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  • Aura: The Scanner Lamp

    Aura: The Scanner Lamp

    Is it a lamp or a scanner? Well, it is actually both. The Aura can scan pages and documents in 2 seconds and up to A3 size. It comes with AI technology so you will always have the best results. It doubles as a versatile lamp with 4 light settings. More

  • Hypercube


    When looking at the Hypercube, the first thing that you will ask yourself is “What does it do?”. Well, it does do anything. It’s an inifinity mirror made of semi-mirrored acrylic. But like anything that doesn’t do anything, you can say it will tie the room together More

  • Aurora


    The Aurora can help to create a right atmosphere for almost any indoor scenes, such as, run them along shelves, under a TV, around room and stairs, or highlight the furniture or wall, etc. Thanks to the flexible material and extendable features, it can either provide long-lasting large ambient light for the whole room or the small atmosphere for the private corner. More

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    Nanoleaf Canvas

    Introducing the Nanoleaf Canvas, the new and improved prodigy child of the award-winning Nanoleaf Light Panels. Building on the core light panel technology, the edge-lit Canvas is designed to cover the walls and ceiling of an entire room. More

  • LED Kitchen Sink Faucet

    LED Kitchen Sink Faucet

    Pimp your faucets with LED Lights. The LED lights changing color with water temperature and comes with water saving + filter systems. It runs on 3 coin cell batteries and has beautiful chrome finish, solid and firm brass bod. More

  • Helios Touch

    Helios Touch

    Helios touch is a modular, touch sensitive wall light. Create any structure to suit your needs using the hexagonal magnetic tiles then simply turn on and off by touching. More

  • levitating light bulb

    Levitating Light Bulb

    If you’re looking for something special to put on your desk, this Levitating Light Bulb should do the trick. The bulb levitates and spins slowly in mid-air. More

  • Bat Signal
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    Bat Signal

    The Bat Signal is as legendary as the Dark Knight himself. Thisáhigh-quality prop will light up the room up to 10 feet. The Bat Signal is bigger than it looks that will be immediatelyáclear when you watch the unboxing video. More