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  • great horror campout

    Great Horror Campout

    The Great Horror Campout will take you on a 12-hour overnight camping trip. There are 2 “Experiences”: Less Extreme and Very Extreme! Is it too extreme for you? Just say the safe phrase “I WANT MY MOMMY” and close your eyes. When you open them, everything will over… Or is it? More

  • Migrator Off-Road Camper

    Migrator Off-Road Camper

    Go off road in style with the Migrator Off-Road Camper. It comes with a kitchen, fresh water tank, fridge, heating system,… So a lot of luxury in such a small place. It has an off-road axle-less suspension system, so you will be able to take it almost anywhere on the planet. More

  • Credit Card Survival Spear

    Credit Card Survival Spear

    Made out of stainless steel, the credit card survival spear is a must-have for the ultimate survival specialist. It is under 1mm thick so it has the perfect size to fit into your wallet. Combine the 2 sides to create an indestructible spear which you can assemble and disassemble time and time again. More

  • King Bill House

    King Bill House

    You can find the King Bill House in Melbourne. It is a house that will score very high with the younger audience as it has a lot of playful details like a hammock above the study. It has a beautiful glass corridor that fills the house with natural light. The King Bill House was designed by Austin Maynard Architects. A very creative bunch of architects who has already won a lot of prizes on an international level. More

  • Portable Urinal Golf Club

    Portable Urinal Golf Club

    We all have to pee. But sometimes there’s a great distance between you and the urinal, especially on the golf course. The company Uroclub decided to do something about that and invented the Portable Urinal Golf Club. You can now do your business on the golf course without anybody noticing it. More

  • Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard

    Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard

    It’s time to decide who has the best shot with this Giant Inflatable Soccer Dartboard. The size varies from 14ft to 18ft. It features a giant dartboard with numbers so you can keep score.Train on this every day and you will become the next Ronaldo or Messi! More

  • BBQ Suitcase

    BBQ Suitcase

    Are you just crazy about BBQ like we are? With this BBQ suitcase, you can BBQ anywhere and anytime. It is perfect for 2 people and it is very easy to clean thanks to the ash catcher. It only weighs 4.06 pounds so you will have no hard time carrying it around. More

  • Human Fire Pit Skull

    Human Fire Pit Skull

    If you want to give everybody a good scare, these Human Fire Pit Skulls come in real handy. Just make a fire and add the skulls. Now take a chair, sit with it and wait for your neighbor to call the police. More

  • The Yacht Island: Streets of Monaco

    The Yacht Island: Streets of Monaco

    If you want to explore the world in style and don’t want to leave your house behind, you should have a look at the Yacht Island. It is designed to recreate Monaco with the famous Grand Prix circuit. But instead of Formula 1 cars, you could race karts instead. More

  • Trident


    An affordable, compact underwater scooter, designed to fit in your airplane carry-on, but powerful enough to dive to 164 ft, by Geneinno’s Red Dot Award Winning Team More

  • Samsung One Wheel Hoverboard

    Samsung One Wheel Hoverboard

    After watching Back To The Future 2, everybody wanted to have the hoverboard of Marty McFly. If you want something that comes close to that and actually looks better. Then the Samsung One Wheel Hoverboard is for you. Comes with very cool LED Lights! More

  • Eume


    World’s first backpack that massages your body. We are constantly on the move, and racing against time. EUME massager backpacks act as a balance to this rush, providing you with the momentary stillness, and revitalisation that you deserve. It gives you the power to focus on more important things. More

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