Gifts For Men

Looking for gifts for men? This can be quite the endeavour. There are just so many that you don’t know where to start. Therefore, we created this post and we devided it in several subcategories to make it easier for you. gifts-ideas-for-men-who-work-out

Here are the Best Gifts Men

Gifts For Men Who Like To Cook

  • Onion Chopping Goggles

    Onion Chopping Goggles

    Cooking is fun, but cutting the onions to cook sometimes takes away the fun. But that can be prevented by using these Moligh doll Onion Chopping Goggles. They are Tears-Free onion chopping goggle providing ideal eye protection. They are made using high quality material, shatter-resistant, and also durable. Another thing, the glasses come in a compact and portable size providing secure storage. The lens in each pair offers ideal protection that covers your eye and designed to stop your eyes from tearing while you cut the onions. As 100% brand new and high quality eye-protection goggles, they will also protect you from juices, spattering, fumes, and intense heat while you cook in the kitchen. More

  • One Hole Egg Blower Pump

    One Hole Egg Blower Pump

    Egg breaking and cooking don’t have to be messy. One-Hole Egg Blower Pump, a simple egg tool, is here to make kitchen or any egg project super clean and comfortable. Best of all, you get a full eggshell for art and crafts around your home. It’s a simple tool, but it does make everything an egg has useful in away. Now, with this egg blower tool your kids’ Easter egg projects just turned into keepsakes savable for years to come. The egg are whole, ready to be painted or dyed. It does also make cleaning the egg quite easy by pumping water inside the eggshell. The tool can blow all Eggs no matter the size; be it quail, chicken, goose or ostrich eggs. It’s a perfect tool for making for Easter eggs and Ornaments, farmhouse decor, wreaths, and handmade gifts. More

  • Sushi Making Kit

    Sushi Making Kit

    Do you wonder how your favorite Sushi place make their sushi? Do you want to do the same? Tired of spending your hard-earned money in restaurants for your favorite Sushi dish? Well, you can now perfect your sushi, making art using this Sushi Making Kit. It comes as an all-in-one Sushi Bazooka Maker. It includes all the necessary accessories, including Bamboo chopsticks and mat, Paddle. Avocado Slicer, Sushi Knife, Spreader, Cotton Bag, and a Chopstick holder. There is also a DIY Sushi Roller machine. The materials used here use eco-friendly and food-grade materials like bamboo and BPA-free plastic. The set makes a perfect gift ideal for men who love to cook, Christmas, Housewarming, or even Birthday. More

  • Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

    Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

    If you’re searching for a unique yet elegant gift to give to a man who loves to cook, then you might want to consider this set of Moscow Mule Copper Mugs. It’s a 4-pack set that brings you purely HANDCRAFTED Copper 16oz Mugs. The cups are made using quality food-grade 100% pure copper. Each mug went through comprehensive third-party testing for safety and quality to make sure it’s food safe. The package comes with four pure copper straws, a shot glass and a recipe booklet, best of all a gift box. It’s a perfect gift package for anyone who loves taking a drink, which almost everyone. More

  • The Mini Waffle Maker Machine

    The Mini Waffle Maker Machine

    Dash Mini Maker is a Mini Waffle Maker Machine ideal for preparing individual waffles, Hash browns, Paninis, and other on-the-go Snacks, Breakfast or Lunch. If you need something that saves you time while making cooking fun and easy, then this is a machine to have in your home. Its small and lightweight design makes it a must-have appliance for a small kitchen, camping trip, RV, or college dorm. The unit is quite easy to use and operate; all you need is plug it in and go. It does heat up in a minute, if not seconds. The use of dual non-stick surfaces allows you to get evenly cooked food with consistent results every time. It’s a perfect gift idea for Father’s Day, Christmas, or new home. More

  • Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1

    Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1

    Instant Pot Duo Mini is an exceptional 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker designed for small households, side dishes, or places where space is limited. It does combine seven kitchen appliances into one to save you space and make it easier for you to prepared side dishes. It has a pressure cooker, a Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, a Steamer, Saute, a Warmer, and a Yogurt Maker. Apart from that, it’s equipped with fourteen One-Touch cooking presets that eases the whole cooking process. It also has a way to monitor the temperature, time, pressure and also adjusts the heat intensity and duration for better and desired results. It’s super easy to clean with the stainless steel lid and other removable components being dishwasher safe. More

  • Complete Grill Accessories Kit with Cooler Bag

    Complete Grill Accessories Kit with Cooler Bag

    ROMANTICIST wants you to have an exceptional cooking moment by offering you this 20pc Complete Grill Accessories Kit that comes with a Cooler Bag. It has everything needed to get right into your mastery grilling, barbecue, indoor, or outdoor kitchen cooking. The tools in this set are made from premium stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. They are also dishwasher safe. There is an aluminum case provided to carry all the cooking pieces. Inside the case are pockets and straps for better organization. It also has a convenient hanging hook and a built-in bottle opener. The whole thing is a perfect gift for everyone you know, especially men who like to cook. More

  • Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    While in a hurry, it might not be possible to prepare your perfect, delicious breakfast sandwich in the kitchen. But with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, the process is simplified and made accessible. This quick and easy to use sandwich maker can cook your breakfast, lunch, or dinner sandwich in a matter of minutes. The best part is, you get to create custom sandwiches the way you like. Operating the device is quite easy, all thanks to the simple controls and the movable parts. When it comes to cleaning, the process is a breeze. The removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the cooking surfaces are non-stick. Another thing, the maker, Hamilton Beach, provides over 25 sandwich-making recipes you can try on their website. More

  • From Crook to Cook: Snoop Dogg Cookbook

    From Crook to Cook: Snoop Dogg Cookbook

    From Crook to Cook recipe book is a collection of Platinum Recipes from Snoop Dogg Cookbook. You can call it a Celebrity Cookbook that brings you Soul Food Recipes. If you’re looking for a cookbook with some personality, then you need to get tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen. The 17-times Grammy nominee brings you his magical recipe book that contains 50 recipes straight from his collection; everything from staples such as Baked Mac & Cheese to classic weeknight faves such as soft tacos. With this cookbook, you have an arsenal of snacks recipe that will for sure satisfy you. You also get a bonus beverage recipes since there’s no party complete with Gin, Juice and other platinum entertainments. More

  • Funny Attitude Apron

    Funny Attitude Apron

    A cooking apron does more than protecting your clothes from the kitchen grime; it can also be motivating and inspirational. While you cook, bake or grill while wearing this funny attitude apron, you get to bring your fun, creative side in an excellent way. The apron is also large enough to protect your clothes form all the flour, oil, BBQ sauce, dough, and other messy food staff. It has a colorful design with never-fading funny text. The apron is made using a combination of poly and cotton twill to give it better durability and keep it soft and comfortable for you. It does also come in one-size-fits-most sizing and fully adjustable straps for better fit and comfort. More

Gifts For Men With Beards

  • The Epic Beard Game

    The Epic Beard Game

    Beards are making a comeback -and it’s not only on the catwalks or among the hip and trendy who wear their facial hair with pride – it’s also in the form of this fun card game. in ‘The Epic Beard Game’ players need to bluff their way to success. But beware ‘Beardless Harry’ awaits to dash the hopes of those who want to snatch the glory. With a fun set of cards, chips and laughs it’s a game a strategy and bluffing that will have the 3-8 players taking part grinning from ear to ear. Each hame only takes around 30 minutes and the rules are easy to learn – but the art of the bluff and deception needs to be mastered to ensure success. More

  • The Little Book of Beards

    The Little Book of Beards

    The beard is back and better than ever before. The Little Book Of Beards can provide you with a complete guide on how to get your beard looking better than ever. It not only comes with a list of some of the most famous beard styles that you will find, but it comes with tips and tricks to ensure that you know exactly how to finely tune and craft your beard to look exactly the way you want it to look. If you know anyone that has a beard, this is a gift that will completely change their life with some of the best pointers you will find for styling and maintaining beards. More

  • Beard Lights Ornaments

    Beard Lights Ornaments

    If you or someone you know has a beard, it may be a good idea to buy beard lights and ornaments. The DecoTiny Battery Replaceable 20 Beard Lights are a hit in a lot of homes because they are funny to see someone wear. Basically, you get lights that can be put in a beard and they are similar to Christmas lights in that they are just there for decoration. They would make a great gag gift for someone with a big beard and you’ll get a kick out of the photos someone shares of themselves wearing the lights when they get them. More

  • Beard Catcher Apron

    Beard Catcher Apron

    If you are the owner of a beard, then you are familiar with how it can be a pain to trim it over the sink because hair gets everywhere. Not only that, but if you don’t have a lot of beard hair then the trimmings can be super small and hard to clean up. With a beard catcher styled apron, you put it on and then connect it to a surface in front of you while you trim your beard like on a mirror. That way, there’s a place for the hair to fall and then you are able to take the hair and get rid of it without it going everywhere. More

  • Beard Straightener for Men

    Beard Straightener for Men

    Looking for the best gift for the men in your life? The Beard Straightener is one of the best gifts you can get a man with a beard. This particular beard straightener features a 2 in 1 design for even more efficient performance. It can straighten and comb beard hair at the same time. It can reach capable temperatures fast and it can glide through hair without the constant tangle or tugging you might normally expect from a comb. It is designed to be portable and it allows you to adjust the temperature on the fly for personalized use and optimal results. More

  • Duck Butter Beard Oil Pack

    Duck Butter Beard Oil Pack

    Looking for the ultimate gift set for a beard lover? The Duckbutter Beardsman pack is a fantastic choice. It comes packaged in a very premium looking gift box. It comes included with all of the essentials that you would need for ultimate beard grooming including a brush and comb set made up of natural boar for the brush and a genuine peach wood comb. It also comes with four one-ounce bottles including blends with their original Manly sent, Forrest scent, and even an Evergreen scent. Each bottle comes with an individual dropper for easier dispensing which makes it the ultimate beard kit for those looking to maintain and groom their beard. More

  • Beard Grooming Kit

    Beard Grooming Kit

    A beard grooming kit is an ideal gift for someone that you know that has a beard. When you look at what it comes with, it’s a full scale kit that helps men deal with their beards with the right tools. Most men with beards want to look nice so they need to keep up with their beards often or they will start to look a little rough around the edges. If you or anyone you know has a beard, a grooming kit is a must have item. It will for sure be used and that’s because it’s so useful. More

  • Honest Amish Beard Balm

    Honest Amish Beard Balm

    Ask anyone with a beard and they will tell you how important high-quality beard balm can be to a healthy-looking beard. Honest Amish Beard Balm is one of the best leave-in conditioners you can find on the marketplace today. It’s made in the USA and it features high-quality and proven to soften ingredients to make your beard look and feel fantastic. It uses absolutely no chemicals. Therefore, it is not going to worsen irritation. It contains both Shea and cocoa butter which are excellent moisturizing ingredients and aloe to reduce itching and inflammation. It is simply one of the best all-around beard balms you will find which makes it the ideal gift for anyone in your life that has a beard. More

  • Beard Scale Men's T-Shirt

    Beard Scale Men’s T-Shirt

    If you’re seeking for a gift for your bearded friend, brother or husband, this Beard Scale Men’s T-Shirt will be one of your best options. This t-shirt is not only a funny and cute item but also a high-quality one. Printed in the USA, this tee is made of preshrunk and machine washable 100% combed cotton. It is available in black, green and brown. The Beard Scale Men’s T-Shirt will let everyone know the current stage of its bearded owner, be it manly, cave manly, sea captainly, dudely, Santa Clausly, or even the almighty wizardly or Godly. The perfect gift for men who know their beard. More

  • Limited Edition Skull Titanium Alloy Beard & Hair Comb

    Limited Edition Skull Titanium Alloy Beard & Hair Comb

    Do you have a beard that needs taming? If so, you don’t have to look further than the beard and hair comb from Anarchy Inc. The comb teeth are smooth but act firm with all types of beards. Your beard will catch everyone’s attention with this product. The anti-static titanium alloy has thermally conductive properties to tame even the most stubborn and frizzy beards. This beard comb includes many other useful tools such as a Philips head driver and dual slotted head drivers. This comb is designed to last a lifetime. Make sure you invest in this quality product right now. More

Gift Ideas For Men Who Work Out

  • Portable Home Gym

    Portable Home Gym

    The BodyBoss 2.0 is a full portable home gym that includes everything you need to simulate many of the expensive professional gym machines. This compact kit includes a fold up VectorFit Base, an accessories carrying bag, handles, a collapsible workout bar, a set of resistance bands, a door anchor with ring, wrist and ankle straps, as well as a comprehensive instruction manual. You can even do deadlifts on this portable home gym station. If you know your workouts, you’ll love the versatility of this piece of equipment. It is the perfect gift for travel lovers or for busy people who can’t find the time to go to the gym. More

  • Premium Waist Trimmer

    Premium Waist Trimmer

    The Sweet Sweat premium waist trimmer is a great solution to get the most out of your workouts by using the power of your sweat and by making better use of the thermogenic activity of your body. The flexibility of this premium waste trimmer makes it perfectly adjustable to your busy shape and size. Whatever your body shape, the Sweet Sweat will snugly fit around your waist, without preventing you from doing your usual workouts. This device comes with a breathable bag and with a sample of high-quality gel to use during your first training sessions with this effective slimming aid. More

  • Fitbit Versa 2

    Fitbit Versa 2

    Fitbit Versa 2 is a health and fitness smartwatch that can help you achieve your workout objectives while also keeping tabs on your sleep habits. The Amazon Alexa built-in function provides you with quick updates on the weather and on the latest news. It also allows you to control your smart home appliances and devices with the help of your voice. You can use the Fitbit Versa 2 to control your Spotify app, to add Deezer playlists, and to get notifications and updates from your mobile phone. In addition, by pairing this device with an Android phone you’ll be able to send messages and voice replies. More

  • Exercise Bands

    Exercise Bands

    When choosing an exercise band, it’s important to choose one that will build your strength to the maximum. These Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands will deliver just that. Made of heavy-duty natural latex, the 12” by 2” bands have top-notch resistance. They come in a pack of five, all of different levels of resistance. This makes them fit for any workout, intense and moderate. It also means they come in handy for yoga, bodybuilding, stretching and even physical therapy. Finally, the bands come with a guide with illustrations on how to use them in case resistance bands are new to you. Coming in 5 colors, this pack is a must have! More

  • Perfect Pushup Elite

    Perfect Pushup Elite

    Pushups are a time-proven way to increase fitness and build muscle -but with these pushup stands those who want to get the most out of their pushup exercise regime are offered the opportunity to do so easily and with a minimum of fuss and bother. These pushup grips rotate slightly with each pushup, increasing the effectiveness of any workout and building strength and muscle tone in arms, shoulders, chest, back and abs. The ergonomic grips reduce strain on joints and ligaments, while the steel ball bearing system is rugged, meaning that the grips can stand up to 400 pounds of pressure. The non-slip tread means that the grips are suitable for use on a variety of floor surfaces. More

  • Boxing Reflex Ball

    Boxing Reflex Ball

    Safe, fun to use and designed to effectively increase your agility and punching speed the TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball with two difficulty settings is the perfect way for those who are interested in improving their levels of fitness, hand-eye coordination and punching speed to enjoy a fitness accessory that is not only easy to set up, but also incredibly versatile. This piece of equipment is the perfect alternative for those who find that repetitive gym workouts are simply boring. The gloveless reflex boxing reflex ball system comes complete with two balls – a black one for beginners and a red one which is bouncier and offers a greater challenge for those who have mastered the basics of using the system. The system is perfect for toning arms, chest, shoulders and upper back – as well as burning calories. More

  • Portable Blender

    Portable Blender

    Smoothies are all the rage these days – and why not? They’re a great way to get healthy, natural nutrition. The PopBabies Personal Blender is perfect for home use and for those who are on the go. The 14 oz. jar makes it perfect for blending a variety of fruits and nuts into servings which are ideal for one person. Take it on your travels or take it to the office – healthy nutrition is only steps away with this attractive appliance. The USB charger means you’re always ready to prepare that perfect smoothy and the ice tray and funnel supplied with the blender provides you with everything you’ll need to exercise your creative smoothie blending skills. It’s dishwasher safe so you save time on cleaning and the powerful blending action is equal to any task. More

  • Muscle Mickey Mouse Shirt

    Muscle Mickey Mouse Shirt

    This stylish men’s novelty tank top is officially licensed by Disney and features a full-color buff Mickey Mouse graphic. It makes for a fun gym shirt for Mickey Fan’s around the world and the charcoal grey color helps to conceal sweat patches during those tough workouts. Available in sizes Small to XXX-Large, the top is made from a cotton-polyester blend to ensure a soft feel on the skin and easy laundry care. It can be machine washed and tumbled dried on medium heat. For those who like sleeves, the top is also available in a classic T-shirt design. Add a piece of Disneyland to your wardrobe today. More

  • Workout Planner (Designed By Experts)

    Workout Planner (Designed By Experts)

    Are you tired of not attaining your fitness goals? This 126-page journal is the key to getting fitter faster. For you to see great fitness results, you need to set and track your progress. This premium workout journal makes this possible.

    This workout log book is the ideal solution if you aren’t seeing any results after working out. You can monitor and expedite your day-to-day progress. The NewMe Fitness Workout Logbook is ideal if you’re trying to shed off some pounds, training, or workout. Its premium design ensures that your notes are safe.

    Experts and personal trainers recommend documenting your progress in this journal. This gives you extra motivation for you to keep pushing to reach your fitness goals. More

  • Kettlebell Adjustable Portable Weight

    Kettlebell Adjustable Portable Weight

    For those people who are always on the go, this accessory is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of a Kettlebell workout even when far from home or the gym. This accessory converts weights up to size #55 into a Kettlebell – perfect for building core strength. The KettleGryp is easily portable and weighs next to nothing – so itis great for those who have to travel by air. The ergonomic design and lifetime warranty means that those using the KettleGryp will own an American product that is both easy to use and comfortable – and the lifetime warranty provides that all-important peace of mind. This durable piece of exercise equipment is suitable for both men and women and can be used anywhere. More

Gift Ideas For Men With Motorcycles

  • Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

    Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

    Bertoni is a trusted brand in Italy when it comes to sport sunglasses. The brand has been in the market since 1989. The vintage motorcycle goggles by Bertoni is well accepted across the globe. It’s a high-quality product that is comfortable and designed to fit well. The goggle frame is made from black leather while the lens frame is made of chrome-plated, nickel-free stainless steel. The goggles are anticrash and antifog. The adjustable strap comes with a silk embellishment. It’s a close fit with open face helmets. Make sure you invest in this high quality vintage motorcycle goggles right now. More

  • Motorcycle Phone Mount

    Motorcycle Phone Mount

    This motorcycle phone mount is a universal mount which you can use on any type of motorcycle, ATV, bicycle etc that has tubular type handles between 0.2″ – 1.9″ in diameter. This phone mount is extremely secure and has silicone belts along with a rubber clip that will ensure your phone is tightly secured and won’t fall. When you use this mount, you can rest assured that you’ll always have full access to your phone and you’ll be able to easily access your mic jack, side buttons and of course your entire screen. It also offers an adjustable grip and you’ll be able to place your phone at any position or angle due to its 360 degree rotation capability. Also, if you’re unhappy in any way with this mount, you’ll be able to get a full refund, so you can purchase it with full confidence. More

  • Monopoly Harley-Davidson Edition

    Monopoly Harley-Davidson Edition

    This product incorporates the great game of Monopoly with the Harley-Davidson legacy. The gaming pieces are fully sculptured and each piece is ideally coated in sterling silver. The product combines the Monopoly game graphics with images that celebrate the history of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The hardwood-framed playing board has corners that are enhanced with die-cast bolsters that are toned in silver. The lush green playing surface is gracefully framed in fine hardwood – which highlights the classic Monopoly graphics like never before. This high quality product is authorized by Harley-Davidson and Hasbro. Make sure you purchase this quality product right now. More

  • The Build: How the Masters Design Custom Motorcycles

    The Build: How the Masters Design Custom Motorcycles

    A book for every motorcycle rider, The Build by Robert Hoekman Jr demonstrates how to build your own custom bike. It is filled with numerous illustrations and texts to explain how things work and how you can customize your bike, if not to build it from scratch. With knowledge from all masters of bike design like Jared Johnson from Holiday Customs and Max Hazan from Hazan Motorworks, the 192pg book is exceptional. Not only is it suitable for experienced bikers, but new riders could also read the book to have more insight into how bikes work. The book is available in hardcover as well as on kindle. More

  • Biker's Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit

    Biker’s Choice Roll-Up Tool Kit

    ‘Breakdown’ toolkits are every rider’ trick up their sleeve for safe trips. This is especially so in long-distance rides where parts could easily fall apart. When choosing a toolkit, the two most important factors to look for are the tools’ reliability and carrying convenience. The biker’s choice roll-up tool kit in this sense is a must-have for any rider with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. It contains the most essential components which are: 12″ 9/16″ open-ended wrench, 5/8″, and 3/4″ open-ended wrench, a 10mm combination wrench, 6″ adjustable wrench, and a 3/8″ 7/16″ open-ended wrench. The bag can easily be rolled up to a compact easy to carry. Finally, it comes in black, a neutral color that suits any motorcycle! More

  • Motorcycle Padlock

    Motorcycle Padlock

    Losing a possession as expensive as a motorcycle, or any other for that matter simply sucks! To avoid losing your precious bike is the YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock. This anti-theft padlock is sure to keep your motorbike safe, especially with the 110db alarm. On touch, the alarm goes off, alerting you of any interferences. It can be fixed in any position on the bike since the 7mm locking pin turns at 3600. Besides this, the padlock is water and rust-resistant making it long-lasting. Coming with two keys, get this padlock for maximum safety for motorcycles, scooters and even bicycles! More

  • Motorcycle GPS Navigation

    Motorcycle GPS Navigation

    With this TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Navigation Device, even the timidest rider will take risks! With an unbeatable quad-core processer that is now 5 times faster, this GPS has the latest maps and updates new routes as you take them. This will make sure you ever get lost a well as save your exciting journeys, turn them to a story. It is easy to update on Wi-Fi connection and is compatible with Google Now and Siri. Once synced to your device, it automatically plays music/ read messages through voice recognition. This means that you never have to worry about stopping to read a text. All you have to do is purchase this GPS device and keep your focus on the road! More

  • American Flag Motorcycle Mask

    American Flag Motorcycle Mask

    The American Flag Motorcycle Mask Description

    American Flag Motorcycle Mask is ideal for a range of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, mountain biking, hiking, and anything else involving the great outdoors. Features include:

    –Breathable: It comes in a lightweight and breathable microfiber fabric and is the perfect motorcycle mask ideal for snowboarding, skiing, angling, fishing, hiking, riding, and ATV riding. It’s 100% Microfiber and helps in providing warmth in cool temperatures while remaining completely breathable.

    –Protection: It’s a full-spectrum UV protection mask that’s durable and wind-resistant. It’s great for snowboarding and motorcycling and any sport exposing you to harsh conditions.

    –Seamless: Has a tagless and seamless fit that offers optimal comfort. More

  • Motorcycle Chain Ashtray

    Motorcycle Chain Ashtray

    Any motorcycle enthusiast or mechanic will be really impressed with this decorative chain ashtray. This product is individually handcrafted from cold cast resin. The ashtray weighs about 0.7 pounds with dimensions of 4 7/8″ x 5″ x 1 7/8″. This mini sculpture is an essential component for a biker’s bar or a mechanic’s smoking room. You should definitely invest in this product as a gift if you have a smoker friend who is fond of the open road. This ashtray is trimmed with a wrench and comes with a motorcycle chain. Make sure you invest in this ashtray right now. More

  • Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly Key Ring

    Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly Key Ring

    This charming ‘Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly Key Ring’ is the absolute gift for a biker! Bound to go everywhere the biker goes, it carries a caring message, simply put, ‘speed is dangerous, be careful’. The key chain is made of metal, with a strong jump ring making it durable even on long rides. It is also compact, measuring 1 1/2″ Height x 1″ Diameter, meaning it can easily fit in a pocket without feeling uncomfortable. When going for a full biker look, this key chain will pay off. It has a motorcycle on his bike chasing his guardian angel, which will complete any rider’s look. More

Gifts For Men After Surgery

  • Hand Bell

    Hand Bell

    At some point, we need to get everyone’s attention, especially when we require some assistant or when the dinner is ready, and this silver steel tea handbell will do it uniquely and better. It comes attached to an elegant enameled wooden handle and a polished silver finish. The design gives it a sleek, attractive appearance that will love to see on your table. It’s also used in other ways by teachers in classrooms, parents, chefs in a restaurant, and even event organizers. It does provide a bright, concise ring that grabs attention quite easily and quickly. The sizing is perfect and designed it superb. More

  • Netflix Gift Card

    Netflix Gift Card

    Movies are mind healers. The entertainment you get takes the mind and soul on a ride much needed when getting yourself away for some life stress like a surgery. This Netflix gift card that’s valid toward the streaming service. It works in countries where the services are offered in US dollars. Its entire value is credited to your account once you’ve redeemed it. The card is nonrefundable and not redeemable for cash, but only when required by law. Another thing, it never expires with no resale. It’s a perfect gift for any person spending some free at home and a movie lover. More

  • A Dude's Guide to the Couch

    A Dude’s Guide to the Couch

    When recovering from a surgery or any other significant injury, your coach will be your best friend, and Dude’s Guide to the Couch book will teach you of things you can do on your couch. It has 70 amazing things you can while you rest on your couch, and that is why it’s called the dude’s best friend. John Weiler want to tell you there is more than a simple coach. It will relieve of stress with laughter and help you escape from daily pressures. You also get a reminder appreciating life simple pleasures. As a funny, cartoon-packed illustrated guide, it’s easier to dream big and imagine possibilities. Now, you can embrace your dude-hood and get to rediscover more about life and the importance of enjoying it. More

  • Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

    Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

    Coding and invention are something fun and entertaining, and this littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit can make even funnier. Now with coding and this kit, kids get a more natural way to learn how to control electronics using Block-Based coding missions. As an award-winning toy, it’s an entertainer and innovative, helping improve motor skills. It has over 22 tasks in the app to teach the kids on Droid new skills. Its tasks are customizable to help the kids get creative, inventing new Droids, and give personality. It requires smart device to build and control the Droid. It’s quite easy to assemble and rearrange. More

  • How To Play The Harmonica Book And Kit

    How To Play The Harmonica Book And Kit

    After surgery you get a lot of free time enough to learn How to Play the Harmonica with this Book and Kit. The package comes with a 10-hole key C Harmonica, an instruction book, and a music CD. The whole thing is designed to work together, the music, a book, and Harmonica itself. The music CD comes with twenty-six tracks giving you some music to play along with and the instruction/tips to guide you. You also get a piece of advice on David Harp’s revolutionary techniques to help you learn to play blues, rock, and folk harmonica. If you’re looking for something to give your man, father, or dad as a gift after surgery, this can be the perfect item. More

  • Easy Spanish Step-By-Step

    At times you might find yourself with a lot of time to try something new or improve on some skills. The Easy Spanish Step-By-Step, a 1st Edition book by Barbara Bregstein, will help you master your Spanish. It comes as a proven grammar-based approach book getting you to communicate in Spanish with confidence and straightaway. The book does prove a solid grounding in grammar basics is the road to mastering your second language. Bregstein emphases on grammatical rules and concepts clearly explained as a crucial point and over 300 verbs. You also get vital terms that are introduced on a frequency basis. It’s a perfect gift for time passing. More

  • Mage Knight Board Game:

    Mage Knight Board Game:

    WizKids Mage Knight Board Game, an Ultimate Edition, is a critically acclaimed and award-winning game that combines deck building, RPGs, and traditional board game elements as it captures rich Mage Knight Universe history. It’s a wowing game for solo players as well as teams of up to five gamers. As an ultimate edition it does bring it all together to create a self-contained gaming experience; you get to play Lost Legion, Shades of Tezla or Krang. It does also feature comprehensive and integrated rules text, alternate paint jobs, five all-new cards and an affordable price. It’s a perfect gift for any game lover. More

  • A Game Console

    A Game Console

    Apart from having some particular cooling time, you can gift yourself with a classic BAORUITENG Handheld Game Console for some Retro FC Game fun and Video Game entertainment. The console comes with 168 Classic Games, which include Contra, Super Mario, Tetris, and more. It’s a set that with take you back to the old childhood fun. The best part is, it does support play on TV with a secure connection with an AV cable included to give you a large screen gaming experience. It’s a compact, lightweight game console with a mini body, and you can carry it wherever you go. It makes an excellent gift for any dad, father, or game lover to enjoy, especially after surgery. More

  • Man Meds Men's Get Well Gift

    Man Meds Men’s Get Well Gift

    Looking for a get a useful gift set to give to your dad, husband, or father figure, this Man Meds Men’s Get Well Gift is an ideal. The set has everything a man would need to have his heart melt. It has a galvanized red pain, man meds theme bag that has some entertainment materials including Crossword puzzle book, Sudoku puzzle book, funny Man gets well mint pills, Metal cowbell, playing cards, and butter toffee caramel corn. There is also some food staff such as Hawaiian train mix, Wingman Cheddaralles hot peanuts, Wasabi snack mix, butter toffee caramel corn, buttery peanut brittle 3, and more. Everything is packed and wrapped in cellophane and also topped with a hand-tied bow. More

  • F*ck I'm Bored! Activity Book

    F*ck I’m Bored! Activity Book

    F*ck I’m Bored is a classy, entertaining book by Tamara L Adams. As an Activity Book for Adults Paperback, it’s a fantastic piece that brings you sh*t to do when you’re f*ucking bored. The wording is classy and well-composed to keep you entertained while you engage in the written activities. And now, with this book, you do not have to waste your precious time pleasuring yourself when you wish there were a f*cking better way of keeping your hands and mind busy. It has 100 f*cking adult activities, including coloring, Mazes, Word Tiles, among others, all in entertaining adult and inappropriate language. The perfect thing a man would need to keep himself busy after surgery. More

Great Gifts For Men’s Birthday

  • Executive Mini-Sandbox

    Executive Mini-Sandbox

    Now, imagine yourself taking a long overdue vacation to your favorite resort where surf caresses the white sand beach. Be Good Company wants to enjoy the same experience you get while relaxing on the beach sand by offering you this Executive Mini-Sandbox, a beach break piece. Take it with you to your office or home and get to enjoy some peace and serenity year-round. The imagination will almost make you hear the waves. The package comes with a hardened plastic tray, a sun umbrella with a stand, and a white antique beach chair. It’s a perfect setup to bring out the child and childlike play in everyone, both old and young. More

  • Back and Neck Massager

    Back and Neck Massager

    After a long day in office, a long-hour driver or a busy day, the shoulders, neck, and the back might be hurting needing some massage to release the fatigue. By using this Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager, all the pain and the fatigue will be gone. It’s a uniquely designed massager that comes with deep heat kneading massaging system perfect for your shoulders, neck, back, legs, and foot. Another thing, it also has an adjustable intensity that provides three different speeds, running from the low, medium, and high, according to your preference. Apart from that, there is a built-in advanced heat function, 3D-Rotation, and an ergonomic U-design, all put in place to give you the best massage experience. More

  • Complete Wet Shave Kit

    Complete Wet Shave Kit

    Complete Wet Shave Kit is here to take you a step away from the norm. With this shaving kit, you get to shave like our dads used to by using a single blade razor perfect for reducing hair pull and razor burn. The Mike the Mason shave set comes with a Hawk Razor, a pure Badge hairbrush, an organic honey oatmeal shave bar, five premium blades, and a razor stand, everything needed for a clean wet shave. It’s a perfect beginner kit for any man wanting to start their shaving ritual. The Hawk razor uses a butterfly opening head that makes the razor insertion super easy. It’s a premium, vintage gift idea. More

  • Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

    Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

    Beard can be a real deal-breaker of your overall look if not well maintained, and it takes much to look neat and classy. But here is some good news for you. The Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit is a perfect setting for taking away all the hassle and leaving you with an ideal, well-maintained beard. The beard kit comes with a Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner –Unscented, Beard Comb, Beard Brush, Mustache, and Beard Balm Butter Wax. There is also a Barber Scissors perfect for styling and shaping. Everything in this set is here to make beard styling, grooming, trimming, and shaping easy and straightforward. It’s an excellent men’s gift that comes in a premium luxury gift box. More

  • 100 Hikes Of A Lifetime

    Hiking is a perfect way to take away all the daily stress, and this 100 Hikes of a Lifetime hardcover brings you World’s Ultimate Scenic Trails to try out. Kate Siber and Andrew Skurka want you to experience one of the best, mind-blowing scenes as you hike around the world. From the celebrated Appalachian Trail to Micronesia’s off-the-beaten-path Six Waterfalls Hike, you get to trek through energizing experiences you can ever imagine. The book features spectacular Natural Geographic photography, expert hikers’ wisdom, crucial travel information, and some practical wildlife spotting tips. It’s for sure a giftable inspirational guide with global best experiences for a sightseer or a hiker. More

  • Drunk Stoned or Stupid Game

    Drunk Stoned or Stupid Game

    Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a real, fun Party Game playable with friends and family. With 250 prompt cards to decide who in the group, the games get even better with more players; seriously, ten people would do the magic. The game does get real, and with it in your home, a thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, or any other gathering can be a super fan. Get the game and prepare to call out your friends. And the best part is, the seller provides a video to show you how to play the game. If you’re searching for some fun to share with your friends, buddies, colleagues, and family, this is it. It’s also a giftable piece. More

  • Personalized Premium Oak Aging Barrel

    Personalized Premium Oak Aging Barrel

    If you want to give out a unique, precious, and long-lasting birthday gift, you might want to consider this Personalized Custom Engraved American Premium Aging Barrel. It brings a possibility of aging your Wine, Whiskey, Beer, Tequila, Rum, Bourbon, Hot Sauce, and more. It can also be used decoration in a bar, restaurant, or even home bar and especially a home cave. As a Handcrafted American White Oak Barrel, it has a Medium Charred Interior and does come with a stand, spigot, and a bung. The best part is, the unit comes with instructions on how to seal it as required. The engraving can be anything you want from a logo, graphics to a personalized name. More

  • Laser Engraved Pocket Knife

    Laser Engraved Pocket Knife

    A hunter, hiker, or camper needs a savior in the pocket, a pocket knife. This MTech MT423 Tactical knife, a Laser Engraved Pocket Knife, is a perfect item. It’s made from a 3CR13 Stainless steel blade that features dual thumb stud. The construction allows it to handle any task with its razor-sharp edge that does not lose the sharpness quickly. It’s professionally engraved with a custom name or words. Its hardened Pakkawood handle has a belt or a pocket clip allowing convenient access to the knife always. It’s correctly sized to fit any pocket and not seem as baggage. It’s a perfect gift idea for Husband, Dad, or Him during Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, or any other special day. More

  • Desktop Boxing Knock Out Your Stress

    Desktop Boxing Knock Out Your Stress

    Desktop Boxing, a way to Knock Out Your Stress, is a well-composed Paperback by Running Press. It’s a perfect piece for boxing fans and desk jockeys alike, an ideal desk accessory for fun and effective stress relief. And now, you can gift it to your boss or colleague man or use it to do away with your stress and not taking it on your coworkers. It’s an ideal take-it-out-on-me mini punching bag. The box comes with a mini desktop punching bag featuring suction cup base, two small boxing gloves for the pointer fingers, and a mini-book that features boxing trivia and simple finger boxing moves. More

  • Wood Phone Docking Station

    Wood Phone Docking Station

    If you’re asking yourself of the best Birthday gift to give to your dad, husband, or any man in your life, this antiquely-designed Phone Docking Station is a perfect choice. It comes as a multifunctional charging station and organizer. With it, you can charge a cell phone and also keep your daily-used items well-kept. The construction and the appearance are also impressive; it features a natural, eco-friendly design with a solid ash-tree and a protective finishing. Apart from this, it uses a smart design, easy to assemble, and compatible with all smartphones. As a perfect gift for Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Father’s day, and Graduation, it arrives in an eco-friendly, rustic styled gift box. More

Manly Gifts

  • Gun Decanter

    Gun Decanter

    When looking for creative home decoration, these gorgeous wine or whiskey gun decanters are perfect for men. They ooze innovation and masculinity while being functional at the same time. This gun decanter is made of lead free-glass in the form of a gun and a pine frame, making it an elegant piece for the house bar or lounge. It is suitable for all types of alcoholic drinks; rum, whisky, vodka, wine, you name it! It also comes with 4 shot glasses for your 3 friends. Truly one of a kind, every man could use this to pump up the artistic feel of their home. More

  • Survival Kit

    Survival Kit

    If there’s one thing all men know how to do, it is Surviving. Against the uncertain future, fending for their families, violence, hardships and life-threatening interests, manly men survive. That’s why this survival kit I the best gift to get a husband, friend, or your son in the boy scout team. It’s a simple way to say, through the hardships, this will protect you. The gadget has an emergency blanket, military knife, tungsten pen, flashlights, wire saw, and so many others, yet only weighs 0.9 pounds. When taking their risky excursions, this survival kit will prep anyone for the unknown wild. Keep one in the office, another in the car and one at home. More

  • Funny Manly Apron

    Funny Manly Apron

    Let’s face it, aprons don’t tend to look tough or smart, at least not the ones you’ll find in the local department store. This selection of manly aprons, though, is for manly men, who do manly things in front of the barbecue or in the kitchen, and cook manly food. Make no mistake about it! Choose from aprons for men who like big butts (on the barbecue), designs for bearded chefs, and designs for guys who are a master with a knife. These aprons let men show off their cooking skills while wearing something that actually reflects their masculine sensibilities. More

  • Manly Mug

    Manly Mug

    Mugs were the go-to gift when looking for gifts for our dads, grandpas, and brothers. Today they’ve evolved to carry messages of power as well as humorous ones, in order to kickstart the day of our loved ones with a boost of love. This mug is a handcrafted unique one, with pottery glaze finished, making it as customized as they come. It carries a message of admiration; ‘Man of Wisdom’ to encourage your loved one every morning that they are someone’s role model. They all come in many different variations and messages, all to ensure one is exceptional and personal to the man they’re meant for. Get this one for someone special! More

  • Manly Cookbook

    Manly Cookbook

    Do you know a dude who is a boss in the kitchen, or who wants to be? If so, one of these manly cookbooks would make a great gift. From clean(ish) cooking for guys who want to get lean but still like their comfort food, to manly meaty cookbooks and culinary treats from the Thug Kitchen that are fast to cook but still taste great, these practical guides do away with the nonsense and contain dishes that men would actually want to eat. They’re ideal for the manly guy who wants tasty food, without the fuss or pretention of the average cookbook. More

  • Manly Beanie

    Manly Beanie

    A perfect gift for all-weather wear! On one side it could be used for warmth during winter, and for the casual trendy look when the atmosphere’s warm. This manly beanie is long-lasting, made of the softest fabric. It also has a polyester fleece lining keeping you warm when you need it. With this cool beanie, snowman building, skiing, and snowboarding will be everyday events as it fully protects you from the chilling temperatures, and is long enough to cover your ears. It also stretches, making it a popular knit style cap, fit for anyone. Get this for you manly friends and they’ll have it on 24/7. They just won’t let go! More

  • Mansfield's Book of Manly Men

    Mansfield’s Book of Manly Men

    If you’re looking for a manly book to read, this one is paramount. You may be looking to kick up your macho vibe or buy it for a feminine man as banter, just for laughs. It is an invigorating book bound to keep any man virile, muscly and unravel his masculinity to the optimum. It could be a long time since you got yourself out there perhaps due to a difficult phase of your life. This book is the perfect read to resurrect your genuine inborn self, as a born leader and role model. Whatever the reason, it is a must-read for you and your male counterparts! More

  • Funny Manly Shirts

    Funny Manly Shirts

    Perhaps the coolest piece of clothing you’ll own, this T-shirt is trendy, funny and a great way to start any conversation. There is a myriad of such T-shirts, all with different graphical illustrations. While this one says ‘There’s a Name for People Without Beards, Women’, another says ‘How Do I Like My Steak? Right Next to My Other Steak’ and so many other hilarious comments. All different themes are bound to leave everyone you interact with happy, and what greater joy than bringing a laugh to someone’s eyes? Get this T-shirt for your male friend and watch it become a favorite. While at it, remember to get yourself one too! More

  • Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

    Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

    Not only are men at high risk of getting into fights, but they are also prone to unmerited violence more than the female gender. This is why this would be a perfect gift for a brother, boyfriend, dad and any male close to you. Is has a safe built-in glass breaker made from high-grade aluminum as well as other self-defense gear. All these are enclosed in a small discreet pen, suitable to hurl at attackers when they least expect it. For this, it’s a popular weapon among military pilots and other professionals encountering challenging situations on a daily. With this pen, you’re always ready to strike! More

  • Manly Shot Glass

    Manly Shot Glass

    Cool gift for macho men! This set comes with 12 shot glasses, and with two sets, you could have enough for a party. With this, you can relax, assured that they’ll take your party to a top-notch level and leave the ladies at your feet. After all, ladies love a man who appreciates style. These shot glasses, in particular, have a metallic base, which makes them resemble a shotgun shell. If this is not enough to ooze masculinity, we don’t know what is. Get this for all your male friends who are partyholics, shooting enthusiasts or hunters! It is sure to make their day! More