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    Shower Beer Holder

    Do you have a friend who likes a (not so) occasional beer in the shower? Then you found the perfect gift. It comes with a suction cup, so it is basically just plug and drink. You can even choose the color and the engraving. More

  • Unicorn Tears Gin

    Unicorn Tears Gin

    There’s a legend that says when you drink the tears of a unicorn that you will get the strength of a unicorn. Imagine now what happens when you drink gin made from unicorn tears… Exactly, you will get the strength of a drunk unicorn! More

  • Vaportini


    Vaportini is introducing a new way of drinking. With the Vaportini kit, you will inhale the alcohol instead of drinking it. In this way, you will experience new flavors an subtleties like you have never experencied them before. At this moment, there are already more than 20 Vaportini infusion recipes which you can try. More

  • The Jerry Can Bar

    The Jerry Can Bar

    Attention all smugglers! The Jerry Can Bar is here to help you in your quest to smuggle the finest moonshine into any country. The bar includes a flask, cigarette case, pourer, bottle stopper, corkscrew, lighter, 2 glasses & 2 Cokes. More

  • Monster Hunter Tankard
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    Monster Hunter Tankard

    Before going on to a hunt, you have to drink and eat. You can now do the same like in Monster Hunter but now you have your very own Monster Hunter Tankard to do so. Alright! More

  • Black Granite Whiskey Stones

    Black Granite Whiskey Stones

    Stop watering down your whiskey with ice cubes. With this Black Granite Whiskey Stones, you have an alternative for cooling down your whisky. The granite stones have smooth and rounded edges so they won’t scratch your glasses. More

  • Game of Thrones Tankard


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    Game of Thrones Tankard

    The perfect gift for any Game Of Thrones Fan. This tankard is just absolutely stunning. The tankard features the fives houses, with the sigil and motto of each house: Targaryen, Greyjoy, Baratheon, Stark and Lannister. More

  • Whiskey Decanter Skull Set

    Whiskey Decanter Skull Set

    This whiskey decanter skull dispenser is hand blown so you know that the quality is excellent. It comes with 2 skull shot glasses. Great if you want to make an impression to the right or maybe wrong people…. More

  • Old World Globe Bar

    Old World Globe Bar

    Add to your home a touch of class with this amazing old world globe bar. It shows the world how it was mapped in the sixteenth century. You can keep 8 glasses and 1 bottle in the globe and a couple of bottles underneath. Enjoy your drinks! More

  • The World's Strongest Coffee

    The World’s Strongest Coffee

    When went to the darkest place in the rainforest to bring you the ultimate coffee beans! The company Death Wish claims that this is the world’s strongest coffee and after reviewing we agree. Man, that stuff is strong! Also, very nice sidenote, it’s Fairtrade. More