Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

Shopping for a little girl can be tricky. She is at a stage where the car keys attract her more than an expensive toy. She loves to pull your hair more than she likes eating food. She would rather stir the spoon in your tea than sit and watch an animated cartoon. What in the world do you get her?

Yearlings can be curious, reaching new milestones every day. To engage your hyperactive little baby to boost her development, here is a list of gifts for your one-year-old girl to celebrate her landmark birthday.

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Here are the Best Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

Baby Walker

Ideal for children the age of one, this safety-approved bike will enhance your child’s walking ability. With a nonslip handrail and the perfect seat height, your little girl can bask in the sunlight on her very own bike. Parents can easily assemble this bike for their little one to use and develop balance using her feet.

Knitted Headband

We love to dress up little girls and transform them into adorable divas. When purchasing accessories, parents need to be very careful not to buy materials that might irritate their toddler’s sensitive skin. This knitted headband makes the perfect gift for one-year-old girls as it amalgamates style and safety both, made from soft material to avoid scratches and redness. Complete her look with this headband for a variety of occasions!

Musical Rhyme Book

Reading out from a boring nursery rhyme book will not titillate your child’s curiosity. Get her this visually stimulating book complete with colors, sounds and a built in light up star! Complete with six nursery rhymes, any mother and daughter duo will enjoy this interactive book. Read out to her as she presses the colourful piano buttons to remain engaged. This would prove to be an early learning experience for your little darling.

Anti Slip Socks

One year is a beautiful stage. The child is reaching new milestones every day, with parents scrambling to capture the fleeting moment. This is also a time when toddlers are crawling, trying to stand up with any support they find. To encourage her confidence, get her these anti slip socks to lend her more stability as she takes little baby steps into the real world. This is a useful gift for any one-year-old girl!

Magnetic Doodle Board

Are you tired of your toddler scrawling on your freshly painted walls? Get your little artist this magnetic doodle board for toddlers! Without any ink or pigment, this is a safe way for your child to invest her pent up energy and remain engaged for hours on end. Allowing her to express her creativity, this is the ideal gift for a one-year-old girl.

Stack the Ring Elephant Toy

If you feel your toddler is bored throughout the day, get her this engaging toy that allows her to stack five colourful rings on the elephant’s trunk. This challenge will boost her concentration and development skills. Since children are attracted to sounds at this stage, she can hear an adorable elephant sneeze every time she pushes its tail and press the trunk to hear playful songs! Complete with bright colors and music, this toy will grapple any toddler’s attention.

Elephant Stuffed Toy

We just know your child will grow up to love Dumbo, so get her an elephant of her own right from this age! This plush stuffed animal is no ordinary toy-when you press the left foot, you launch an interactive game of peek-a-boo, much to your toddler’s joy! Press the right foot for an interesting song in a baby’s voice. We bet this soft toy will become your little girl’s favourite bedtime pal in no time.

Fabric Baby Book

This soft and interactive book would make a great gift for a one-year-old girl. The pages are all made of fabric so the corners do not pose any risk of paper cuts. The bright colors will attract your child from the get go and the stimulating features would keep her engaged. With a peek-a-boo feature and captivating sounds, your little one will love this educational book.

First Birthday Outfit

With this gift, you are all covered for your little girl’s grand first birthday celebrations. The adorable romper reading ‘It’s my 1st Birthday’ with a ruffled tulle skirt also comes with leg warmers and a gorgeous sequined headband! Your little princes will look beautiful in this complete outfit for you to take memorable pictures and encapsulate the momentous occasion forever.

Bowknot Moccasins

Any parent will know the ordeal of finding the perfect shoes for their toddler. While most adorable shoe options for your little girl are super uncomfortable, most comfy options are, well, ugly. If you want to dress up your little diva, we suggest you buy these gorgeous pink bowknot shoes that provide immense comfort and warmth. This would prove to be a useful and stylish gift for a one-year-old girl!

Pool Tent

This would be your child’s very own private space! Made of soft polyester, this tent is safety approved for children. You can fill this pool up with a recommended size of 5 cm balls or your child’s favourite toys and let her play for hours. Moms can complete other chores as the kids play in this pool tent. Your little girl will enjoy her private time and you can easily store this foldable tent away when she is done. The large capacity of the tent allows your toddler to play with her other siblings as well.

Unicorn Chase Toy

If diamonds are a woman’s best friend, unicorns are a baby girl’s best friends! This adorable glowing unicorn will prove to be a stimulating gift for a one-year-old girl. It would enhance her crawling ability and boost muscle activity as she chases this unicorn toy around. With captivating lights and sounds, your little one will fall in love with her unicorn.

Musical Drum

To stop your toddler from thumping on the table, give her something to release her energy. What better gift could there be than this musical drum toy with a face that will produce forty different sounds! Lights and sounds are a foolproof gift for one year olds and this drum combines both. With no detachable parts, this toy eliminates the risk of your toddler chewing away on any piece.

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