Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys

Shopping for kids can be a challenge especially for Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys. These new comers might seem small but boy, do they have big demands! You might find your child irrevocably in love with one specific toy, ignoring the myriad others piling up in their room. Children the age of two might not even be able to communicate their choices. So how do you pick the right gift?

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Here are the Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Boys

Cleaning Set for Kids

You might often have to deal with your toddler running away with your mop. Don’t worry; this is a common fascination among young kids. Get your child their very own play cleaning set and let them mop away while you complete other chores. With real looking wooden toys, children will learn to clean after themselves from an early age!

Jungle Gym for Toddlers

Allow your child to develop their muscles ion this playful jungle gym for toddlers. Super easy to assemble, set this up anywhere you are and keep your kids occupied for hours! A useful gift for working moms, this premium quality tent is perfect for active babies to wear out their energy. You can even fill this gym with colourful balls for an enhanced experience!

Rock N Roll Pony

A child’s room is incomplete without a rocking pony! This brown coloured pony is an ideal gift for 2-year-old boys. This pony sings and talks as well to titillate your child’s interest. You can pass this gift on from one child to another, as it is both long lasting and useful. Photograph your little horse rider as they say away on this handy toy!

Toy Tool Box

Channel your child’s inner self by getting him his first ever toolbox! This vibrant yellow tool set holds gear made from soft, plush material to ensure your child’s safety. Educational and fun, this toolbox is the ideal gift for 2-year-old boys. Dads can spend quality time with their boys with this interactive set.


Why confine your kids to indoor activities? Let your child take a whiff of fresh air on this bright green scooter, the perfect gift for 2-year-old boys. Under your supervision, your little boy will be able to enjoy this scooter for years to come as the T-bar can be adjusted to your child’s size growing up.

Whack a Frog Game

This interactive game will boost your child’s concentration and hand-eye coordination. A perfect gift for toddlers to play with parents and other children, this game will teach your child to communicate with others and indulge in group activities from an early age. Adjust speed levels according to your child’s maturity and turn this game into a fun, learning experience!

Magnetic Building Sticks

Since your little boy will soon be starting school, this is the ideal educational gift for 2-year-old boys. With 130 magnetic sticks in different colors, this toy will to boost your little one’s imagination. A fun learning experience, parents can enjoy building different shapes with their children to enhance their hand-eye coordination as well as thinking ability.

‘I’m only 2’ Shirt

This shirt will make the perfect gift for your child’s second birthday. With an adorable message saying ‘I can’t keep calm I’m only 2’, this shirt will prove both useful and fun. Made form 100% combed cotton, you do not have to compromise on quality for this specialized shirt. Choose from an array of colors and pay a tribute to your little boy’s hyperactive stage with a fitting message!

Story Book Collection

Enhance your child’s learning experience with this collection of storybooks. The ideal gift for 2-year-old boys, this book is easy to read with attractive images to make for a fun learning session for your child. Combining fairytales and rhymes, this could be a favourite bedtime book for your little sleeper!

Water Sprinkler Pad

Let your baby go wild with water in this adorable sprinkler pad for kids. Ideal play mat for children 2 and above, this toy has cleared 8 safety inspections for the maximum wellbeing of your child. Allow your kids to enjoy a little water fun outdoors on hot summer days. This water pad can fit up to four kids at a time, so watch you kids giddy with joy as they splash around on this durable pad.

Car Shaped Playhouse

Boys and cars go hand in hand! This colourful car shaped tent is a fun gift for your 2-year-old boy. Easy to set up in any corner of the house, you can complete your chore while your kid remains occupied in his very own private space. Ideal to play and nap inside, this waterproof car tent will set up both outdoors and indoors. A play tent in the shape of a car? We give this a 10 on 10!

Piano keyboard

Channel your child’s inner musician with this musical piano for kids between the ages two to four. Durable and non-toxic, allow your little rockstar to play on the keyboard all day long while you do the dishes. Give your kid’s musical talent a boost from an early age and watch them grow into confident human beings!

Toy puppy

Allow your child to develop a love for animals from an early age to grow into empathetic human beings. Your toddler may be too young to take on the responsibility of a real pet, so this adorable and life like toy puppy should suffice! Sporting numbers and colors, your children will learn as they play. Let your kid push and pull this puppy on a leash and take their new pet with them, wherever they go.

Two Handsome Shirt

Style your hunk in this trendy shirt sporting the most adorable play on the word ‘too’. Ideal gift for 2-year-old boys, this shirt comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Clothes are never unwelcomed and this shirt made especially for your child’s second birthday is sure to be a hit!

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