Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys

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Here are the Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys

Laundry Hamper

This fun laundry hamper will inspire your kids to keep their dirty clothes off the floor! Whenever they shoot their clothes and hit the backboard to make the shot, the LED lights on the race car will flash colors. The high-quality nylon and mesh will let air into this 13.7” x 8.6” x 35” hamper that’s also lightweight and easy to store. A zipper is conveniently located at the bottom to easily allow laundry to be removed from the hamper. A great bonus that busy parents will appreciate – batteries are included. Enjoy this awesome hamper that fits almost two full loads of laundry!


Kids love robots and therefore it is logical that kids would love to have a robot of their own. Parents should be delighted to know that they can now fulfill their child’s fondest dreams of owning their own robot. In fact, they can also fulfill their parental responsibilities by purchasing a robot that is also an educational toy. Please meet one of the most exceptional educational toy robots ever created, Cozmo. Cozmo loves playing games and will help your child to see the world from a different perspective. Children love to use their imagination and be creative. Cozmo will quickly become your child’s favorite educational toy.

Epic Zero Series

A superhero novel series by R. L. Ullman. It’s the story of a 6th grader without superpowers in a world where almost everyone has superpowers even his dog. Elliott Harkness, the main protagonist, is thus left behind struggling with middle-school and needs to find a way to cope or surpass his limitations. This is a nice plot that can strike a cord with almost everyone, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side but by focusing on improving ourselves we find peace and happiness. This is something incredibly important that every kid should learn and this book will teach them that in a wholesome way! With over a 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads it just shows how good it is!

Stem Building Toy Set

Have you ever watched a child play for hours with the box that a toy came in? The reason why they do this is that the toy simply offers nothing for the imagination. However, there are educational, fun, and creative toys that are perfect for both boys and girls between the ages of 7 and upwards. What are these toys? One great example is the PilPel Educational Creative Stem Building Toy Set. It will provide hours of educational fun while encouraging creativity and expanding your child’s imagination. It is also a great toy to help develop social skills as your child interacts and learns about the value of teamwork with friends or family members of the same age.

2 in 1 Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine

A great toy for kids of all ages it is simple and safe to use. It teaches your kid how to bat or play tennis!. Comes with two modes: Auto which shoots balls every 5-7 seconds and Manual by pressing the red button on the bat. It is very easy to use assuring that your kid(s) will be able to operate it when you are away. It provides visual feedback with a light before every pitch. Uses lightweight materials making it easier and less cumbersome to take it on trips. The price is also great for the amount of time and fun you will have with it. It’s without a doubt the perfect sports gift to keep your kid active and healthy!

Lego Technic Stunt Car

LEGO’s Technic line comes with an entry level set for kids of ages 7-14. The WHACK Stunt car set will allow your kid to build a powerful pull-back motor car that when launched, is pretty fast for a toy its size and if it crashes it will eject a Lego engine. It comes with 135 pieces that are compatible with any other Technic line set and will allow your kid to discover, explore and invent new creations that stimulate his/her creativity. The measurements of the final build are 2″(6cm) tall, 6″(17cm) long and 3″(9cm) wide. The ABS plastic pieces are quite resilient allowing the toy to be used for crash stunts for a long time.

Kids Digital Watch

Teaching kids how to tell the time is now even easier than ever before with this bight and illuminated kids’ watch. It’s great for 6-15-year-olds and the sporting good looks will be bound to have both girls and boys smiling for ear to ear. It’s water-resistant and is great for use in the shower, the pool and simply when having some wet and wild fun in the yard. The Dodosky Kids Digital Watch is tough enough to handle the rough and ready nature of kids’ play and is great to look at, as well as being sporty and comfy to wear. With a stopwatch timer and LED-backlit face and classic chronograph appearance, it’s easy to read and the perfect fashion accessory.

Roblox Robot Riot Mix & Match

Unleash the power of a child’s imagination with the ‘Roblox Robot Riot Mix and Match’ set. Four poseable figures with a host of accessories and interchangeable parts. Change the looks of the characters and other parts to keep the fun fresh. The ‘Roblox Robot Riot Mix and Match’ set is perfect for those children who want to create their own personalized Roblox figures. The Roblox vouchers that is supplied standard with the set unlocks a virtual item meaning more adventure than ever before. The classic Roblox fun is even better now – make sure that you get your hands on these incredible and versatile playthings – and unlock the power of hours of fun and imagination.

Medieval Castle 3-D Puzzle

A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing – all it requires is the right stimulation to allow for adventure. The Melissa and Doug Medieval Castle is a perfect gift to make that imagination come alive. With a hundred puzzle pieces and characters, the castle brings the fantasy of medieval adventure to reality. Excitement is guaranteed with a host of characters such as a dragon and features like a working drawbridge, a secret entrance and cannons it is the perfect way for children ages six and above to become part of the story. The world of make-believe is one that every child should be encouraged to explore. This 3-D puzzle is the perfect wat o encourage that – and promote hand eye coordination at the same time.

5 Second Rule Junior

Teaching kids about the importance of general knowledge and vocabulary has never been easier or more fun than with 5 Second Rule Junior. But it’s not just for kids – it’s a game that the whole family can play. The rules seem easy – a series of cards ask a question and the answer must be given in 5 seconds – and that can be a challenge. The set is supplied with the ultra-fun twisted timer and 400 questions on 200 cards. Move along the board until the winner is crowned 5 Second Rule champion. It’s easy to learn – but difficult to master. It’s suitable for ages ten and up – and three players (or more) can take part. The set comes with six counters so the more the players, the greater the fun.

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