• Ghostbusters 1:1 Prop Replica Trap

    Ghostbusters 1:1 Prop Replica Trap

    If you are looking to expand your Ghostbusters collection, you should for sure take a look at this Ghostbusters 1:1 Ghost Trap. It has a weathered paint job so it looks like it has been used for quite some time already which just makes it a lot more realistic. The great thing about it as well is that you can actually open and close it with a click of a button.

  • Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Tin Lunch Box

    Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Tin Lunch Box

    When you’re out catching ghosts, you can get hungry. This Ghost Trap lunch box is just perfect for the task. It is your version of the Ghost Trap that the Ghostbusters used. It has picture knobs for “Vapor Max,” “Particle Dispersion,” “Vapor Containment Strength,” and a lot more. You can tell that it works hard in trapping ghosts because it has ectoplasmic splatters. The Ghost Trap Lunch Box is 7 3/4 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 5 3/4 inches tall, giving you plenty of room for a hearty lunch before you go ghost-trapping. A metal handle makes it easy for you to carry your lunch or ghost conveniently. A secure latch keeps your lunch or the ghost securely inside.

  • Ghostbusters: Proton Pack and Wand

    Ghostbusters: Proton Pack and Wand

    If you are a fan of Ghostbusters, you may want to obtain the officially licensed Wand & Proton Pack. This is a miniature replica of the one used in the 2016 Ghostbusters film. It is a total of 4 inches in height, complete with a pair of straps. It also comes with a total of 13 decal stickers and features both sound & light effects. The lights will flash red using bright LEDs that will easily illuminate the wand. By pressing one button on the handle, you will also be able to emit sound. Included with this package is a miniature book that has unique stickers. It is a great gift for anyone that has enjoyed any of the Ghostbusters films. Overall, this collectible is perfect for collectors and those looking for a gift that a Ghostbusters fan will love.

  • Ghostbusters: P.K.E. Meter

    Ghostbusters: P.K.E. Meter

    The Ghostbusters P.K.E. Meter Kit features a mini replica of the famous Psychokinetic Energy Meter from the film Ghostbusters of 1984. The four inch mini meter consists of sensor wings that open up at a push of a button. It includes two light modes with multi colored LEDs – with the light illuminating along the wings of the meter. The meter also features an authentic detecting sound. It is a unique gift for fans and enthusiasts of the film – Ghostbusters. The kit also includes a mini book that contains eight full color stickers. Make sure to purchase this product while the stocks last.

  • Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap

    Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap

    Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? Who are you going to call? With this officially-licensed kit, you get a mini replica of the exact ghost trap used in the classic film. It comes with fully operational doors that open and close with a simple button press. The box has sound and lights that make it look like the real thing. There is a full book included that contains 12 stickers and decal stickers that can be used with the box. It’s a must-have for any Ghostbuster fan and there is a lot to like about the box. The outer casing makes it look like the real thing.

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