Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys

One year old’s can be a hyperactive bunch. When all they like is dismembering things, pushing and striking things to produce sounds, what could possibly be ideal Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys? Apart from the tad bit of nuisance (that you will absolutely miss when he grows up), this is a great learning stage for your toddler.
Engage him with some of the bestselling gifts for one-year-old boys to promote his learning and laughter at the same time!

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Here are the Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Boys

Play Bubbles

Make your toddler’s bath time super fun with these bath toys. With fun characters and whirly toys, your child will remain occupied rattling the bubbles while you bathe him. This will make your job easier too! The bubbles are designed to float on top of water so no need to constantly fetch the balls out of the bath. What a great gift for one-year-old boys and their parents to make bathing sessions smoother!

Fleece Booties

In an adorable shade of baby blue, these fleece booties will be the perfect gift for one-year-old boys. Since your child is learning how to walk, enhance his confidence with these non-skid booties that will lend him more support. Made from 100% polyester, the soft material will ensure your baby’s feet stay toasty warm.

Baby Roadster

All boys love cars, no matter what their age! Get this adorable roadster for your one-year-old racer. With an adjustable handle that can be pulled or pushed, you can drive your toddler around amidst his laughter of joy. Let him explore the outdoors in his little ride or drive him inside with gentle tires suitable for indoors. Either way, we bet your toddler will love his very first car!

Hammer Toy

Let your toddler use his energies with this musical hammer toy. Each pound will produce music and lighting, much to your child’s amazement. The hammer is made from soft rubber material for safety, rendering it a suitable gift for one-year-old boys who need to work out their pent up energy. This toy will boost his muscle action and ensure your child remains active all day long to induce a sound night’s sleep.

Toy Keys for Toddlers

You might find your toddler fascinated by the rattling of your car keys. These toy keys will keep him entertained for hours on end. Built in with four different car sounds and a flashlight, this makes for an interesting gift for one-year-old boys. Made of non-toxic plastic, you need not worry even if your toddler chews on the toy out of habit. Keep your real keys safe with these pretend keys for your yearling.

Learning Cube

This is one of the bestselling gifts for one-year-old boys. With different keys on each six sides, your child will learn alphabets, numbers, colors, animal sounds, and music from this educational cube. Fun and engaging, boost your child’s learning ability with this toy, heralded an award winning choice for toddlers.

Rolling Rattle Worm

Let your toddler crawl alongside this vibrant rolling toy to boost his muscle activity. Press the ears to release engaging music for children to enjoy while they race after this rattle worm. Since babies love bright colors and lights, this toy combines both, rendering it the perfect gift for one-year-old boys.

Toddler Backpack

Now you can take your toddler with you everywhere with this anti lost harness backpack. While the adorable dinosaur backpack is cute enough on its own, the bag provides a deeper function, much to the relief of moms. This bag comes with a safety leash to keep a track on your toddler in busy shopping malls and parks. Let your little boy explore with this bag on for maximum safety and fun!

First Birthday Book

Cards are boring. What’s a toddler to do with a card anyway? This adorable book will be a great gift for a yearling! With endearing images and a read aloud story, your child will be able to identify with this book. Leave a heartfelt message on the flap and let your toddler enjoy this gift as a great learning experience.

Keyboard Play mat

We bet your toddler loves the sound of a spoon rattling against a teacup. Indulge his love for sounds with this huge keyboard play mat! With life-sized keys, we bet your toddler will love the sound it makes whenever he jumps on the piano. Safety secured, this is a bestselling gift for one-year-old boys.

Toy phone

Is your toddler hogging your cell phone? Get him one of his own! This toy phone is as real as it gets. With buttons counting from 0 to 9, it also serves as an educational experience for your kids. Designed to light up when used, the accompanying sound effects will keep your toddler entertained for hours and keep your phones safe!

Sing the Alphabet Book

Enhance your child’s learning ability with this educational book. Ideal gift for one-year-old boys, parents can enjoy this book with their toddlers to make for quality time. Kids can press the buttons and sing along the alphabets, allowing them to pick up words. Education and fun combined, every yearling needs this book.

‘Wild One’ Shirt

Celebrate your child’s fervor with this adorable shirt reading ‘wild one’ on the front. Made form 100% combed cotton, this is the most useful gift for one-year-old boys. Parents can dress their handsome little hunks in this smart shirt to celebrate their first birthday. Since the fabric is of great quality, you can even pass this shirt down to other toddlers once your kid has outgrown it.

Jungle Animal Set

Get your toddler his very own set of wild animals! Complete with stuffed animal toys including a monkey, bear, lion, zebra and elephant, your child will have his own jungle kingdom. That’s not all! When pressed, these plush toys make real sounds to engage and amaze your little boy. We bet these animals will become your toddler’s bedtime pals in no time.

Rhyme Book

A kid’s childhood is incomplete without his very own nursery rhyme book. A great educational gift for one-year-old boys to calm them down and boost their attention span, this book comes with kids’ all time favorite baby shark song. This interactive book allows your child to press buttons and play the rhymes, singing and learning alongside!

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