Tales Of Asgard

    Thor Tales Of Asgard

    The Tales Of Asgard is a Thor Animated Movie on before he ever lifted his magical hammer. As an entertaining movie, the mighty Thor merely dreamed of adventure past the Asgard high walls. The film shows the fantastic journeys that beckon from the mysterious nine realms. Here Thor is required to prove his worthiness for the destiny he covets through saving Asgard himself.

  • Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection

    Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection

    Available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One, the Mega Man Zero/Zx Legacy Collection is packed with six games from Zero’s spinoff series. Initially available on handheld Nintendo systems, this will be the first time a broader audience has the chance to experience these incredible action platformers. While the unique nature of the gorgeous visuals may deter some that want a more traditional take from the Mega Man franchise, anyone that loves the fast pace of games like Mega Man X4 or even Mega Man 11 owes it to themselves to check this collection out. This is good old fashioned platform gaming with a sleek twist, and the budget price can’t be beat. Don’t miss out!

  • Veteran Ranger Helmet

    Veteran Ranger Helmet

    In green color, a 60-cm head, this Veteran Ranger brand new mask helmet is a uniquely designed piece featuring the “XCOSER” unique logo typeface. It’s made using high-quality soft resin, making it suitable and safe for use as a Fallout cosplay. Its comfortability and cosplay suitability make it ideal for theme parties, Halloween, professional cosplay, and much more.

  • Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Starter Set

    Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Starter Set

    Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Starter Set This starter set provides new players with everything that they need to dive into the world of Warhammer. In the box, you’ll find two complete Kill Teams: the T’au Empire and Adeptus Astartes. The set also includes a detailed gameboard and scenery. The detailed rule book provides datasheets as well as information on 16 different Warhammer factions. The set does not provide paints, glue, or other modeling tools, which means that players that want to decorate their miniatures will need to make some additional purchases. Kill Team is designed for battles of a smaller scale, making it an excellent entry point into the world of Warhammer.

  • World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

    World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

    Now preparing a feast fit for a war-chief is easier than ever before with this Official Cookbook Hardcover. It presents you with recipes and directions to cook delicious food inspired by the World of Warcraft. Each of its chapters has dishes at a variety of skill levels for a complete of over one hundred easy-to-follow recipes for foods and brews.

  • Ezekiel & Shiva Limited Edition

    Ezekiel & Shiva Limited Edition

    This McFarlane Toys Statue Action Figure of Ezekiel & Shiva is a limited edition resin statue that showcases how the two dealt with walkers. There are four walkers on the action figure with one head’s cut by the Ezekiel sword while the other beaten by his Tiger Shiva. It’s a piece any Zombie fan would love having in their collection.

  • The Mountain Helmet

    The Mountain Helmet

    Trick Or Treat Studios wants you to have the best costume for Halloween with this The Mountain Helmet from Game of Thrones Season 7. It’s available in one size, which fits most adults. The Helmet is latex-made to make it friendly while wearing it. As a licensed GOT product, it’s a perfect Halloween gift for any GOT fan. More

  • Green Arrow Coat

    Green Arrow Coat

    If you are a fan of The Arrow’s Oliver Queen, you can embody him by acquiring the Green Arrow hooded sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is made from a blend of high quality cotton and polyester which makes it extremely comfortable and stretchy. It is extremely lightweight and designed for wear when undertaking casual activities such as biking, hiking, relaxing at home, exercising or strolling down the street or beach. This stylish sweater comes in a range of sizes from small (S) to extra extra large (XXL). The best part is that is can be found in different colors like green or olive. You just have to choose the color that you feel makes you look most stylish and cool. With retail prices for this hooded sweatshirt starting at $30, this is a bargain you cannot afford to miss.

  • DST Red Hulk Statue

    DST Red Hulk Statue

    The Red Hulk action figure is the perfect addition for anyone who collects Avenger action figurines. This awesome looking multicolor action figure stands approximately 10 inches tall. The figurine comes in an attractive window box for preservation and display. This superhero is standing on a unique rocky base. The Hulk statue is colored in an attractive red and appears to have just been in a fierce battle. It is sculptured by the well-known Sam Greenwell and will be a great addition to any collection of Marvel collectibles. The figure was manufactured using high-grade plastics and its detailed sculptured features make it a Marvel collectible figure favorite.

  • Naruto Adult Hoodie

    Naruto Adult Hoodie

    As an officially licensed Naruto Shippuden Hoodie, this hooded sweatshirt is a great cosplay for a Naruto theme party, Halloween, Christmas, Birthday or any other occasion. It does bring out a certain personality of its wearer, and it can be used as casual wear as well. Its Naruto design makes it something you might want to wear to showcase your love for the series.

  • The Joker by Brian Bolland Statue

    The Joker by Brian Bolland Statue

    If you are a fan of all things Batman or specifically, the Joker, this is a must have collector’s item for your shelf! This 7 inch mini statue is based upon the beautiful artwork of Brian Bolland and his iconic graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. The piece has been expertly sculpted by David Giraud. There is a matching 7 inch Batman mini statue that makes this an incredible collector’s pair. This beautiful but disturbing statue is polyresin and limited to a 5,000 numbered collection. Be sure to act fast before your chance to own the Joker passes like dust on a deck of cards!

  • Teen Groot with Gun

    Teen Groot with Gun

    Teen Groot with Gun Remember Groot from Avengers End Game? You can now give your kid an exact replica of Groot holding a gun as if he’s about to go into war against Thanos. This 3.75-inch tall vinyl figure is a must-have for any Guardian of the Galaxy and Avengers fan. It looks so close to reel life Groot that it even won the People’ Choice Award and 2017 Toy of the Year award. Just make sure you find a flat surface to make the figurine stand. Once you do, your kid would want to play with it all day long. You can also collect the entire toy collection to complete the full team of Groot.

  • Naruto Shippuden 1000 Piece Puzzle

    Naruto Shippuden 1000 Piece Puzzle

    This Mosaic Art Puzzle is an exciting jigsaw puzzle from the popular Mosaic series NARUTO. It contains 1000 pieces and 35028 copies of the first episode and 55 episodes used. It’s a game you enjoy trying to complete the Naruto Shippuden. It’s a perfect gift for any fan of the series.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks

    Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks

    Street Fighter X Tekken was a highly ambitious crossover that brought the casts of Street Fighter and Tekken head to head. Based largely upon the wildly popular Street Fighter IV, the game took some slight risks such as placing the action solely in 2.5D whereas Tekken gameplay is famous for being a more fully realized 3D. While the game did not take off as the financial success that Capcom and Namco hoped, it did well within the competitive circuit and it still lives on as a cult favorite to this day. With this Street Fighter X Tekken Artworks compilation, you can celebrate a wide variety of incredible concept and promo art from the project. This is a fantastic celebration of some of fighting game’s most beloved characters.

  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Want to prepare yourself before playing the first edition of Warhammer? If you do, you should read Warhammer Fantasy first. This book consists of all the rules and regulations that you need to keep in mind while playing the game. Many gamers complain that they can’t upgrade their powers or weapons even though they have enough coins. This book will tell you precisely how to upgrade your armory. Some of the rules may seem confusing at times. You can re-read them so that you don’t miss out on the thrill that the first or second edition of Warhammer offers to everyone.

  • Mario Kart Child Costume

    Mario Kart Child Costume

    The Mario Kart Child Costume Put your kid behind the wheel of this high-quality Mario Kart Child costume. It comes from the creators of the game, which means it is originally licensed to Nintendo – Super Mario Bros, and it is manufactured with durable polyester. The costume also includes 3D foam overlay, while the edge stitching prevents it from losing shape. Featuring exciting colors and the classic Mario kart design, your child will feel like they are right there in the game. The best part is that this outfit can be used for many different occasions, even Halloween. As for keeping it clean, handwashing is recommended.

  • Xbox Carrying Case

    Xbox Carrying Case

    If you need a safe way to store your Xbox while traveling, you should check out this carrying case. Made from a tightly woven RipStop nylon, the case features a reinforced outer shell with padded interior to protect your Xbox from impact, scratches and water damage. This carrying case is designed to accommodate multiple controllers, cables, headphones and other such accessories. Thanks to the padded shoulder strap, you can wear this case as a crossbody or sling bag. Should you prefer to carry it in your hand, you can use the handle. The case fits all XBox models and it comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Invisibility Cloak

    Invisibility Cloak

    Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak was a gift from his father James, and now it’s a gift to you. This magical cloak will appear to remove you from sight in pictures, features colors and textures loyal to the films and even comes with Albus Dumbledore’s famous note, reading “use it well.”

  • Venom Plush

    Venom Plush

    It’s a good idea to buy a Venom plush if you’re a fan of the character. This character is generally pitted against Spider Man and he looks awesome in terms of comic characters. This 9 inch plush features Venom in a more cute way than he’s portrayed in the comics. But, he still looks like the bad guy we’ve all come to love so it should be a hit with those who are into the Marvel comic universe. This plush was made with quality in mind and will last a long while so it makes a great gift and collector’s item.

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