Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls

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Here are the Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Girls

I’m This Many Shirt

Let their be no confusion about the age of your kids. With this I’m This Many Shirt, your kids can completely copy this to the world around them. This shirt comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors.

Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll

This Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Doll is here to encourage creativity, verbal skills, and imaginative play. The Pretend Play Set, your child, can now spend some quality time enjoying a game with the toy. It comes as a magnetic upset with a wooden dress-up doll and 27 magnetic pieces. It’s a perfect gift aged 3-years and up.

Duplo Minnie’s Birthday Party

Minnie is still probably one of the most popular figures with young kids thanks to Mickey Mouse Club House. Let them now go on their own adventure with the Duplo Minnie’s Birthday Party set. It cames with a car, cat, cake,… So it is hours of fun guaranteed!

Magnetic Animals Wooden Puzzle

Magnetic Art Easel Animals Puzzle Game has been designed to inspire exploration, encourage natural curiosity and fuel imagination that leads to a lifetime of learning. It comes as a simple puzzle game emphasizing the importance of child gameplay. It’s designed for all ages, and it’s quite easy to play, singly or with a partner.

Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Kids find doctors really fascinating with their white lab coats and their weird tools. With this Fisher-Price Medical Kit, your kids can play doctor on you and you can use it to prepare your next trip to the doctor so your kids won’t be scared.

Light up Stuffed Unicorn

Light up Stuffed Unicorn, a Soft Plush Toy comes with LED Night Lights that Glows, and it is here to make your baby Girls’ Birthday a blast. It’s a compact, fashionable plush here to provide a good companion who is afraid of loneliness or darkness. It’s also a great decorative plush for a baby’s bedroom. It’s a beautiful gift for kids and lovers.

Doodle Board

If there is one thing that kids love the most when their are young, that would be doodling. They want to draw what they have learned or see or just want to draw you. It is vital for kids to learn how to draw and write. This Doodle Board is perfect for that and can be used time and time again.

Princess Tiara Crown

You Baby Girl deserves to feel like a Princess on their first birthday. Do you agree? Then this Princess Tiara Crown Hat with sparkle gold flower style and artificial rose flower can make it happened. It features premium polyester construction and a high-quality elastic headband for a long-lasting and secure fit. It’s a great gift ideal for a birthday party, daily life, or take a photo.

Cooking and Baking Set

Young kids just love to eat. If you would let them, they would just keep eating all day long. With this Cooking and Baking set, you can spend some quality time with your kids in the kitchen. Use the 4 cookie cutters to make real cookies and dress them up like a real chef with the apron, hat and oven mitts.

Wooden Stamp Set

Melissa & Doug understand the value of toys in kids’ life, and that’s why they are offering you this Stamp-a-Scene Stamp Set. It comes with 20 wooden stamps, a 2-color stamp pad, a fairy garden, and 5 colored pencils. It’s an excellent way for kids to make their mark and get a creative play experience.

Princess Tent

Does your 3 year old girl dream of having their own princess tent? Well, you can now fulfill that wish with this beautifull pink Princess Tent. It even comes with star lights included so the experience is now even more magical.

Scribble Scrubbie Pets

Scribble Scrubbie Pets Scrub Tub Toy Set comes a peculiar toddler animal set that comes with washable animal figures, a scrub tub, a scrub brush, six washable markers, and an instruction sheet. The kids get to color and customize the collectible animal toys, and after that, wash them and do it again. It’s a game full of fun and excitement, especially for kids aged 3-years and above.

ABC What Can She Be?

The ABC What Can She Be? book teaches girls already at a young age that they can become whatever they want. In this book, you can find 26 career paths like neurosurgeon, pilot, software engineer,… With every career path, a new letter of the alphabet is introduced. Let us break the glass ceiling for girls allround the world with this book.

Whack A Frog

The Whack A Frog is an all-time classic for kids. It is perfect for young kids to develop fine motor skills. Don’t worry about the safety, this game comes with a soft hammer. It even has 2 hammers so they can play it together and work together to whack them all.

Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Allow your 3-year old kid to have some great time while interacting and imagining with this Musical Rainbow Tea Party. It comes with ten pieces designed for preschool-age kids. With it, your baby gets to turn tea time play ritual into stimulating activities. It’s a great way to introduce your kid to exploring preschool skill-building activities.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be is a bestseller from the New York Times and it is a must-have. This children’s book is brilliantly written thanks to great rhymes from author Emily Winfield Martin. It is also perfect for grown-ups who don’t really know how to express their feelings. This book will help you along the way and will make you say the right things to your kids.

6 Pack Wooden Animal Puzzles

Solving puzzles is a crucial skill that every kid needs to learn. They can already start learning this at a young age. These 6 Wooden Animal Puzzles are a good start. It has bright colors and nice looking animals so the kids will love solving them.

Realistic Baby Doll

Real as Can Be Baby is a realistic blonde baby doll with movement, 80+ lifelike expressions. It does also come with actual baby sounds like babbling, giggling, and friendly chatty noises and beautiful baby doll accessories. It’s a great birthday present for a son, daughter, granddaughter, or grandson aged 3-years and above.

If Animals Kissed Good Night

If you are looking for a great bedtime story book, this If Animals Kissed Good Night is just perfect for that. Have some fun together with your kids and find out how animals would kiss each other good night. Like for example a sloth, they would do this very sloooowly or like with the wolves, they would kiss and howl.

I Love You to the Moon and Back

Also, nice bedtime story read is this I Love You to the Moon and Back from author Amelia Hepworth. It tells the story of a bear and cub who explore the world and do lots of nice things together like playing in the water and giving hugs.

Color Bath Dropz

Please encourage your child to have a birth by getting him or her this Color Bath Dropz tablets. They will, for sure, turn the bath time into a fun time. Each of the fragrance-free tables comes tinted with a specific crayon color. On top of that, it dissolved in water to infuse water with a bright color.

I’m Ready to Read with Minnie Sound Book

With the I’m Ready to Read with Minnie Sound Book, your 3 year old girls will take their first steps in to learn how to read. The book comes with 10 sound buttons and by pressing the button Minnie, Mickey, Daisy or even another Disney character will read that page out loud.

Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures

Want start already to learn your kids how to play board games? Sure, you do. It is a great way to bond with your kids. You should try this version of Candy Land which is for kids for ages 3 and up. So the perfect starting point.

Toddler Kitchen Set

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen is a Large Plastic Play Kitchen that comes with Realistic Lights and Sounds and 45-Pc Kitchen Accessories Set. Allow the kids to have fun cooking for you for a change. When the cooking is done, the kids get to clean the dishes in a swivel sink. It’s a beautiful gift ideal for educating, entertaining, and more.

VTech Little Apps Tablet

At the age of 3, kids are super curious and want to learn everything. They can do just that with the VTech Little Apps Tablet. It will teach them how to count, learn words and letters. They can even create musical tunes via the keyboard.

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel is a Toddler and Preschool Board Game designed to offer Educational Insights and also ignite real fun. The best part is, no reading is required; it is straightforward to understand. It is also easy to set up, and it’s also easy to clean up. As a best-selling preschool game for over 5-years, it is a great gift to give to a 3-year old.

Water-Reveal Coloring Books

As an original, reusable water-reveal coloring book, these 3-pack coloring books include Farm Safari and Under the Sea. The pack is here to promote multiple skill development, such as excellent motor skills, early reading/writing skills, and lastly, visual discrimination. It’s a perfect gift for both boys and girls aged between 3-years old and 7-years old.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is already more than 30 years old but kids everywhere still fall in love with Ariel every day. What is there not to love? A young girl curious about the life on land as she is stuck under the sea. Get ready to watch this movie over and over again.

Lucky Ducks

Lucky Ducks, Memory and Matching Game is a modern version of the traditional matching game that moves when the players are trying to find a match. The simple format makes it easier for little fingers than cards allowing independent gameplay. It’s a perfect game that reinforces crucial developmental skills such as color matching and memory.

Wooden Kid’s Art Easel with Paper Roll

As an All-in-One Kid’s Art Easel, Award-Winning Hape Wooden Easel with a Paper Roll and Accessories is all your kids’ needs for creativity in art. It’s a height-adjustable children’s easel and comes with a Paper roll, whiteboard, blackboard, and magnets, all in one set. The Magnetic whiteboard is on one side and the chalkboard on the other. It’s an excellent gift for a kid starting to enjoy some artwork.

Finding Nemo

Nemo became a phenomenon when the movie came out in 2003. Everybody want to have a clownfish but promise me you won’t get one allright? We know that the movie is amazing and that the colors are just to beautiful but just let them be. Just watch the movie instead.

A Collection of Stories for 3 Year Olds

The hardcover is here for you to read to your baby some well-written, fun, and educational stories. With this book, you can snuggle up together and share some of the classic fairy tales and entertaining nursery rhymes. All the stories here are carefully selected for 3-year olds

Dancing Mickey Mouse Plush

Make your kid’s preschool life fun and entertaining by getting this Mickey Mouse Hot Dog, a Dance Break Mickey Plush from Disney Junior. Your kid gets to sing along with Mickey Mouse to a ‘hot dog song’- a new version. It does also offer Mickey’s fun and wacky dance. It does also come with LED lights to make it more fun and interactive for the kids.

Mickey Mouse Club House

The Mickey Mouse Club House TV series is perfect for preschoolers. Mickey and his friends go on a new adverture every day and they directly speak to the kids via the TV. They will teach the kids how to sing, count, jump, discover and much more.

Magic Doodle Mat

Aqua Magic Doodle Mat is an educational toy gift for kids and toddlers, boys, and girls aged between 2 and 8 years old. It comes as extra-large water drawing doodling mat featuring neatly sized letter printed on its side, leaving the center all free for your kids’ doddle art. Best of all, it is non-toxic, non-pollutant, and with no mess.

Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard

Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard is here to give your kid(s) a creative, educational playtime. As early learning and education toy set, it does allow the kids to have imagination playtime, develop kid’s excellent motor skills. It does also improve color recognition, imagination, early patterning/sequencing ability and artistic senses. It’s an excellent gift for a boy or girl above 2-years old.

Sesame Street

Good old Sesame Street has already been on the air for more than 40 years and it is still capturing the heart of kids every day. Great thing about Sesame Street is that kids are pushed to participate and will learn a lot by working together with the puppets even through the TV.

Unicorn 3rd Birthday Shirt

This Unicorn Birthday Shirt is a unique Girls 3rd birthday T-Shirt here to make it a blast for your kiddo. It comes as a high-quality, machine-washable shirt with a cute and funny Unicorn print. It’s also a lightweight, classic-fitting shirt designed to fit most 3-year-old girls. It’s a perfect birthday gift idea.

Young Wild & Three Shirt

You don’t always have to buy toys for young kids. A really funny shirt is also always great. This Young Wild & Three Shirt is the perfect birthday gift for 3 year old girls. The shirt comes in 3 colors and 2 sizes.

Unicorn Tent

Bring your kid’s imagination to life by getting this enchanting Unicorn tent. It’s a Unicorn toddler toy tent featuring vivid unicorn illustrations, and rainbow adorns. As a colorful, soft, pink pop up tent, it’s for sure a piece any child would adore. The unit is made from high-quality materials. The crafting and design make it an ideal gift for a 3-year old.

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