Gift Ideas for Oil Painters

Looking for the best Gift Ideas for Oil Painters? I made a great list. My favorites are the Adjustable Wooden Easel and the Canvas Apron with Pockets.

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Here are the Best Gift Ideas for Oil Painters:

1,500 Color Mixing Recipes for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor

Are you a painter? Do you want take your painting to another level? If so, then William F Powell written something for you, the 1,500 Color Recipes for Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor book. It’s an archive of excellent color mixing recipes prepared to help you achieve precise color while you paint a landscape, still lifes, portraits, and other spiral-bound. As a bestselling Color Mixing Recipe book, it has received a lot of positive rating for the user-friendly concealed format. It’s well organized for quick and easy referencing. If you’re an aspiring artist, there are two removable color mixing grids, one for the watercolor and the other for oil or acrylic. More Find It Here

Adjustable Wooden Easel

The Coronado Walnut Easel comes as a classically designed field and studio easel with a plain French style. It does convert into an adjustable tripod ideal for use as a painting stand easel featuring a storage drawer. The fact is, it’s made with high-quality, hand-sanded Beechwood grown in Germany with unbeatable durability. Sturdy yet lightweight are the properties of this easel. You can easily incline the angle position for better preference. It does also fold down into a compact box that has a leatherette carry handle and a shoulder strap. Its simplicity makes it ideal for use by beginners, students, kids, and also the professionals and advanced artists. More Find It Here

The Oil Painting Course You’ve Always Wanted

The book by Kathleen Lochen Staiger is here to give you, a beginner or an experienced artist some Guided Lessons as you look to advance your painting skills. The fact is, this book contains crystal-clear and step-by-step lessons intended to reinforce learning. Here you will learn brush control, foolproof color mixing, creating a 3-D illusion, portraits, landscapes, and still-life painting. The best part is, every topic is well-covered with clear text, illustrations, diagrams, demonstrations, and exercises. And with oil painting experience of over thirty years, the author, Staiger, with this book helps you be the best of the best. It’s a perfect gift to anyone wanting to be a painter or a painter looking to advance. More Find It Here

Choose Your Weapon” Artist Apron

Painting can be messy, but the mess doesn’t have to land on your clothes as you can protect them with this Attitude Aprons Artist Apron. It comes as a colorful apron screen printed in the USA. The item is made using high-quality poly and cotton twill and fitted with adjustable straps. With this apron you can now showcase your fun, creative side while your clothes stay protected from paint, glue, stockers, stain, and other craft material mess. It’s available in one-size-fits-most design, allowing the most painter to use it comfortably. What’s more, you can give this colorful, practical apron as a gift to a crafter or artist in your life. More Find It Here

Paint Brush Set With Carrying Case

ARTIFY art supplies want you to enjoy doing what you love most, and that’s why they are offering you this high-quality 2020 new 10pcs paint brush set that includes a high-quality carrying case. The package is perfect for oil, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor painting. The brushes are available in different sizes and shapes for you to be able to bring up a fresh and inspiring artistry. The paintbrush features a design that satisfies a detailed painting or coat application; it’ll make your every stroke come to life. The construction employed here is perfect; the gluing between the wood and bristles is done excellently to make sure the ferrules don’t come off quickly. It’s an exclusive and ergonomic kit ideal for gifting a painter. More Find It Here

Air Tight Brush Washer

Cleaning your painting brushes is a must to prevent them from drying up with paint and becoming a mess. While cleaning the bushes, you need an excellent place to store the spirits, oil, and other solvents. The LOONENG Air Tight Brush Washer can be your ideal storage. It featured a sturdy stainless steel construction, which ensures it stays corrosion and rust-free. It does also come with a removable screen insert and a tight-fitting cover with a gasket making it perfect for traveling. Another thing, the unit has a removable grill designed to help with scrubbing paints off the brushes. It’s an ideal, roomy, and easy to handle washer that any painter would love to have. More Find It Here

Oil Color Painting Box Set

If you’re searching for high-quality oil painting brushes and a simple way to transport them, here is an excellent choice for you. The Regis Oil Color Painting Box Set is a convenient, compact, portable box that brings all sorts of oil painting brushes. The brushes in this set are well-praised for their superb performance and surprising resiliency. They are made using naturally curved construction. They also hold massive amounts of paint. The carrying box has a handle allowing secure storage and travel. Other things in the package include a white eraser and an oil painting booklet. The kit is ideal for traveling artists, outfitting student artists, or gift-giving. More Find It Here

Oil Painting For Dummies

Oil Painting for Dummies is a well-composed book, the 1st Edition by Anita Marie Giddings and Sherry Stone Clifton. The book is here to give you a step-by-step approach to get you started with painting. It’ll help you build your oil painting skills, step by step, and provide you with lots of painting exercises needed for developing your craft. As a full-color guide, it has all required hands-on instruction to master the oil painting basics. It will teach you how to plan an oil painting, mix colors, build image in lagers and also creating stunning compositions. It’s a fun, easy way of discovering your inner artist. More Find It Here

Canvas Apron with Pockets

We well know how messy painting job can be at times. However, with the Tour Artist Canvas Apron, the mess is superbly handled. The apron features professional-grade quality. It’s handcrafted from rugged, waxed canvas with a solid fabric that is not easy to penetrate. The apron does also feature multiple reinforced pockets that allow you to have an easy reach to your brushes and other painting accessories. The sizing is perfect as this apron can be wrapped all-round the body to protect the clothes for the painting mess completely. And you know what, the apron can be used for multiple applications including kitchen, woodwork, and more. More Find It Here

Oil Paint Palette

This Oil Paint Palette is a high-quality, carefully crafted paint pallet brought to you by Art Advantage. As a Non-Stick Plastic Palette, it features a traditional oval shape and an easy-grip thumb hole, allowing you to handle it without getting messy. The product is made from long-lasting, solvent-resistant, and break-resistant plastic for durability and excellent non-sticking performance. Your dried acrylic paint will peel off the pellet and oil wipe off easily, making it super easy to clean. The item is also lightweight and portable, allowing you to carry it around easily. It would make total sense if you gave this pellet to a painter as a gift. More Find It Here

62-Piece Wood Box Easel Painting Set

US Art Supply brings you a Wood Box Easel Painting Set that contains everything you need to start creating your paint masterpiece today. It includes a Box Easel, Artist Pastels, Acrylic and Oil Paint Colors, Painting Brushes, Palette Knife, Wood Palette, Pencil, Canvas Panels, Oil Pastels, Sketch Pad, and a sketch box to hold it all. Another thing there are two storage drawers for more storage convenience. The sizing is perfect for making it compact and easily portable; it’s an ideal kit for the traveling painters. Additionally, this package can be an excellent gift ideal for a painting student, beginner, or expert. More Find It Here

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