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Looking for the best Gifts For Antique Lovers? I was too and and found this great selection.

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Kovels’ Price Guide 2020 Paperback

Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel have a surprise for you, the Antiques and Collectibles Price Guide, which is a 2020 paperback with most trusted and complete pricings of antiques and collectibles. As a 2020 edition, it’s packed with 16,000 listings and 2,500 full-color photographs of collectibles in jewelry, toys, glass, furniture, and more. The Kovel’s by far is the most trusted casual and expert collectors’ source. Now with their well-organized book, you get the exceptional, wide-ranging and updated information including tips, Logos, photographs and tips. The best part is, the Kovel’s Price Guide is the only paperback with prices that are based on actual sales as sold in the previous calendar year; it doesn’t give estimates. Find It Here

Antique Coffee Grinder

For many people the best way to start off the day is with a cup of coffee – and the joy of grinding their own beans is part of the coffee experience. That experience can be taken to a whole new level with the Evelyne Burr vintage style manual coffee grinder. This exquisite piece of engineering is manufacture from cast iron with a wooden base featuring a drawer for storing beans. It does not require electrical power as it is manually operated. The fineness of the grounds is adjustable. This is a product that is not only functional but beautiful as well. The classic appearance will provide a sense of history to any home. Find It Here

Typewriter Pencil Holder

This is the perfect gift for those who are writers or are involved in the creative industries. The polyresin construction and retro typewriter styling make it at home on any desk. Able to hold a number of writing instruments and other office equipment it combines utility with beauty. It is also a great vintage style home decoration. The petite 5-inch size also allows it to take up very little room on the desk. People who work in publishing or aspiring authors will be fascinated by the styling.there are certain pieces of equipment that are iconic – and this retro-style typewriter replica is the embodiment of that iconic status. Find It Here

Vintage Desk Lamp

The Touch Control Vintage Table Lamp by Boncoo is ideal for placing on a bedside table, a desk, on a side table in a living room, or the counter of a kitchen. To operate the lamp, tap the base. The brightness of the light can be set to low, medium, or high. This lap has a vintage, classic design with a steampunk, antique feel. The base is wrought iron with a padded bottom to prevent scratching furniture. The lamp lights well without taking up a large amount of space. No bulb is included with the lamp. When you insert a bulb, an incandescent bulb is greatly recommended. Find It Here

Antique Wooden Wine Box

Wine lovers tend to enjoy both good taste and classic functionality when it comes to storing their prized vintages – and the Twine Chateau wooden wine box which holds two bottles is the perfect embodiment of antique style. This is an item that will satisfy even the most discerning of wine lovers. The faux leather straps on the interior of the case hold wine bottles securely and the external brass accents combined with wood and faux leather make it an item of distinction. This is the perfect gift for the wine lover – or indeed the lover of antique style collectibles. Find It Here

5″ Sundial Compass

There is a timeless elegance to the engineering that went into compasses from a bygone era. Today, lovers of antique style compasses have the opportunity to own a piece of history with the 5-inch Sundial Compass. Tghe solid brass construction and the exposed internal elements make this piece a joy to both behold and handle. It is the perfect talking point and would compliment any household where quality and craftsmanship are valued. The presentation box adds to the allure of this fine piece of engineering. The combination of compass and sundial design makes it a unique reflection of an age when exploration was revealing the wonders of the world. Find It Here

Handmade Brass Kaleidoscope

Ever wanted to find a gift that was both magical and whimsical? Do you need a gift to give to your children and/or family members? Well, this is the product for you! This classic kaleidoscope is handmade from brass and lenses which makes the product very child friendly. By rotating the barrel, you can see an array of colorful shapes merge and melt into each other. It even comes in an antique tooled leather box and only weighs about 0.8 ounces. This product is perfect for any wanderlust individual and can merge bonds in your family just as the product merges beautiful shapes. Find It Here

Leather Diary

Keeping a paper journal is becoming something of a lost art in the 21st century, but there is still an immense joy in using and handling a journal that has been well designed – and is a thing of beauty. This leather-bound journal with its semi-precious stone inlay and classic buckle closure is suitable for a variety of uses. Whether the user wishes to keep a diary, use it as a sketchbook or for any other purpose, the genuine dark leather cover and the classic environmentally friendly cotton paper makes it an absolute please to handle and use. This is a handmade classic reinvented for the modern world – but still providing a vintage journal experience. Find It Here

Turntable Gramophone

The classic ‘Trumpet Horn’ turntable is the perfect item to accentuate the individual style and decor of any home. This magnificent replica turntable immediately brings to mind a simpler time – but one where innovation and beauty were combined. The elegant phonograph comes equipped with a golden disk with the sounds of nature. Wind up the mechanism and sit back and enjoy not only the soothing sounds – but also the sheer beauty of fine engineering and design. It is the perfect decoration and is sure to be a talking point even when not playing. It makes a great gift for those in search of something unique. Find It Here

Feather Quill Pen Set

This feather quill pen set is the perfect gift for any antique item lover. This exquisitely and traditionally designed set is one hundred percent handcrafted and is made from prominent pen and ink making families. The feather quill pen is kept in an elegant case and comes with six different nibs along with different ink colors that are compatible with any media. They are also designed to fall smoothly and flow freely so that you can easily materialize your thoughts and designs. This high-grade gift is made from the highest quality materials to give you that desired, luxurious feel you will definitely want and need when you are writing. Find It Here

Antique Book Design Tissue Dispenser

It’s always nice to have a tissue dispenser in the bathroom – but some modern designs lack that style that is som important to many homeowners. However, the antique style wooden facial tissue dispenser with its stacked book design adds a classic touch to the bathroom (or any other room). The design is perfect for those who have an interest in the printed word – or simply enjoy antique decor. The top makes restocking with tissue incredibly easy and the sturdy wooden construction means that this eye-catching and functional tissue dispenser will provide years of service. This is the perfect gift for those who still find great joy in books. Find It Here

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