Guitar Gifts

What are the best guitar gifts? Buying a gift for music artists is always tricky. An artistic mind is always buzzing with ideas and you never know which way is it will go.

The world has given us some very talented guitar players who all said the same thing about their skill. You don’t need skill to play the guitar but you need patience, hours of practice and the right gear

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That’s why we have created a broad list of guitar gifts:

My First Guitar: Learn To Play: Kids

The book is a perfect beginner paperback ideal for teaching kids how to play guitar for their first time. It’s a piece done by an Amazon number one bestselling music author, Ben Parker. The book provides a perfect introduction to kids with easy to follow instructions and illustrations. on that, the book does also gives simple exercise to practice and comprehend. Find It Here

Teach Yourself to Play Guitar: A Quick and Easy Introduction for Beginners

Teach Yourself to Play Guitar Paperback is here to give you a quick and easy introduction for your guitar beginner. It’s specifically designed for any music student with no music-reading background. It incorporates lesson examples presented in modern’s accessible tab format with simple beat notation for an accurate rhythm execution. Find It Here

Guitar: The World’s Most Seductive Instrument

This Guitar Hardcover is a book designed to celebrate the significance of the magical and world’s most seductive instrument, GUITAR. It’s quite obsessive and full-color represented in an irresistible slipcase. It does also have some iconic Guitar players like Prince’s Yellow Cloud and more. It’s a perfect gift for any guitarist or enthusiast. Find It Here

Shred Boot Camp

Shred Boot Camp is the First Comic Book that Teaches the Secrets of Shred Guitar available as a book in CD format. The paperback gives guidance through the adventurous journey of saving the human race performing massive metal pyrotechnics on your shred guitar. It’s a perfect gift for a shred guitar lover. Find It Here

Stratocaster Guitar Bookends

These Stratocaster Electric Guitar Body Bookends are here to amp up your workspace and give it a stylish décor and keep the library upright. And you know what, each bookend set made from high-quality recycled alder wood, the same as that used in a real guitar. It’s an authentic factory collectible available for gifting any guitarist and fan. Find It Here

It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud is a prime video available for streaming online and also available in DVD and Blue-ray format. It has a history of the electric guitar, as explained by three significant musicians: U2’s The Edge, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, and The White Stripes’ Jack White. It does also tell some personal stories of the three electric guitar virtuoso’s generations. Find It Here


Crossroads is a quite fun-to-watch movie on a Soulful Delta R&B, uplifting the tale of a gifted guitarist searching for the blues soul in the hands of the Devil. It’s available as a prime Video for online streaming online. And best of all, it’s quite satisfying for someone with a heart on guitar playing. Find It Here

Hired Gun

Hired Gun is an exciting movie about an A-list musician who lives and breathes music. The team shares incredible stories as they detail the highs and lows of life touring, session schedules’ demands, and dedication needed to play next to the world’s iconic musicians. It’s a perfect gift you can give any movie-lover guitarist. Find It Here

Guitar Patent Print Shirt

As a Vintage Patent Print Art Shirt, this high-quality cotton shirt is a perfect way to display your love for being a guitarist. It comes in a lightweight design featuring a double-needle sleeve and a bottom hem. Another thing, it does have a classic fit, and it’s quite soft and comfortable to wear. It’s a perfect gift for any guitar lover. Find It Here

I Need These Guitars Shirt

This Guitar Themed T-Shirt is a perfect T-Shirt any guitarist would wear for fun and owning their guitarist pride. It’s ideal for an avid acoustic, blues, rock, or electric guitar player out there. As a classic-fitting, lightweight shirt, it’s perfect for all-day wear. Best of all, it does bring a classic, elegance, and casual look. Find It Here

In My Head I’m Playing The Guitar Shirt

The love of playing guitar is something that takes over more than your hands. And with this T-shirt, you can tell everyone precisely that with is chilling classic graphics. It’s also a funny gift for any guitar loving friend, electric guitar woman, a Christmas gift, a rock guitar lover, and a cool guitar player. You will also love its lightweight, classic fit. Find It Here

Guitar Hoodie

How do you think you, a guitarist or your guitarist friend, would look in a hoodie with a guitar print? Super cool. Right? This Guitar hoodie is a cool musician electric guitar printed hoodie made from half polyester and half cotton. It does also feature a cozy fleece design that gives it a perfect comfortable construction. Find It Here

Guitar Backpack

SUCK UK Guitar Bag comes as an ergonomic Kids Backpack with a polyester lining and a zipper closure. Best of all, it does feature a guitar-shaped design with printed artwork, something a guitar fan kid would love very much. It does also come with padded straps for comfort and a name tag badge on its back. Find It Here

Guitar Socks

Socks keep our feet comfortable, but these funny guitar socks will give more than that. They feature musical notes and bars, allowing you to express your love for the instrument. As an excellent pair of guitar themed socks, they do also feature a unique six-string center stage design with rich mahogany on its top, toe, and heel. Find It Here

Electric Guitar Magnetic Bottle Opener

Electric Guitar Magnetic Bottle Opener brings you a rocking way to open your favorite drink. The opener features a metallic structure with a laminated guitar image. The detailing is perfect, and the strength is ideal for a long term service. It’s classic for any bartender, guitarist, or guitar enthusiast. Find It Here

Guitar Mug

Your next cup of coffee got even sweeter thanks to this guitar-music note coffee mug. It’s a ceramic guitar music cup ideal for use as a gift for guitarists and musicians. It’s a super funky rock and roll musical note mug with a cute fun design that gives it a decorative feature. It’s also versatile and useful as it can also be used as a vase, pen, plant pot, or a toothbrush holder. Find It Here

The Guitar Cookbook

Did you know there is a Guitar Cookbook? Yes, but not what you’re thinking. This paperback is a guitar cookbook with a Complete Guide to Harmony, Technique, Rhythm, Melody, and Improvisation. It’s a great book to teach you how to spice how you play your guitar and become an advanced guitarist. It’s a perfect gift to any guitar beginner who wants to advance to the next level. Find It Here

Guitar Hero: Live

FreeStyleGames and Activision want you to have the best fun there are with this Xbox One Guitar Hero, a live music video game for the guitarists and guitar lovers. The aim is to use a particular guitar controller for matching fret patterns, which are displayed on a scrolling note patter in time with the music. It’s a perfect gift for you, your guitarist friend, or any other guitar enthusiast. Find It Here

Guitar Hero Live Supreme Party Edition

Guitar Hero Live 2 comes as a Supreme Party Edition 2 Pack Bundle in PlayStation 4. It’s a fun game that gives you enjoyable moments to take on vocals. Activision ensures you get enough playing time, now and then. It’s a perfect gift for any guitarist or any of your guitarist friends. Find It Here

Guitar Play Set

This Kids Electric Musical Guitar Toy Play Set from Best Choice Products is a uniquely designed set that features six Demo Songs, a Whammy Bar, a Microphone, an Amp, and an AUX. It’s here to encourage creativity and imagination in your baby. It is kids friendly and quite durable; no sharp edges, and it’s recommended for kids aged 3-years and above. Find It Here

Frozen 2 Guitar

Frozen 2 Acoustic Guitar comes as a unique 30” guitar designed perfectly for beginners and sized and outfitted for kids of all ages. It also features a premium design, and it does deliver excellent sound with accurate tones; it’s here to give an authentic musical experience. Another thing, it doesn’t go short on high-quality details and beautifully crafted finishes. Find It Here

Fisher-Price Guitar Toy

Rockstar Guitar Toy comes with colorful power chords, a swing bar for vibrato effect, ten demo songs, realistic guitar sound, Volume up-down keys, Auto power off, and a Try Me function. It’s fully equipped to provide your child with the best realistic guitar experience. It can also be an inspiration and motivational to any kid who wants to be a musician in the future. Find It Here

Stratocaster 2 Sided Shaped Puzzle

Are you ready for a challenge? If so, then this Fender- Stratocaster 2 Sided Shaped Puzzle is for you. It comes with 600 pieces, and it is double-sided. The puzzle is designed to challenge even the most gifted puzzlers. It’s a perfect officially-licensed challenging game for any guitarist and perfect for family game nights. Find It Here

Acoustic Guitar Pinata

The Pinata features a unique acoustic guitar design, and it’s bound to highlight any celebration on the music party theme, music lovers’ get-togethers. It does hold up to two pounds of candy and toys. Apart from being ideal for a musical birthday theme, it can also work great for you as you challenge yourself on giving to the temptations. Find It Here

Guitar Light Set

Fun and the unique lighting effect is what you get from this Kurt Adler Guitar light set. The set is designed to add a perfect unique holiday and party lighting. It’s a set ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a fun multi-colored, and guitar-shaped design. Best of all, the light set comes with 10 UL listed incandescent lights. Find It Here

Guitar Desk Lamp

Guitar Desk Lamp is a uniquely designed lamp that will transform your room. It comes with a guitar-like base and stand, while the lampshade is a music sheet. It’s a perfect lamp shade for lighting a musical room. It’s a great piece to appreciate someone with and an excellent gift for any musician. Find It Here

Guitar Seat

Gator Frameworks wants you to have the fantastic and comfortable seating while you play your guitar on this Guitar Seat. The chair features padded cushion, an ergonomic backrest, and a unique fold-out guitar stand that holds both acoustic and electric guitars. Another thing, it has a durable, collapsible design with a quick-release pin, it’s a perfect guitar performance seat. Find It Here

Gibson Guitar Patent Prints

The Gibson Guitar Patent Prints comes in a Set of four guitar Photos with a vintage style. The photos are printed on premium paper with a matte finish, a 100-year archival rating, and designed to last a lifetime. The prints are perfect for historical conversation-art for decorating any guitarist home. Find It Here

Neon Guitar Light LED

This 3D Neon Guitar Light LED Light Sign comes as a decorative wall decor light operated by USB and with a Neon Guitar Art. The sign also features a clear LED tubing mounted on a transparent PC background. It’s ideal for Home Bar, Pub, Beach Recreational House, and Hotel Decoration and a perfect gift for any guitar lover and guitarist. Find It Here

String Guitar with Pick Miniature Replica

This String Guitar with Pick Miniature Replica is a very detailed miniature replica made of Polyresin with decorative features. Its unique craftsmanship, design, and production, including the instrument case, does give it a perfect look. It also comes packed in a beautiful box. It’s an ideal gift idea for a guitarist or a musician. Find It Here

Electric Guitar Miniature Replica

A decorative, detailed Guitar Miniature Replica is what you get when you acquire this Electric Guitar Music Instrument Miniature Replica with Case. It’s a study piece made of Polyresin, keeping it durable and lightweight. It’s a fantastic piece any musician or guitarist would love to have in their home or office. Find It Here

Lemmy Action Figure

Deluxe Figure Rickenbacker Guitar Eagle figure is a unique piece of Motorhead’s famous frontman – Lemmy Kilmister armed with his acoustic guitar and ready to lock. The detailing and paint quality is superbly done. It’s a great addition to a collection shelf or a gift to any musician, especially a guitarist. Find It Here

Mini Replica Guitar Van Halen

This EVH Frankenstein Mini Replica is a figure of Guitar Van Halen that’s handcrafted with some fantastic detailing. The tremendous work done here gives the figure a classic look. It does also come complete with a stand and a foil-stamped collectors gift box. As an officially licensed EVH miniature replica ideal for collection or gift for a musician. Find It Here

Guitar Video Game Storage

The Atlantic Game Central is here to enhance your gaming experience by organizing all the accessories. It has a unique game-like design fitted with four controller hooks for easy access. It does also come with five shelves holding three games, consoles, and tiny accessories. Another thing, the outboard hooks stow two guitars. Find It Here


Coco is a fantastic Disney adventurous animation movie with inspiration and motivational stories. The little boy, Pixar, embarks on an extraordinary journey to uncover mysteries behind the stories and traditions of his ancestors. He dreams of becoming a great musician, and his inspirational story can motivate you hugely. Find It Here

Guitar Center Gift Card

Guitar Center Gift Card is here for you to turn it into music by using it to get anything you want from the Guitar Center – the world’s largest retailer of guitars, percussion instruments, amplifiers, pro audio, keyboards, and recording equipment. It’s redeemable at any Guitar Center location globally. It’s Find It Here

Guitar Tool Kit & String Organizer

Tool Kit & String Organizer is a unique and perfectly designed organizer that comes with Carbon steel String Cutters, 2-in-1 Screwdriver (a Philips and a Flat), a Led Flashlight, and two AAA Batteries. Best of all, there are six pockets for storing strings, picks, gauge, business cards, and more. It’s a perfect guitar gift. Find It Here

Guitar Leather Pick Holder

Simple Rustic Guitar Pick Holder is what you get with this Leather Key Chain that’s made by hand. It’s ideal for keeping your pick in a single place, offering you perfect storage, especially when you’re on tour. It features a uniquely soft, attractive full-grain leather construction making it durable. It’s an ideal gift everyone, especially someone who knows the pain of losing a pick. Find It Here

Guitar Shaped Picture Frame

A guitarist home needs some unique decorations that say you’re a musician or a guitarist. This Conversation Guitar Body Shaped Music Picture Frame is a perfect way to give a musical statement to your visitors. It’s made from a high-quality MDF board giving it a durable and lightweight structure. It does also include acrylic picture protectors. Find It Here

Guitar Shaped Decorative Hooks

Imagine hanging your clothes on vintage Guitar decorative hooks. It’s super cool. Right? That is what you get with these three hooks and hangers. They are ideal for hanging clothes, keys, towels, and hats. And you know what? These heavy-duty hooks are made from metal and resin, and they are wall-mounted. The set is a perfect gift to give to your music lover friend, guitarist, family, or a special him. Find It Here

Guitar Pro Care Cleaner Kit

The Elagon (ST) Guitar Pro Care Cleaner kit is a bundle containing Allen keys, string cutter, guitar and bass string winder, polish/cloth, string cleaner/lubricant, and a string action ruler. They’re all high-quality and durable tools you need to keep your expensive guitar and its string well set, fit and clean. Find It Here

Guitar Barbecue Tool Set

The PEPKICN Rock Guitar Style Barbecue Tool Set is a heavy-duty, rust-resistant, durable, stainless steel two-piece set featuring the spatula and tongs with a wooden handle. It has a rock guitar style making it a perfect gift for a music BBQ enthusiast. It also has an ergonomic design providing a comfortable grip. Find It Here

Guitar Bookends

The Bellaa 26249 Bookends is an impressive Vintage Guitar Music Books Holder Gifts which distinguish amazing quality made from beautiful cold cast resin. It has a Vintage style hoarder’s items limited edition books holders. It offers a museum-quality library bookends ideal for bookshelf or study room or decoration. Find It Here

Folding Acoustic Guitar

The Voyage-Air VAOM-02, a folding orchestra acoustic guitar feature an OM body shape spruce top with an X-brace inlaid sound-hole rosette single-ply top and back binding. It also feature phosphor bronze string and a carrying case. There is also an air captured nut patented voyage and a protective high-gloss finish. Find It Here

Professional Dock for Recording

The famous Focusrite iTrack Professional Dock is a studio pack ideal for recording and lighting. It’s compatible with the iPad. It comes with a Focusrite iTrack Dock, and a high-quality HP60 back closed headphones, a CM25 condenser microphone featuring a stand clip, and a 3-meter XLR cable. Find It Here

Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar

The Jamstik 7 Smart Guitar is a portable, wireless, MIDI smart guitar that is bundled with interactive learning apps for teaching guitar. It features a FretTouch finger sensing technology and an inference optical pickups providing real-time feedback allowing you to see fingers on the screen. Find It Here

Pocket Digital Guitar Chord Trainer

The pocket digital guitar chord trainer is an upgraded 2019 chord training tool that feature an inbuilt rotatable screen which reserves the commonly used chord inside to help guitar beginners and students develop muscle memory for the chords. It’s a perfect tool for finger placement exercises and practice during trips. Find It Here

High-Performance Guitar Pick

The Pykmax Guitar Pick is a High Performance, fantastic comfortable guitar pick with a patented design. It features a slip-resistant design and a medium body plectrum with adult size. Its replacement is sold differently. It’s ideal for right-handed players. Find It Here

Guitar Smartphone Holder

The I-Po Guitar Smartphone holder is a patented capo which holds two smartphones in one. It’s adjustable to hold smartphones securely and works with both Android and iPhone. Additionally, works on all acoustic and electric guitars. It pivots and tilts to provide optimal viewing working great for online video lessons. Find It Here

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

The Pick-a-Palooza DIY Guitar Punch is a mega gift pack with a premium maker and a leather key chain pick holder, guitar file, and 15 pick strips. As a perfect gift for a guitar player, this punch features heavy-duty, robust construction, and an impressive stainless steel blade. Find It Here

Mini Guitar Amplifier

The Marshall MS2 Micro Guitar Amplifier is a battery powered, fun gift and a great practice amp. It also features an ultimate portability packing full Marshall Tone into a small case. As a mighty micro Marshall, it has a switchable clean and overrides channels which deliver less Marshall Watts. This is one of our favorite gifts for guitar players Find It Here

Automatic Smart Guitar Tuner

The Roade 2 Automatic smart Guitar tuner is a high-performance tuner which offers excellent quality and accuracy. As a powerful Guitar tuner, it delivers high quality and accuracy in all environments using the 2’s vibration sensor. With this tuner, it’s quite easy to control the setting preferences. Find It Here

Guitar Cheatsheets Bundle

The Best Music Stuff Guitar Cheatsheet Bundle is a collection of three laminated pocket reference guitar cheatsheets, 4 inches by 6 inches in dimension and double-sided. The three Cheatsheets are Guitar Chords Cheatsheet, Guitar Triads Cheatsheet, and Guitar Scales Cheatsheet. The bundle is also an excellent gift to all level guitarists. Find It Here

Guitar Coffee Teaspoons

The Eddieson Guitar Coffee Teaspoons comes as a set of seven pieces of stainless steel colorful dessert spoons ideal for mixing, stirring, ice cream, dessert, and an excellent gift for the music guitar lovers. The spoons are high-quality, rust-free, non-toxic, and durable with each spoon having its color. Find It Here

Guitar Cutting Board

The Fender Stratocaster Cutting Board is a 100% Bamboo guitar cutting board made from recycled wood from our Mexico manufacturing facility. It features a Strat Body Shape of a venerable Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars. As a smartly designed cutting board, it requires treating with 100% mineral oil before use. Find It Here

Guitar Christmas Ornament

The Broadway Gifts Musical Instrument is a durable, stylish Christmas Ornament made from wood, brass, and metal. As a mini exquisitely crafted instrument ornament, it’s a perfect addition for music lowers. Its design displays a mini replica of the black electric guitar. Find It Here

DIY Kit – Portable Speaker & Guitar Amplifier

The TRASH AMPS DIY Kit is a set of the portable speaker and guitar amplifier kit with a red cord and a Mason jar. It’s ideal for those who want to have fun and learn electronics STEM education, robotics, and engineering. The kit plays music on a smartphone, iPod or tablet. Find It Here

Guitar Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

The Guitarix Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Abco Tech is a high tech guitar rechargeable speakerphone with an LCD musical synch lights. It features an FM radio, MP3 player and smartphone track player. The speaker comes as a portable, dustproof, waterproof, and features a hands-free design. Find It Here

Ernie Ball Slinky Strings

The Ernie Ball Regular Slinky Nickel Wound Sets are famous guitar strings favored by lots of musicians in the world. The lines are precision made to the highest standards and with the most exacting specifications to ensure consistency, durability, and optimum performance. Find It Here

Soundbrenner Pulse

The Soundbrenner Pulse is a smart, vibrating, and wearable metronome perfect for all instruments, including Guitar, Piano, and Drums. It features 7x more powerful vibration than that of an average smartphone. It allows you to create and save custom rhythms and organize them in a set-list. Find It Here

Portable Guitar Stand

The heavy-duty Portable Guitar Stand from Hola! Music is a unique stand ideal for all sizes of Acoustic and Classical Guitars. It comes with a soft-silicon cushion on all of its contacts points and no-slip silicone feet for an added stability. Its maker, Hola! Music guarantees affordability and quality. Find It Here

Personalized Guitar Pick

The BlueSkyCreations Guitar Pick is a personalized stainless steel one-sided guitar pick perfect for keepsake and a great gift for all occasions. It comes in a small cute organza bag ready to be given as a gift. It’s a creation of BlueSkyCreations and fits around 20 letters. Find It Here

Personalized Leather Guitar Strap

The high-grade Personalized Leather Guitar Strap from Lou Brown Designs is a custom-leather guitar strap ideal for use with electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and more. It’s made from Bicast leather and hand-printed with a personalized message — each strap feature a simple, classic, and sturdy design. This is one of the favorite gifts for guitar players from our editor. Find It Here

Rocksmith Remastered

The Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered is an Xbox One Standard Edition designed and made by Ubisoft. It’s the latest, newly upgraded, and improved edition of the quickest way to learn guitar and bass. It allows learners to learn at their own pace and adapts to the learners’ skills level. Find It Here

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