Gifts For 2 Year Old Girls

There is no pride like watching your little girl grow up! From braiding her hair to matching outfits, you will be seeing your little darling off to college sooner than you can imagine. This is the time to indulge her demands and spoil her rotten before she sets out into the real world with these Gifts For 2 Year Old Girls.

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Here are the Best Gifts For 2 Year Old Girls

ABC Book

This is not just your average book. This innovative ABC book will relay a fun learning experience to your little girl. Titled ‘What can she be?’ this adorable book has an A-Z list of everything your little girl can set out to be. This is a great gift for your 2-year-old girl to learn alphabets before she starts going to school.

Stuffed Baby Doll

Get a baby doll for your little baby girl! Watch your little girl fall in love with this stuffed baby doll and treat it like her own. Marvel at her understanding as she puts the kid down to sleep with her every night. The presence of another baby like figure will also teach your child the concept of sharing if another baby is on its way.

Pink Tea Set

This dainty pink tea set is a must add to your baby girl’s toy collection. With the added perk of a music tea bag button, let your kids be mesmerized! Educational, with 5 play treats in different shapes, this is sure to be a hit gift for 2 year old girls!

Minnie Mouse Sound Book

If your little girl loves cartoons, this would be the ideal gift for her. This creative book with different Disney characters will provide a fun learning experience for your child. She can press seven buttons to hear an adorable story of friendship while enjoying her meals.

Stuffed Pink Unicorn

A little girl’s nursery is incomplete without a magnificent unicorn stuffed toy with a glittery horn. If you are looking to gift this to a two-year-old girl, rest assure you will not go wrong with this choice. Made from soft plush material, this huggable unicorn will become your girl’s favourite bedtime pal.

Baby Bicycle

Let your little girl explore with this adorable baby bicycle. This is the perfect gift for 2 year olds as they can ride and learn to walk with this mini bike simultaneously. With soft tires, you need not worry about the bike messing up your carpets and wooden floors. Working both indoors and outdoors, this bike will keep your child occupied while you finish other chores.

Second Birthday Pink Shirt

What could be a more personalized gift than a fuchsia pink shirt, paying an ode to your baby girl’s hyperactive second stage? Dress your girl in this funky shirt for her second birthday. Made from 100% combed cotton, this shirt boasts of high quality fabric.

Magnetic Drawing Board

Let your child’s creative juices flowing with this drawing board. Pink and just as pretty, this is the ideal gift for your two-year-old girl. Allow her to doodle all day long and share this toy with other kids in the house. For a mother daughter session, you can make shapes on the board and let your little girl watch and learn.

Stuffed Cat Set

Nurture your little girl’s love for animals from an early age. If you see your girl chasing kitties in the garden, get her some of her own! Since she is too young to take on the responsibility of a pet, get her this adorable Cat Carrier set with four meowing kittens! Watch as she basks in the glory of being a proud cat mama.

Princess Tent

The ideal gift for 2 year old girls, this Pink princess tent with a tunnel will jog your child’s curiosity. Allow your girl to feel like a real life princess in a magical kingdom of her own! This set comes with a gorgeous tutu, tiara, crown, and ring to provide your girl the ultimate princess experience. Hues of pink sprinkled with stars, this would surely be your girl’s first pick any time!

Pink Cleaning Set

Get this complete housekeeping set for your ‘little helper’. How many times does your little one run away with your brushes and brooms? Get her a set of her own! This play set contains a mop, dustpan, water bucket, and broom to nurture your child’s household skills from an early age.

Makeup Set

To channel your little girl’s inner diva, get her this adorable pretend makeup set. To stop her from running away with your makeup that could prove harmful to her skin, let her imagination run wild with this play set. The perfect gift for 2-year-old girls, this set will keep her distracted for hours!

Unicorn Backpack

This adorable unicorn backpack will set your baby girl off into a fantasy world. With compact handles to fit small sized children, this shoulder bag is made from plush material. Perfect to carry all her essentials that will not fit in your purse, this would make a super cute and useful gift for your princess.

Dress-Up Accessory Set

Is your little girl mimicking the way you carry your purse with every shopping bag she finds? Why not get her one of her own! This adorable accessory set includes a purse, toy cell phone, car keys, and a credit card for your baby girl to perfectly emulate her mama! With all items made for non-toxic materials. This is a great pretend gift set for 2 year old girls!

Mermaid Tail Blanket

If you are tired of boring gifts, we have the perfect gift for your 2-year-old girl. This colourful, creative blanket takes the shape of a mermaid’s tail. Your little one can snuggle into it for a good night’s sleep or play mermaid with it. Made from fleece, this blanket is warm and snug and can double up as a play toy!

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