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  • LaMetric Smart Clock

    LaMetric Smart Clock

    The LaMetric clock is one the smartest clocks out there. It will tell you time but also the weather, emails, events, tweets, followers, news, deadlines and other metrics in real-time. It even works with WeMo, Alexa, IFTTT,… More

  • Ferrofluid Clock

    Ferrofluid Clock

    This is probably the only clock that you will love to look at when time is slowly passing by. The Ferro Fluid is able to move freely and can be manipulated thanks to powerful electromagnets. You can even create your own text, shapes and transitions via an internal system that is accessible trough a web-browser. More

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    Star Wars Cuckoo Clock

    This expertly handcrafted STAR WARS clock showcases the iconic lightsaber battle from Return of the Jedi, with sculptural Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and the Emperor figures, hand-painted for intricate realism. It lights up! At the flick of a switch, the clock illuminates from within, and the crossed electroluminescent lightsabers of Vader and Luke glow in brilliant red and green while the Emperor’s chamber glows blue. More

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    The Math Clock

    So you think you have what it takes to solve this clock. To be honest, it is not that hard. But it is the perfect gift for math enthousiasts. More

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    Mona Lisa Wall Clock

    I got this clock from Da Vinci himself. He had an original painting lying around and decided to make a clock out of it. He told me the knock-off is hanging in the Louvre? Silly Frenchies… More

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    Whatever Wall Clock

    The perfect gift for people who are always late. The Whatever Wall Clock is made out of cork and numbers have fallen off to the bottom of the clock. More

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    Ice Tube Clock Kit

    This DIY kit is a great gift for people who like to know exactly how everything works as you have to assemble this Ice Tube clock completely yourself. But when you’re ready, you have a great looking clock. More

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    The Melting Clock

    One of the most iconic surrealistic paintings in history is for sure Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory. It features melting clocks. You can now own a melting clock like you stole it directly from the painting. More

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    Timesphere Minimalist Clock

    If you’re looking for a minimalistic clock that looks great in every room, you should give the Timesphere minimalist clock a try. It defies gravity with the ball that travels around the dial to mark the time. More

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    Minimalistic LED Clock

    It looks like a simple LED clock but it is actually pretty smart. It has an alarm that’s one and a 12/24 hour display. But also a light sensitive sensor to reduce the the brightness of the clock in the evening and night. More