Gifts for Corvette Lovers

Looking for Gifts For Corvette Lovers?

I have made a great list. My favorites are the Corvette Chrome Pub Table and the Corvette All-Season Jacket.

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Here are the Best Gifts For Corvette Lovers

  • Corvette All-Season Jacket

    Corvette All-Season Jacket

    G.M. Bonded Polyester Corvette Jacket comes as an All-Season Unisex jacket and an officially G.M. licensed product. As an extremely well-made jacket, it features 100% Bonded Polyester that comes with Contrast Piping Trim. Besides that, the jacket comes with a fitted cut, water-resistant fabric, and a sleek body style. For a classy Chevrolet Corvette design, it features an embroidered logo on its front and back. The interior has a softshell with fleece liner. The construction makes it much more beautiful and very warm. The detailing is fantastic, and the packaging is fabulous. It’s an excellent attire wearing All Year Round. It arrives in a giftable box that does not spoil the surprise. More

  • Corvette Roadster Model Building Kit

    Corvette Roadster Model Building Kit

    The Corvette Roadster Model Kit is a well-built building kit for fast cars, no tops, high octane, and an open road. After War was over and the good times were back, the GIS return was eager for something to blow their hair back, and the 1958 Corvette roadsters were there for a ride. The cars were a perfect mixture of power and thrill. And now you get to know the car’s engineering with this building kit. With their invention setting new trends in the automotive design and making everything on the look outdated, this set will help you take the mind back for a better understanding of what the riders felt. It’s a perfect collectible here to help you learn more about the legacy of excellence for the Corvette as the design is carried through today. More

  • Lego Corvette Building Kit

    Lego Corvette Building Kit

    The LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Building Kit brings you 579 Pieces to build and experience an iconic supercar. As a 2-in-1 LEGO Technic set, you get to rebuild a hot rod replica model. Additionally, as a collectible car model, it comes with a large rear wing, four tailpipes, spoked rims with low-profile tires, a working steering, and some visible moving V8 pistons. It’s a complete building corvette kit that you will love to put it together. Now you get to explore your favorite supercar, corvette engineering with realistic movement and mechanisms; it’s a perfect set to introduce LEGO builders to the world of engineering. It’s an ideal package for boys and girls aged 9+ and for Corvette fans. More

  • Corvette Decanter and Glasses Set

    Corvette Decanter and Glasses Set

    If you’re searching for an ideal Corvette barware for your man cave, home bar, corvette club, well, this is Corvette Multi Generations Barware, a perfect choice. It comes as a 5-pice set that includes a Decanter and four glasses. It brings a great way to pay tribute to the classic Corvette style, speed, and innovative design. Each of the four glasses has a famous Corvette model emblazoning, 1953, 1956, 1963, and 1970 models to be specific, while the decanter has the sports Corvette logo. Apart from that, the glasses also feature a 12K gold ring, and the decanter has a sporting 12K gold accent. Every design employed on this barware set is centered on keeping it classy and honoring the earlier Corvette models. More

  • Original Corvette Patent Art Prints

    Original Corvette Patent Art Prints

    Be it office, home, bar, or man cave decoration; this unique vintage Corvette Patent Art print is a perfect piece of the job. The art pieces come in a set of four photos unframed but ready to frame. The printing is done on a semi-matte Fuji Crystal archive paper to ensure they last a lifetime. The print is done accurately to give the original design of the first Chevrolet Corvette model of 1968. They are an excellent decoration for any room, including your living room, bedroom, entries, kitchen, dining room, offices, bathroom, she sheds, game room, home bar, and more. The package makes an excellent gift for Corvette Owners, lovers, admirers, and enthusiasts. More

  • Corvette Chrome Pub Table

    Corvette Chrome Pub Table

    Chevrolet Corvette Pub Table is a carefully; high-quality round prepped table featuring a full-color printed logo that’s protected with a scratch-resistant acrylic top. The table is made using high-quality thick, solid wood and punched with T-nuts and counter-synced. The full-format printing employed here gives it a classic decorative design. The tabletop is also trimmed with a chrome-plated banding. The base features a high-quality chrome finish, footrest, and adjustable levelers. As an officially licensed product, this Chevrolet Corvette C6 perfect pub table for your game room on beer night. It’s also an ideal gift and recreation decor. More

  • Corvette Jacket

    Corvette Jacket

    The idea of driving a Chevrolet Corvette with regular clothing might seem too ordinary. Right? Well, why don’t you kick things up a notch by getting this J.H. Design Corvette C7 Twill Jacket that comes with some Embroidered Logos? It’s another of the many great Chevrolet Corvette designs from J.H. Design Group. It’s front and back has a vast C7 logo, and “CORVETTE” font, with the font also on the shoulders. The jacket sleeves come with the first six Corvette generations logos embroidered on it, creating a cool-looking attire. The making feature 100% Cotton makes it durable and machine washable. The snaps are made using stainless steel to keep them rust-free. It’s a great gift to any Chevrolet Corvette owner, lover or enthusiast. More

  • Corvette Wall Emblem Metal Art

    Corvette Wall Emblem Metal Art

    If you’re searching for a cool-looking decorative gift to give a Corvette lover or enthusiast, well, here is a perfect idea for you, the C6 Corvette Crossed flag. It’s a Wall Emblem Corvette Metal Art of a Cross flag taken with a high-end digital camera using PhotoSTEEL technology. The whole thing is then transformed into a flat 14-gauge steel sheet to create this high-quality emblem. It’s a durable, long-lasting, and a nearly indestructible art piece that performs great both indoor and outdoor. Its back feature white paint coating is providing complete weather protection. As an Official G.M. licensed product, it makes it a perfect Chevrolet Corvette gift. More

  • The Complete Book of Corvette

    The Complete Book of Corvette

    The Complete Book of Corvette is a Revised & Updated book on every Chevrolet Corvette model since 1953. As an ultimate, complete book series by Mike Mueller, it makes an excellent piece for the lovers and fans of this America’s Premier high-performance car, Chevrolet Corvette. Mike Muller is an American automotive expert, and inside this book, he gives you all the details of the Corvette generations, giving you definitive, encompassing volume that encompasses around 60 years of the model. The hardcover is composed of a corporation with General Motors and features over 500 color illustrations and vintage black-and-white photos from exclusive Design and Media Archives. More

  • Corvette Parking Only Metal Sign

    Corvette Parking Only Metal Sign

    Corvette Parking Metal Sign is a classy retro decoration for Corvette enthusiasts. It’s designed to add style and personality to your four walls. Its unique design evokes and sprinkles a touch of nostalgia around the garage, the kitchen, or the living room. It’s made to impress using a sturdy aluminum plate painted with anti-rust paint. The metal material does stand quality and durability, significantly higher than alternatives like plastics. With specific areas emphasized to match your particular motif, this embossing makes the sign design appear particularly applausive. It’s a high-quality vintage metal sign, a great piece of decoration ideal for use as a gift to a Chevrolet or Chevrolet Corvette. More

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