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Marvel Gifts


  • Hulk Gifts

    The Hulk aka Bruce Banner made his first appearance in May 1962 and the rest is history. He got widely popular among young and old. You can find the Hulk in comics, books, movies, tv-series,… As our green friend is also one of my favorite characters, I wanted to share with you my favorite Hulk gifts. The Best Hulk Gifts More

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  • X-Men Gifts

    X-Men Gifts

    Looking for X-Men Gifts? The first issue of X-Men was released in September 1963. The big difference about the X-Men was that were part human but also part mutant. Before that, the comic world only had humans who were bitten by spiders, millionaires and aliens. This mutant development opened up a whole new world and the number of superpowers was […] More

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  • Thor Gifts

    Thor Gifts

    Looking for Thor Gifts? By Odin, you have come to the right place! Thor Odinson made his first appearance in August 1962 in the Journey into Mystery #83. It is really interesting that Marvel added a Norse God to the Marvel universe when you think about it. When it comes to casting, Marvel really knows what they are doing. Chris […] More

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  • deadpool gifts

    Deadpool Gifts

    Are you looking for some great Deadpool Gifts? Deadpool is in comparison with other superheroes like Spider-Man quite new. He made his first appearance in 1991 (February) in The New Mutants #98. Deadpool was originally created to be a supervillain but later evolved to an anti-hero who everybody could relate to. Ever wondered how Ryan Reynolds became Deadpool? That is […] More

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  • captain america gifts

    Captain America Gifts

    Looking for Captain America Gifts? Captain America aka Steve Rogers has been around for some time. Cap made his first appearance in 1941. He was the patriotic supersoldier that everybody could look up to during World War II. Captain America can be easily recognized by his American flag motif and the indestructible shield. Still, to this day, Steve Rogers is […] More

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  • Iron Man Gifts

    Iron Man Gifts

    Looking for Iron Man Gifts? Tony Stark aka Iron Man is also one of the “older” superheroes from Marvel. Iron Man made his first appearance in 1963 (March) in Tales of Suspense #39. But Tony still had to wait till 1968 to get his own title in Iron Man #1. Although Iron Man wasn’t as popular like Spider-Man in the comics. Tony […] More

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  • Spider-Man Gifts

    Spiderman Gifts

    Looking for the best Spiderman gifts? Did you know that Spider-Man has already been around since the 60’s? He made his first appearance in 1962 (August) in the comic Amazing Fantasy #15. Peter Parker aka Spider-Man became an instant hit as a lot of readers could relate to the character as it was a high school student. Now already 50 […] More

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DC Comics Gifts


  • Wonder Woman Gifts

    Wonder Woman Gifts

    Wonder Woman is also one of the older superheroes but she still looks as pretty and strong as ever. Therefore to pay tribute to my favourite superheroine, I have listed my favourite Wonder Woman Gifts. Wonder Woman was first published in October 1941 in the comic All Star Comics #8. That day thousands of people fell in love with Wonder […] More

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  • the flash gifts

    The Flash Gifts

    Looking for Flash Gifts? The first Flash comic was released in January in 1940 by what is now known as DC Comics. It was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert. Almost every living soul on the planet knows The Flash but what a lot of people don’t know is that the Flash is not one person, unlike many other […] More

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  • Superman Gifts

    Superman Gifts

    Looking for Superman Gifts? Clark Kent aka Superman is considered the strongest and fastest superhero of the whole comic universe. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He made his debut in April 1938 in Action Comics #1. His original birth name was actually Kal-El given by his parents on the planet Krypton. But before the planet was […] More

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  • Batman Gifts

    Batman Gifts

    Are you a fan of Batman? Batman might be your coolest superhero today. Even me, he is my coolest hero. This is because he has no superpowers. Typically, he is just a regular and normal guy. Uses gadgets to tame the wicked and wildest villains. Behind Batman’s mask, there is a truly a genuine, kind-hearted person. Without counting the millionaire […] More

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Gifts For Movie Lovers


  • Bruce Lee Gifts

    Although he already passed away in 1973, Bruce Lee is still popular and an inspiration for many people. To describe Bruce Lee is as complex as the man himself. Bruce Lee is considered a actor, director, martial artist, martial arts instructor, philosopher… If you are a fan of Bruce Lee, you have come to the right place. We found some […] More

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  • harry potter gifts

    Harry Potter Gifts

    What are the best Harry Potter Gifts? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you. The first Harry Potter Book ” Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was released on 26 June 1997. Already in February 2018, the Harry Potter books have sold more than 500 million copies worldwide which made them the best-selling book series in history. You can honestly say the […] More

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  • toy story gifts

    Toy Story Gifts

    Toy Story became an immediate blockbuster when it hit the cinemas in 1995. It was the first entirely computer-animated feature-length film. It was also the first time, the world got to know Pixar. Toy Story was such a massive success that they turned into a franchise and we’re now waiting for Toy Story 4 which is expected in June 2014. […] More

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  • Lord Of The Rings Gifts

    Lord Of The Rings Gifts

    If you’re looking for Lord Of The Rings Gifts, you have come to the right place! As we’re huge fans of the saga, we scoured the web for the coolest Lord Of Rings things that you can buy. You might not know this but The Lord Of The Rings saga was already written by J. R. R. Tolkien a while […] More

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  • Star Wars Gift For Him

    Star Wars Gifts For Him

    What are the best Star Wars Gifts For Him? The whole world was amazed when they left the cinema in 1977 after watching the first Star Wars movie from George Lucas. Nobody ever expected that this movie would eventually evolve into pop culture phenomenon. There is so much Star Wars merchandise to buy as a gift, you just don’t know where […] More

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Gifts For TV Lovers


  • Rick And Morty Gifts

    Best Rick And Morty Gifts

    Because we’re such big fans of this show. We decided to list our favorite Rick and Morty gifts. If you don’t know this show. Rick and Morty is created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Wikipedia describes the show as an adult animated science fiction sitcom. The main characters in the show are Rick Sanchez, the grandfather mad scientist and […] More

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  • Star Trek Gifts

    Best Star Trek Gifts

    Looking for Star Trek Gifts? I have made a great list. My favorites are the Communicator Bluetooth Badge and the Klingon Bat’leth. This post may contain affiliate links. Check out the affiliate disclosure for more info. Thanks for your support! Here are the Best Star Trek Gifts   More

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  • Stranger Things Gifts

    Stranger Things Merch

    I immediately liked Stranger Things from the first episode. The 80’s setting just brings back memories and I instantly started to look for cool Stranger Things Merch. You would be actually surprised how much Stranger Things Merchandise there is available. You got it all, sweaters, board games, video games, even books and comics. Here are the Best Stranger Things Merch […] More

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  • peaky blinders gifts

    Peaky Blinders Gifts

    If you haven’t seen Peaky Blinders, I envy you. I like the show so much that is started looking to buy some Peaky Blinders Gifts and I really found some exceptional ones. For those who don’t know Peaky Blinders, it is a TV series from the BBC that takes place mostly in Birmingham during the aftermath of World War I. […] More

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  • friends tv show gifts

    Friends TV Show Gifts

    Friends is still super popular, people are still binge watching it on Netflix. Guilty as charged. These are my favourite Friends tv show gifts For the people who might not know Friends. It was 90’s sitcom that ran for 10 seasons. It featured 6 friends: Joey, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross. It was created by the brilliant minds of […] More

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  • Game Of Thrones Gifts

    Game Of Thrones Gifts

    Looking for Game Of Thrones gifts? You don’t have to look any further as we made a list with our favorite ones. Game Of Thrones became an instant success after the first episode was launched on April 17, 2011. The show was brought to the screen thanks to HBO and is a remake of George R.R. Martin’s book series A […] More

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  • The Walking Dead Gifts

    Walking Dead Merchandise

    The Walking Dead is one for the newer comics when you compare it to Batman and Superman for example. The first issue came out in 2003 and was created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. In total, there were 193 issues and in July 2019 the creator Kirkman decided to end the series. With the success of the […] More

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