Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls

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Here are the Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls:

The Daring Book for Girls

This book contains everything a girl needs to know. It goes further than just sewing buttonholes in a shirt. Girls need to learn quite a lot of things when they reach puberty. The Daring Book For Girls is every girl’s invitation to adventure. Whether a girl wants to know about female heroes in history, science projects, the mystery of what boys are thinking about girls, friendship bracelets or anything else, this book has the answer to her question. It is similar to a scout book for girls. You should definitely present this book to your growing daughter on her birthday.

Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

Is your child an aspiring photographer? Does your child get jealous when they see you taking photos with your smartphone? VTech has the perfect solution. With the Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera, your child will be able to learn how to use a real digital camera without the fear of them breaking your expensive smartphone. With a large enough 2.4″ color display and photo effects that can be applied, your kids are sure to have an absolute blast with it. The camera itself comes with (5) built-in games including (3) of which are motion-controlled making it offer countless hours of fun for the entire family. You can even download the photos and/or videos that are taken with the camera directly to a computer with the included micro USB cable which can help you print out photos and share them with your entire family.

Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

There are certain toys that have a timeless appeal – and one of those is the Pogo Stick. The company Flybar has been in the Pogo Stick business since 1918 – this is a company that has been providing fun for over 100 years. The Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo stick has foam covered handles and body (and non-slip footpegs) – meaning that children from the ages of 5 to 9 (40-80 lbs) have a safer fun experience. Pogo Sticks encourage kids to get out of doors and build coordination and self-confidence. In these days of screen time, that sort of experience is one that every parent or caregiver should be encouraging.

Lego Friends Stephanie’s House

The Lego Friends Stephanie’s House is a Lego set with mini-dolls included. It allows kids to have fun role-playing with their pretend dollhouse family and the various included accessories. Because the set is compatible with all of the other Lego construction sets, the fun doesn’t have to stop with the 622 included pieces. The set includes a 2-story miniature house that features a lounge area, a kitchen, a porch, and even a spiral staircase. It is a set that will bring hours and hours of fun and help kids explore their creative and imaginative side with plenty of ways to accessorize and decorate the house.

21 Inch Kids Ukulele with Gig Bag

The Pomaikai ukulele for beginners comes in a variety of colorful options. It is an awesome 21-inch ukulele that has a black hardwood fingerboard and a high-quality basswood body. The sound that comes from this kid’s ukulele is quite impressive. The ukulele comes with an attractive gig bag. The nylon strings provide a full-bodied sound. No matter what your age, both children and adults alike will fall in love with this functional soprano ukulele. The ukulele is easy to transport using the decorative gig bag. This will allow you to practice and play your ukulele anywhere and anytime you so desire.

Arrow Revolution Bow

There are toys that seem to stand the test of time. A good old fashioned bow is one of these. But Nerf Rebelle arrows – and the bow have revolutionized what it means to have fun. That fun is made even more intense but the fact that this bow features a revolving mechanism that sets up another arrow as the first is fired. That arrow can be loaded with water for some soaking fun and is safe for children of any age to use. The 90-foot range makes adventure even more fun. 6 Arrows make that adventure even more fun. The Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies bows and blasters take the battle to a new level.

Frozen Friends 200 Piece Puzzle

Little girls everywhere love the movie “Frozen”; my own granddaughter loves anything related to it. Considering the fact that doing jigsaw puzzles is a great way to develop a child’s mind, this Frozen Friends puzzle is sure to hold their interest more than some other puzzle choices. The fact that this puzzle has only 200 pieces makes it appropriate for younger children. The Frozen Friends puzzle is available in various places including Amazon and Michael’s at a very reasonable cost. This is a great choice for a little girl’s Christmas or birthday gift, and the whole family can enjoy helping find the pieces.

Cat Crimes

Cat Crimes is one of the most popular ThinkFun’s games for boys and girls over 8 years. The game has 40 challenge cards with increasing difficulty. It’s a great birthday present for kids who love puzzles – whether a complete beginner or an expert. The board, cat tokens, and crime tokens are made of high-quality cardboard and come with an instruction manual that’s easy to understand. The components are durable and can be used for many years without any problem. The product is trusted by families worldwide with over 50 million sold. This game will help your kid develop critical thinking skills.

Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set

What little girl does not deserve some pampering every now and again? Make that a reality with the Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set. This set comes with 30 pieces including an inflatable pedicure pool, a battery-operated nail dryer and much more, including kid-friendly nail polish and a nailfile perfect for tiny hands. Some glitter nail polish adds some fun to the entire kit. A pair of pedicure slippers add to the experience. This is the perfect gift to spoil that special little lady. It’s fun, safe and allows her to take control in transforming herself into a princess. Adults can lend a hand and make the spa experience a time to bond and show that princess just how special she is.

Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

There is a reason that dollhouses have been a firm favorite with young ladies for hundreds of years. they exercise the imagination and can provide hours of fun. The KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture is five levels of good classic fun. The combination of plastic, wood, and fabric means that this dollhouse will stand the test of time. With windows that open and close and 17 pieces of furniture, it is the perfect gift to excite the imagination of any child. The five rooms mean that excitement and wonder are part of the deal and hours of fun will be had. Assembly is easy – and detailed instructions come with the unit.

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