Gifts For Men With Beards

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The Epic Beard Game

Beards are making a comeback -and it’s not only on the catwalks or among the hip and trendy who wear their facial hair with pride – it’s also in the form of this fun card game. in ‘The Epic Beard Game’ players need to bluff their way to success. But beware ‘Beardless Harry’ awaits to dash the hopes of those who want to snatch the glory. With a fun set of cards, chips and laughs it’s a game a strategy and bluffing that will have the 3-8 players taking part grinning from ear to ear. Each hame only takes around 30 minutes and the rules are easy to learn – but the art of the bluff and deception needs to be mastered to ensure success. More Find It Here

The Little Book of Beards

The beard is back and better than ever before. The Little Book Of Beards can provide you with a complete guide on how to get your beard looking better than ever. It not only comes with a list of some of the most famous beard styles that you will find, but it comes with tips and tricks to ensure that you know exactly how to finely tune and craft your beard to look exactly the way you want it to look. If you know anyone that has a beard, this is a gift that will completely change their life with some of the best pointers you will find for styling and maintaining beards. More Find It Here

Beard Lights Ornaments

If you or someone you know has a beard, it may be a good idea to buy beard lights and ornaments. The DecoTiny Battery Replaceable 20 Beard Lights are a hit in a lot of homes because they are funny to see someone wear. Basically, you get lights that can be put in a beard and they are similar to Christmas lights in that they are just there for decoration. They would make a great gag gift for someone with a big beard and you’ll get a kick out of the photos someone shares of themselves wearing the lights when they get them. More Find It Here

Beard Catcher Apron

If you are the owner of a beard, then you are familiar with how it can be a pain to trim it over the sink because hair gets everywhere. Not only that, but if you don’t have a lot of beard hair then the trimmings can be super small and hard to clean up. With a beard catcher styled apron, you put it on and then connect it to a surface in front of you while you trim your beard like on a mirror. That way, there’s a place for the hair to fall and then you are able to take the hair and get rid of it without it going everywhere. More Find It Here

Beard Straightener for Men

Looking for the best gift for the men in your life? The Beard Straightener is one of the best gifts you can get a man with a beard. This particular beard straightener features a 2 in 1 design for even more efficient performance. It can straighten and comb beard hair at the same time. It can reach capable temperatures fast and it can glide through hair without the constant tangle or tugging you might normally expect from a comb. It is designed to be portable and it allows you to adjust the temperature on the fly for personalized use and optimal results. More Find It Here

Duck Butter Beard Oil Pack

Looking for the ultimate gift set for a beard lover? The Duckbutter Beardsman pack is a fantastic choice. It comes packaged in a very premium looking gift box. It comes included with all of the essentials that you would need for ultimate beard grooming including a brush and comb set made up of natural boar for the brush and a genuine peach wood comb. It also comes with four one-ounce bottles including blends with their original Manly sent, Forrest scent, and even an Evergreen scent. Each bottle comes with an individual dropper for easier dispensing which makes it the ultimate beard kit for those looking to maintain and groom their beard. More Find It Here

Beard Grooming Kit

A beard grooming kit is an ideal gift for someone that you know that has a beard. When you look at what it comes with, it’s a full scale kit that helps men deal with their beards with the right tools. Most men with beards want to look nice so they need to keep up with their beards often or they will start to look a little rough around the edges. If you or anyone you know has a beard, a grooming kit is a must have item. It will for sure be used and that’s because it’s so useful. More Find It Here

Honest Amish Beard Balm

Ask anyone with a beard and they will tell you how important high-quality beard balm can be to a healthy-looking beard. Honest Amish Beard Balm is one of the best leave-in conditioners you can find on the marketplace today. It’s made in the USA and it features high-quality and proven to soften ingredients to make your beard look and feel fantastic. It uses absolutely no chemicals. Therefore, it is not going to worsen irritation. It contains both Shea and cocoa butter which are excellent moisturizing ingredients and aloe to reduce itching and inflammation. It is simply one of the best all-around beard balms you will find which makes it the ideal gift for anyone in your life that has a beard. More Find It Here

Beard Scale Men’s T-Shirt

If you’re seeking for a gift for your bearded friend, brother or husband, this Beard Scale Men’s T-Shirt will be one of your best options. This t-shirt is not only a funny and cute item but also a high-quality one. Printed in the USA, this tee is made of preshrunk and machine washable 100% combed cotton. It is available in black, green and brown. The Beard Scale Men’s T-Shirt will let everyone know the current stage of its bearded owner, be it manly, cave manly, sea captainly, dudely, Santa Clausly, or even the almighty wizardly or Godly. The perfect gift for men who know their beard. More Find It Here

Limited Edition Skull Titanium Alloy Beard & Hair Comb

Do you have a beard that needs taming? If so, you don’t have to look further than the beard and hair comb from Anarchy Inc. The comb teeth are smooth but act firm with all types of beards. Your beard will catch everyone’s attention with this product. The anti-static titanium alloy has thermally conductive properties to tame even the most stubborn and frizzy beards. This beard comb includes many other useful tools such as a Philips head driver and dual slotted head drivers. This comb is designed to last a lifetime. Make sure you invest in this quality product right now. More Find It Here