Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

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Here are the Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo is a short book written by Julia Donaldson for young readers. The storyline is filled with imagination, and a tall tale is told of a creature with big claws known as The Gruffalo. What’s even cuter and highly appealing is that the story is told by a small mouse looking to escape certain death in the forest. He tells this story of a hairy creature with big tusks to a fox, an owl and a snake to thwart their plans of devouring the mouse for dinner. Though the story may seem serious at times, it always remains witty and quirky for young readers, and everyone can rest easy knowing The Gruffalo is not real.

My First Mind Blowing Science

My First Mind Blowing Science is an elaborate kit that introduces children to some of the most engrossing examples of scientific reactions such as small volcanic eruptions and color changing properties. It also serves as an introduction to essential scientific tools such as test tubes and pipettes. There are a number of safe chemicals included to experiment with, such as baking soda and red cabbage powder. With a little supervision from an adult, any child from the age of 6 and up will be able to take on each of the 11 exercises presented. An early appreciation for chemistry and a greater desire to learn more about the inner workings of our world is sure to follow.

DodgeTag Game Set

The DodgeTag Game Set from Diggin includes 2 vests and 6 dodgeballs. The vests themselves are made of a thick mesh material that will keep children perfectly safe. They measure 10 x 9 x 1 inches, which should easily fit most kids around the age of 5. The bright red dodgeballs are constructed of a soft foam that will provide even further safety; there will be no harm done should a particular toss unfortunately miss the mark! All told, this set is a great way to give the old classic game of dodgeball a bit more organization and safety. It should be well suited to boys and girls alike.

Lego City Forest Tractor

LEGO’s City Forest Tractor kit offers another great example of the infectious building fun that is now synonymous with the brand. This set provides 174 pieces and an easily followed instruction manual for the construction of a sturdy green tractor. The completed vehicle offers plenty of play value thanks to its large rolling tires, operational claw grabber, and moveable arm. The interior of the truck can also be piloted by a cute lumberjack mini-figure that is packaged with the set. Additional accessories include a chainsaw, a small pine tree, two logs, and a log stand. From the construction phase and long after, there is lots of fun here for any child from the age 5 and up.

Toy Story Boys 4 Pack T-Shirts

These Toy Story t-shirts for boys will make your kids never want to undress to go to sleep, as they will find it hard to separate from Buzz Lightyear, Sherrif Woody or Forky. Made from a soft jersey knit, these short sleeve tees feature a rib knit crew-neck collar. Officially licensed and brightly colored, these t-shirts can make the perfect birthday gift, but they are also ideal for every day wear and outdoor play. If you want your kid to enjoy them for longer, you may want to order one size up. Toy Story characters won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

Electronic Pet Dog Harry

Though not quite as fun as a real dog, the Electronic Pet Dog Harry is the perfect interactive companion. He can chase, take a nap and play songs by touching different parts of his body. What’s more, Harry can talk, bark and dance all with just one touch! Children from 2-7 years old can learn the responsibilities of taking care of a pet. This playful pup is also made from non-toxic materials to give parents a peace of mind. Plus, youngsters will find that Harry also has a pink girlfriend named Helen, specially designed for little girls. A great gift and a learning experience rolled into one!

USA Map Kids Puzzle

The ultimate learning toy for your kid, the USA Map Kids Puzzle is one of the best ways to teach your kid about the different states. The puzzle also has fun facts that the kid comes across as they fit the states into shape. One thing that a 6-year-old will love about this puzzle is that has glow in the dark solar system. This is a great educational toy that is durable and will enable your child to know certain facts about states that will be easy to remember. These are facts that they will not forget easily even in the future.

Mouse Trap For Kids

The enthralling game play first introduced by Milton Bradley in the 1960s has been preserved and updated for modern sensibilities with the latest release of the Mouse Trap board game. In this classic, two to four players take control of their own mice tokens while simultaneously working to build an elaborate trapping mechanism. The goal is to outlast everyone else by avoiding the trap and baiting opponents. It is literally survival of the fittest, with only the last free player claiming victory. There are a number of small parts included, thus leaving Mouse Trap with a recommended age range of 6 years and above.


Coco is a stunning animated feature from Disney’s Pixar division. Originally released in 2017, the film showcases the story of a boy who finds himself in the midst of the “Land of the Dead” as he endeavors to become a talented musician. The premise may sound frightful at first, but it’s actually a fully family-friendly celebration of the Mexican Dia de Muertos holiday. Kids can learn a bit about world culture as they become enveloped in the characters’ journey, and the storytelling and expert-level film making leaves plenty for adults to enjoy as well. With several major awards under its belt and a wealth of box-office earnings, Coco comes highly recommended across the board.

Augmented Reality Interactive Globe

Shifu Orboot’s Augmented Reality Interactive Globe is a brilliant modern globe that works in tandem with an app that showcases a wealth of information about our planet’s many locales and cultures. It is compatible with a myriad of platforms, including iPads from 5th gen and above, all iPaid Air models, all iPad Pros, iPad Mini from 2nd gen and above, any iPhone after 6, and Android devices that have at least 3 gigabytes of RAM. This educational toy will provide you with the perfect way to make your little ones’ electronic device time more constructive thanks to its many highlights and engrossing trivia guides.

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