Latest Cool Things

  • Dentist/Dental Cookie Gift box!

    Dentist/Dental Cookie Gift box!

    The Dentist/Dental Cookie Gift box is a small box with a collection of thank you, dentist,/dental sugar cookies. It is a perfect gift to show your Dentists how much you appreciate their care. The sugar cookies are almond and vanilla flavored and also topped with a delicious buttercream icing.

  • Teeth Planter Pots

    Teeth Planter Pots

    The Gift Pro Prod 2 Pcs Teeth Pots are two White Ceramic Succulent Pots or Mini Flower Plant Planter. They come as a set of modern and minimalist designed plant planters with bamboo saucers. They are perfect for displaying live plants, while also holding and organizing a number of items.

  • funny dentist shirt

    Funny Dentist Shirt

    The Sahara Creative Funny Dentist Shirt is cotton made –imported shirt with a non-fading “Just Floss It” print. It’s an ideal gift for any dental office or dental hygienist. It also features a trendy design which gives it a unique construction touch. It’s a premium t-shirt made from lightweight fine jersey fabric.

  • Smartphone Sanitizer

    Smartphone Sanitizer

    The PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer is an easy-to-use sanitizer and also a charger designed to zap out germs and bacteria. Once the device is placed inside, a charging cable (included) attached and the lid closed all the germs are cleaned. It uses ultra-violet light for sanitization.

  • Personalized Pens for Dentists

    Personalized Pens for Dentists

    The Thanh 39’s Personalized Maple Wood Case with Two Pens is an ideal gift for Dentists. It’s a product of Thanh 39: Personalized Gifts. The two pens are a rollerball pen and a ballpoint pen, all made of maple wood. It’s customizable to fit a dentist logo or even a name.

  • Personalized Dentist Mug

    Personalized Dentist Mug

    The Personalized Custom Dentist Mug is a classy 11oz white ceramic mug with a customizable design print on both sides. It’s professionally printed to ensure it leaves a permanent imprint on it which is dishwasher and microwave safe. The mug is fully inspected before shipping.

  • Personalized Wooden Toothbrush Set

    Personalized Wooden Toothbrush Set

    The Personalized 3pc Wooden Toothbrush Set by Teals Prairie & Co is an excellent way to gift your dentist with a customizable gift set. There are three engraved wooden toothbrushes in the set. They are fully customizable allowing you to engrave the doctor’s name or sentimental message.

  • Dentist Parking Sign

    Dentist Parking Sign

    The Lilyanaen New Metal Sign is a high-quality Aluminum-made Sign Dentist Parking Sign created with exquisite workmanship. It features folded edges which offers safety and stability. It also comes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation and a wide range of application. It’s an ideal gift for any doctor with a parking lot.

  • Best Dentist Ever Mug

    Best Dentist Ever Mug

    The Best Dentist Ever mug is a Fun Job Pride Gifts ideal for any Dentistry Career Work. Two-Tone 11oz dentistry mug is also a heated mug with a hidden customized message revealed when a hot beverage is poured inside. It has a high gloss finish for an elegant touch.

  • Tooth Soap

    Tooth Soap

    The Tooth soap is a uniquely designed soap made from skin safe fragrances and colorants. It has a white glycerin base and each soap weighs around 2.5 ounces. As a funny tooth soap, it’s an ideal gag gift for any dentist, dental hygienist, or even dental assistant.

  • Funny Wine Glass For Dentists

    Funny Wine Glass For Dentists

    The MIP Jumbo Wine Glass is a funny two-sided glass with a tooth print on one side and three levels on the other. The levels are labeled, from the lowest, ‘Good Day’ ‘Bad Day’ ‘Don’t Even Ask’. It’s a real glass ideal for gifting a dentist or even a dental assistant.

  • Dentist Gift Keychain

    Dentist Gift Keychain

    The EIGSO Dentist Gift Keychain is a dentist or assistant dentist inspiration or graduation jewelry gift idea. It features an eco-friendly and safe material construction. It is made from recyclable stainless steel with zinc alloy for durability. It has a toothbrush charm, a tooth charm, and a toothpaste charm.