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  • best gifts for a coach

    Best Gifts For A Coach

    Finding the best gifts for a coach can be a though job as the role for coaches often varies. In our list, we have the perfect mix between gifts for your coach. More

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  • gifts for boaters

    Best Gifts For A Boater

    Ahoy there! What are the best gifts for boaters? Well, we are here to help you out. In our list, you can find journals, compasses, wine life vests,… More

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  • Violin Gifts

    The Best Violin Gifts For Violin Enthusiasts

    Finding great violin gifts can be difficult. Luckily, Cool Things is here to help you out. The violin originates from Italy in the 16th century. Typically, it has 4 strings and some famous violin builders are Guarneri, Guadagnini, and Amat. But probably the most famous builder is Antonio Stradivari. He is most known for his Stradivarius violin but he also […] More

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  • Gifts For Guitar Players

    Gifts For Guitar Players

    What are the perfect gifts for guitar players? Buying a gift for music artists is always tricky. An artistic mind is always buzzing with ideas and you never know which way is it will go. The world has given us some very talented guitar players who all said the same thing about their skill. You don’t need skill to play […] More

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  • Dragon Ball Z Gifts

    The Best Dragon Ball Z Gifts

    It’s hard to find the perfect Dragon Ball Z gift as there’s so much DBZ merchandise that you don’t even know where to start. So we decided to do the work for you and list our favorite Dragon Ball Z Gifts.  More

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  • deadpool gifts

    The Coolest Deadpool Gifts

    Are you looking for some great Deadpool Gifts? We have made a list with the most fun and hilarious Deadpool merch. Be sure to check the Airsoft Mask… More

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  • Personalized Cutting Board

    Personalized Cutting Board

    This cute bamboo cutting board can be easily customized with couples’ names. Available in 12 designs and 3 sizes, it comes with easy instructions to put your name and that of your partner on it. This can be a perfect, romantic gift for couples or even your spouse. Check it out

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  • Couple Relationship Infographic

    Couple Relationship Infographic

    Capture your whole love story is this charming infographic for couples. You will have to provide all the info to the creator and he will mail you back the design in JPEG & PDF. Then is it up to you how you print it out. But this something you will have to do on your own. Check it out

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  • 88 Great Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives

    88 Great Conversation Starters for Husbands and Wives

    This is an amazing card pack by Christian Art Gifts that offers a fun and romantic way for couples to get to know each other. The pack consists of 88 double-sided cards with great conversation starters and questions like “How do you imagine celebrating our 25th anniversary?”, for both players. Check it out

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  • I Like His Beard

    I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Coffee Mug Set

    This is a beautiful mug set for couples with one mug bearing the words “I like her butt” even as the other mug says “I like his beard”. This amazing couples’ mug set can be a perfect Valentines or anniversary gift. Check it out

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  • Picnic Backpack

    Picnic Backpack

    This cute brush beige Sunflora backpack a picnic blanket is designed to carry picnic items for up to 4 individuals. It features an insulated waterproof pouch, a large insulated food compartment, well thought out utensil compartment, and removable bottle holder. Check it out

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  • Iron Man Helmet

    The Coolest Iron Man Helmets

    Looking for an Iron Man Helmet? We were too and we found the perfect Iron Man Helmet replica. Just have a look at the list below. We got them all.

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  • DC Comics & Marvel gifts

    Superhero, DC Comics & Marvel Gifts

    If you are looking for a great superhero gift. Have a look at our incredible overview. It contains Marvel gifts and DC Comics gifts so the whole comic universe is represented. More

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  • Couples Matching Underwear

    Couples Matching Underwear

    You and her deserve this cute pair of customized underwear. Each undergarment says “Property of” and you can have your name or that of your spouse added to complete the statement so it says “Property of John/Ashly/Lavender”, etc, for instance. Each piece is handmade, using premium quality vinyl. Check it out Looking for some other funny couple gifts? Check them […]

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  • Dentist/Dental Cookie Gift box!

    Dentist/Dental Cookie Gift box!

    The Dentist/Dental Cookie Gift box is a small box with a collection of thank you, dentist,/dental sugar cookies. It is a perfect gift to show your Dentists how much you appreciate their care. The sugar cookies are almond and vanilla flavored and also topped with a delicious buttercream icing.

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  • This Day in History Boxed Calendar

    This Day in History Boxed Calendar

    The This Day in History Boxed Calendar is perfect for those who want to keep learning every day. The calendar will teach you trivia from early civilization up to the 21st century. Expect influential events, accomplishments, and inventions like when Galileo dies, launch of the Iphone and many more.

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  • Car Seat Organizer For Cops

    Car Seat Organizer For Cops

    The Clothink Car Seat Organizer Storage is a unique car seat organizer ideal for Laptop, iPad, Office Supplies and More. Its design allows it to fit any car or truck. It also features long-term stability and also boasts a plastic back support, long adjustable webbed straps and strong buckles.

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  • Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

    Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

    Our Q&A a Day by Potter Gift is 3-year year diary for two people. With it, you and your partner can create a three-year time capsule of your relationship in the easiest way possible. This is a must-have diary if you are in a relationship or marriage. Check it out

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  • LoveBook


    If you’re looking for the ultimate personalized gift, the Lovebook is the solution for you. The goal of this book is to list all the reasons why you love someone. You can completely customize the book to your own need and add beautiful illustrations to make one-of-a-kind gift they will love.

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  • Couples Bracelets

    Couples Bracelets

    This is an awesome bracelet set for a couple; one bracelet for you and another bracelet for her. Each bracelet can be customized in a number of ways with different statements like “her beast”, “God save me you”, “Forever”, etc. A perfect bracelet set for you and her! Check it out

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  • History Buff Coffee Mug

    History Buff Coffee Mug

    This History Buff Coffee Mug is a hilarious gift for history lovers and teachers. It is a ceramic coffee mug so you can put it into a dishwasher or microwave.

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  • Teeth Planter Pots

    Teeth Planter Pots

    The Gift Pro Prod 2 Pcs Teeth Pots are two White Ceramic Succulent Pots or Mini Flower Plant Planter. They come as a set of modern and minimalist designed plant planters with bamboo saucers. They are perfect for displaying live plants, while also holding and organizing a number of items.

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  • Ring for a Kiss Bell

    Ring for a Kiss Bell

    This is a cute 5-inch bell with a head that says “Ring for a kiss”. Both of you could agree to use the brass coated bell as a cryptic invitation for some romance. It is all about making your love life interesting in many creative ways. Check it out

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  • Dead Languages Tie

    Dead Languages Tie

    This Dead Languages Tie is just plain fun. The languages vary from hieroglyphics to braille but also math, music and many many more. This is a great gift to give during Christmas time. The tie is made from nylon and silk.

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  • Personalized Police Officer Docking Station

    Personalized Police Officer Docking Station

    The Personalized Thin Blue Line Wood Docking Station is a wooden handmade docking station that is compatible with almost all cell phones with any cord. With it being made from high-quality plywood, it’s a piece that will last for years. All the charging station are also special oil-treated for added durability.

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  • Star Wars Gift For Him

    The Best Star Wars Gifts For Him

    The whole world was amazed when they left the cinema in 1977 after watching the first Star Wars movie from George Lucas. Nobody ever expected that this movie would eventually evolve into pop culture phenomenon. There is so much Star Wars merchandise to buy as a gift, you just don't know where to start. We went through thousands of products and [...]

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  • coolest spiderman socks

    The Coolest Spiderman Socks

    We made a list of the coolest Spiderman socks because I just love to wear them below my suit at work. It’s my way to protest for wearing a suit every day. More

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  • Professor Noggin's History of the United States

    Professor Noggin’s History of the United States

    The Professor Noggin’s History of the United States is an educational card that teaches kids about history. They can pick their favorite topics so they can learn and play at the same time. You can play it from 2 to 8 players. So it is also a fun party game.

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  • Mindful Relationship Habits

    Mindful Relationship Habits

    This book is the perfect gift for couples that feel disconnected, are struggling to keep their relationship/marriage strong or worried that the matrimony may come to an end. It is chock full of helpful insights, including 25 Practices for couples to nurture closeness, grow a deeper connection and spice up intimacy. Check it out Find some more gifts for couples […]

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  • President Socks

    President Socks

    These President socks come in 4 pair. They feature John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin. For the eagle eyes among you, indeed the Benjamin Franklin wasn’t a president so the manufacturer made a mistake which is quite funny actually.

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  • I Love you From Top to Bottom Printed Toilet Paper

    I Love you From Top to Bottom Printed Toilet Paper

    This is a romantic toilet paper that says “I love you from top to bottom”. It can be a great gift for your partner who will be reminded of your love every time they set their eyes on it. Plus, it’s a cheap gift since TPs generally don’t cost much. Check it out

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  • funny dentist shirt

    Funny Dentist Shirt

    The Sahara Creative Funny Dentist Shirt is cotton made –imported shirt with a non-fading “Just Floss It” print. It’s an ideal gift for any dental office or dental hygienist. It also features a trendy design which gives it a unique construction touch. It’s a premium t-shirt made from lightweight fine jersey fabric.

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  • St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Coin

    St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Coin

    The Hero’s Valor St. Michael Patron Saint of Law Coin is a unique coin that comes with Hero’s valor. It’s ideal for any law enforcement offers. It features a thin blue line meant to mean order and chaos, life and death. It’s also a memorizer for the fallen comrades.

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  • Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

    Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

    Nostalgia is an amazing appliance to buy for yourself or a friend that loves ice cream, gelato or frozen yoghurt. This ice cream maker will make up to 4-quarts of delicious ice cream, gelato or yogurt at any one time, which is enough to feed all your party guests. Check it out

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  • Couples Coffee Mug

    Couples Coffee Mug

    This is a beautiful mug set for soul mates. The set contains two similar mugs with different decorations. One mug bears a male sketch whereas the other mug bears a female sketch. Both mugs feature multiple heart decorations though. This soul mates mug set can be a perfect Valentines gift. Check it out

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  • Signed Titanic Photo by the Last Survivor

    Signed Titanic Photo by the Last Survivor

    In 2009, the last survivor of the Titanic died so this Signed Titanic Photo by the Last Survivor has become incredibly unique. This is a great for history lovers but even more for Titanic fanatics who just can’t get enough. People won’t believe that you have this.

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  • Smartphone Sanitizer

    Smartphone Sanitizer

    The PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer is an easy-to-use sanitizer and also a charger designed to zap out germs and bacteria. Once the device is placed inside, a charging cable (included) attached and the lid closed all the germs are cleaned. It uses ultra-violet light for sanitization.

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  • Vintage Candy Assortment from 1969

    Vintage Candy Assortment from 1969

    If you were born in 1969 or not, this Vintage Candy Assortment from 1969 is just a great gift to get as everybody likes sweets. In the box, there are 30 different types of candy. You will find Pop Rocks, Razzles, Fun Dip and many many more.

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  • Ridiculously Real Stories from Real Cops

    Ridiculously Real Stories from Real Cops

    You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Ridiculously Real Stories from Real Cops is a police paperback written by Mike the Cop and published on December 5, 2018. It’s a collection of real stories of the funniest things police offer face in their line of duty.

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  • Talk Flirt Dare Game

    Talk Flirt Dare Game

    This is a complete card pack set that offers exciting and romantic games for couples. You get three categories of card packs i.e. talk, flirt and dare with each pack offering its own unique game. The games are; talk, flirt and dare. You can choose from one of these games. Check it out

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  • Police Badge Custom Whiskey Set

    Police Badge Custom Whiskey Set

    The Police Badge Custom Whiskey Set comes as a custom whiskey gift box. It comes with whiskey stones which pair perfectly rocks glass for chilled spirits. There is also a flask where one can take away their liquor. There is also a custom engraving perfect for any police officer.

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  • Handcrafted Viking Compass Pendant

    Handcrafted Viking Compass Pendant

    This Viking Compass Pendant is handcrafted and carries the Vegvisir symbol. This symbol is old and sacred to the Vikings as they believed that it showed them the way back home safe and protect them from storms. But it also known as spiritual compass that will guide you to make the right decisions.

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  • The United States Constitution: Leather Bound

    The United States Constitution: Leather Bound

    This Leather Bound Constitution of The United States of America is 192 pages long and has acid-free paper with silver edges. Here you can find the United States Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and all other amendments.

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  • The Voting Game

    The Voting Game

    An exciting party game that uncovers the funny truths behind your friendships. After a revealing vote, you can allow your friend to share their personal story to make the moment even more fun. It should be noted, however, that this game won’t be so exciting for people without a personality. Check it out

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  • Personalized Pens for Dentists

    Personalized Pens for Dentists

    The Thanh 39’s Personalized Maple Wood Case with Two Pens is an ideal gift for Dentists. It’s a product of Thanh 39: Personalized Gifts. The two pens are a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen, all made of maple wood. It’s customizable to fit a dentist logo or even a name.

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  • Chrononauts


    The Chrononauts game is one of the best gifts for a history buff who also are a little bit of a geek. In this 1 to 6 player game, you become a Time Traveler who needs to get back to his own reality by changing history. But watch out, if you create to many time paradoxes, you will destroy the universe!

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  • Personalized Dentist Mug

    Personalized Dentist Mug

    The Personalized Custom Dentist Mug is a classy 11oz white ceramic mug with a customizable design print on both sides. It’s professionally printed to ensure it leaves a permanent imprint on it which is dishwasher and microwave safe. The mug is fully inspected before shipping.

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  • Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up

    Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes Pop-Up

    These Gods and Heroes Pop-Up book from the creators of the New York Times best-selling Encyclopedia Prehistorica series have released another jewel. In this pop-up book you will learn everything about the Ancient Egypt, Greek and Norse Gods. But this is not all, you will also travel far East where Jade Emperor sits in the heavens.

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  • Bucket List Journal

    Bucket List Journal

    Our Bucket List by Lux Reads is a great journal that is full of creative and inspirational adventure ideas for couples. From swimming with dolphins to sky diving, this journal will help you spice up your marriage by suggesting many creative adventure activities you can do together for fun. Check it out

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  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

    Nothing makes for a more romantic gift than this cute Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 instant film camera. This lovely digital camera will effectively capture and store all those special moments and experiences in your marriage, including Valentines, anniversaries, etc for future reference. Check it out

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  • Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

    Crime Scene Sandwich Bags

    The Accoutrements Crime Scene Sandwich Bags comes as a pack of 20 clear locking plastic bags with ten of them being of different designs. They are ideal for packing lunch that a lunchroom thief would think twice before picking. They are also suitable for the wisenheimers packing up any leftovers.

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  • Boston Tea Party Tea Sampler

    Boston Tea Party Tea Sampler

    These teas are part of history as they were thrown over during the Boston Tea Party. This tea pack contains 6 teas: Bohea China Black Tea, Oolong Loose tea, Congou Black Tea, Souchong Black Tea, Singlo Green Tea, and Hyson Green tea. You also get a nice crate where the teas are stored in.

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  • Personalized Wooden Toothbrush Set

    Personalized Wooden Toothbrush Set

    The Personalized 3pc Wooden Toothbrush Set by Teals Prairie & Co is an excellent way to gift your dentist with a customizable gift set. There are three engraved wooden toothbrushes in the set. They are fully customizable allowing you to engrave the doctor’s name or sentimental message.

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  • Adventure Wooden Bank

    Adventure Wooden Bank

    This amazing Foreside Home and Garden wooden bank allows you to save your pennies for your next adventure. It measures 6 cm x 6 cm, features a coin/note slot on the top and a glass front screen that says “ our adventure fund”. Check it out

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  • Tactical Pen

    Tactical Pen

    The AZYC Tactical Pen is a special and unique ballpoint pen with a comfortable rounded tip and comes with four ink refill. On the other side of the pen is a lightweight and emergency glass break that is made from aircraft aluminum for an added strength.

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  • The Big Activity Book For Couples

    The Big Activity Book For Couples

    A great gift for couples that contains entertaining quizzes, puzzles, games, and more. Some of the contents will ask the two of you to collaborate for a sense of accomplishment through bonding. Others will enable you to get to know your better half a little better through quizzes and questions. Check it out You can find a lot more great […]

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  • Collage Picture Frame

    Collage Picture Frame

    This beautiful 4-in-1 picture frame set is a perfect accessory for your most treasured wedding photos. Featuring a black frame with sentimental saying: “A True Love Story Never Ends”, the unit comes with up to 4 inseparable frames, with each frame able to hold a 4”x 6″ image. Check it out

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  • John Adams (HBO serie)

    John Adams (HBO serie)

    The HBO miniseries John Adams is based on David McCullough’s bestselling biography. It tells the story of one of America’s founding fathers. The role of John Adams is played by a great Paul Giamatti and the reviews are great. So if you are a history lover and are looking for something to watch. This is for you.

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  • NY Times Titanic Front Page With Wood And Cool

    NY Times Titanic Front Page With Wood And Cool

    This gift is actually very unique. This New York Times Front Page about the Titanic disaster comes with a piece of wood and coal of the ship itself. These are limited edition as you can imagine so be quick!

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  • Picture on Wood

    Picture on Wood

    A creative gift to buy for a couple you love. This amazing piece of art can be personalized with an image or name of the couple, plus a sweet message. Simply contact the seller to send an image, name or message you would like to see on it. Check it out

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