Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

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Here are the Best Gifts For 6 Year Old Girls

Unicorn Sneakers

Is your kid infatuated with unicorns? What better way to please them than giving them a pair of Sketchers unicorn craze sneakers… These sneakers come in neon pink color or a blend of multi colors meaning that you can choose a pair in your child’s favorite style and color. Additionally, these cool athletic and stylish sneakers also come with pre-installed flashing multi-lights which many kids love. If you are looking for durable yet affordable sneakers that your kids will always be excited to wear, think Sketchers unicorn craze sneakers. The many different shoe designs guarantee that you will find something your child loves. The best part is that they come in sizes that can comfortably be worn by kids aged between 4-12 years.

Unicorn Coloring Book

This Unicorn Coloring Book from Silly Bear would make a perfect gift for girls between the ages of 4 and 8. It has over 100 pages brimming with large illustrations of cute unicorn characters and endlessly charming backgrounds. You’ll find one unique design after the next, each one packed with fun details like rainbow-filled skies, flowery meadows, castles, and stars. The book itself is nicely bound with an ample 8 by 11 inch size. If your child has shown interest in artistic expression or merely has a love for majestic, adorable unicorns (and let’s be real — who doesn’t?), this item is sure to impress.

3-D Puzzle Kits Set

With this set, you get the incredible value of two large 3-D puzzles that would otherwise set you back just as much when sold separately. With vibrant colors and large, easily constructed pieces, the Pretty Purple Dollhouse and Pink Palace puzzles from Melissa & Doug are perfect for any child over the age of 6. Thanks to their sturdy cardboard construction, the finished playsets will also hold up well over the years. The dollhouse itself is a fun modern spin on an old classic, and the palace set is sure to please given its elaborate design and horse drawn carriage accessory.

Guess in 10

Guess in 10 is a guessing card game with 52 game cards featuring gorgeous illustrations of various animals. Players take turns asking 10 questions to see if they know which animal is on the current card drawn by an opponent. There are several categories such as carnivores and domestic animals, and each line of questioning can use this to help whittle down the possibilities. There are also 6 clue cars that can be utilized in the game. Designed by Skillmatics, this is a unique spin on the popular “20 Questions” premise that is just as much educational as it is fun.

Inside Out

Riley was born in Minnesota and loved living there. When her dad starts a new job in San Francisco, navigating all of the changes proves to be difficult. Riley’s emotions Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust work to get Riley through the turmoil of adjusting to her new life. The five emotions live in Headquarters, her mind’s control center, and guide her through her experiences. Joy, Riley’s most involved and important emotion, tries diligently to keep things upbeat, but there is conflict on how to best handle a new house, school, and city. With a 98% rating on Rotton Tomatoes, Pixar’s Inside Out will entertain the whole family.

Pretend & Play School Set

The Pretend and Play School Set promotes positive feelings about going to school by encouraging children ages three and up to play teacher. This trifold, pop-up playset includes 149 supplies including grade books, stickers, hall passes, dry erase board, pointer, clock with moving hands, double-sided calendar and map, and even a working bell. The opened school set is 16” x 37.5” and the tri-fold board allows easy set-up and storage. There are countless possibilities for fun with this toy as it encourages solving problems, social interaction, and imaginative play. Visit Amazon’s website to see all of the positive reviews and order this 4.7/5 stars product.

The Never Girls Collection #1

With this set, you receive the first four Never Girls stories for one low price. This is a popular Disney published series perfectly tailored towards girls between the ages of 6 and 10. Each edition features various adventures wherein four best friends find themselves in the midst of the magical locale of Never Land. Familiar faces such as Tinker Bell are woven into the plots along the way. If you have been hoping to get a younger girl in your family to take an interest in reading, this is one of the finest starting points from the last few years.

Make Your Own Soap

This fun soap making kit from Klutz offers kids the chance to embrace a bit of science, creativity, and hygiene all in one fell swoop. For a low price point, the set allows you to create up to ten different soaps in various different shapes and colors. This includes everything from pink cupcakes to green peace symbols, blue cats, yellow stars, and all manner of configurations in between. Thorough yet easily understood instructions are included, along with a wealth of information that helps illustrate the science behind everything involved in the entire process. There’s also a book of nearly 40 pages in length thrown in for good measure.

Giant Bubble Wands Kit

This three piece set from WOWMAZING provides some of the most intense bubble making fun you’ve likely ever seen. (When your toys are from a company with a name like that, you know you’re really onto something!) Everyone knows there’s some charm to blowing bubbles, but the luster tends to wear off quite quickly. You’ll have no such worries this time! The bubbles you can get from this innovative two-handed design are actually in keeping with all of the latest world records. With the Giant Bubble Wands kit, you have an outdoor toy that the kids and all of their friends will want to play with time and time again.

Lego Friends Mia’s Tree House

This cute LEGO set offers all of the fun that we have come to expect from the top building toy brand. With 350+ pieces, two figures, adorable bunny and bird companions, and a skateboard, the Mia’s Tree House set will provide hours upon hours of entertainment. The building phase alone will offer a communal experience that can be shared by the whole family or a group of friends, and the finished piece can be enjoyed for a long time to come thanks to its many play features. While some of LEGO’s other modern lines cater to male sensibilities with their vast array of superheroes and ninjas, this model from the LEGO Friends line is well suited to boys and girls alike.

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