Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

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Here are the Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

Girls Necklace for 7th Birthday

Those in search of the perfect birthday gift will be delighted with this stylish beaded bar necklace, as will that special young lady. The necklace features seven gemstones, one for each of those wonderful years that are to be celebrated. The necklace comes in a stylish presentation gift box with a card that sums up how special each of those years has been. The high-quality crystal gemstones used in the manufacture are incredibly attractive and lustrous. The necklace is plated with 14-carat non-allergenic gold and will not fade over time or stain the skin. Chain length is 18″ and includes a 2.5″ extension. Crystal beads are each 4mm and the attractive lobster design clasp is perfect for petite fingers. This is a gift that will mean the world to that special young lady. The manufacturers, Monooc are committed to quality products, and any complaints will be addressed with 24 hours.

Mermaid Duvet And Pillowcase Set

Made of high-quality 100% cotton, this duvet and pillowcase set is the perfect duvet for your kids who are enamored with the mystical mermaid. The mermaid print is super-soft yet durable. It does not fade within a few watch cycles. The full/queen-sized duvet cover comes with two matching 20” x 26” pillowcases. So cute is this set that in 2017, Oprah named it in the list of her favorite gifts. The duvet and pillowcase set still retains its quality and beauty even today. In a nutshell, the Mermaid Duvet and pillowcase set is designed to help you enjoy your sleep in comfort while enhancing your young one’s bedroom décor.

Toy Story 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Toy story is one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. Children love the characters and they are delighted by the action and humor of the series. The 100 piece Toy Story puzzle from Ravensburger is perfect for ages six and up. Ravensburger is well known for the quality of its puzzles. The surface of the puzzle is anti-glare, bringing every beloved character to life. Ravensburger also ensures that each piece of the puzzle is truly unique, making assembling the puzzle both a challenge and fun. The puzzle is great for promoting problem-solving skills and encouraging creativity. It’s a great gift and one that every child will enjoy, either as a fun solo activity or in cooperation with others.


Young girls are just entering that phase of their lives where they need to both exercise their imagination – and be excited about games. For those in search of the perfect gift for a young lady, it is sometimes best to go back to the classics. One of those classics is Operation. It’s deceptively simple – yet builds hand-eye coordination. it’s fun and unpredictable (think of that buzzer and light up nose). There are some twists to the new version, where players can earn ‘money’ for the successful removal of a body part. If they are not successful another player can use their ‘Specialist’ card to try for the same part. Operating on ‘Cavity Sam’ is fun for the whole family. It’s suitable for young girls from the ages of six and up – but parents should take the opportunity to enjoy some classically inspired fun as well.

Interactive Unicorn Vet Set

Unicorns may be mythical best, but they are very real in the imagination of young girls. And what better way for her to show she cares for her imaginary companion than with the Interactive Unicorn Vet Set. Rainglow sometimes feels a little ill, but with the help of her young human friend, she will soon be feeling much better. Rainglow’s expression changes as she receives treatment (40 sounds and expressions), plus her horn lights up and changes in appearance as she starts to feel better. Let your child’s imagination soar as she uses the five magic accessories to treat her unicorn companion. But Rainglow isn’t always ill – two modes, Rainbow Mode, when she’s feeling great and Magical Vet Mode, means she’s the perfect companion. This is a great gift for a young girl. It teaches responsibility and care, promotes the imagination and is just plain fun.

Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid

Barbie has been a firm favorite with young girls since the iconic pint-sized doll was created in 1959. Today barbie continues to thrill girls- and the Barbie Rainbow Lights Mermaid continues that tradition. This iconic mermaid barbie has a tail that lights up with all the colors of the rainbow when she is dipped in water. Simply press a button on her necklace dip her into the pool or bath and enjoy a magical light show. The lights can also be enjoyed without getting Mermaid Barbie wet. Mermaid Barbie comes complete with tiara, a pearl belt and pink-streaked hair. She is every bit the Princess that she has ever been, just this time she is part of a magical undersea kingdom.

Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life

This is a book that highlights 7 character traits that are important to have if you want to have a successful life. Each one is the subject of a short story. While it can usually be difficult to teach children life lessons while managing to keep them entertained, this book excels in that arena. While the book is intended for children who are in middle school, it is possible that younger children may be interested in this as well. Even children who do not like to read very much find these stories engaging and they cannot seem to put the book down.

Gem Dig Kit with 12 Real Gemstones

There are other kits that provide the excitement of discovering gems – but the Gem Dig Kit with 12 Real Gemstones is different. The gems are 100% authentic, not fake. They include amethyst and turquoise. The gems are buried in a brick that can be chipped away using the small hammer and chisel that are included in the kit. The child’s safety is assured with the goggles that are also included to protect the eyes. Gemstones can be stored in the included drawstring bag or displayed in the included keychain or pendant. The process of discovery is one that creates excitement, as well as teaching the child about rocks and minerals. The kit also encourages problem-solving and improves motor skills. This is an educational toy for every budding geologist.

OMWay Kids Camera

Adults are always taking images and shooting video with their Smartphones – but why should kids of the ages between three and eight be left out of the fun? The answer is that they shouldn’t. With the OMWay Kids Camera 8MP photography and 1080p video is easy. The camera comes complete with a 32G SD card and a USB cable which means that viewing on other devices is literally childs’ play. The lightweight design and lanyard mean that it’s easy to use anywhere, even the outdoors. The tough silicone shell is shock resistant so it’s virtually kid-proof. With features like auto smile focus, customizable framing options and a timer it’s the perfect gift to encourage creativity.

Lego Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center

The Lego Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center is the perfect seaside Lego set for kids. This 602 piece set comes with 5 animals, 2 mini dolls, and a host of features. The observation deck of the lighthouse can be lit up with a working lamp. A hinged pool allows sea lions to swivel into the sea animal clinic. There’s a mini island where a sea lion can be released with the push of a button, a play area, office, and TV room. There’s even a treasure map that reveals a hidden location when water is added. Given it’s features, the Lighthouse Rescue Center should provide many hours of playtime and exploration.

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