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    Shower Beer Holder

    Do you have a friend who likes a (not so) occasional beer in the shower? Then you found the perfect gift. It comes with a suction cup, so it is basically just plug and drink. You can even choose the color and the engraving. More

  • Steampunk Monitor and Keyboard
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    Steampunk Monitor and Keyboard

    The Steampunk Monitor and Keyboard are a piece of art. It has an HP 21.5″ Widescreen Flatpanel Monitor and Wireless keyboard. You can completely customize the order and choose your custom paint like Marble , Oak, Cherry, Hard maple,… More

  • foodini
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    Foodini 3D Food Printer

    Create masterpieces with the Foodini 3D Food Printer. You will be able to print food in precise portions and shape. How does it work? You have to prepare the filling, put it into the capsules and choose your design. It will be directly printed on a plate, so that will save you time as well. More

  • Unicorn Tears Gin

    Unicorn Tears Gin

    There’s a legend that says when you drink the tears of a unicorn that you will get the strength of a unicorn. Imagine now what happens when you drink gin made from unicorn tears… Exactly, you will get the strength of a drunk unicorn! More

  • Fallout 4 Power Armor USB Hub

    Fallout 4 Power Armor USB Hub

    A collectible and practical at the same time? Must be every man’s dream. Well, with the Fallout 4 Power Armor USB Hub this is the case. It’s a highly-detailed figure that lights up and comes with 3 USB ports. This will look great on your desk charging your phone or transfering your data via USB 2.0. More

  • stationary bike washing machine

    Stationary Bike Washing Machine

    Wash your clothes, work out and save electricity at the same time. How does it work? Very simple actually. During your workout, the pedaling motion causes the washing machine to rotate. Also, at the same time, you are generating electricity to power the display screen. More

  • The Frame Smart TV

    The Frame Smart TV

    We have to be honest, a TV can be an ugly thing standing in your living room. Therefore Samsung created The Frame Smart TV. A TV that blends in your living room. Visitors would think that it is a painting. The catchphrase is spot on: “TV when it is on, art when it is off!” More

  • Vaportini


    Vaportini is introducing a new way of drinking. With the Vaportini kit, you will inhale the alcohol instead of drinking it. In this way, you will experience new flavors an subtleties like you have never experencied them before. At this moment, there are already more than 20 Vaportini infusion recipes which you can try. More

  • Transformer USB Flash Drive
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    Transformer USB Flash Drive

    We have seen from the Transformers movie that Decepticons can change sides and that is exactly what this Decepticon did. It now offers you its service as a USB Flash Drive.! It looks a lot like Ravage if you look closely. More

  • The Jerry Can Bar

    The Jerry Can Bar

    Attention all smugglers! The Jerry Can Bar is here to help you in your quest to smuggle the finest moonshine into any country. The bar includes a flask, cigarette case, pourer, bottle stopper, corkscrew, lighter, 2 glasses & 2 Cokes. More

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