Gifts For Porsche Lovers

Looking for Gifts For Porsche Lovers?

I have made a great list. My favorites are the Porsche 70 Year Book and the Porsche Parking Only Sign.

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Here are the Best Gifts For Porsche Lovers

  • Porsche Backpack

    Porsche Backpack

    Enjoy style and design excellence with the Porsche Racing Collection backpack. The tough 100 polyester material is able to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday use – and the backpack can also fold in on itself (into the inverted front pocket) for easy carrying when not in use. Reflective elements mean high visibility for the user and the zip and drawstring design adds to functionality. The stylish grey, black and red design (in keeping with the colors of the Porsche racing team) is both understated and eye-catching. This is a backpack for those who value incredible design, engineering, and world-class functionality. More

  • Porsche Red Keyring

    Porsche Red Keyring

    If you know someone who owns a Porsche, or who really, really wants to, this red leather keyring bearing the Porsche crest makes a fun but affordable gift for them. With the unmistakeable Porsche insignia marked in full color on the red leather fob, even those who aren’t car enthusiasts will instantly recognize what the keyring is about. The leather fob is two inches wide and 2.5 inches tall and made from heavy Italian leather, making it strong, durable and reliable. Tastefully sized and styled, this is a keyring that a Porsche owner would be proud to have in their pocket. More

  • Porsche Watch

    Porsche Watch

    A stylish Porsche branded watch with an alligator strap and titanium body, this understated yet rugged design works well for both smart and casual outfits. An ideal gift that is both practical and full of luxury, this watch is ideal for any motorsport lover. Whether you’re buying for a Porsche owner or just someone who would love to be that lucky one day, this analog watch with a clear, easy to read face makes a good choice. Marked with the Porsche Design logo just below the 12 digit, the manufacturing pedigree and workmanship of this stunning analog watch is unmistakable. More

  • Porsche Cap

    Porsche Cap

    The cap has a black background with the official crest on the front of the hat. The hat will fit most heads, as it has a metal strap in the back allowing the user to adjust the size for comfort.

    The hat is made out of 100 percent cotton. The Porsche cap has a 4.6 out of 5 Amazon rating. Most reviewers are quite happy, and give the cap high marks for how it looks and comfort. This is a must for any Porsche owner. More

  • Porsche First Aid Kit

    Porsche First Aid Kit

    Porsche is an automotive brand that has long been associated with quality cutting edge automotive engineering. This commitment to excellence can be seen in other products that carry the Porsche brand – and the Porsche First Aid Kit is no exception. The kit, which is designed to be carried in a motor vehicle (the marketing mentions Porsche owners – but all motor vehicle owners can get the peace of mind of owning this quality piece of equipment) has an outer case made from immensely tough ballistic nylon emblazoned with the Porsche logo. It contains all that is required to administer basic first aid including absorbent pads, stretch gauze, adhesive tape, elastic bandage (with metal clips) and other bandages, scissors, tweezers, an emergency blanket a first aid guide and much more. Enjoy peace of mind with this wonderful and stylish piece of kit. More

  • Porsche Thermal Travel Mug

    Porsche Thermal Travel Mug

    A great gift for a Porsche enthusiast that is always on the go, this 15oz Porsche thermal travel mug is made from double-walled stainless steel to keep hot beverages hot, and cold drinks refreshingly cold. A stylish black color with the Porsche logo inlaid in gold and full color, this eye-catching thermal travel mug doesn’t just get the job done, it makes a statement at the same time. Ideal for use in the office or at the race track, this flask is perfectly sized to hold a generous drink, and will keep the user’s beverages at the right temperature for full enjoyment. More

  • Porsche Shirt

    Porsche Shirt

    Porsche is a brand that has become known for the beauty of its automotive creations. The fine attention to detail and quality of the design of these iconic high-performance motor vehicles has placed them at the pinnacle of automotive engineering. That fine attention to detail has been translated into apparel which has a timeless appeal. The Porsche Black Crest Men’s T-Shirt is an item of clothing that is striking and elegant in its eye-catching simplicity. The striking design (with the with black Porsche crest logo) and 100% cotton material make this fashion item a must for every person who identifies with the ethos of this iconic brand. More

  • Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute

    Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute

    Porsche has a long and storied history – and one that has resulted in the creation of an automotive icon. For Porsche owners the high-performance motor vehicles are more than just a collection of parts – they represent the embodiment of a passion for speed and sophistication – iron concealed in a velvet glove. For lovers of Porsche the ‘Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute’ coffee table book is an indispensable reference to the evolution of Porsche. The book is filled to the brim with beautifully detailed illustrations, photography and rare images. It offers a comprehensive overview of the company and its most iconic creations. More

  • Lego Technic Porsche

    Lego Technic Porsche

    Lego has been around since 1932 but it has continued to evolve to bring even more challenge and joy to both adults and children alike. Lego technics is the perfect way to for kids to enjoy STEM orientated fun – and assembling the Lego Technics Porsche 911 RSR is a great project for both those who enjoy motorsport and those who enjoy the simple challenge of the Technics engineering challenge. Assembling the 1,580 piece kit reveals a 5 inches (13cm) high, 19 inches (50cm) long and 7 inches (20cm) wide model car sporting aerodynamic bodywork, working steering and a full detailed toy engine. The kit has been developed in close cooperation with Porsche and is incredibly true to life. More

  • Porsche Parking Only Sign

    Porsche Parking Only Sign

    This Porsche Parking Only sign is a great gift for a Porsche owner, or someone with another vehicle and a quirky sense of humor. The sign features the Porsche logo in full color, with the words “Porsche Parking Only. All Others Will Be Towed”. Made from rugged materials designed for outdoor use that will not crack or fade over time, the sign is 8″ x 12″, and comes with hardware hider caps so that it has a polished, finished look when it is mounted. It’s the ideal sign for a Porsche lover to put up in their home garage or driveway. More

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