Gifts For Trumpet Players

What are the best gifts for trumpet players? We have made a gift guide just for you.

Did you know that the first trumpets already date back from 1500BC? They already found silver and bronze trumpets in the grave of King Tut in Egypt. Over thousands of years the trumpet has been perfectionized. Some iconic trumpet players that the world has seen are Louis Armstrong, Miles Davies, Chet Baker and the list goes on and on.

These are the best gifts for trumpet players:

Trumpet Case

This Torpedo Bag Classic Case is the perfect companion for your trumpet. It keeps your trumpet safe thanks to the 3 inches of foam on all sides. There’s even enough space to add a big music book or orchestra folder. So you don’t need to bring an additional bag for that. To top it all off, it also includes a removable Mute Bag, Music Pouch and lid pocket. Find It Here

Trumpet Valve Guard

The Trumpet Valve Guard gives you that extra comfort that you have been looking for. It is made out of high-quality leather and comes in 4 different colors. An extra upside is that you can easily place it on your trumpet and it can also be easily removed. It has more than 40 5-star reviews so you know that you are buying quality with this one. Find It Here

Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet

The Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet is also called Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet “The Trumpeter’s Bible”. It has more than 300 pages with trumpet exercises for absolute beginners up to advanced compositions. So this trumpet gift is perfect for any trumpet player. You can even choose if you want to buy the paper version or the digital version. Find It Here

Trumpet Patent Shirt

We really love this Trumpet Patent Shirt. It is made out of 100% cotton and comes in 6 sizes. It really features the original trumpet patent filed in the US by Selmer in 1937. It is a great Christmas gift for trumpet players or when you are looking for a budget-friendly gift. Find It Here

Pocket Trumpet

This Pocket Trumpet from Mendini is an absolute bestseller. It has more than 130 5-star reviews so you know that the quality is exceptional. This pocket trumpet has a 7C mouthpiece and you can even choose out of 6 different colors. It also comes with some nice extras like a Cecilio 92-D chromatic tuner, a case, valve oil,… Find It Here

Trumpet Patent Poster

If you want to turn your practice room into a trumpet walhalla, you should add this trumpet patent poster. It is a great trumpet gift under $15. It will give your room that cool vintage look that you were looking for. This poster displays the patent from A.J.Johnson filed in 1939. Find It Here

Trumpet Necklace

This necklace is the perfect gift for women who like trumpets. It is made out of sterling silver and it comes in a great looking gift box. It has more than 40 5-star reviews so you know that the quality is exceptional! The price range is between $20 and $30 so it also quite budget-friendly. Find It Here


This Chop-Saver was invented by a professional trumpet to avoid chronic chapped lips. It is something that every trumpet player can relate to and can become quite the issue when not taking care of. It only costs $2 but will avoid a lot of pain in the future. Find It Here

Clip-on Mustache for Trumpet

This Clip-on Mustache is a very funny gift for trumpet players. This mustache can be directly attached to the mouthpiece so it creates the illusion that the player has a mustache. It is made out of hard plastic so it can take a hit. But it is best to remove it when not using it. Find It Here

Trumpet stand

If you are looking for a practical gift, you should take a look at this Trumpet Stand. It is an absolute besteller with more than 350 5-star reviews and it is made out of metal which makes it very strong. It has a 5-leg base so it has the perfect stability for your trumpet. Find It Here

Trumpet Cufflinks

These Trumpet Cufflinks are the perfect gift for men who are obsessed with the trumpet. They are 0.4″ high and 1″ wide. The cufflinks come in a great looking gift box and you even get an extra microfiber cloth to polish them till they shine. Find It Here

Funny Trumpet Player Shirt

This is the most Funny Trumpet Player Shirt that you can find as it shows the quote: “be nice or i’ll empty my spit valve on you.”. You can buy it in 6 women sizes and 6 men sizes. You can even choose out of 5 colours and they are made out of cotton. Find It Here

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